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April 25, 2015

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6 arrested in raid on alleged marijuana dispensary

Updated Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2010 | 11:24 a.m.

Marijuana arrests

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Jolly Green Meds

Metro Police say they arrested six people Tuesday night after officers raided an alleged marijuana dispensary and found about five pounds of marijuana and more than 22 plants.

Two owners of Jolly Green Meds, Sean Kinshella, 29, and Daniel Kinshella, 50; and employees Christine Kinshella, 24, Kimberly Simons, 26, Jesse Moffett, 33, and Ryan Bondhus, 27, were arrested in connection with counts of felony sale of marijuana, conspiracy to sell marijuana, possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell and maintaining a place for sale of a controlled substance, Lt. Laz Chavez said.

Sean and Daniel Kinshella are being being held in the Clark County Detention Center on $58,000 bail. Christine Kinshella is being held on $32,000 bail, Simons is being held on $39,000 bail and Bondhus is being held on $3,000 bail.

Chavez said police began the raid at 6:30 p.m. at the business, 7710 W. Sahara Ave., and initially detained 11 people.

Chavez said the business allegedly sold food products laced with THC, including butter and peanut butter, and operated a delivery service.

Police said they found nearly a pound of hash oil, a potent Cannabis that's sometimes as high as 80 percent pure THC. The 351 grams recovered at the store are worth about $21,000, Chavez said.

“They’re very overt about this,” Chavez said. “They just sell to whoever; they’re just in it for the money.”

Chavez said police will work with Clark County business licensing on having the business’s license revoked.

Chavez said authorities are not targeting patients -- only those running the businesses.

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  1. Metro targets cancer victims. Every week there is another Metro miscreant in the news for a variety of crimes.

    People that need medical marijuana will stay in California, further adding to Nevada's housing crisis.

    Gillespie tells cancer victims to "grow their own." Right a bed ridden cancer patient is going to grow their own, what a heartless goon. Where can they legally get seeds.

  2. Prescription drug & Medical error deaths: 225,000/year.
    Marijuana deaths: 0

    The JOURNAL of the AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (JAMA) Vol 284, No 4, July 26th 2000 article written by Dr Barbara Starfield, MD, MPH, of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health, shows that medical errors may be the third leading cause of death in the United States.

    The report apparently shows there are 2,000 deaths/year from unnecessary surgery; 7000 deaths/year from medication errors in hospitals; 20,000 deaths/year from other errors in hospitals; 80,000 deaths/year from infections in hospitals; 106,000 deaths/year from non-error, adverse effects of medications - these total up to 225,000 deaths per year in the US from iatrogenic causes which ranks these deaths as the # 3 killer.

    (1999 - marijuana) "Indeed, epidemiological data indicate that in the general population marijuana use is not associated with increased mortality."
    Janet E. Joy, Stanley J. Watson, Jr., and John A Benson, Jr., "Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base," Division of Neuroscience and Behavioral Research, Institute of Medicine (Washington, DC: National Academy Press, 1999), p. 109.

    LESSON: Never try to eliminate pain for find a cure without paying the drug companies and medical industry...there is a law out there waiting to get you.

  3. mred, airweare -- I'm on your side for this one.

    jeezelouise -- "WTF" pretty much sums it up!

    This article's "they're just in it for the money" very much describes the law enforcement side of it. Between the forfeitures and fines, raids like this are just more evidence of the organized greed driving our police state.

    For enlightenment I recommend Radley Balko's "The Forfeiture Racket" and his more recent follow up "More on Indiana's Forfeiture Racket" @

    Maybe the cops' slogan should be "Dare to keep your cops off drug forfeitures."

  4. Incognito -- excellent posts!

    "Tobacco, hemp, flax and cotton, are staple commodities." -- from Thomas Jefferson "The Works," vol. 3 (Notes on Virginia I, Correspondence 1780-1782), "A Notice Of The Mines And Other Subterraneous Riches; Its Trees, Plants, Fruits, &C."

  5. The Jack Booted Thugs at LVMPD are Out of Control!! How much personal property and cash did they seize from them for their use and police auction?

  6. It's amazing how many ignorant comments there are on this issue.

    Look, I'm all for legalization of Marijuana. However, dispenseries are ILLEGAL. All of these idiotic comments about "not letting cancer patients" get their medicine are just plain ignorant and wrong.

    Anyone in the state of Nevada who has a Medical Marijuana card is allowed to GROW THEIR OWN. They MAY NOT get it from any other source. What's wrong with that?

    This isn't an issue of moral correctness, or safer than alcohol, or Metro wanting to seize money/plant. It's about lawfulness.

    The idiotic statement earlier about cancer patients being bedbound and unable to grow their own is, well, idiotic. Anyone THAT sick would be in a hospital or hospice. If a person is unable to care for themselves, they WON'T be doing that, unless they refuse excess treatment.

    The bottom line is, I don't want a dispensery in my neighborhood is it's illegal. Get it legal, set up REAL shops where it can be monitored and taxed.

    And all of you get off of your damn high horses about Metro being bad guys. They're following the law. Deal with it.

  7. I've said it elsewhere, just legalize it and treat it the same as alcohol. Make everyone's job easier.

    If I understand the current law correctly, a patient can grow their own, or have someone come to the patient's residence to cultivate the plants for them. (But of course the law makes no provision for obtaining the seeds in the first place.)

    If I am correct, then there should be a market for a "traveling consultant" who does nothing but take care of people's plants for them if the patient is not able to do it on their own.

  8. jon, I guess you forgot to count all of the deaths caused by drivers high on weed who are in fatal accidents. Or the deaths caused by dealers, users, etc. shooting each other, or worse, some innocent witness or bystander over weed. Not to mention the adults who neglect their children because their drug habit runs their life. You see it in the news all the time. Yes, indeed there are deaths caused by weed. By the way, in California, a legalization measure was just defeated at the ballot box. and raids on "dispenseries" are common in California, as well.

  9. We should get a ballot measure to defend Metro. They don't need additional sales tax money to go after pot peddlers. With decline in population, we need fewer police. Bad priorities.

  10. Let's see some stats on all those instances Bakersfield. Oh wait, you can't because all you just made up a bunch of stuff and typed it out. Even though there may have been people high in those instances you fabricated, they are probably a minute fraction of the total numbers of accidents. The only reason people shoot each other over drugs is because they are illegal.

    HunterMG, don't make comments about ignorance of a subject when you display it yourself. It is legal for medical patients to cultivate their own plants, the question is, how do they do so when it is illegal to purchase seeds and it is illegal to transport plants. It's a farce.

  11. The ideal House design is one with a nice large Atrium in the middle, where the doors on the sides of the Atrium lead only to the interior of the house.

    I'm going to submit this idea to DR Horton and those house builder guys free of charge...if they want to sell homes and property and put people back to work, this is a great way.

  12. Very disappointed with the lack of intelligence among Nevada residents (especially police officers) with regards to Violence, Drugs, and Alcohol. Everything seems to be backwards! Put people in jail for marijuana, encourage the consumption of alcohol, and shoot unarmed citizens who are selling a hundred dollars worth of marijuana for a quote furtive move unquote while encouraging others to get drunk in public and gamble their money away in a lapse of good judgement! Not to mention the whole Costco shooting fiasco, as if that person needed to die.

    I am resigned to the belief that good judgement and common sense just isn't in style here in Las Vegas. The trend seems to be that the laws need to encourage people to become victims of law enforcement and poor judgement associated with excessive alcohol consumption, and leniency with marijuana use is not congruent with that, I guess.

  13. JerryWayne, I was responding to a previous post which a poster in your words "made up" a "fact" saying there are zero marijuana deaths. You know I didn't make up anything I said. I repeat, the other poster said ZERO. I did not make up any numbers, I merely corrected his post by saying there are instances which prove him wrong. Of course, I'm sober 24/7/365 and read the paper everyday where I find info to back up my comments..

  14. Bakersfield: It's tough to argue with idiots. They're so convinced they are correct that they are unwilling to entertain the notion that they might, just might, be wrong.

  15. Here is a little bit of thought for now just off the top of my brain housing group.

    For the record, I helped Sean to receive his medical marijuana card and I can verify that he provided the necessary residential and medical documentation to show eligibility for the Nevada Medical Marijuana patient registry program and did properly apply for the Nevada program. As far as how the business they were running (jolly green) operates, I can not comment intelligently because I am not the proprietor nor have I ever been there; however, I will say this...(continued)

    (Comment continued) part 1 of 3

  16. (continued from part 1)
    Where does Nevada expect the 2200 plus active patients to go to get our constitutionally allowed medicine in Nevada? Its real simple = THE BLACK MARKET. That is why in a state with a population of 2.35 million people, we have less than 1% of the population as patients (2200 or so per the LV Sun Article on Nov 12)...BUT...if this is the case, WHY ARE WE DOING THESE THINGS:
    1. Why are we focusing on raiding and arresting just 1 percent of our population with so much artillery and manpower and confusion to the constitutional rights of these patients?
    2. Why is METRO acting as enforcers instead of protecting this vulnerable population? Why wont they protect and serve patients by working with the patient community to develop a SAFE PLACE FOR LEGITIMATE AND LEGAL CITIZENS AND NEVADA PATIENTS UNDER THE NEVADA CONSTITUTION TO GO?
    Why not work with these Nevada charities and non-profits to develop and safe and condoned method of distribution so we wont have to rally thousands of patients and supporters on Sheriff Gillespie's lawn-(to include those persons that have been subjected to his illegal extortion of property owners to evict law abiding tenants without due process in Nevada)
    3. Finally, WHY IS THE MEDIA NOT REPORTING THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THESE STORIES? Why are you not educating yourself on the constitutional and financial and budgetary implications this will have in the next 2 years??? When the federal lawsuits start, stand by taxpayers of Nevada! I hate to say it, but this is MCCNV and we have told you so and continued trying to tell you so...nobody is listening yet, but they are starting to. There will be no choice soon, national attention is coming, be patient. Until then, patients...remain vigilant, pray that we will have somebody with some nerve within the state to step up and enforce the Nevada constitution--(I apologize that I thought the police would be a part of protecting Nevada's sickest patients from the black market but I was naive...) Also, patients maintain your right to choose your NON-TOXIC and NON LETHAL alternative to harmful pharmaceuticals and be thankful this thanksgiving for what little protection and what ridiculous amount we pay the state to have it! To the black market....PLEASE continue to enjoy your lucrative market here in Vegas that appears to be supported by our law enforcement since they would rather harm access for patients than work to protect us.

  17. In closing-- in order to spread the word about what is happening here in Las Vegas...
    MCCNV-Garage TV will be live on UStream Friday to discuss all of the major ball-dropping going on around Nevada and Las Vegas...from county commissioners, to city hall, to the LV business licensing office, to clark county business licensing, to the Health and Human Services Division, etc...tune in on Black Friday at noon and we will discuss whatever the viewers want! See you there...Have a Happy Thanksgiving will get better soon...or am I being naive again?

  18. "I merely corrected his post by saying there are instances which prove him wrong."

    The trouble is, Bakersfield, that you provided exactly as much evidence for your claims as the person you 'corrected' - none whatsoever. Your 'proof' was a bunch of hypotheticals with no information to back it up. Yes, illegal drugs cause such problems. How much are specifically marijuana-related? Do some real research and put it up. Without it you have no more credibility than someone claiming 0 deaths. Particularly suspect is your assertion regarding "the adults who neglect their children because their drug habit runs their life." *Addictive* drugs have this problem, including nicotine and to some extent alcohol. But marijuana is not physically addictive. There's no withdrawal in quitting, no physical imperative for it to run anyone's life. And if you want to include the potential for psychological addiction then you'd be banning half the things that people eat and do every day.

  19. Marijuana is a natural medicine, it should be a persons RIGHT to choose that over lab pharmaceuticals that have more adverse effects. I don't use it, but I'm a staunch believer and user of natural medicine and remedies.

  20. May, How about the 81 year old lady who was beaten to death by a 15 year old who broke into her house thinking nobody was home. He and his co-defendants said they were high on marijuana and broke in to steal things. You want facts, It happened in East Bakersfield this year. In a house on Camino Sierra, a block away from my parents' house. I just find it amazing that some think that pot has zero effects. How about the driver who was on pot that ran down the highway cleanup crew in I-15 a couple years back. I remember reading a lot that that individual was driving on pot. It's funny how someone can post "zero deaths from pot", but need "evidence" when one questions their errant comment. Why is it that those who say there are zero ill affects of pot do not need to offer you the same "proof" you demand of me? The only ones who seem to think it's totally healthy with ZERO ill affects are those using it. (based on posts on this site) And for the record, The Kern County California Sheriff has busted several "dispensaries" right here in good old California.

  21. "Marijuana is a natural medicine..."

    myforte -- so natural it's been in the Chinese pharmacopoeia for thousands of years.

    An excellent book if you can find it is "The Marihuana Papers" which includes the best bits of what's popularly know as "The LaGuardia Report."

    To boil it down, marihuana/marijaua/hemp plants are nature's botanical gift to mankind. Its benefits far outweigh its minuses, if any. The proof is found in the history of how and why it became criminalized in this country, and proof of the idiocy behind its criminalization is found in the fact the hemp plant itself -- the kind that yields no usable amount of THC -- is illegal.

    "The best hemp and the best tobacco grow on the same kind of soil." -- Thomas Jefferson

  22. Native, The fact that defendants use marijuana influence as an "excuse" for their actions over and over is proof enough that while they are responsible for their own actions, It is their need for a "fix" that makes them commit a crime to get it. Onc again, I started out merely questioning another writer's comments on ZERO marijuana deaths. I NEVER said that it is the ONLY problem out there. I just questioned his ZERO number. If he had said "few" or "a small percentage", I NEVER would have bothered to comment, but he chose to say the obviously incorrect "zero". By the way, It is (for the moment) illegal. By the way, If the kid had used something else (crack, etc), I'm sure he would have mentioned that in his excuse to the cops, they mentioned "smoking marijuans joints", nothing else.
    Sorry to hear about your dad,No 11 year old should have to go through that. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your "special way" of celebrating it.

  23. US Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, "In the Matter of Marijuana Rescheduling Petition" (Docket #86-22), September 6, 1988, p. 56-57.

    Among sources cited for information contained in this link are: CDC, US DoJ, and the DEA.

    Marijuanna attributed deaths ZERO, NONE, NIL, NADDA

    Prove it wrong. Prove to me that any person has died as a DIRECT result from ingesting THC in any form.You will not, because you cant. If it were true it would be all over the media in a heartbeat.