Las Vegas Sun

May 5, 2016

Specialists Hired To Plan $5 Million Expansion of McCarran Field Airport

A South Bend, Ind., firm specializing in airport design and planning has been retained by the Clark County Commissioners to make a study of the proposed $5 million expansion program of McCarran Field.

For $7,800, Leigh Fisher and Associates will handle the survey. This organization was retained by the commission because it was felt that experts in the business were needed.

Besides $2 million in bonds voted for the airport, the Civil Aeronautics Authority will furnish 62 1/2 per cent of each dollar for most kinds of airport expansion and development.

Under study at the county airport is extension of the runways from 6,500 feet to 10,000 feet, which will accommodate the jet airliners expected to be in use by the end of next year. The county plans additional land acquisition for the runways and enlarged terminal facilities.

Under terms of the agreement executed Wednesday, the Fisher outfit will conduct an air trade review, outlining the present and future requirements of the terminal; prepare a master plan integrating the existing facilities with the expansion; evaluate the terminal area needs; reorganization and expansion of the terminal and financial evaluation.

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