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April 27, 2015

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Occupy Las Vegas group seeks county locale for protest site


Sam Morris

Hundreds of marchers take part in Occupy Las Vegas on the Fremont Street Experience on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011.

Occupy Las Vegas - Fremont Street

A participant taking part in Occupy Las Vegas carries a sign on the Fremont Street Experience on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011. Launch slideshow »

Occupy Las Vegas hits Fremont Street

KSNV coverage of Occupy Las Vegas rally on Fremont Street, Oct. 15, 2011.

Beyond the Sun

The speed with which Occupy Las Vegas has organized and the anxiety it is creating as it seeks places to occupy and protest from now until the end of the 2012 general election came through clearly Tuesday.

At the end of a seven-hour Clark County Commission meeting, four members of the group spoke during the public-comment period.

The grass-roots group is an extension of Occupy Wall Street, born in New York a month ago over disgust with corporate influence in government, exemplified by billions in taxpayer dollars to bail out banks while the remaining “99 percent” of America continues to suffer economically.

Addressing commissioners, the four said they want to work with the county to figure out which public park can be used for them to gather. They tried to lease space, said Kristal Glass, but were denied. Glass said they were advised by government officials “to seek a sympathetic land tycoon, even though some of these landowners are part of the cause of our current economic situation.”

“It is another way of saying our government no longer works for the people but works solely for the wealthy,” Glass said.

Now they want to work with the county. But if it doesn’t work, Glass said the group is prepared to occupy a park without being sanctioned by the government. The resulting nightly arrests by police “will be mass-televised to the state and the nation,” she added. “Please be wary of excuses like the cost of replacing grass. This will be a drop in the bucket when considering the overall cost of bad publicity or police action.”

Commissioners Chris Giunchigliani and Steve Sisolak had talked earlier in the week to Occupy Las Vegas and asked that county staff work with them on finding space for protests and gathering. Giunchigliani said ordinances prohibit overnight stays in parks but she is asking staff to make an exception.

“We want to do it right,” she added.

Another of the four speakers, Johnathan Abbinett, said the Las Vegas group consists of 350 core members along with another 4,000 people.

The group told commissioners it wants to promote:

• Effective campaign finance reform “so corporations have no advantage over us.”

• A justice system that treats everyone equally.

• An end to the continued attack on social safety nets and unions.

• Investments in sustainable entities such as schools and libraries.

Abbinett implored Sisolak to work fast in finding a location for the group to assemble, and then whispered — loud enough for others to hear — that fringe right-wing groups such as the American Nazi Party, the Ku Klux Klan and skinheads were wanting to participate in Occupy Las Vegas but were being rebuffed by organizers.

“I’m trying to keep the peace, I’m trying to keep this from blowing up,” Abbinett said. “Remember Watts of ’68, Steve? You remember Watts.”

Sisolak: “This has got to be peaceful.”

Abbinett: “I’m telling you, absolutely! Metro Police has been fantastic. This Thursday, the general assembly will make a final decision” on whether and where to assemble.

Sisolak: “I’m telling you it’s not going to get a lot accomplished if this gets ugly in two days.”

Abbinett: “If they decide the Clark County amphitheater was paid for by taxpayers dollars and they are the ‘99 percent,’ and they don’t have time for B.S. bureaucracy, and they show up in the thousands, all I can say is guess what: the citizenry decided.”

Sisolak: “As long as it stays peaceful, if it gets ugly on Thursday, that’s going to be a bad thing … Are these all local people?”

Abbinett: “Yes! My god, they’re Americans. They’re Nevadans.”

Sisolak: “I just don’t want it to get out of hand.”

Abbinett: “Hopefully they’ll be in a good mood.

Sisolak: “It’s an enormous amount of logistics to work out — safety, health concerns, port-a-potties.”

Abbinett: “We are trying to do it the right way. But these are people, some haven’t even registered to vote, who have no idea who their city councilman is. They’re just citizens. And they’re fed up.”

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  1. They want "An end to the continued attack on social safety nets and unions."

    We all live in a country that guarantees freedom of speech. So they want to abolish everyone's first amendment rights? This group is disorganized and disillusioned. Only 359 people out of 1.9 million. No exactly as mainstream as I thought. We all sensed the SEIU was heavily influencing this group and now we know for sure.

  2. Jeff,

    I guess you were not around when a bunch guys met in Philadelphia way back in the day.

    If you think the folks that are with a "Occupy Las Vegas " are "disorganized and disillusioned" you are very wrong. The SEIU is NOT influencing the organization. I have been to several of the meetings in person at UNLV in the evenings as well as watching them on the internet via Live Stream. I was also a union member with the state that is why in my observations is correct.

    So before you start going after a organization like "Occupy Las Vegas" get to know what this organization is all about and what the goals are.I do not speak for the organization because I am one person of many. This city,this county,this state,this nation needs solutions because what has happend. It is a great tragedy that this nation can not take care of it's own people. You must ask, why does a very small minority of people control with access by way of money to get there way? Do we want to end up lie the country south of our boarder?

  3. Those who stood for the new America during the Revolutionary War were considered "fringe lunatics" as well. They were bucking the big government system of England's Monarchy.. Perhaps it takes those disenfranchised from the mainstream (i.e. those in power who control 99% of the assets)to make change. Our country is not caring for its citizens. To ignore the global protest and call thousands of people lunatics is as unrealistic as Marie Antoinette's "Let them eat cake"

    Finger pointing at Unions, one political party, the government as a whole is futile. As long as those who ignore the problems express anger at the victims who suffer from unemployment, lack of health care, basic necessities such as food and shelter, you do at your own peril.
    Pay attention to what is happening in the world. This is not going to go away without solutions.

  4. I am in NYC and attended the OWS location yesterday at Zicotti Park next to ground zero. Before I continue, check the major news web sites this am, not a word on OWS. The reason, is that OWS is set up like a trade show, where each iindividual is sitting on the ground screaming out his grievance to anyone who wants to listen...and believe me it has brought out the looney tunes of NYC. This event was being hijacked by the unions and whomever else wanted to pitch their name on it to match Tea Party political envy, but what I saw yesterday the media is now seeing and they will want no part of this mess in the future...sounds good but the reality is that this is a real fringe, not the other 99 percent..

  5. Time to layoff all SEIU and get them out of our lives. If the MOB was still here this would end, but the MOB is now SEIU and other corrupt groups. Start taxing the unions at 50% for all money that leaves the state.

  6. One other note, this is a media induced event, meaning that without the media driving this event it will die. The issues most speak to are real and we all know them, such as wars, air pollution, drilling for oil in america, feeding the poor, housing, banks, taxes, peoples personal situations, etc. But, no one can walk into that park and hang their political reputations on this event. I am sure you have all walked down the street and have seen someone sitting on the ground screaming, sort of like talking to themselves...there are 30 people doing this in Zicotti Park...and the media is buying into each screaming issue and making it a movement...

    I am confused as to what the media is trying to accomplish and the real question that I came away with was, what is the media trying to manipulate? Where will the media take this, or am I right as this event is not in focus in most major news headlines today and they will now begin to back away and highlight just the troubles that come from this?

  7. Answer this: What the hate for the SEIU? If it wasn't for the SEIU, I'd be making $5 an hour; with the SEIU I make a living wage AND get health insurance so I no longer have to be at the mercy of the tax payers of the State of Illinois.

    Also, many that belong to the SEIU are home health care workers - you know the ones that you rely on, or will rely on, to help with taking care of your parents and grandparents so you can go live your life without the responsibilitiess (or the nuisance) of making sure those elderly folks get taken to the doctor when necessary, eat every day and have clean clothes to wear and a clean house to live in instead of a sure death sentence by going to live in a nursing home. And someday you yourselves will need this help. The SEIU is not all bad.

  8. My last thought, no doubt corporate money influence in Washington needs to snd or be minimized and true tax reform needs to take place to make all pay fair amounts....but what I find most interesting is the new social media ability to create public interest and change, whether in the middle east, OWS or other...lots of change and influence happening here as people learn to use this new tool.

  9. It's hypocritical to exercise freedom of speech for what you believe in but you want "An end to the continued attack on social safety nets and unions" for everyone else.

    The Occupy Las Vegas group brought to you by the SEUI needs to rethink its message or stated ideas it wants to promote.

  10. US constitution---- Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.

  11. Try occupying the corner of Beesley & Charleston or Beesley & Stewart. the Stewart side is right next to a junior high and has a tremendous amount of drive by traffic during the week. The Charleston side is right at the intersection of Tree Line Drive and has great traffic visibility from all the hoi poloi going to work.

  12. Hello???
    Did you miss the photos of the thousands protesting around the world last weekend? Did you notice they were all inspired by Occupy Wall Street? Did you not see the 700 airline pilots "Occupy Wall Street" picture in the NY Times? What rock are you people crawling out of? The mainstream news isn't driving this-in fact-check out the mainstream news-they are minimizing the Occupy Wall Street news.
    The "lunatic fringe" of Occupy Wall Street may drive this movement but it will not be the lunatic fringe who will continue it. We have millions unemployed.
    What is this paranoia with the unions? Shame on this spoiled generation who did not live during the times labor lived on starving wages and had no health care. Shame on you for allowing it to happen all over again in our country.
    Ignorance! Read your history! Unions are still relevant This generation is already suffering from big business "part time" employment, no benefits, high insurance premiums, no retirement.
    When will you learn? Perhaps if school districts put a little more time in Social Studies, history and geography, we would not have so many "globally deficient adults."
    Many of these comments demonstrate how really "dumbed" down" education has become!
    Go the library-get real books. Quit getting your news from Fox! Become informed!

  13. hey sisolak...
    this movement is unstoppable...
    it is growing...
    the las vegas group has been peaceful...
    they have done everything by the books...
    they are trying to do this by the books...
    how frickin hard is it to get some port-a-potties...
    wake up commissioners...
    if you drop the ball on this...
    we will not forget...

  14. In no way shape or form do I intend to compare the Tea Party protests of a few years back with the OWS movement which is only one month old, but it sure seems like there is a difference on how each one is treated.

    It sure seems like people who could get things done bent over backwards to allow them access when their stupid painted school bus came to Las Vegas. And even when it showed up down in Searchlight with their traveling clown show. Hell, I think they even put up port-o-lets and constructed tents to accomodate the Sara Palin stupidity.

    But now, here we have a movement that can't get a place to conduct their protest?

    Shows some serious unfair treatment. But it can be understood. Because the one percenters don't want to do anything that's against their best interests here in Las Vegas.

    I back the 99 percenters. It will prevail. OWS Las Vegas just needs to go somewhere, take it over. Because this trying to do it the right way won't work. Freedom happens, but you gotta work at it.

    But there is another way. Just ask for a permit and say you are the Tea Party of Las Vegas or make up something that implies you are right wingnuts. That should clear the path real quick. Then set up shop, and, when it comes out they were fooled, the powers that be can scream and shout all they want, but it's too late. You got it occupied and they are going to have to pry you out.

    Use their own convictions against them.

    Actually, I know the perfect place. Use the old lot across from the Wynn where the Frontier used to be. That would drive Steve Wynn absolutely bonkers batcrap crazy. Because he goes for that scenic beauty thing, not only at the Wynn and Encore, but around the neighborhood surrounding his properties. He would look at it like a blackened eye and set him off in fits of anger much like his appearances on Fox News.

    Anyways, enjoyed the comments above. And yes, I agree with a lot of the people. Don't let this unions and OWS Las Vegas false rhetoric be used as a wedge. The people commenting want OWS Las Vegas to fail and they are looking for any kind of propaganda tool to use to divide and conquer. Don't let those knuckleheads get their way. Because they definitely are not on your side.

  15. Please note that "novaseline" could be a paid shill and lying about where it is from along with Jeff and others. There is no way to know unless they come clean.

  16. You ANTI-OWS folks CRACK ME UP!

    Guess what...
    there are TENS OF MILLIONS of freshly screwed Americans that have been ridden hard by the economic crisis and put away wet...
    Folks like Clyde are downright GLEEFUL...Clyde & the Republican Party want U.S. wage earners to get on the McWalMart Plan, with part-time, low-wage, no benefit jobs, and count on the benevolence of churches & charities to help with their health care, instead of having an actual Health Care POLICY that is affordable & comprehensive...
    "What do they waaant?" "What do they waaaaant?"
    Oh, nothing too major: Just what was yanked out from under them; Jobs. Health care. Retirement before 80. Living wages. A home. Economic security.
    An honest days PAY for an honest day's WORK.
    Corp America, Bankers & Wall St. traders worked hard to screw you out of yours... don't expect to get it back without a fight. Ergo; OWS. Capiche?

  17. For those who focus on the image of a small group of protesters pictured is all there is to OCCUPY WALL STREET, you are most sadly mistaken. You purposely avoid acknowledging that most of the people who support OCCUPY are the middle Americans who are not physically there protesting, but at work, taking care of family commitments, or unable go due to health reasons. These protesters represent their interests. Sympathizers of OCCUPY come from ALL WALKS of life!

    The fact that the OCCUPY movement has gone GLOBAL in over 900 cities around the planet and STILL GROWING, speaks volumes of the pain the people of the entire planet.

    The OCCUPY Las Vegas group has worked hard to be peaceful & respectful, play by the book, communicate with the appropriate government agencies and officials. What they are asking for is reasonable, considering they are Americans, a part of the public. They wish to preserve the image of Las Vegas, not cause economic harm to the businesses and industries here. So far, so good.

    But without the cooperation of the County and others, this image can change. It is something to be avoided. I lived during the Watts Riots, during the Civil Rights Movement, living in that area growing up. It took decades for the area to recover, and still the negative images of Watts, burns in our minds and history books and people shutter at the thought.

    It will not the base/core group who would initiate any violence or extremes as Watts Riots, but those individuals who currently are a part of the 99% that are on the sidelines, unable to feel any empowerment, who will suffer the last straw and lash out. Those who are the MOST OPPRESSED by greed and corruption will be the ones who become so enraged will engage in such behaviors. And Clark county is full of them (just consider the large number on welfare getting assistance cuts!).

    People on the planet are rising up in awareness, suffering, and uniting to empower their voice. As long as oppression continues, they will seek to be heard, with their hopes for change.

  18. Chunky says:

    The "People" have their own media now; social media which is instantaneous and in the palm of your hand. OWS / LV neither needs or cares if mainstream media covers them.

    Allow them a place to gather peacefully.

    A country wide revolution might not hurt either. The United States economic and political systems are a mess. We have crooked politicians, crooked corporate leadership and even crooked citizens who bilk the government and their private employers through a crooked legal system.

    We need more overhauled than just Wall Street!

    That's what Chunky thinks!

  19. "An end to the continued attack on social safety nets and unions."

    This is 25% of what the so-called 99% want?

    Las Vegas is refreshingly free of social safety nets. That's part of why I love it. At one time, unions may have served a purpose; today they are just as much the problem as every other monolith in the game.

  20. Its time to end the Occupation of Wall Street of our Government. When it takes over a Billion Dollars to become President, Tens of Millions to become a Senator, etc... Most of the money will come from the Only place that has it. Wall Street!
    This is how they get the laws passed to take advantage of the 99%. And if profit means crashing the world economy - then let the games begin. They are there to make a Profit at any expense and have no moral or ethical obligations and will pay whatever is needed to assure they can write the laws to legalize their operations.
    The major focus of OWS is to end this system. Corporations, Politicians and the News Media fear this group and continuously focus on the fringe of this movement as opposed to its core goal.
    Let anything unusual be said by anyone in this group, anywhere in the world, and it gives the power elite a chance to do the Dog and Pony show.
    As we know Capitalism works best with a Communist Political System (China) and present day Wall Street is working hard to move us into that direction. Where Workers Rights, Clean Air and Water, Safe Food and Working environments are not required. No Social Safety Nets and the list goes on and on.
    I for one support Democracy and OWS's core mission of Non-Violence, Democracy, and Truth to Power. And No, I will not be Marching with them, however I would not vote for any politician attacking them.

  21. Calling all lefties: most of the positive things you say about the Wall Streeters also applies to the TEA Party folks. Both want bail-outs to end, an end to propping up big business at our expense, honesty & integrity in business and government dealings. So, why do you disparage the TEA Party movement? Could it be ideological in nature? Nah, you guys are all for "diversity," "free" speech and "peaceful" demonstrations, are you not? But, of course, to you, "diversity," "free" speech and "peaceful" dissent means agreeing with your greedy agenda of taking from others to pay for the things you want and riding in the wagon rather than pulling it. As for you Det_Munch, perhaps you're only worth 5 bucks an hour. Afraid to put your value on the line without some good squad running interference for you? Unionism is simply a different name for Communism. Bad employees get paid the same as good employees. There's that "riding in the wagon" agenda again!

  22. Star states "It will not the base/core group who would initiate any violence or extremes as Watts Riots, but those individuals who currently are a part of the 99% that are on the sidelines, unable to feel any empowerment, who will suffer the last straw and lash out".

    Star, are you stating that rioting/violence is your suggested strategy for the fringe members of the movement, a current strategy of the movement or your prediction?

  23. Let them protest all they want. They have valid points just as do the Tea Party folks. We have freedom of speech in America. I can tell you this I don't see a lot of American flags proudly displayed at these events. The vivid spectacle of society's taker class on display must be there for every good taxpaying voter to see. This is the hope and change you voted for. Bask in the spectacle of people who have so little self-dignity they'd sleep in their own fecal matter rather than clean it up.

  24. Wow... What a bunch if BS,,, OWS are thugs.. Pure and simple. Law breaking thugs.. Now the idiots in Vegas threaten the county "Give us a place (at taxpayer expense) or you will get bad PR" Really??

    Lets not forget the whole "we want to be treated fair and equal" so they want fair treatment than two lines later complain that they may be arrested if they break a law... Hey scooby... Thats what you wanted.. to be treated fair. You break a law, you get arrested. Can't be any more fair than that.

    You can tell these "leaders' were educated in clark county... They haven't a clue as to what they are doing except not working because of the people they support caused the mess they are protesting about.

  25. Abbinett: "We are trying to do it the right way. But these are people, some haven't even registered to vote, who have no idea who their city councilman is. They're just citizens. And they're fed up."

    If you can't be bothered to vote then you get what others think you deserve. Making veiled threats won't help your cause, either.

    I think these people are very misguided. I see a lot of demands, but no where am I seeing proposed solutions to the underlying root problem, or even a mention of the root problem. More than any other group this one seems to be the poster child for "Gimme! I deserve it and don't need to work for it!"

  26. My personal thought is why don't 100 of the smartest in the group sit in a room and come up with a factual PLAN to fix the problems that they face in this country.

    Seems to me a PLAN would benefit them much more then camping out in a park killing the grass would.

    It is easy in this world to point to the problems but it takes more effort and common sense to come up with a real plan to fix those problems.

  27. This is NOT a grass roots effort. You can see it in the picture. SEIU! The unions are behind it because they're losing members left and right and the only way the can regain members is to have the government force businesses to hire union. It's atrocious. Get out and get a real job. What happened to personal responsibility in this world? These union people are bloodsuckers.

  28. What - it is a grass routes effort and these comments are hilarious - you have a choice here - have a quiet peaceful revolution or the kind sponsored by the tea party who have shown up with guns. Yes, it is unfocused but the grievances are pretty clear - a smaller middle class, lower family incomes, more expensive health care with the insurance company death panels, a dysfunctional congress, wealthy people who may sometimes be accurately described by terms from the piggy family, and many more. Lots of self righteous comments here against unions who created a large middle class and their demise parallels the higher poverty rates. Hey get on board - come and make your country work!

  29. I was on the UNLV campus Monday. In the parking lot I noticed hundreds of Occupy Las Vegas flyers that were originally put on car windshields that ended up laying on the ground. It must be the UNLV students way of showing a "thumbs down" to the radical group.

  30. If the group has money to lease space, why don't they offer to offset the cost of services and clean up that the taxpayers (whom they claim to represent) will have to bear?

  31. Interesting poll results from a Democrat pollster on Occupy Wall Street.

    49% thought bailouts were necessary
    31% approve violence as a means to an end (yikes)

  32. Mr. Perl,

    It is highly debatable that the unions created the middle class considering the unions began as racist, bigoted institutions that fought hard to keep the working poor from being employed as skilled laborers.

  33. If they were really serious they would find the best and brightest in the group, devise a plan to correct our manufacturing job loss and trade deficit, and then find someone to run for Congress and get them on the ballot.

    The TEA Party has had a strong impact on Congress at the ballot box. Clearly our system of government does work. If the TEA Party can do it, why not the Occupy group? And if the American voter rejects the Occupy candidates, then that should send a message, too.

    The trick is to get the right people in office.

  34. <<When senior citizens (you know, the WWII vets who saved our country) marched as members of the Tea Party...>>

    Geez, Heretic - do your arithmetic!! Those "senior citizens" you bring up are too old to be marching especially for the Tea Party!! Average age: 90 No self-respecting 90 year old backs the Tea Party.

    There were two more wars after WWII. Perhaps it was THOSE seniors marching? You know, the "younger" ones that fought in Korea and VIetnam???

    Get your facts straight.

  35. For Jeff Garner: in response to, "Star, are you stating that rioting/violence is your suggested strategy for the fringe members of the movement, a current strategy of the movement or your prediction?"

    Jeff, I do NOT advocate in the least that rioting/violence are preferred strategies over a peaceful, nonviolent protest. Rioting is a horrible way to behave socially, and gets negative attention. I fear rioting, and the type of mentality behind it, which to me is irrational. Riots evolve into out of control mobs, raking destruction in their path. The Watts Riots were an example of it.

    In a public place, there is little control of who is involved protesting, you find the good, the bad, and the inbetween types. Folks take a risk protesting, in that the few "bads" in the mix might get "set off" and their behaviors evolve and escalate into inappropriate, out of control, irrational behaviors. So as for your question, Jeff, there is always a possibility of rioting, and I pray, with all the fabulous behind the scenes and proactive measures the OCCUPY Las Vegas has taken to involve so many agencies towards a peaceful and nonviolent protest and occupation, that cool minds will prevail, and any hint of violence has been intercepted and thwarted.This group of folks is dedicated to peaceful protest, but you never know about some individual ? who is NOT related to the OCCUPY will suddenly do something crazy. It can happen anywhere and anytime----that's life these days and the human condition. That is pretty scarry.

    The majority of people involved with OCCUPY are rational thinking, educated, hard working folks, who are fed up with corrupt Banks and politicians getting bail outs, while their world is getting smaller and smaller with less opportunity or care. Small businesses, the middle class, and those at the bottom trying to climb the ladder by the rules, and finding the game favors the BIG GUYS and not them, and that is what is disenfrachising them. Can you blame them?

    Remember, this is now a GLOBAL movement. People all around our planet have been affected by the economic loss caused by corrupt banking institutions and politicians.

  36. No to a permanent occupation in any place in the country. These people are parroting and are pawn in a game. Their leaders ( SEIU and others) are funding this slow motion coup. A permanent place will poison any place they go and they will not stay confined to one area.

    These are not think people, they are a mob acting like a mob and are irrational. Do you want a permanent place for a mob in YOUR neighborhood.

  37. People are pi$$ed off...

    Whether you agree with this bunch or not, (and for the life of me I cannot see why ANY 'average' American citizen would oppose it) this is how rebellion works.
    In a free society, it's not only allowed, in my mind it is incumbent upon citizens to rise up against tyranny...
    People get hosed, people get P.O.'d.
    People assemble, make signs and PROTEST.
    It has been this way forever here in the ol' USA.
    The very idea that some of you would oppose OWS and their right to do so (vociferously) tells me that some of you are afraid of what might come from such...
    Surely you aren't against the very basic American tenet of peaceful demonstration?
    Good God, that would be downright UNAMERICAN!

  38. WELL SAID gmag39! Might I add:

    "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
    Thomas Jefferson

  39. Comment removed by moderator. ALL CAPS

  40. I suggest the parking lot of St. Vincents.

  41. So, Ref, improve,

    "I'm only for their right to peaceably assemble IF I personally agree with the entirety of their message. If I am not personally 100% in agreement with the entirety of their message, they have NO RIGHT to protest."

    Is that about it?

    When I read comments about the OWS bunch, I am mindful that many of the same things were said about the TeaNuts... and I would assume much of what is being said today is in retaliation for some of those less than flattering comments. Unless & until we find some consensus amongst our populous, we are fighting each other for the crumbs being left for us by the REAL power structure in the United States;
    BANKS/CORPS/WALLST, Billionaires & Zillionaires.

    "Let me issue and control a Nation's money and I care not who makes its laws".
    Amsel (Amschel) Bauer Mayer Rothschild, 1838

  42. Yeah, Mike...
    ALL FOURTEEN MILLION AMERICANS that are unemployed, ALL the folks that lost their life-savings, ALL the folks that owe twice as much as their homes are worth, ALL of the people WORKING but making scraps now that they've been downsized, ALL of those who lost huge chunks (or all) of their retirement funds, ALL of America's hungry & homeless, EVERY SINGLE PROTESTER @ OWS are just as you describe... leeches on society, right?
    THIS is why you guys have NO SHOT at the White House in 2012...
    you are COMPLETELY out of touch with America's reality.
    Carry on, Soldier.

  43. I am one of the many who support and participate in Occupy Las Vegas. I do not work for a union, never have as a matter of fact. I have lost a home and Countrywide was horrible to work with. I've watched as friends and family have lost good jobs. Pretty much everything Occupy speaks up for is stuff I've had happen to me or saw hit too close to home.

    Occupy won't be for everyone. But hopefully we can bring about some level of change that will benefit even those who are not supporters of the effort.