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April 26, 2015

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Jon Ralston:

State GOP’s worst enemy: Republicans

Political parties, generally, are made up of two sorts of regulars: The half-crazy and the full-on nuts.

Anyone who has been to a central committee meeting knows this is indisputable. If you haven’t, rent “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and you’ll get the idea.

Usually, the parties manage to confine their lunacy to those monthly or quarterly gatherings, rarely allowing the inmates out in public. But this week, the Republican Party showed (again) why it is the greatest impediment to the 2012 success of …the Republican Party.

Like that off-premises excursion in “Cuckoo’s Nest,” the folks from the Clark County GOP decided to strut their stuff during a hearing on some innocuous election regulations that sparked an “action request” from the county party headlined, “Don’t risk having your voting rights eroded.”

And this: “If passed, these regulations will ensure that Obama will carry Nevada because of voter fraud.”

Forget that these were mere housekeeping regulations proposed by Democratic Secretary of State Ross Miller’s office or that one issue — deleting an absentee ballot oath — had been erroneously listed in the initial notice. (Even if that had been so, would it have resulted in voter fraud or guaranteed the president’s victory here? I don’t think so.)

But even if you could excuse the hyperventilating before the meeting, the Monday hearing produced some of the sheerest lunacy we have seen in some time, once again raising the question of whether we have adequate mental health services in the state.

“Voting is a privilege, not a right,” one GOP official, Woody Stroupe, declared, apparently thinking the confab had been called on gaming licenses and not the most sacred right in a democracy. Stroupe, according to a Review-Journal report, also announced, “We might as well invite the Chinese over here. You can’t vote in your country, but you can vote in our state.”

Miller’s aides seemed puzzled, as would any sentient human being. And then it got worse.

Objections were raised to regulations that were not even being proposed. The dangers of hacking into the voting systems were bruited about. And, of course, symptoms of the longest hangover in GOP history surfaced as at least one partisan insisted the 2010 U.S. Senate race had been stolen from Sharron Angle by fraud. Hair of the Reid that bit you, anyone?

These are the same Mensans who argued to move Nevada from third in the nation to fifth in the presidential nominating process and who scuttled same-day registration because they feared Democrats infiltrating and helping push a lesser candidate to victory (which one would they choose, though?). They may not be the majority of GOP voters or even a majority who belong to the central committee, but they say and do things that allow the enemy to brandish a broad brush.

The performance was so outlandish that Miller’s office put out an extensive news release Tuesday to correct “erroneous” media reports and he added, “It was clear, however, that certain partisan factions saw an opportunity to use those issues as an opportunity for political grandstanding.”

Miller couldn’t be more … erroneous. That was no grandstanding, which involves some bloviating skills. This was R.P. McMurphy’s minions run amok, with no tether, no cover.

I don’t have any desire to defend Miller, who runs a professional shop and who Republicans seem to forget initiated a prosecution against ACORN, the Democratic Party-aligned folks, for voter fraud. Unlike these candidates for the rubber room, Miller knows voter fraud when he sees it — and does something about it.

Although it is sporting to mock these cretins, there is a serious side to it, too, which is the failure of GOP elected officials to denounce this kind of behavior and of the media to make sure it is put in context and reported accurately. Questioning the integrity of elections is no laughing matter and can have insidious effects. Angle continues to trundle around the country, winking and nodding at crowds (as she does in her book) that Harry Reid stole the election from her — an election she lost by 41,000 votes.

The key to the success of any political party these days is to hope for an effective figurehead (not essential), marginalize the crazies (otherwise they will run the asylum) and become a money-laundering operation to help candidates (a legal one, of course).

This is the model the Democrats have adopted and enabled them to sweep to power in 2008 and save Reid in 2010. The state GOP is far from there yet, still playing Single A against Reidball.

The Democrats have every reason, though, to be worried about 2012 from the presidential race here to Sen. Dean Heller’s seat to legislative control. But there’s a catch.

It may sound half-crazy or even full-on nuts, but the only thing that can save Nevada Democrats next year might be the Nevada Republican Party.

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  1. The Nevada GOP seems to be suffering from what mental health experts would describe as paranoia. This malady is commonly called FOXitis. To them, their view of the world is so right that there is no possibility that they could actually lose an honest election. One does have to wonder what color the sky is in their world.

    I would suggest a thorough chemical analysis of the tea they're drinking. Surely, this must be the cause of their insaniTEA.

  2. Jon writes that Miller, "initiated a prosecution against ACORN, the Democratic Party-aligned folks, for voter fraud."

    That is incorrect. The case against ACORN was for voter registration fraud. Contrary to popular opinion, voter fraud and voter registration fraud are two very different charges.

    "This is not a case of voter fraud, it's a case of voter registration fraud," Mr. Miller said. "I'm very confident that none of these fraudulent voter forms found their way into the voter registration rolls or to cast votes."

    Can you update your piece, Jon?

    Otherwise, a fascinating look at the modern GOP! Those constitution-loving tea partiers who now believe voting is NOT A RIGHT!

  3. Angle's elections wasn't stolen, she was a very poor candidate. Louden or Tarkanian would have beat Reid. So she and the people who voted for her in the primary can only blame themselves.

    There is a serious concern regarding same day registration. Is the person registering have to show an ID? Is there a system in place to make sure someone can't vote at two different places? Dems love to float the red herring that showing an ID is discriminatory but commonsense and Democratic party leanings to voter fraud (ie: Franken voter fraud, King county voter fraud, and ACORN registration fraud) tells us otherwise.

  4. Thanks for the laugh, Jon. You just outlined how continually out of touch the Tea/Republicans are...not only nationally, but within Nevada.

    They seem to pay more attention to a non-existent problem of voter fraud and use that as their definitive excuse when they don't win.

    But they choose to ignore the main problem: They don't campaign because their message is sour, undigestable and stinks to high heavens.

    So, I don't blame them for playing Don Quixote and fighting windmills. They'll be out there fighting and fighting and fighting, then stop on their horse and scratch their heads wondering where all these damn windmills are coming from.

    But then again, it's all logical. I mean look at the front runner for their choice as President. Gingrich. Oh my gosh. A pundit on MSNBC gave a good view on him. He said Gingrich is like a bunch of liquids and food stuffed into a blender, then turn it on high. But the problem is the top ain't on it. The crap flies everywhere. THAT's Gingrich. To a tee.

    Anyways, carrying on with your "One Flew Over A Cuckoo's Nest" adage, if you see a big tall Indian going in the Grover (Norquist) Owned Party (GOP) asylum, STOP HIM! We don't need him ripping out sinks and chucking them at windows to help them escape and mingle with the normal working class people....

  5. Voter registration fraud seems to have entered the realm of criminal activity with at least one prosecution and confession as I recall....not exactly unreal. I want free and fair elections AND would rather not have Nv engaged in Chicago style machine led voter fraud either.

  6. Republican fear of voter fraud aligns itself with Sharia Law taking over our legal system, flouride added to drinking water to mind control the population, Ike Eisenhower being a communist agent, Newt's mirrors hanging in space to light our highways, communists running Congress, etc., etc., etc.

    Jon Ralston is right, Republicans in general have gone collectively insane.

  7. I agree that the Republicans in Nevada (and all of America) are their own worst enemy. However, for each Republican poor candidate, mistake, silly situation and extreme viewpoint with little or no merit; it is matched by a Democratic aspect just as silly or outrageous or untrue. Both parties are full of improper actions and to point fingers reminds me of the one about people in glass houses throwing stones. Repeating a propaganda lie does not make it true despite how many times you repeat it. The citizens of this nation deserve more than either party has offered and each party is busy (sometimes openly) subverting the system to obtain power and plunder for individuals and their organization.

  8. I do not want the Senate Majority Leaders' main legacy to be the financial collapse of the US. The unmentioned bipartisan monster in the closet? A debt that was created/supported by both parties and is, in the long run, unsupportable. What are we to do about that? We CANNOT spend our way out of debt and it is increasingly obvious we have a spending problem and not an income problem. We kicked the can down the road this session. The President is allegedly asking for trillions more in spending. We cannot continue to run up the debt and, in the long run, survive economically.