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April 25, 2015

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Palms owner George Maloof arrested on DUI charge

Updated Monday, Oct. 11, 2010 | 10:26 p.m.

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George Joseph Maloof

George Maloof, owner of the Palms hotel-casino in Las Vegas, was arrested Saturday night by a Metro Police traffic officer on a charge of drunken driving, authorities said Monday morning.

Maloof, 46, was stopped at 11:36 p.m. near Spanish Trail Country Club in the southwest valley, where he lives, and was booked into the Clark County Detention Center.

Maloof said he was released from jail Sunday morning.

In addition to the DUI charge, police said Maloof also was booked in connection with speeding 21 to 30 miles over the posted speed limit, making an illegal left turn, driving without a valid license and not having proof of insurance.

Maloof released a statement Monday and said he takes responsibility for the incident.

"I was out at a wedding on Saturday night. I didn’t feel I was intoxicated so I drove home where I was cited outside the entrance to my development. My blood alcohol level was 0.087 which in Nevada is slightly over the legal limit," Maloof said in the statement. "I take full responsibility for my actions and I can assure you it won’t happen again."

Maloof said he had four beers and was driving home with his assistant from a friend's wedding about six miles away.

A person who has a blood alcohol level of 0.08 is considered drunk in Nevada.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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  1. Overindulgence in alcohol has no friends regardless of your position in life.

  2. Wow. There have been some weird arrests lately. Metro busted those two HPD cops and now Maloof? I thought they let other cops and big casino bosses walk all the time?

  3. Steve Wynn just fired Maloof even though he doesn't work for him...

  4. i love the palms...
    any self respecting democrat should give their business to the palms...
    and never ever ever set foot in the wynn or the encore or the venetian or the palazzo...
    i just hope like hell that this isn't a sign of deeper troubles...
    we are pulling for you george...

  5. Why the wealthy continuously opt to drink and drive instead of having a limo at their disposal continues to bewilder me.

  6. I'll wait till the facts are in..

    Bajos, like the comment about Wynn, he is just that arrogant, I wish he would go to China and stay there. Apparently he doesn't like some of us posters at the SUN..

  7. Tourists are encouraged to make sure to pay attention to the sides of the roads on I-15 and along city streets here in Las Vegas.

    Because very soon, there's a very strong likelihood you may spot George Maloof, Vince Neil and Paris Hilton picking up trash as part of their community service they will be required to perform after they are sentenced.

    HEY! C'mon! I'm trying to turn this into a positive thing and get tourists to come to Las Vegas to turn this economy around. Work with me here, people....

  8. DUI is serious enough, but can be perhaps explained away as merely using bad judgement when impaired.
    Driving without a valid licence and without proof of insurance is even more troubling, in my opinion. It shows intent to flaunt the law. It would be interesting to know if he has been driving regularly without the valid licence or insurance. Did he drive to the bar earlier when he was sober?
    The multiple traffic violations mentioned are more commonly cited in articles when a deadbeat or an illegal gets caught. That it was a rich hotel owner in this case is shocking.

  9. when you make statements like these that have no factual basis, "The multiple traffic violations mentioned are more commonly cited in articles when a deadbeat or an illegal gets caught" you should probably refrain from typing

  10. @RanchoJuan:

    Believe it or not, Mr. Maloof is doing most of his work on a pro bono basis, and all the gained money of his company goes straight into the company's business as a reinvestment. As I hope to be not off base supposing that he himself therefore sometimes is lacking the money to pay such things like a taxi driver a car insurance, license plate etc. and that's why the Maloof is a tramp... without wanting to bash him. Anyway I will return to the Palms on my next trip to Vegas, and to the Pawn shop tambien.

  11. @Bajos, BobbyG:

    Goog ones... lol :)


    C'mon, Birdie, we all love the Palms, no worries. This is just the point of time for the "Average Joe" like you or me, to have some fun, to do some bashing, some joking without any serious impact for you or me in face of Mr. Maloof's DUI having luckily happened without any serious impact on other people's lifes. Tomorrow's just another day... and the story will be (t)old.

  12. Good Guy
    Great Hotel
    Bad Decision
    I am sure he is glad no one was injured.
    Bet he won't do this again.

  13. In the old days, if one of the boys fell into this position, they'd just be escorted back to their suite, resort or home.

    Imagine Wilbur Clark or Moe Dalitz getting a DUI?

    Methinks George hangs out with too many of his customers, but he is at that age.

    The new Vegas.

  14. Now,,Now,, lets get real about this.... He has more cash than the law allows and he was only .007 over the limit... This is gonna be some chump charge when it is all said and done.....Like I said lets be real,, as you know how it works for the other people....

  15. There is no reason or excuse to drive drunk! Period! As for Maloof, my wife & I were a charter members of the Amigo Club when he opened the Fiesta on Rancho. We always believed we got a fair shake on the Video poker machines while he owned it. We were upset when he sold it to Station Casinos because it created a monoply around here. We did patronize the Palms on some occasions, but no more since he backs Harry the Red. Maloof can back anybody he wants and we can choose to patronize or boycott any business we want.

  16. Around here, A nationally known sports figure was recently arrested for being 0.010 on the test. Charges were dropped because it was "barely over" and hard to prosecute.
    The question on this one, did he not have a valid license and insurance, or simply not have it with him. Those of us on the lower end of the wealth spectrum (make that WAY lower) have to do without certain things we may want because we pay our insurance premiums on time (and renew our license when it's due).
    Now he can obviously pay the damages even higher than most insurance policy limits if he is in an accident, but I believe one has to have some kind of bond in place if they "self insure", don't they?
    Hopefully he will have to pay the maximum for all offenses here, he can afford it easier than the typical citizen getting a ticket for driving 10 over on the way to work (who ends up paying the maximum).
    Let him pay, and learn from this mistake, and go on with his life, no special treatment, that's all we ask.

  17. You know, George is telling the truth. 4 beers. That is all it takes. Kind of scary. .08 really is nothing. And if your female - wow - 2 beers and you hit it. It has gotten to the point that if you have 1 beer - you should not drive. I won't. It is just too dangerous and risky.

  18. O.K. when I see Mr. Maloof I see a man I don't see a casino owner, A wealthy business man, Just a man that made a bad decision to drive while under the influence. should he be charged yes just like anyone else so please treat him that way as well don't inflate the punishment or press for greater punishment simply because he can afford it or he is well known lets look at what he was charged with.
    In addition to the DUI charge, police said Maloof also was booked in connection with speeding 21 to 30 miles over the posted speed limit, making an illegal left turn, These two will probably be dropped, driving without a valid license What does this mean? it has to mean that the license was expired and if giving the opportunity he will get them in compliance and not having proof of insurance. If he can give proof that he has the ability to pay any damages resulting from his actions deemed his fault why? would he pay for insurance.
    The man has accepted responsibility and will be giving a fine for the DUI. A fine that would not be any different had it been me or you. And I would not ask for anything other than that but that's me.

  19. To me the only issue here is the DUI. Anyone driving under the influence endangers me...well, it endangers all of us. Wealth shouldn't matter, influence shouldn't matter. I believe there are many laws that maybe need revision -- Driving under the influence isn't one of them.

    About 17,000 die every year in alcohol related accidents.

    Drinking and driving caused almost 40% of reported vehicle fatalities in Nevada in 2008, the latest statistic I could find.

    Anyone who thinks the Maloof issue is funny, ironic or anything but serious, I think is just plain wrong. I also think the newspapers ought to print the names of all those arrested on DUI charges on a regular basis.

  20. How is it possible that anyone can take a simple DUI and turn it into a political statement. Shame on you.

    I have met George on numerous occasions and he is a nice guy. He is very humble and down to earth person. If you didn't know who he was, you would never know that he owns a major hotel in Vegas.

    As far as the charges, he owned up to them immediately. Amazing how things have changed in Vegas that the police no longer give the rich and famous a break. Or maybe it because the police officer was looking for his 10 minutes of fame? There was a time that a powerful person would have been given a warning and sent on his way, not any more.

    I think that the bigger issue is the unrealistic speed limits in Vegas. The streets are very wide and to have a 35 mile speed limit is just a way to give tickets at will and raise revenue for the city. Is there anyone that really drives that slow because of the post limit, except in school zones?

    As far as the DUI. Don't drink and drive - the life you save might be mine.

  21. Shame on you George. Remember the (Family Name).

    It's not like you killed anyone. Yet!

  22. Were the rooms at The Palms all booked? Now, George, come on!!! You know better. . . .

  23. In response to bajo,s on oct.11th. concerning poor george.Your comment was one of the funniest one liner,s.I love steve wynn,and his wonderful creations .if he reads it,I know he will have a big smile.And I know for sure george&paris will have A party over it.Why not?you only live once KIDS.have fun,but DON,T drink and get high...and get behind the wheel[forget the law]I mean for your safty and others.GOD bless you,and keep you safe.henry [email protected]