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April 21, 2015

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Amodei: Government can’t keep paying for unemployment benefits

Acknowledging he’ll be labeled as “insensitive,” U.S. Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nev., said this week he is inclined to let long-term unemployment benefits expire, a move that could kick more than 45,000 jobless Nevadans off of their unemployment checks.

When Congress resumes session after the Thanksgiving holiday it will take up the question of whether to extend funding for long-term unemployment benefits. Amodei said he could vote ‘no’ on the measure.

“I’m going to look real critical at it,” he said this week during a taping for To the Point. “I’m inclined, depending on what’s in the bill, to say at some point in time you have to say, 'I’m sorry you can’t just keep extending it.' And this could very well be it.”

Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the nation at 13.4 percent. More than 45,000 jobless Nevadans are on federal unemployment benefit extensions. Those benefits will end if Congress doesn’t extend the program.

But Amodei said he’s concerned that the continuing unemployment check—Nevadans are eligible for up to 99 weeks of unemployment checks—is preferable to being employed.

“I am concerned when I talk to employers in the community who say they are offering jobs but the deal on unemployment is better,” Amodei said. “I’m not saying that sweepingly applies to everyone, but when you talk about being on government benefits is a better deal than being in the workforce, I think you have to examine that.”

Amodei said he realizes he’ll be labeled as uncaring for that position.

“I know the clichés will come out (that) you’re insensitive” he said. “But you know what, you have to move beyond spending money.”

The full interview with Amodei will air Saturday at 6:30 p.m. on Channel 3.

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  1. "Insensitive" no, sociopathic yes.

  2. If Government can't pay, maybe the food markets can. Have then put out a sign that says "free food for the unemployed" and that will get the Government off the hook. If that doesn't work, pass a law that says "don't eat until you have money. If you don't have money, you don't eat meat". "And if you don't eat yer meat, you can't have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat yer meat?" "How can you eat meat if you don't have a job?" Hey teacher, leave those kids alone. Yakety Yak from Chucky the Representative.

  3. No, I don't think he's insensitive and uncaring.

    He's just a heartless, predatory embarassment.

    But then again, he fits in well with the other Tea/Republican Party neo-conservatives in the House of Representatives; ones that Speaker Boehner can't even rein in.

  4. What America cannot afford is another middle eastern war for NOTHING, like Iraq. The Republicans along with Amodei are setting their sights on Iran next...with a non-existent nuclear bomb program used as an excuse for another round of shock and awe. We can't afford unemployment insurance but we can afford another multi-trillion dollar war for nothing.

    The Amodeis of the world are studying their Bibles to discover how to set the stage for the war at Armageddon which will destroy the world to prove their Holy Books are correct. Every War they create brings them closer to their Master.

  5. Great job representing your district, Mark. Looking out for your constituents, huh?

  6. The first thing Mr. Amodei did when elected to Congress was sign Grover Norquist's "Taxpayer Protection Pledge". Only six GOP representatives had the moral courage to NOT sign it. Among them was Frank Wolf. He made a speech on the house floor that was not kind to Norquist, citing among other things, Norquist's ties to convicted Islamist terrorist sympathizers. Wolf's entire speech and comments were placed in the Congressional Record, and should be required reading by anyone who continually votes for "representatives" who only answer to Norquist. My suggestion is to let Norquist pay these people, since they all do his bidding. The money saved in pay and benefits could then be used to cover the cost of continued benefits to the unemployed. Joe Heck and Dean Heller as well as Amodei need to be voted out of office in 2012.

  7. Well, well, well...

    Turkey O' The Day, Mark Amodei!!!

    Hey, Marky Mark...

    You & your bro',
    Dean 'Hobo' Heller
    ought to get together
    down @ the Las Vegas Rescue Mission
    where today, many of our local layabouts
    will be eatin' high off the hog...
    instead of all this silly dialogue
    why don't cha come on by
    and give the grub a try
    then you can tell them no-account unemployed
    just exactly where they should apply
    and just exactly why
    their meager subsistence you would deny.
    Don't you be shy...stay for the pie!

  8. Excuse me Mark If unemployment benefits are so great why don't we cut your paycheck down to the size of a top unemployment check . Then maybe you will get a real job .You should ask Sharon how that stance worked out for her .How many times do we have to ask ? Where are the 14 million jobs that America needs ? Unless you and your cronies in Washington can come up with a solution to this problem you are wasting our time and money . So personally I do not want to hear a peep about anything until congress gets our workforce some real jobs not fast food jobs that pay less than unemployment benefits . Everything in the US revolves from real paychecks . Corporations like whirlpool that have closed down plants in America and moved them out of the country to make more money have screwed the public that buys their products . When I see a member of congress go after companies like that I will support them .

  9. Ace...

    When unemployment reaches 15 percent, (some estimates have had it as high as 20+ percent, unnoficially, in Las Vegas) and there are 6 people that apply for every 1 job, the VAST MAJORITY OF AMERICAN CITIZENS are 'for' unemployment benefits to keep people from dumpster diving for dinner and to keep a roof over their heads.
    Further, economically, when people have at least SOME money to spend on essentials, it helps to keep the economy moving in a big recession like this'n here...
    Now, I know that folks like you that HATE, and love to blame the victims of this economic disaster, feel better about themselves when they tell themselves & others whoppers of lies about the unemployed, but today IS Thankgiving; pretend you have a heart for just a moment...and think about what you write to make yourself feel better.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Jimbo...
    & Happy Thanksgiving to EVERYBODY here @ The Sun.

  10. Actually it can and it must continue payments to unemployed and we must recognize it as a just tax on us for our failure to maintain balanced trade which would have prevented such tragedy for many millions of families.

  11. Re Jim Reid's comment about the destructive unemployment tax being paid by the employer: True, but if an employee is terminated for cause he/she won't be getting any unemployment benefits because the employer will take all actions necessary to see that that doesn't happen. Part of my job in surveillance in the gaming racket was to supply human resources with the ammo they needed to cut the terminated employee off at the knees. Being legitimately laid off is about the only way to get unemployment benefits, and that is not the fault of the employee.

  12. Republicans HATE giving money to the undeserved but the big conundrum for them is that Unemployment benefits are for people who DESERVE them. We as a nation do not have National General assistance. The welfare programs have been whittled down to 60 months if you have children and the Nevada TANF grant level pays a MONTH what unemployment pays in a WEEK.

    The BRILLIANT move by the Obama Administration turns Unemployment into a General Assistance program during this Second Depression. Roosevelt had the WPA to create jobs, and NO REPUBLICAN today would ever support a new WPA. So instead, the Republicans have to settle gutting assistance for the 99%. Unemployment for the unemployed, in an economy where jobs have been lost forever, must be continued through the recovery. It is the Republicans that have to be stopped.