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April 19, 2015

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Hundreds march on Strip to protest corporate greed


Steve Marcus

A woman who identified herself as Janelle K. holds up a sign during an Occupy Las Vegas protest on the Las Vegas Strip Thursday, Oct. 6, 2011. The protest was held in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York and in other parts of the U.S.

Occupy Las Vegas demonstrators

A woman who identified herself as Janelle K. holds up a sign during an Occupy Las Vegas protest on the Las Vegas Strip Thursday, Oct. 6, 2011. The protest was held in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York and in other parts of the U.S. Launch slideshow »

Protesters occupy Strip

KSNV coverage of Occupy Las Vegas, a group of protesters marching on the Strip brandishing signs against corporate greed, Oct. 6, 2011.

Pam Lobb is fed up.

The 50-year-old Las Vegas resident lost her job at a law office about a year ago. She is behind on her mortgage and has struggled to find consistent work during one of the worst recessions in the country’s history.

Lobb was one of hundreds of people who took to the Strip on Thursday afternoon for the Occupy Las Vegas march, an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street protests that started in New York three weeks ago.

Since then, similar marches have sprouted in more than a dozen cities, including San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia and Boston.

Thursday’s march started in front of the New York, New York casino, and for hours protesters paraded up and down Las Vegas Boulevard waving signs, playing drums and chanting. The crowd was filled with frustration and anger about the state of the country, but there was plenty of room for excitement and optimism, too.

“It’s about time American citizens woke up to how corporate greed is affecting us,” Lobb said. “It’s nice to see there’s more and more people who know what’s going on.”

The protests have been billed as an outcry against bank bailouts, corporate greed and the influence of money in politics. But marchers in Las Vegas each brought their own issues and concerns, ranging from ending the wars, feeding the poor, nuclear disarmament and fixing the economy.

For 24-year-old Ian Nishimure, the protests were about people having their voice heard after feeling ignored for so long.

“What we’re trying to do is to get people to come out and participate,” he said.

A recent UNLV graduate, Nishimure said he wants to see campaign finance reform to get money out of politics and allow for honest politicians to more effectively represent their constituents.

The mass of protesters was made up of an ethnically diverse group of people of all ages and numbered about 500, according to police estimates. Some were unemployed, but many chose to take off work to attend.

Dozens of Metro Police officers were on hand to control traffic and monitor the protest, but no major incidents were reported.

From sidewalks and pedestrian bridges, tourists seemed confused by all the commotion. Some stopped to take pictures, others offered cheers of encouragement and a few heckled the marchers.

Ron Marsh, on vacation from New Jersey with his family, eyed the protest from one of the bridges.

“I don’t know exactly what they’re protesting,” he said.

But he said he expects to see more movements like this sprout up if the economy doesn’t improve and people’s concerns aren’t addressed.

“It’s frightening. Our leaders in this country aren’t in touch with the working class,” he said.

Protesters acknowledged that a single march is not going to change the myriad ills they see affecting the country.

But many expressed hope that the marches in Las Vegas and around the country are the start of a larger movement that will push more people to get involved by voting or other forms of activism.

“There’s only one way to change things and that’s through the power of the masses,” 50-year-old construction worker Roger Boulin said. “I hope this movement doesn’t stop. Politicians need to start listening to the people that enough is enough.”

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  1. You see more and more people just getting angry. At some point, as the crowds get larger, more vocal, more powerful and more organized...change is going to have to happen. What that change is I'm not sure but more and more people are getting fed up with the American Dream all but disappearing. Maybe we need to go back to the days when there wasn't free trade. Yes, you'll pay more for things...but you might also be making a product here, have a job, make a better income and live a better life. All I know is the present situation of exporting every job known to man isn't cutting it.

  2. Frustrated, yet she will vote the people who created it all, back into office and expect them to do something about it...

  3. I'm far more concerned with the lack of choices politically than I am with counting other people's money.

  4. Newbee,

    Consumers aren't ready to buy at normal levels yet and businesses aren't ready to invest yet. These socialism marches are for socialists who see America on the ropes with $14.7 trillion dollars in debt. "If we can just just kill the incentive to prosper we can kill off capitalism for good" is the mindset of socialists. They see blood with our country $14.7 trillion in debt. Lets hope the 91% who are working combined with retired Americans will vote the party supporting redistribution of wealth out of office in 2012.

    We have a debt crisis, not a redistribution of wealth crisis.

  5. @Tom1928
    Whether these marches get anything done, one thing is certain: People ARE angry! No jobs or jobs with such low pay you can't even afford to buy groceries (which, BTW, have gone up considerably even at the low cost stores such as Walmart and Aldi). This is a way for people to show their anger at Wall St and Washington. Frankly, a million should march on DC when Congress is in session or half a mil in your own State capital to show disapproval of the yo-yo's running the country.

    @kaza: Who cares what the tourists think? Goodie for them they have the money to actually take a trip and to Vegas no less. Most people can't do that. Vegas is a city where real people live; it's not just a "make believe" fantasy land that has gambling. What better place to air their anger but on the Strip?

    @FrankieCasino: You are totally missing the point of these marches. Good for you that you can afford to put gas in your car and you have a job. You do NOT KNOW if half those people are taking classes and working a menial job that pays $8 an hour. You don't - so don't judgewith a snarky comment.

    @Reza: Good quote. And very true. So far NO ONE running has any good solutions to our problems. Besides - IF the other party wins - we'll have to wait another 1.5-2 years before we even HEAR what they have planned. The Country can't wait that long.

    @Newbee: My jaw dropped when I heard Herman Cain say it's OUR FAULT we don't have jobs! Another corporate shill running for public office. I don't trust the man.

    The politicians have NO CLUE on how Americans live. Especially middle class Americans. So many are struggling. Luckily we've gotten a break at the gas pumps, but in it's place - groceries have gone up along with other items people use and need to buy. I noticed rents going up in my area, too! WTF! This isn't downtown Chicago for goodness sakes! They want $650-700 + utilities for an apartment BUT the units have income limits, ie for one person you can't make more than $26000 a year, for 2 people, $28000 a year!! You'd be rent poor!

    So if all these marches really don't change Wall St one bit, at least people are voicing their frustrations and I hope they keep doing so.

  6. Today...........peaceful protests in the streets.

    Tomorrow............riots in the streets.

  7. If they want to have an impact, they would set themselves on fire en mass.

  8. What would our nations founding fathers do upon finding themselves amidst present circumstance? Is it wise to recognize it's within any of us to think the unthinkable?

  9. When I was a kid, like many other kids in school, I was told that anyone could be President of the United States. That if any of us wanted to be president, we were eligible. I also remember when I told this to my father he confirmed it was true, but also told me the cold hard facts that it was not going to happen. People and families with money & influence are the ones who enter into those high level of politics. That's not to say I couldn't be prosperous on my own in life, but in order to both achieve goals and to be happy with one's own life, a man also has to have reasonable expectations. If you're not smart enough to figure out how to make money, let alone have the connections to make it happen, you won't be able to.

    From this I've learned that with Conservative Politics most people will defend to the death tax cuts for the rich and other such financial advantages because they foolishly believe that somehow they themselves are going to one day be hyper-wealthy like them. The use of words as weapons is astounding now. Anytime someone perceives something as a threat they they brand it as "Socialist", or as being apart of "Class Warfare", or "Wealth Redistribution", etc. History truly does repeat itself and this has become the new McCarthyism for our times.

    But still conservative voters keep foolishly saying that we can't allow higher taxes on the rich individuals and corporations, because they're under this delusion that they're one day going to be just as rich themselves and don't want someone else to take away their money. Honestly you don't have anything to worry about, because that is never going to happen for you. Just be happy to be Middle-Class, and at least fight with other people to keep that economic position, because it's quickly going away.

    The two biggest things that allot of conservatives should consider is that conservative politicians and interests are simply not on your side. From Cheerleading Talk Radio hosts, to Sarah Palin, they're all just there to make money off of you in the form of selling advertising to their book deals. And conservative politicians who are in power certainly aren't working on your behalf either since you truly have nothing at all to offer them. Why?

    ONE: The fact that while you can achieve some level of prosperity, you're never going to be wealthy. It has nothing to do with liberal policies or the economy, and everything to do with the fact that you simply are NOT apart of the inner-circle of these people whom you support. Face it, you're not even apart of the outer circle of domestic help at these people's houses. You status as an individual is that low.

    TWO: While yes you can achieve some degree of prosperity, the more you support these people who are actually against you, the harder you are making it on yourself to get ahead, let alone break-even. It is conservative corporations that sent your job overseas, deflated the value of our currency, and refused to plan for the future.

  10. The BIGOK said that he talked to three employers, and they told him that prospective employees showed up to interviews Drunk and improperly dressed for the interview. Well, I call B.S. on this whole post.
    Either he was lied to or he lied. Which is it?
    For one he is off subject, and for two $10 and hour will not buy you a car and a house in the suburbs!
    $10 and hour will not make you middle-class. Americans have every right to demonstrate and be angry at the greedy power-brokers.

    These movements are not going away, and are bigger than the Corporate funded Tea Partiers.

    It isn't about $10 an hour jobs, it is about a sustainable income.
    The Bankers and politicians are out of touch with reality.
    Paul Ryan and John Boehner will be in the minority by 2015.

  11. "Romney says God supports American dominance in world affairs..."

    In a CHARLESTON, S.C. speech, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is calling for an "American century" led by a stronger military and a willingness to go it alone in world affairs when necessary.


    American doesn't need another Religious psychopath that takes orders from God. Put this guy in the White House and Trillions more will go down the drain in useless Wars, not to mention the Government itself.

  12. Some famous person once said that it is better to live proudly standing on your own two feet rather than dying on your knees.

    I hope Occupy Las Vegas movement gains steam. It's about time there's a wake up call for democracy in Nevada.

    There is a serious injustice going on right now. And these brave people marching up and down Las Vegas Boulevard didn't cause it. But they damn sure are going to end it and help contribute to fix this thing called America.

    This situation where the rich get richer, richest, filthy rich, filthy richer, filthy richest is not the problem. The problem is some kind of warped status quo where they reap the benefits for their wealth while shoving all the sacrifice upon the middle class, the people who have the least say in our government. And to achieve that end, they hide behind politicians who are bought off to represent their interests. Our voices will be heard. Our votes will happen. They can't be bought off. I am glad to see people are waking up to the fact that votes are important, that our 99 percent outnumbers those 1 percenters who just look at us like victims waiting to happen. Call it class warfare or whatever you want, but I call it about time some kind of justice is happening.

    Occupy Las Vegas needs to continue. I support it wholeheartedly. Those who want it to fail only have a vested interest in keeping things the warped way they are now.

    It is definitely wake up call time. Time to shake things up. Voices are out there now. Freedom ain't guaranteed to be free. Takes a little work. Keep up the valiant fight....

  13. "But marchers in Las Vegas each brought their own issues and concerns, ranging from ending the wars, feeding the poor, nuclear disarmament and fixing the economy."


    I am not saying these people do not have valid points. However, "Demonstrating 101" tells us you need CORE DEMANDS that you are angry about and demanding change on.

    You can't have mobs walking around saying they are against anything that pops into their head. Nuclear disarmament? Feeding the poor? Mixed with bank bailouts and corporate greed?

    The media and American public don't do wishy washy. If this looks like a disorganized mess the press will tire of covering it, people who may agree with some demands may not be able to focus because 100 different ones are being shouted out and the protests will fade as coverage does with nothing accomplished.

    Pick 2-3 TOP complaints, organize under them and march. What a mess!

  14. Corporate greed is one of the largest factors in the deterioration of western societies. The sole goal of maximizing profit is as relentless and heartless as The Borg on the old Star Trek TV series. Moving countless jobs offshore to ensure bigger quarterly profits has almost ruined America and Canada.
    I expect that the growing discontent by the masses, who now realize they've been cheated, will lead to full-fledged riots and confiscation of the assets of the wealthy. Just like in middle east countries recently, change will either occur because the armed forces will side with the people, or it won't occur because the military will remain loyal to the government.

  15. DMCVegas - That was one of the best posts I have ever read on this website. Well said!!

  16. It is great watching the People stand up to the greedy wealthy of the Republicant money stream. The GOP has been pretty stealthy in their attack on mainstream Americans, they have got Judges, Governors, Supreme court Justices Federal and State and the majority of State and local officials to work to their advantage no matter what they do. The GOP political brainwashing has been overwhelming in the past twenty to thirty years and they got away with it.

    We are suffering this financial crisis due to the ineptness of the past President (Bush) and now the GOP (wealthy) does not want to step up and pay for their mistakes. The GOP threw two wars and enacted Medicaid and tax breaks while not paying for a single item.

    Now they want us to believe that school teachers, firemen, policemen, postal workers are the cause of all the problems. The GOP does not think that all of the tax breaks and tax loopholes they have created through their piggy backing bills through Congress behind people back has anything to do with it. The GOP want us to believe Social Security is the cause of all the problems, the truth behind that is now the money they have plundered from Social Security (2.65 Trillion dollars) is becoming due and they do not think that the rich, who benefited from all of the tax breaks and loopholes should have to lose their tax loopholes.

    The next time Congress falls short on their spending why don't they take the money out of the Congressional retirement funds. If that would happen you would see a drastic cut in the way these Congressman spend money.

  17. Even being simply a millionaire on paper nowadays doesn't mean much. THERE ARE DIFFERENT CLASSES OF MILLIONAIRES. The wealthy multi millionaires and billionaires with lots of capital, who sit on multiple corporate boards, have countless lobbyists and lawyers, net worth and diverse businesses, are the ones who buy political favors.

    I am at the way bottom of that food chain. I am well off financially, but I realized years ago I will never be a Wall Street money manager or banker, a Steve Wynn or let alone a CEO of anything. I pay the higher taxes and I am fine with that. I relate more to the middle class. I don't own a home in an exclusive gated community in Spanish Trails, The Lakes, Southern Highlands, Summerlin or Seven Hills.

    I totally sympathize with these protesters as well as the Occupy Wall Street protesters. The only "Millionaires" who can relate to the middle class are entertainers, small business owners, small time investors and some professional athletes. They realize their earning power is limited compared to the people they will always have to work for. Especially NFL players. They have an appreciation for what they do and for their fans. I have been around the multi millionaires and billionaires who run companies and have enormous political clout. Bottom line: They are the 1-5 percent and they are not like middle or upper middle class people at all.

  18. A great story from a man who is a millionaire but certainly not one of the 1%!

  19. "...golden parachutes created golden showers for the down trodden masses."

    dipstick -- very well said!

    "What would our nations founding fathers do upon finding themselves amidst present circumstance?"

    dsteele13 -- it happened early, and Thomas Jefferson was one of those who commented on it extensively. You can find his complete works @

    "American doesn't need another Religious psychopath that takes orders from God."

    SunJon -- amen to that! It's been known for centuries how useful religion, and its faithful sidekick morality, is to control the masses. Seneca and Machiavelli are just two of many who wrote about it.

    "Pick 2-3 TOP complaints, organize under them and march. What a mess!"

    plattworx -- welcome to the First Amendment in action

    "At home things are not well. The flood of paper money, as you well know, had produced an exaggeration of nominal prices, and at the same time a facility of obtaining money, which not only encouraged speculations on fictitious capital, but seduced those of real capital, even in private life, to contract debts too freely. Had things continued in the same course, these might have been managable: but the operations of the United States Bank for the demolition of the States banks obliged these suddenly to call in more than half their paper, crushed all fictitious and doubtful capital, and reduced the prices of property and produce suddenly to one-third of what they had been. . . Should it be stationary at this for a while, a very general revolution of property must take place." -- Thomas Jefferson, letter to Albert Gallatin, 1820, from "The Works of Thomas Jefferson" Vol. 12

  20. Oregon's Peter DeFazio on Occupy Wall Street and the future of this country...

    VERY astute, for a politician.

  21. I find it hilarious that the unions are supporting this given that without Wall Street their retirement funds would be empty. (Of course, depending upon the union management, they might be anyway.)

  22. RefNV,

    I went to the link you posted. I would call the demands posted an attempt at disinformation, but the website owner only put up a disclaimer instead of taking the post down.

    There is no way any sane person would accept all of them being implemented.

  23. "Don't blame Wall Street, don't blame the big banks, if you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourself!" Cain said. "It is not a person's fault because they succeeded, it is a person's fault if they failed. And so this is why I don't understand these demonstrations and what is it that they're looking for."

    I love Herman Cain.

    Don't forget Tea Party folks don't believe in too big to fail and were against the bailouts also.

  24. What some people call greed I call able and competent.

  25. Enjoyed your post, DTJ. GAH BOO YAH! You nailed it.

    But I'm happy to see that with this Occupy Wall Street movement, and the offshoots in other cities in the United States, clearly outline that people are waking up. And they are taking it to the streets. They've had enough and are reaching the boiling point. And I don't blame them. When politicians don't pay attention to them, something needs to be done to give them a wake up call.

    One trend coming out in the past few days is really, really remarkable about the opposition to Occupy Wall Street. And that is the fact that the entirety of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Rep. Cantor, Mitt Romney, and Herman Cain (just to name a few) have all went down on record complaining about it and calling them a "mob" (amongst other lame excuses they want people to believe).

    I'm pretty sure people see that they are all elected officials from the Republican Party and pundits from neo-conservative Republican Party right wing television/radio that are pounding out this bull puckey.

    Make no mistake about it. They hate this Occupy Wall Street movement because they feel it is taking away all of their perceived wins in opposing President Obama and his entire administration. They seem to feel it is taking away from their eternal political party goal mindset they really want to stick with.

    I am very sure this stance will backfire on them. Because all indications show this Occupy movement is catching on and getting bigger. Doubt me all you want, but the trend is there. It is spreading. People are sick and tired of being lied to. And definitely disgusted with the fact the people who wrecked this country had nothing happen to them and, even worse, there is nothing to prevent those same people from doing it again. In short, the people want a voice in Government. As of right now, they really feel they are not being paid attention to.

  26. The following is from Occupy Las Vegas' Mission Statement. It seems to us to be a pretty coherent list of demands. It kind of boils down to this: WE WANT DEMOCRACY, NOT PLUTOCRACY!

    WHAT do we want?

    We want an end to corporate money's influence in politics, whether through campaign donations, PACs, or other groups. Money is not speech.

    We want truly effective campaign finance reform, so that corporations and other interests have no overwhelming advantage over the rest of us in any part of American politics.

    We want far greater legal accountability for public officials and corporate executives, and we demand that, if found guilty of committing crimes while in office, they are made to pay for those crimes in full, like anyone else.

    We want our justice system to treat everyone equally regardless of origins or social class, at all levels and at every stage, from investigations to trials and sentencing.

    We want an end to the continual attacks on our social safety net and on the rights of workers to organize themselves and, if need be, to strike to get better pay, benefits, and working conditions.

    We want secure and sustainable investments and improvements in our social infrastructure, like schools and libraries, and to create an America where everyone may actually live in a decent and dignified manner, an America where everyone's rights count and are respected by all.

    This is who we are and what we want. We ask for no more and shall take no less.

    We are the 99% and we will not be silenced.

  27. Gina,

    Are you guys against union campaign donations?

    Also, corporations are limited on campaign donations. Most people don't seem to pay attention to what the Citizens United decision actually said -- Obama included.

    (oh and you're only about 32%)

  28. Gina I would recomend that you ignore Patrick gibbons post as to he is to much a coward to disclose he is a paid propagandized from a Corporate funded right wing think tank.

  29. These are the same people that marched in the tea party ...same problems ....just different answers and different corporate sponsors .

  30. They are protesting against the wrong entity. I own a small business and I have had to lay off workers. Why? Because the government taxes and regulations increase my costs so much, I can't make a profit that allows me to hire more workers. Government is the PROBLEM on the SOLUTION!

  31. They have no idea what they're marching for; somebody asked them to come beat to same drumbeat just as their leader does; mindless trolls wanting something for nothing. The unions and liberal agenda are heating up knowing Obama and clan are done.

    All I can say is this next election is going to be interesting, at that, the anger that will come out, voter intimidations, shootings, and all other forms of sick repugnant liberal behavior will flourish. The liberal agenda is all about big government where your liberal leaders force us into taking care of the human cesspool liberal gene pool.

    Liberals you make most of America sick because you actually believe the garbage the spews from your leader's lips and your own lips. Here a news flash for you liberals, what they're really saying to their mindless trolls is that most of you are all too lazy and defiantly too stupid to know better therefore we'll force the taxpayers to take care of you and your gene pool.

    All liberals need to do is wake up and think for yourself, think, government isn't the solution, government is the problem. Think, I control my destiny and I am responsible for my life. Think, I don't need handouts; I need to do more for me and my family and stop relying on others. Think, I need to quit whining and complaining about what others have and start making it on my own. Think nobody else but me is responsible for my shortcomings in life, I created it, I own it, I am to blame, nobody else. Finally, think, the liberal agenda isn't healthy for me or my family, they want to people to become codependent upon their handouts and not become successful self respecting people who can think on their own.

  32. What is the greed on Wall Street? I see none, only risk takers who get burned and make millions day to day. How about protesting the millions a baseball player makes, or the millions they pay a movie star? Where is the anger for these super stars and why they don't pay up? Oh, they are democrat, sorry. Off the hook..Sean Penn need not send his extra check in. But we are coming after you Mr. Wall Street! If it was not for Wall Street and the open capital markets many of these people would not have a job! They have no clue.

  33. News flash "SACRAMENTO (Reuters) - California Governor Jerry Brown on Saturday signed a bill giving illegal immigrant college students access to state-funded financial aid, the second half of two-part legislation known as the "Dream Act."

    Now pack your bags and move to California where you're wanted.

  34. "There are more potential "Vallejo, Ca" bankruptcy situations"

    Vallejo is the new epidemic of what liberals can accomplish is a short period of time, Vallejo use to be thriving conservative community when Mare Island was flourishing and there were no laws to diversify the local economics. Vallejo succumbed to new American dream, why work when the diversity can provides enabling behavior such as robbery, rape, stealing, gang bang, drugs, and all other forms of what liberals find to be acceptable and normal in their eyes where normal people find their choices sick and repugnant.

    Sit back and watch, what used to be considered nice communities are being overtaken by the liberal gene pool. Section 8 housing and diversity is on the rise where HUD is moving them in by bus loads daily into what use to nice average communities. You'll recognize it, by day, nobody is out and about, and they're till asleep, just before sunset they are waking up stating to mingle in the streets, getting their beer, selling their dugs, and wearing their goofy clothing. Crime will slowly rise, graffiti will slowly surface, and you'll see $100.00 cars with $20,000.00 worth of stolen wheels and stereo equipment and other tale tale gestures that says to people, something's up, best not move into this community. They infest slowly where eventually, it's all about more free crap not being given to them.

  35. The MAJORITY OF PROTESTERS that marched on the Las Vegas Strip within the OCCUPY Las Vegas march, were there to voice their pain, and or opinions. Each person there has a voice, was respected as having an individual voice, and viewed as a Leader in their own right!

    Now, to address leadership of the Las Vegas OCCUPY, they have in all fairness, openly had "GENERAL MEETINGS" to have a collective and open vote as to the direction and logistics of the event. POLITICS and/or POLITICAL labeling/leader appointments, have not been a part of this movement, nor will it. OCCUPY is about the PAIN People are feeling, and using a open, public protest/march as a vehicle to express it, collectively as individuals with rights.

    Some commenting on the Las Vegas Sun posts here, are attempting to assign political labels and make this a certain type of protest. Fact is, there are many points of views from protesters of varying political affiliations or points of views. One thing is certain of them all, they wish to be heard, whatever their message!

    It is easy to judge.

    Citizens are feeling pain. It matters not if at this time, you observe more UNemployed, students, certain groups. Those who can come, at the moment, come. Those who are unable: tied up at work, have other obligations with their children/family, will eventually find a way to express themselves. They exist! Many attended in spirit due to challenges that impeded their ability to be physically present at the OCCUPY Las Vegas March on the Las Vegas Strip.

    There are plenty of good People in this country and around the Globe, who are suffering due to politics and corruption. They are the 99%. In a civilized society, we should be having compassion and empathy towards those who suffer, and be working towards a plan to address it.

    For those who feel it is their duty to judge and spew all manner of hatred, just be aware that suffering can happen to YOU as well. It can happen to any of us, anytime. Nothing good comes out of hatred.

    And for those of you who wish to start singling me out, please permit me to confess that I am human, and also am NOT perfect. I do respect any person, regardless of their beliefs, their right to speak out and their right to dissent. NO hate there, just fact.

    Blessings & Peace,

  36. Vice President Joe Biden recently compared Occupy Wall Street with the Tea Party. I can understand the comparison, but there are important differences. Tea Bags are GOP butt kissers that take their marching orders (errr, I should say lawn chair sitting orders) from absurdly overpaid right wing shills, who in turn get their orders from the 1% who have thrived under a pathological system that has greatly rewarded their interests while gutting the middle class. Tea Bags like to blame all problems on "taxes", even though the vast majority of Tea Bags are ignorant mediocre wage earners who are so blinded by whatever their pathetic single issue might be (opposing a woman's right to choose, hatred of immigrants/other ethnic groups, etc.) that they eagerly lobby against their own self-interest to prove their obedience to the shills that exploit them.

    Occupy Wall Streeters, on the other hand, understand that the decline of the American middle class and the overall sense of hopelessness and desperation about the future gripping this country has nothing to do with "taxes" or "immigrants" or whatever. Instead, OWSers understand that record low taxes have in fact had no beneficial impact whatsoever on creating an overall sense of greater prosperity. They also understand that the collapse of financial markets near the end of The Bush Disaster was created not by government, but instead by greed worshippers on Wall Street who profited enormously from the defective and unregulated financial instruments they hawked around the world, who then just sort of slithered back into the shadows as the fallout ruined the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans.

    So yes Joe, I can understand the comparison, but pay better attention to the details.

  37. Its2hot -- rather than blather away about "the liberal gene pool" in Vallejo, you might want to consider the municipal bankruptcy situation in the Con bastion of Jefferson County, Alabama:

    Note what happens when Wall Street gets its slimy paws into "creative financing" for a municipality.