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May 3, 2015

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Chris Giunchigliani knocks Carolyn Goodman for foreclosure comments

Updated Tuesday, May 24, 2011 | 1:12 p.m.

Las Vegas mayoral candidate Chris Giunchigliani has released a second campaign commercial slamming her opponent Carolyn Goodman.

This time, it's about foreclosures.

The ad quotes Goodman as saying the city should "work with the banks and move up the foreclosures." Goodman also says housing "prices are back where they were in the 70s. What a wonderful opportunity for people to come here."

Goodman made the statements during recent debates. She said cheap housing could be used to lure new companies and residents to the state.

But Giunchigliani uses the quotes to point out that Goodman is out of touch with the Las Vegas economy. More than 80 percent of residents are under water. Many have lost their homes. Those who have staved off foreclosure have seen their property values tank.

"Families losing everything," the Giunchigliani ad says. "Another issue Carolyn Goodman doesn't understand."

It's the latest salvo in the increasingly contentious mayoral race.

Last week, Giunchigliani released a commercial accusing Goodman of riding her husband’s coattails and of being unprepared to be mayor. Goodman shot back with an ad that portrayed Giunchigliani as mean and hard to work with.

To coincide with the debut of her latest ad, Giunchigliani released a list of proposed ideas to combat falling housing prices. She suggested working with homeowners associations to maintain homes' curb appeal, coordinating with the Las Vegas Valley Water District to ensure that trees and shrubs are watered, using the city business licensing department to crack down on illegal and unethical mortgage companies, and looking into establishing a registration process for banks so that the city can hold them accountable for houses they own.

“Home ownership is the largest, most significant investment most Las Vegans make,” Giunchigliani said. “The city cannot sit idly by as thousands of vacant homes fall into disrepair and drive down the value of adjacent homes."

Goodman spokesman Bradley Mayer said Giunchigliani took Goodman's statements out of context and misrepresented her position.

"Carolyn Goodman knows that we need to stabilize our housing market before our economy can begin to recover. Stabilizing the housing market is going to require participation from the banks and that’s why Carolyn has said as mayor, she will be a voice to hold the banks accountable to make sure they are doing everything they can to keep people in their homes," Mayer said.

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  1. Chris G. is the one out of touch on this issue. Home prices were badly inflated and *needed* to collapse. They probably could stand to drop a little further, but at least now they are in a reasonable range for the available pay (for those lucky enough to have a job.)

    Have people been hurt by the collapse? Hell, yes, but the blame for the collapse can be spread far and wide, including some of the buyers who were just looking for a fast buck by flipping.

    Goodman is right, now is a much better time to contemplate buying a house in Las Vegas if you plan on living here. It is ideal for those who can telecommute like I do (other than NVE getting ready to up rates during peak hours.)

  2. Hey look, Goodman's Goons have learned how to post on the Sun's website!!

    Their anger proves one thing: this ad hit the target. Carolyn Goodman is woefully out of touch when it comes to issues of real Las Vegans. She has admitted time and time again that all she knows is businessmen and showgirls, not real people.

    Chris has used her free time, even while campaigning, to clean up abandoned, foreclosed homes in her district. I've sat with her in a foreclosure crisis planning meeting and she had a list of ideas to clean up blighted neighborhoods and how to pay for it. She also had ideas of how to hold all the players involved accountable.

    Carolyn may know all the power players, but she doesn't know the people of Las Vegas. Now has come the time to end the reign of governing that puts business, profits and under the table goodies above people and our neighborhoods.

    Vote for Chris G, vote for a better Las Vegas!

  3. Why do you all think Oscar's wife understands this or any issue? She and Oscar live in a world of money, privilege and mobsters.

    Las Vegas, Carolyn doesn't have a plan. The only plan she has is how she can have the title and Oscar can call the shots.

    Tine for a serious candidate that knows the issues and can work towards fixing them. That candidate is Chris G.

  4. Isn't it interesting how Goodman's goons tried to flip the discussion to fire fighters (a non issue since Chris was first to call for an audit) instead of answering for the issue that Carolyn Goodman wants to accelerate the rate of foreclosures in our community.

    This just shows that Carolyn doesn't just want to ignore our homeless population like Oscar is so fond of -but - she wants to add to it!

    Carolyn's plan KILLS curb appeal because vacant houses no one can buy because they are unemployed just brings more blight to our neighborhoods.

    If an incentive existed to HOAs to maintain properties themselves rather than the expense our city has through neighborhood services to document then hold hearings about them would save us all $$$. Really am I the only one who stays up late watching city council meetings on tv?

    My HOA has the right to fix my front yard after I have failed to comply and bill it to my home. We purchased a foreclosure home 2 years ago and more than $8k of the price was to the HOA for fees and maintaining the property for the year it was vacant. Why not give HOAs incentive to do this for all communities? They recover from the lien when the property sells but without an incentive to wait on payment most communities will just let a property fall into disrepair. Using neighborhood services for each and every property with a city employee, notices, 3 hearings, then the city placing a lien alongside the HOA is ludacris when the HOA can just do it for abandoned properties and save us all $$$.

    Chris proposes cutting a level of bureaucracy and you can't stand it?

    Carolyn Goodman said it - "move up the foreclosures" and we believe her on that promise to bring more blight, vandalism, and hopelessness to our neighborhoods as we add more homeless to our community. Yet another issue she is entirely unprepared to lead!

  5. "[Goodman] has admitted time and time again that all she knows is businessmen and showgirls..." - LauraK

    And your point is? Those people are exactly the reason that Las Vegas exists today. Do you think this city, or the state for that matter, would have even a third of its current population if it did not embrace gambling and other forms of adult entertainment?

    If those are the only people Goodman knows, then at least she knows the fundamentals of what this city is all about. That is more than I think Chris G. understands.

  6. Chris Giunchigliani was the first to call out fire fighter abuses and demand and audit. Enough said.

  7. Chris G. was the first?!? Cite your source. Just a few months ago the Sun ran a story quoting Chris G. saying she was not aware of the problem months after Sisolak was raising Cain over it.

  8. From the Sun on Feb, 1 of this year:

    "Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani said she was disappointed in how widespread the problem was.

    "Many of us were under the illusion it was just a handful, and if you look at this document, you see that it's not," she said, referencing a report from the arbitrator."

  9. Thank you for asking for my source in addition to the official statement from Chris regarding waste in government you can find it in the county record.

  10. Chris G. didn't say squat until it was already painfully obvious that there was a major problem in December of last year. Sisolak has been rasing the issue since at least March of 2010. ( )

    She was hardly the first. (And a campaign website isn't the best reference.)

  11. A vast segment of the population lost their homes when they lost their jobs and couldn't find new work. For those lucky enough to find new work, many took substantially lower salaries than they were accustomed to making(and what their household budget had been set on). Still others had catastrophic medical illnesses that disabled them from the job and depleted their assets trying to pay the bills. For the ones who did buy over their head, you still have to wonder how many loan officers and mortgage companies talked them into bad loans with promises that the market would correct itself in no time. It is incorrect to say that the majority of people who are losing their homes brought the situation on themselves.

    If the public knew how many homes are being held back right now to avoid another major hit to the housing industry we would all be sick. Releasing all those homes into the market would have the opposite effect of what some of the posters here describe.

    But let's just examine what would happen if these homes get bought up. Who is buying them? Take a look at the last two quarterly reports of home sales in the valley and you'll see that the vast majority were sold to investors. Not people who intend to live in them as their primary residence. Not families, not first-time homeowners or retirees. Investors. What are they going to do with them? Fix them up a little and then wait for the market to be ripe to sell them for a profit.

    Carolyn Goodman may think that selling all those homes to investors is a good way to go. But how is that going to help the ones who lost their home, have no job, and have no ability to get either back? Who wins?

    The investors are running around with loads of cash in their pockets right now to make those great buys. The only ones who win with the arrangement Goodman advocates is the investor and the bank. The people still suffer. And Carolyn Goodman couldn't seem to care less.

  12. Find out for yourself who is fit to be mayor.

  13. Carolyn Goodman is just Oscar in Drag. The money pipelines are in place, vote for Carolyn to keep them there.