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April 18, 2015

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Police arrest owner of medical marijuana consulting business

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Mark Mancuso

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Guns seized in the case.

The owner of a medical marijuana consulting business was arrested Friday after officers responding to a domestic violence call found marijuana plants, guns and cash at his home in Sandy Valley, Metro Police said.

Mark Mancuso, 52, owner of Going Green Consulting, 1516 East Tropicana Ave., was arrested on counts of possession with intent to sell marijuana and possession of a firearm by a prohibited person after officers discovered 109 marijuana plants, 12 firearms and several thousand dollars at his home, police said.

Police said they conducted a raid of his business later in the day, at about 6:45 p.m., and uncovered more marijuana, several thousand dollars and a cash-counting machine.

Metro Lt. Laz Chavez said the incident began when police received a report of domestic violence at Mancuso’s home about noon on Friday. When officers entered the home, they immediately smelled the odor of marijuana, he said.

A woman at the home, who was not identified, was arrested on a count of domestic violence, police said. Mancuso was being held at Clark County Detention Center on $16,000 bail.

Chavez said the raid was unrelated to any raids conducted by the DEA in September.

Chavez, the lieutenant in charge of the marijuana team, said his team is getting close to uncovering 100 marijuana grow operations this year and anticipates it will surpass last year’s number.

“I anticipate (this case will) lead us to additional suspects,” Chavez said.

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  1. We have a "Marijuana Team"?
    What do they call themselves,
    "The Mary Jane Girls"?

    Legalize & Tax.
    The war on pot is UNWINABLE.

  2. It would be interesting if Metro would disclose the number of officers on its lean and mean green team and its budget.

    Then if the legislature would direct the Attorney General to do a study on the total cost of prosecuting and housing the marijuana criminals.

    Then they could include a separate line item of how much the follow-up supervision runs the taxpayers.

    Information like that would be useful in a debate over whether marijuana should be legalized, which is why it will probably never happen.

    The War on Drugs appears to have become a jobs program.

    Why not legalize and tax it and see how that works for us?

    Just say now!

  3. Legalize & Tax marijuana?


    Nevada already pimps gambling and prostitution from its parlors and brothels which doesn't prevent illicit gambling and prostitution -- similarly legalizing, regulating and taxing marijuana won't prevent government from persecuting its citizenry choosing to possess, trade, cultivate and consume marijuana in the absence of permission.

    Additionally, those currently possessing and consuming marijuana for medical related purposes must obtain government permission which in so doing violates a patient's right to health maintenance privacy.

    Decriminalizing the possession, cultivation, commerce and consumption of marijuana is in society's best interests particularly when one considers the results of studies showing enforcement of current marijuana laws is more socially damaging than marijuana its self.

    Governments professing freedom and liberty don't pimp or persecute the vice choices of its citizenry.

    : {

  4. It's illegal. Until you can convince your politicos to change the laws, get over it.

    There is already too much sludge walking the streets. Legalizing marijuana will just add to it.

  5. Cash counting machine? Isn't that what wives are for? So his ol lady tried to go Postal on him and the cops are called. She goes to jail. I'll bet that is one wicked wanda he has for a g/f. I never heard of a marijuana consulter, but it sounds like he needs some consulting himself. rule number one, stay out of jail. Wow, a marijuana team. Sounds like a true Joint Task Force.

  6. Havent these guys seen the movie the untouchables, prohibition causes more problems than it solves.

  7. This will hurt tourism from California, Canada, etc. where pot is essentially legal. Gillespie and his "Eliot Ness" blue noses are wasters of taxpayers money going after small fry criminals. Have they taken down any major organized crime types? Or big wig Mexican drug cartel types? No.

    They go after small fry potheads because they are too cowardly and/or corrupt to go after big dangerous criminals. They showed they were incompetent with the endoscopy clinic case, taking too long to do anything. Next thing they will ask for more taxes so 12 Metro do nothings can stand around talking while one low-life sits hand-cuffed on the curb.

    G-sting, medical mafia, etc. were all Fed operations. What has Metro done? After bad publicity, they did do something on the epidemic car theft, give them that, but that is about it.

    Did nothing to speak of about mortgage fraud as well.

  8. Metro,

    Please stop wasting MY tax dollars and YOUR valuable resources. There are over 20,000 gang members on OUR streets that need to be eradicated.

    Thank You!

  9. pot's illegal, the law is the law, he knew that in advance, so i'm not exactly gonna cry the blues for this guy. but on the priorities scale this should be below "small potatoes." At various intersections throughout the valley near landscaping centers and home improvement stores, droves of illegal aliens openly pander for illegal day labor work and the cops just drive past like it's nothing. no one seems to care. where is the outrage?

  10. Quoted: "There is already too much sludge walking the streets. Legalizing marijuana will just add to it"

    Agreed on the first point, disagree on the second. The MJ smokers that I have met are generally lazy and don't walk around much. They just order pizza and watch TV.

    If I can drink a beer, they should be able to smoke a J. The domestic violence, the guns, etc. are a matter for Metro and I have no opinion on that, as I wasn't there.