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May 4, 2015

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Las Vegas unemployment at 13.8 percent

Official: Nevada’s job market essentially flat

Heller, Reid comment

U.S. Senator Dean Heller, R-Nev., today offered the following statement on Nevada’s June unemployment rate:

“President Obama can’t talk his way out of the troubling fact that Nevada’s unemployment rate is growing. The policies of this Administration are making our economy worse, and Nevadans are feeling the pain. Throwing money at the problems through big-government interventions and programs clearly does not work. Washington needs to focus on real solutions that restrain spending and promote stability so Nevadans can get back to work,” said Heller.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., released the following statement:

“After five months of decreasing unemployment in Nevada, today’s report is disappointing and a clear indication that job creation must continue to be the top priority. Unfortunately, Republicans in Washington have their priorities upside down, supporting the so-called ‘Cut, Cap and Balance Act’ that not only kills Medicare and undermines Social Security, but will destroy nearly one million jobs nationwide. We need to work together to create good paying jobs in the state — not pursue an ideological agenda that will send more Nevadans to the unemployment lines.”

CARSON CITY – Unemployment shot up to 13.8 percent in the Las Vegas area in June, the highest mark this year.

Aan estimated 130,300 persons were jobless — 14,000 more than the previous month, May, when the unemployment rate was 12.4 percent.

”An analysis of the June Labor market condition suggests the recent weakness evident at the national level may be trickling into the Silver State,” said Bill Anderson, chief economist with the Nevada Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation.

The state unemployment rate rose to 12.4 percent in June from 12.1 percent in May. An estimated 162,900 Nevadans were jobless in June.

The agency reported total employment in Las Vegas dropped from 824,000 in May to 812,200 in June A good part of that decrease was government workers.

Anderson said, all things considered, Nevada’s job market is essentially flat.

Employment in casino-hotels and gaming in Las Vegas rose in June as the summer tourist season opened. There were an estimated 161,300 employed in this segment, up 1,800 workers from May. Anderson said some of the gains were seasonal in nature “but some can be attributed to the uptick in tourism Las Vegas has experienced so far in 2011.”

Construction employment in Southern Nevada inched up to 39,400, up 100 workers from May. But government employment dipped from 96,600 in May to 89,800 workers in June.

The trade, transportation and utilities sector had 141,800 workers, down 1,100 from May in Las Vegas.

The department reported the jobless rate in the Reno-Sparks area increased from 11.8 percent in May to 13 percent in June. And Carson City’s rate rose from 11.5 percent in May to 12.5 percent in June.

Anderson said that spring job growth statewide in the retail sector stalled in June as employers trimmed 800 jobs. And educational health and services statewide lost 800 jobs.

But he added that statewide “Not everything in the report is doom and gloom, though. The administrative and support and waste management and remediation services sector, which includes temporary hiring agencies, added 1,900 jobs.”

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  1. Government figures fall far below true figures. 20% plus is the real reality. As long as they keep crawling up China's lower posterier and out-sourcing manufacturing and jobs, this shall continue.

  2. We need not look any further than reading the comments on this story to see why this country is a mess.

  3. How can any of us be remotely surprised by the skewed figures the government publishes? Having been among the unemployed for a considerable time, and no benefits left, I've tried to continue to use the website so I don't slide off the radar, however you can't do that. Heaven forbid we should know the truth.

    Then we get to listen to Harry trying to blame the mess on the Congress instead of taking any responsibility for this disaster. It truly makes us a laughing stock here and abroad.

    I hope American can survive this, though I am doubtful as the plan has been in motion for sometime to bring us to our knees. God bless us one and all.

  4. Having been unemployed in the construction trades for 2 years now, I see nothing getting better in Vegas. Its getting ridiculously depressing. The news channels and local papers all acting like all is good and normal, mainly because they have jobs and too bad for the rest of us. I went for a job interview last week for Data Entry, and was told I was overqualified based on my work experience. I practically begged for the job and just got one of them "We'll be in touch. Thank you for coming in." speeches.

    Clearly its time to move out of this town. But them will come the housing loss and credit destruction. A no win situation. How about our government rescue this state and motivate some companies to create jobs here faster. We been hearing them talk and that's all it is. Time for some action. Please!

  5. Harry Reid bringing home the bacon......LOL

  6. The only thing the Rebuplicans have succeeded in doing since winning the House and many Governors...shut down state governments, laid off millions of government workers, and stalled the economic recovery from the disaster they created with Bush.

    Now the Tea Party Republicans are willing to lay on the tracks to protect the uber wealthy from tax rates lower than Reagan's.

  7. why does no one ever blame the state government for Nevada's woes? oh because you voted them in office? Yep blame the federal government for the state's woes makes perfect sense.

  8. The chief economic development officer of the state is the Lt. Governor, Brian krolicki. How long has he been in office and what has he accomplished? Obviously one individual does not control the process of economic development. Those of you who want to blame Obama, Reid, Bush, whoever, need to assign responsibility where it should be assigned. We have development staff putting up derogatory billboards in California but how does that change the conditions existant in Nevada which are barriers to development? Unfortunately Nevada has minimal leadership and limited vision among that putative leadership.

  9. Very scary is this economy. The more I watch peoples faces the more I see worry and even desperation. It seems Nevada spikes up and down farther and faster than the nation as a whole but what happens here eventually happens elsewhere. I want to be optimistic but can't help but be pessimistic about the foreseeable future. I hope I'm wrong, really wrong, but we are trying to prepare for even tougher times.

    Electric rates, gas, food and most things really needed are going up. Inflation is killing what one can buy with every dollar and for many of us still with incomes, our security seems more suspect every day.

    Politics no longer stops at the waters edge or even in the face of an impending national disaster as both parties act in their own best interest with the next election in mind while putting Americas welfare last. We have no faith in either party to do the right thing and do it now without regard for their personal and political fortunes.

    Please let us be wrong but we're stocking up on essentials, increasing our personal security and girding ourselves for a long economic siege. Recently a polite guy offered to load our groceries for free while hoping I'm sure for a couple of bucks. His face showed he was scared and he didn't seem like any kind of threat. It broke my heart and while I'm not normally a bleeding heart I still feel bad I didn't do more. With unemployment going up and the real numbers likely much higher, the housing market still declining for non-cash and investor sales and all the other negative indicators, I'm afraid the time has come to prepare for what may be possible but unthinkable.

    Very sad.

  10. What can you say, you voted for change, don't complain when you get it.

  11. "Steve Wynn's recent comment about the incompetence of the Obama administration says it all"

    Of course Wynn is going to say that!! He's one of the "Chosen Few" that the Republicans are protecting. You think he's going to be suffering once the country defaults? Probably has thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars hidden away in Rubbermaid Totes in his house somewhere.

  12. Someone mentioned in a comment about Steve Wynn.

    "'I support Harry Reid,' he (Steve Wynn) said. 'I support Democrats and Republicans. And I'm telling you that the business community in this company is frightened to death of the weird political philosophy of the president of the United States. And until he's gone, everybody's going to be sitting on their thumbs.'"

    He may support Senator Reid, but the rest of that is not true. Just previous to this rant by Steve Wynn, he responded to end of quarter statistics for his casinos. He stated ecstatically he received about $447 million in winnings for the second quarter, which was a record. And the first quarter statistics were about $440 million or so, another positive record. So, the right wing nutball Steve Wynn goes into this hyper ballistic tyrade playing to Fox News viewers. He acts like he's running for office. People need to wake up. He's a casino owner. He bows before the god that has money in his/her hand. Anything else don't matter. You lose in his casino, that's fine. You win? Like any good casino owner, he automatically assumes you cheated. The house always wins.

    "Obama, Wynn added, 'keeps making speeches about redistribution, and maybe we ought to do something to businesses that don't invest, their holding too much money. We haven't heard that kind of talk except from pure socialists. Everybody's afraid of the government and there's no need soft peddling it, it's the truth. It is the truth.'"

    Again, Steve Wynn, to his credit, is an extremely successful and wealthy casino owner in Las Vegas, Nevada. And his successes continue. The above blathering comes out of the mouth of someone who KNOWS he is getting away with murder, not paying anywhere near a fair share of taxes. He is someone who, without a doubt, hopes and prays the Bush tax cuts for the filthy rich continue. And, of course, he'll pantomime the Republican view this is a "tax increase," and not what it is, the filthy rich will be required to pay fair share, commensurate with what you and I (middle class) pay.

    One thing I guarantee is that Steve Wynn is not looking forward to January 1, 2013. Because that is officially when the Bush tax cuts for the filthy rich will expire. I predict Steve Wynn will again come out with a statement that he will move out from the United States (like he stupidly said before). Perhaps move to China to avoid the taxes. Fine. Let him turn Communist. It will prove he only worships money...not America. We need for Steve Wynn to double down and show what he's made of. He don't want to be an American, I wish him luck in China.

    Again, I need to point this out. He's a casino owner. He's not a politician. He's not a paid commentator on Fox News. He's not running for public office. He's simply a successful casino owner...that has political viewpoints that only serve his ability to make more money.

  13. And to make more money for the thousands of his employees and their families too Colin. It's kind of the way things work in the real world, except for those who suck upon the teat of government. You ought to alight from your maternal man cave (mom's basement) every once in a while.