Las Vegas Sun

February 7, 2016

City Tells of ‘Loss’ Following SUN’s Fire

The Las Vegas SUN was destroyed by fire yesterday morning and the loss was felt by many Las Vegans and residents of Clark County. Many local residents were interview on the streets, in offices and in homes and all felt that the SUN's destruction was the city's loss.

The interviews were varied. One woman stated "I wouldn't enjoy my morning coffee without the SUN."

A man stated, "How would I be able to discuss the news of the world on my way to work in the morning if I didn't have the SUN."

Lou LaPorta, chairman of the Clark County Commissioners, had this to say. "It was a big loss. I was exceedingly sorry to learn about the fire. It would be a terrible thing for a city of this size to lose one of its main voices and I am certainly glad to hear that although the SUN will be operating at slow speed for a few days, it will at least be operating."

Loren Bunker, Clark County undersheriff, said, "I was certainly sorry to hear of the loss but I am pleased that the SUN will continue to operate."

District Judge David Zenoff's comments were, "When I heard about the fire it was like the loss of a close personal friend, one on which I could always rely. I hope the SUN gets well soon."

Rose Brown, secretary to the Las Vegas city manager, also felt the loss. She said, "I didn't hear about the fire until I got to work. Everybody in the office expressed regret that there was a possibility that the SUN wouldn't be published for awhile. It was wonderful to hear that it would still be on my desk each morning when I got to work!"

Las Vegas Police Chief Leo Kuykendall said "I was sorry to hear about the loss but I was glad to hear that the SUN will continue operations. It's good to know we will continue to have two major newspapers in Las Vegas."

Ed Levinson, president of the Fremont Hotel said "I was very sorry to hear about the disaster and everybody at the SUN has our sympathy. Good to know that the SUN will keep its regular schedule."

There were others:

Sid Whitmore, city attorney, said "Las Vegas needs two papers and the SUN always gave us the best of local news and national news. It is good to know that we will continue to get this kind of news even though the SUN suffered a terrible loss."

J. Maher Weller, architect, 708 S. 6th, Las Vegas, had this comment, "The loss of services of the Las Vegas SUN would be tremendous to the city. We need two newspapers to preserve good competition and certainly the sun gave us nothing but the best in news coverage. It will be good news when the SUN has renewed full operation again.

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