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May 5, 2015

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Sun Editorial:

Republican objections to the president’s speech pose a real problem

As President Barack Obama prepares to go to Congress tonight to speak to lawmakers about his plans for the economy, some Republican lawmakers are making preparations of their own — to be elsewhere.

For example:

• Tea Party favorite Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina said he didn’t think he would attend because, as he told Fox News, he is “sick and tired of (the president’s) speeches.”

• Sen. David Vitter said he would listen to the president’s speech from his home in Louisiana, where he was going to watch football. “Family and friends coming over for big game,” he wrote on Facebook, referring to the NFL’s opener between the New Orleans Saints and the Green Bay Packers. Kickoff is after the president’s speech.

• Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia plans to be in his office during the speech and hold a “Twitter town hall” so he can “interact with his constituents,” a spokeswoman said. She told CBS News that Broun is a “multitasker” and would watch the speech at the same time.

• Rep. Joe Walsh told MSNBC that he’ll be back in his home state, Illinois. He went so far as to claim that the president is “abusing” his position by asking to speak before a joint session of Congress. He said such sessions were reserved “for heads of states ... and presidents in moments in crisis, and monumental moments.” He tried to dismiss the president’s speech by calling it “political theater.”

Have Walsh and his colleagues forgotten that the nation is in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression? Americans need help, and it is disgraceful that any Republicans would boycott the president’s speech, much less try to dismiss it out of hand.

But this is typical for the Republicans, who have tried to block many key policy proposals in Congress as part of their effort to tear down the president and help their own party in next year’s election. And yet they have the audacity to call the president’s actions political.

In the meantime, the nation’s economy is sagging.

Republicans should be in Washington working with the president to find ways to stimulate the economy. But we don’t expect the Republicans to change, much less embrace anything in the speech — if they even listen. They may be too busy tweeting, watching the pregame show or just complaining about the president.

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  1. It took two and a half years before Obama has addressed the jobs issue other than to say we don't want outsourced jobs to come back. It obviously hasn't been a high priority for him.

    "So I guess the answer to the question is, not all of these jobs are going to come back. And it probably wouldn't be good for our economy for a bunch of these jobs to come back ..." - President Obama, March, 2009


  2. Further proof of the TeaNut/Repub motto...

    "I, ME, MINE!!!"
    Just like little children.
    "We won't go! You can't make us."

    The Sun is correct.
    And Cognastics hit the nail;
    "Mr. Sun:

    Apparently you have yet to realize that the Republicans and their little T Party friends are all too willing to completely destroy the country if they think it will improve their chances in the 2012 elections.

    May you survive to see better days.

  3. This is just another instance of the total and complete uselessness of Speaker Boehner and his inability to control the Republican Party majority of the 112th Congress. Same goes for McConnell controlling his Republican minority in the Senate. The Republicans in power nowadays are like a herd of cats. You can't get them to act in concert to do anything at all. Well, except to lower taxes for the rich and participate in more and more wealth care. No, not welfare. Wealth care.

    Their priorities are elsewhere...mostly dealing with party politics. A clearcut message shows the Republican Party is uninterested in an important Presidential speech addressing the job creation problem in America; a topic of interest to a lot of Americans.

    This all demonstrates they are not snubbing the President per se. President Obama, I remind everyone, is the peoples' choice as President of the United States of America. He represents us. He was in fact popularly elected by a majority of Americans. So, they aren't snubbing him. Those not in attendance are basically turning their noses up at the collective American people.

    One could only hope those elected officials who choose not to attend have drawn the undivided attention of their constituents. And I do hope those voters hang that on their necks the next election and make them pay by bouncing them out of office.

  4. How about the dems getting serious too... like proposing a budget that they haven't done in over 800 days. Harry's at fault for this one. He doesn't represent Clark County, The state of Nevada or the American population.

    He's a lifetime attorney/politician that has produced nothing. I hold him in great disregard as a representative and a man.

  5. @Gino if you do not like reading the sun why do you do you read the sun?

  6. And why not, the more he speaks the worse things get.

  7. Congress should be in Washington right now - Session break is over - and they need to work for the check we pay them. Shame on the TeaGOP for not doing the job they are supposed to be doing.

  8. 30min into Obama's speech and I have yet to hear an actual, solid, specific proposal on how he wants to accomplish the goals he is setting out. The closet he has come to that is to say "close loopholes." What ones? How much will it generate?

  9. So teamster, what is the situation with Medicare?

  10. It sounded a lot like a stump speech with a tag line of "the check is in the mail" seeing that he didn't lay out his plan but promised to deliver that later.

    Considering he asked for, and got, a joint session of Congress he should have delivered more than he did.

  11. El_Lobo,

    I was very happy to see Perry step in it with regard to Social Security. I think he would be a very bad choice for the Republicans and his comments about Social Security should help Romney move up on him.

    You and I both know that Huntsman can never win the nomination, but failing that, Romney is probably the most rational of the group. Last night's debate gave Perry a chance to dig his own grave and let Romney fight back.

    I want to see a strong, rational candidate (if that is possible) from the Republicans for the same reason I want to see a Democrat challenge Obama: to present to the American voter a real debate about what is good for this country.

  12. Stephen, the NWO has a plan for civil unrest. It's called FEMA camps, where after the dollar collapses, or some type of outbreak will cause martial law. Once that happens it's game over. Look it up on YouTube. I laughed at first when a friend told me about FEMA Camps. I did some research and what you see is something that is scary. It's definitely possible and God said it's going to happen, a one world government, which you can consider it the devil.

    Ed Hamilton, you make a very good point.

    The president did acknowledge in the speach that people wanted smaller government, and less government spending. Did you hear how loud the crowd cheered. It was great