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April 25, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

A gasoline tax could help reduce America’s deficit

A gas and commuter tax will help pay down our deficit.

We all know that without increased revenue, we’ll never get out of this financial mess we’re in. I propose a tax of 25 cents on a gallon of gas that is solely used to pay down our deficit. This tactic will surely help to also prevent cutbacks in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and also save jobs.

Joe Nocera, in his Wednesday column, “An economy that’s a mess,” is looking for one wealthy person to come forward and offer to pay more in taxes as part of a shared sacrifice — but this is like finding a four-leaf clover.

If I am willing to pay more, and I am by far not a wealthy man, the rich should come up with a shared sacrifice plan of their own. What do you think?

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  1. This will do nothing but drive up the cost of living, especially the prices we pay for food.

    Close the loopholes that place an unfair burden on those of us who can't take advantage of them and you will see a real increase in revenues.

  2. Any tax increase will just get spent on other stuff, that is the problem. The better idea is to balance the budget with what the income is now then work on these other things later.

  3. Dennis: I'm not sure what you propose as an alternative? Should we go back to horses? Our country has been built around transportation! The only current method we have today to transport us and our goods is via oil. We have no choice. I am not saying we should not change but we cannot do it overnight and we cannot do it without an alternative. If you look around you, EVERYTHING you see was brought there by oil. EVERYTHING! Not just part of it. Not just a little bit of it. EVERYTHING! To expect us to change overnight is naive at best.

  4. "If I am willing to pay more, and I am by far not a wealthy man, the rich should come up with a shared sacrifice plan of their own. What do you think?"

    I disagree with a gas tax, food tax, sales tax and any other tax that targets the middle class...people who are only guilty of trying to survive and get by in this crazy America nowadays.

    The 800 pound gorilla in the room is the tax cuts for the filthy rich.

    The Bush tax cuts need to have been put an end to yesterday.

    And I go even further to say put the tax rates for those who make over $250,000.00 a year to 90 percent; comparable to the Eisenhower years.

    For two reasons...

    First, they have gotten away with paying far less taxes than I pay. And this has been going on for thirty years or so. If not longer. There is no denying that you and I, the middle class of America, has steadily declined in wages, along with paying more and more taxes. The filthy rich need to step up to the plate and pay their fair share. No. It's not a tax increase. FAIR SHARE. A share they have avoided for a very long time. A share they have shoved off on us, while they enjoy the benefits and make you and I sacrifice more and more and more and more.

    Second, the 90 percent tax increase needs to be put in place in order for it to be nothing other than...punishment. I want it to hurt. I want to hear Steve Wynn howl in rage like a disease ridden desert coyote. People may disagree with me, but I am not only satisfied with shared sacrifice. I am not only content that everyone is paying according to what they earn. I want revenge! I want this to really, really hurt them! If they get mad and take their money and toys overseas, more power to 'em. They don't invest it here in America now anyways. Nor are they interested in jobs. Good luck seeking communist Chinese naturalization. Learn how to use chopsticks. Knock yourself out. America don't need you if you place more emphasis on money than in patriotism. If green (money) is the color of your flag, hit the road.

    There's gotta be some justice somewhere in America. I don't care if you have to make up some kind of charge, grab Mr. Grover Norquist, chuck him in jail, throw away the key, leave him there imprisoned for life, and tell him nice try with that no tax pledge B.S. So be it.

    Our survival as a nation depends on doing something. Not to mention this is not rocket's common sense. We ain't got time to waste on this crap.

    Shelve the Bush tax cuts. I'm so sick and tired of this stupid game being played now. We got rid of a certified useless and corrupt President that we suffered with for eight years, and now, into a new administration, we are going over old ground of stagnant and repulsive Bush crap STILL. We need to get out of the past and move on.

  5. If we built an intermodal facility where containers could be moved from rail to truck and vice versa, we could get almost everything at the low cost of rail -- and cut truck fuel usage dramatically.

  6. rusty57 - "Obumma's war on coal will make electricity rates "necessarily skyrocket"

    And your proof of his war on coal is what?

    Do you expect people to believe your post without evidence?

  7. Vernos,

    Obama indeed make that statement, and in context it could be considered a war of sorts. Politifact has a good discussion about it here:

  8. Obama made the comment, but what has he done to wage war on coal?