Las Vegas Sun

November 29, 2015

Lamb Used Dirty tricks: Morgan

Sheriff Ralph Lamb broke into Earl Morgan's campaign headquarters in 1974, tapped his phone and smeared him in the press, Morgan testified in federal court Monday.

Morgan, who ran against Lamb in 1974, is a key government witness in the tax evasion case against the sheriff, who is charged with not paying about $34,000 in taxes from 1970-72.

"Mr. Lamb hit me with everything but the kitchen stove, but I just chalked it p to experience," Morgan said. He denied he hated Lamb for allegedly launching "the most vicious smear campaign in the history of Clark County."

Lamb and Morgan, who were once good friends and rodeo roping companions, are now considered bitter enemies.

Morgan admitted telling Internal Revenue Service agents he though Lamb broke into his campaign office on two occasions in 1974.

"And you weren't angry with Sheriff Lamb for bugging your phone, invading your privacy and breaking into your home and office?" defense attorney Bruce Hochman shouted.

"That was part of my education," Morgan calmly replied.

Hochman asked if Morgan called the IRS on July 2, 1974 to ruin Lamb's reputation by reporting the office break-in incident.

"If you believe these things (phone tapping and break-ins) were done by the sheriff, you sure don't call the sheriff," Morgan replied.

Asked if he was trying to further his own career by hurting Lamb, Morgan said "The truth shouldn't hurt him."

Hochman further challenged Morgan's credibility as a witness by pointing out a district court judge said, "Mr. Morgan's testimony is not worthy of belief," adding he was "evasive." The judge made the statements during Morgan's divorce proceedings March 17

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