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February 12, 2016

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Lacey Schwimmer on new boyfriend, Donny Osmond, Lance Bass and Steve-O



Dancers D.J. Guthrie and Lacey Schwimmer at Spring Bling in the Palazzo.

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On her two seasons of Dancing With the Stars, 20-year-old professional dancer Lacey Schwimmer has partnered with Lance Bass and Steve-O. Now it looks as if she will be dancing with our Flamingo headliner Donny Osmond or maybe even Luxor comic Carrot Top in the new season. However important that news might be, Lacey is far more excited about her new first real romance!

But when she chatted with me at the Lili Claire Spring Bling fundraiser at the Palazzo, she told me why everybody seems to get injured on the top-rated ABC series.

“Dancers are always injured. I am injured right now,” she told me cheerfully! “I have a sprained ankle and a compressed spine, but we just work right through it without complaining. Girls can handle pain a lot more, and Steve-O is a wimp. That’s it; he is a complete baby! (Laughing.) He fell on his back once … on the microphone pack. That was pretty intense, but you know I think he is getting older. He is totally sober these days, so he feels pain now. It is catching up with him. He was fun to work with, though, even if he definitely pushed my buttons. But he is great, an awesome guy.

“I wish we had gone farther, but the right girl won. I wish I could have taken Steve-O farther. I think it was a good time for him to get voted off. He was getting a little stressed out. When he came back for the finals, he was a different person. He was happy and excited. It was nice to see him not under stress.

“Last year, I danced with Lance. He is a great guy and has become just like a brother to me. It is such an entertaining show. I think each season, more and more is expected, and each year we get better celebrities, more popular celebrities, and the dances look to be tougher and more energetic. It is a cool opportunity for a dancer to be on that show, so you take it and give it your all. You learn so much. Last season with Steve-O, I definitely learned a lot.

“It teaches you not only how to deal with different people, but you create these amazing friends at the same time. And I never expected to have those kinds of friends. Lance is now like my brother. It is a really intense relationship. I’m joking, but it is like a forced marriage. You have no choice but to get along with the person you’re partnered with.

“I’ve told the producers that I would love to come back for Season 9. We have contracts stating that we will be used for a certain amount of time. But if they don’t match a partner up with you -- it is based on personalities and height. I’ll know a week before rehearsals will get underway for Season 9.

“My brother is very good friends with Donny Osmond. I know he wants to do the show. He’s requested me to be his other half! I love Vegas, so I would have to come back here every week for the lessons, the practice and the rehearsals with him. It would be fun to be partnered with him. It’s perfect! Let’s make it happen!”

Lacey, who is 5’3” without heels, wanted me to meet her first real love match -- D.J. (John Derek) Guthrie. She told me: “My brother Benji Schwimmer is Paula Abdul’s choreographer. He won Season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance. American Idol just let Paula Abdul perform on it with her new song, so my brother is onboard to choreograph everything. He hired D.J., and that is how we met. We have lots of the same interests, and both of us enjoy dancing more than anything, so it’s a perfect match!

“I hope we’ll both be back here at the Palazzo to celebrate my 21st birthday. I love Vegas. When I was just 15, I got my very first job here. I’d always grown up wanting to be a dancer, and my parents have had a dance studio since I was a baby, so I grew up teaching there and working there. I came here to choreograph the Society of Seven show. I did three of the nine routines -- Dad did the other six!”

Lacey was hired on DWTS after finishing in the Top 4 in the 2007 season of So You Think You Can Dance. I asked her if she still had a goal and a dream to fulfill with DWTS.

“I have a very long contract with them, so as long as the show continues to run, I hope to be working with them. It is a great opportunity; it is a great time. Eventually, I want to get more into my designing. I have a clothing line -- it is dancewear, workout wear -- it is for teens and young adults. I am doing that, but acting has always been a thing of mine. I booked a movie in the summer, but I had to cancel it because of schedule conflicts. It is something I want to pursue, and I think DWTS is a good opportunity to eventually lead to that.”

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