Las Vegas Sun

May 5, 2016

Man killed by gunshot during struggle for pistol

A Las Vegas man was fatally wounded by a single gunshot from his own weapon when his wife fought to get it away from him during a struggle in their bed early Wednesday, Metro Police reported.

Dead is Joseph Lemos, 35, of 375 Maydelle Pl.

The .38-caliber bullet struck him in the left side and ruptured several vital organs, police said.

Marie Madeline Lemos, 30, who fought with her husband for the gun when he allegedly intimidated her with it, was not jailed because of the apparent self-defense element of the incident, they said.

It was she who called police initially to report her husband had been shot during a family dispute.

The entire case file, including statements from the couples' children who were present, will be given to the District Attorney's Office for review and a decision on whether to prosecute the woman, they added.

Police identified Mrs. Lemos as a uniformed security guard at Caesars Palace.

According to reports, the couple's marriage had long been strained by arguments and jealousy. Police said Mrs. Lemos had been out with friends and returned to the family home after daylight Wednesday.

They quoted her as saying that when she got into bed alongside her husband, he rolled over toward her with the gun in his hand. He was also fully dressed.

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