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April 27, 2015

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Letter to the Editor:

Finger-pointing is a waste of time

Republicans, especially Tea Party adherents, never pass up the opportunity to invoke their “Democrats are turning America into a socialist state” mantra. It doesn’t matter if it’s about unemployment checks, food stamps or other federal assistance for the down and out. Just examine the achievements of Canada and Scandinavian countries to find successful “socialist”-like models. It works for them but may not work well for very large, diverse countries such as America.

Today, I see a greater chance of America becoming a feudal lord-and-serf system under a Tea Party-ruling class than I see America becoming a socialist state. Either extreme is not very appealing.

Let’s think about the state of socialism, “where everyone shares everything,” in America today. The vast majority of Americans at some point in their working life will become unemployed for an extended period.

So when your neighbor has no job and is receiving unemployment checks, food stamps or welfare assistance, he or she is participating in socialism. When you are receiving unemployment checks, food stamps or welfare assistance, then it’s your right to a benefit that you contributed toward. Is this socialism, really?

Just about everybody wants big government protection, but they really don’t want to pay for it themselves. Everyone’s time would be better spent working toward long-term solutions such as improving education and immigration standards to ameliorate the erosion of income and jobs, not who currently might be getting something for “free” that they aren’t.

The world is a highly competitive place. Wasting time pointing fingers at each other only helps the competition.

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  1. Richard Rychtarik,

    You (or someone) entiltled your comment "Finger-pointing is a waste of time," and yet, you proceeded to spend your energy doing just that.

    Please explain why.


  2. The sole difference between the Parties of Harry Truman and Herbert Hoover is the manner in which they propose to spend the money they steal from you. Neither has your best interests and the best interests of our country at heart. The only answer is to remove them all from office by any means necesary and begin anew.

  3. Mr. Glover,

    You are absolutely correct and our only hope is that many of our fellow citizens follow your advice. I am wont to say the only difference between the Parties is the Republicans prefer their foot on the brake and the Democrats prefer their foot on the accelerator as they drive us all over the cliff.


  4. Richard: I suppose you are correct that most everyone needs some sort of assistance at some point. I believe the problem is that too many think they are "deserving" of public funds.

    You site the "success" of Canada with its socialist programs. There are many Canadians that would disagree with you. The implementation of socialism in Scandinavia is starting to show its problems. There are only a very few western European countries that are successful in their social programs. The reason is that they have very strict requirements to get on the "dole". They have very strict requirements for immigration. And these requirements are strictly enforced. An example of a minor difference is the fact that I had to pay to have my children learn the local language so they could go to school.

    I have no problem helping people that need help. The problem seems to be that when you are handing out $5 bills, soon everyone wants one. If you hand them out long enough then people begin to think it is their "right" to receive free money. One only has to look to Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the UK to see this.

    And as usual, mred and lastthroes bring nothing to the argument except name calling. By the way lastthroes, I am one of those retired "blue hairs" and my medical insurance is provided by the VA. Which branch of the service were you in and which wars did you participate it?

  5. Finger pointing is necessary in American politics nowadays.

    For years and years, the far right has gotten their way due to slight of hand and false promises.

    The results are that the far right has essentially put this country in the toilet.

    No more.

    We're onto them.

    And we're pointing out all the idiotic notions that only result in greed, selfishness and more and more benefits to a very select portion of American society; all while shoving the sacrifices off onto the majority of hard working Americans.

    Bring on the 2012 elections.

    The sustained attacks of American workers, all in order to only benefit the filthy rich, is officially going to end then.

    The filthy rich and the corporations love to hide behind the Republicans? It's not gonna work anymore. Everything has been revealed clearly. Their efforts to starve the beast have awoken a sleeping giant.

    The elections of 2012 will indeed be memorable. Time to fix this thing called America.

    The people are America. Not corporations.

  6. There was a time when people lived in towers surrounded by a walled community and moats. They had access to military might, access to food, and the best of health care. They had little need or wants being that they were well cared for by their underlings. These people lived inside their walls of protection and reported to a ruler who reigned from afar. Outside those walled communities lived the laborers and peasants. They worked for the lords, knights and vassals living inside, tilling the fields and living in squalor.

    We still have gated communities where the wealthiest of us live; those who have access to private police forces, the best of education for their children and premium health care. People who've lost touch and contact with the real world. Today's laborers provide services to those living inside and can only dream of attaining that status. In case any of you missed it, tenth century feudalism is alive and well in the United States of America.

  7. An economist recently compared our government to the governments of dictators like Gadaffi in Libya. He said dictators are falling for the same reason American is falling. I think he is on to something. He said both dictators and those in the American government lie, and he is right.

    The Progressives lie and tell us that we can fix what's wrong by taxing the rich, spending more and adding to the debt. The Conservatives lie and tell us we can fix what's wrong by cutting spending and lowering taxes. Most Americans know that both sides are lying; know that it will take much more than what is being offered by either side to fix what is wrong and that the fixes we really need will be painful, long lasting and will have to be shared by all Americans.

    I hope the realization that we are being lied to by both sides, that our problems are gigantic and not open to simple fixes, and that all of us will have to sacrafice for a long time to fix what is wrong is reflected in the 2012 election. In my opinion, all those in Congress that are up for re-election should lose their jobs and so should President Obama.

    I don't think any one of them have leveled with us, told us how dire our situation is and ask us for the sacrafices we all should be willing to make.

    And before the R and D supporters jump all over me, yes, I believe this is what former President Bush should have done after 9/11. He failed and he did not do it. President Obama isn't doing it either and fair or not, we cannot afford to let that continue after 8 years of former President Bush not doing it and almost 3 years of President Obama not doing it.

    And no, I don't see any of the R contenders for President doing it either, and that is scary.


  8. I hope you people watched last night's debate. It shouldn't matter which side of the aisle you sit on, but you should be wary. There are some who want to do away with government, period.

    It's best expressed by Rick Perry. A man who has 25% of the people in his state uninsured, lacking health care. A man who has plenty of jobs, but neglects to say they pay next to nothing. A man who said the stimulus bill was a failure, but took the money to balance his budget. A man who denies science regardless of the evidence. A who fired firefighters to balance his budget in spite of advice from others and now watches as "Rome" burns.

    That is the fate of this great nation if we allow the Tea Party to control the White House and Congress.

  9. Vernos,

    I am wary... but it is because neither side tells the truth and asks us for the sacrafices we will all have to make to fix our economy. Perry doesn't ask us, Obama doesn't ask us, our Congress members don't ask us. Nobody tells the truth and asks for sacrafices. They all do the same thing former Persident Bush did after 9/11. Tell us that we can go about our business and not have to sacrafice. We cannot afford any more of this after 11 years of it. ENOUGH!!!


  10. Michael,

    I think we all are feeling the same way. I agree, enough is enough. The problem we all face is how to solve our problems. They've been festering for years and the proverbial "can" have been kicked far too many times. The system needs both parties to work and it's time we dumped the extremists. Those thinking Obama is establishing a socialist country are fools. We already had a mixed political system that is now controlled by corporations through the lobbyists.

    This may sound off base, but from my point of view, Bin Laden succeeded in destabilizing America. We have people saying he was trying to destroy our democracy. That's another load of crap. Bin Laden played the "fear card" knowing about our paranoia. He got us to turn on one another and waste trillions of dollars funding endless warfare. I truly believe he intended to collapse our economy.

    It's time we started thinking about being isolationists and concentrate our money and energy here at home and not abroad, which includes defunding companies that out source American jobs.

  11. Vernos,

    I have relatives that live in Austin Texas and they have good, high paying jobs with excellent benefits. My Grandson took 6 months to land a job here while staying with my wife and I. He just returned to Texas and he and his girlfriend both found jobs in 2 weeks.

    I have not heard one person say the the fire problems in Texas are the result of too few firefighters. The problem is a persistent drought. In any state, when big fires happen, out of state firefighters are brought in.

    All governors take stimulus money. It is suicide politically not to take it and they all know that.

    Many states have many people without health insurance. The federal government has failed in that area and Obamacare still does not address rising health care costs (mine is $ 600.00 / mo.) and rising.

    So I am worried, but it isn't 'just' about Perry.


  12. "The American people shouldn't be forced to watch some politician they don't want to listen to when most of them would rather watch a football game," Boehner said.

  13. Vernos,

    I think you give Bin Laden too much credit. He was a terrorist who wanted to create terror in America. In that he succeeded, but only for a short period.

    Our problem was that former President Bush and Congress should have told us about the expenses of what he planned to do to respond and protect us and ask for us to sacrafice to pay for what it cost. Sadly, that wasn't done.

    It's still waiting to be done and Obama isn't doing it either.


  14. Vernos,

    All these politicans are prone to make stupid remarks, and Boehner's remark was 'stupid'. So was Obama's, when he said '... the police acted stupidly...' among others.

    My response is ... who cares... I really couldn't care less what they say because most of what they say is lies anyway. I only care about what they do.


  15. Michael,

    I'm from Texas as well and have a high school friend who's son is a firefighter in Jasper, Texas. There is no lack of firefighters however, the issue early was a lack of a coordinated trailer transport to remove cattle and horses ahead of the fire's path. The fire is now 30% contained. Quite a few homes in and around Bastrop county have no fire damage but lack electricity due to the fire.

  16. EH122 (Eric Hutson),


    Far too many R and D supporters just grab what they hear that makes the opposite party or person look bad and run with it. No verification, no counter check, no nothing. In Vernos case, I suspect he heard somewhere that the Texas fires were made worse by a lack of firefighters. Presto! An immediate link to Perry letting go of some firefighters. In Vernos defense, it happens just as often with R supporters.

    That said, we'd all be alot better off if we'd put things in the proper order: Be skeptical of what you find out, investigate and then decide. Instead, far too many of us decide what we want to believe, throw out anything that doesn't support our belief and embrace anything that confirms our belief without being skeptical at all.


  17. Just curious Mr. Shillmoeler wear did you find out about Obama giving a 500 billion dollar loan to solynda?

  18. Has anyone checked the odds yet?

    The odds showing the GOP/Tea Party will do nothing but continue to obstruct.

    I'll bet they are hoping to keep unemployment high hoping to win the White House and Congress. Therefore they'll do little for the next year attempting to help the economy. Any takers?

    You are wrong as far as Solyndra I saw it on local stations CBS, NBC and ABC. They are being investigated by the FBI for scaming the government out of $535 million. Of course you unstable people on the right will blame Obama as if he handed them the cash. I guess you don't know about Congress who handles budgets and cash flow, but what does reality matter to you Fox viewers.

  19. Thanks for the link Joseph shillmoeler but that was 500 million not billion. Dollars. I do agree with you that money was not well spent. Any ideas that we could compete with China's heavily subsidized solar energy. Companies that enjoy a 5 dollar a day wage rate?

  20. Gogo Congress is owned by big business how could we get Congress to act on your recommendations?

  21. Unfortunately El Lobo you're not believable. I've lived in Texas for over 20 years and currently I'm on temporary assignment here in Nevada. Governor Perry easily out polls Obama in our local polling. Texas is a conservative state and Texans always back fellow Texans. He has fairly strong Latino backing as well which is important in Texas.

  22. El Lobo,

    Nice try. I've seen your posts and know you generate info from liberal polling. The poll you referenced was over 3 months ago prior to Perry announcing his candidacy. Here is a poll after his announcement showing Perry leading Obama 44% to 41%. In North Carolina, a key battleground state, Perry leads 45% to 42% for Obama. Obama is so far left he won't even be considered. Keep in mind, Obama lost Texas in 2008 by 11% to McCain and Obama has been anti-Texas since then. Obama doesn't have a chance in Texas.


    North Carolina

  23. Liberals will never succumb to the mindset of anyone except their own believes. Liberals actually think that anyone who goes against their principals of sucking off others in order to receive more freebies or where they can become a government worker where they don't have to anything to get a paycheck is a career choice that best suits America is their enemy. The primary reason for their beliefs is that they know their gene pool is just too lazy a real job where they could be held accountable for their actions; therefore, they need their programs to exist. The funny part is that anyone with an ounce of common sense can just sit back at think about the liberal agenda and their beliefs; it should make any sane person sick to their stomach.

    Who in their right mind would want to live a life of a liberal not knowing how to pay for something without the funds being given to them or actually having to produce something meaningful without sucking off the taxpayers. Of course they're going to fight to keep their programs and their sickening lazy pathetic lifestyle choices around, they're doomed if they can't keep Obama and clan around.

  24. lol, I come back to read what you liberals are saying; it humors me to read just how far liberals will go to continue with their no good for nothing lazy pathetic lives. When liberals write or speak something, it's usually a lie or simply skewing the facts in some fashion or another all in attempt to get something for nothing or it's just another attempt to suck money off of somebody else where they can get something for them of their offspring enabling them to get another free ride at the expense of others.

    When people with money are a liberal, they'll skew the facts to feed their mindless minions. A successful liberal is one that doesn't want the middle class; they want the rich or poor. They want a two society system, rich and poor. They go as far to promise one another to keep the poor out of their neighborhood and create class warfare. It's a system that minions will never understand, that's why they're followers not leaders. They're fed just enough to keep them afloat, but never enough where they can afford a better life. And the funny part of this, the mindless minions like it.

    Teamster that would be like, your name says it all. A truck driver of 20 years ago was something to be proud of doing. In today's world, a truck driver has the mind where each load moved, it's like Pee Wee's new adventure, what do I do now? I deal with union drivers daily and sadly to say, the teamster union has desecrated themselves into the worst union known to our industry. Frankly, teamsters of today surely aren't the teamsters of yesterday and we pay them wages to screw up.