Las Vegas Sun

April 19, 2015

Towering Hotel Riviera Gala Opening Tonight

Creating a new skyline for the resort hotel Strip the Las Vegas Riviera with its nine stories rising high above other hotel structures opens with gala ceremonies tonight.

The $8,500,000 plush sky-scraper's premiere program will star Liberace, assisted by his brother George and complemented by a 23-member orchestra.

Billed as the Liberace show, "a Broadway-type musical comedy revue," the production will include a "candelabra ballet."

The Riviera's ninth "skyroom" floor is "Manaco," which provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the area. The health floor also forms a part of this room.

At poolside there is a coffee shop and around the elaborately landscaped grounds are the glass-enclosed rotisserie Hickory Room, and well appointed shops. The dinner club-theatre, accommodating 550 persons is called The Clover Room.

The "new high in the sky" hotel will have municipal and state and civic leaders and press representatives at the premiere press preview opening tonight.

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