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July 5, 2015

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Jobless rate in Las Vegas area rises to 14.2 percent


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The jobless rate in Clark County climbed to 14.2 percent last month in part because of the “poor condition of the construction industry,” the state’s chief economist said.

Updated Friday, Sept. 16, 2011 | 7:16 a.m.

The unemployment rate in Clark County climbed to 14.2 percent in August, which is the highest rate this year, according to numbers released this morning.

The number of unemployed in the county stood at 135,720, which is 2,400 more than in July.

The state Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation reported the statewide jobless rate rose to 13.4 percent, up from 12.9 percent in July. There were 176,200 people unemployed compared to 169,400 in July.

“The August jobs report confirmed what has been evident since the beginning of summer, that Nevada’s labor market is not improving as well as many would hope,” said Bill Anderson, chief economist for the department.

He said the “poor condition of the construction industry continues to contribute heavily to Nevada’s economic stalemate.” Since the start of the recession, construction employment is down by 90,000 jobs statewide.

However, in Clark County construction employment rose to 40,900 in August, or 1,000 more than a month ago. That was the highest number of construction workers on the job this year. Statewide, there were 54,600 construction workers, the same as a year ago in August.

Employment in the Clark County hotel-casino industry fell to 160,400, or 700 less than in July. Manufacturing employment dipped to 18,300, which is 100 fewer than in July, but the trade, transportation and utilities segment rose to 143,000, up 700 workers.

Gov. Brian Sandoval said he has been preparing plans with his cabinet for training of the jobless, better coordination of eligibility for many state services and specific efforts for veterans and others.

The department reported the ranks of the long-term unemployed continued to grow. The percentage of workers jobless for more than 26 weeks is at 50 percent among all unemployed. That compares with 27 percent two years ago.

“When a person is out of work for a long period of time, skills and experience diminish, making it more difficult to find employment as time goes on,” said Anderson.

The unemployment rate in the Reno-Sparks area stood at 13 percent, the same as July. Carson City’s rate in August grew to 12.7 percent, up 0.1 percent from July. Elko County’s rate stayed at 7.4 percent.

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  1. Thank you Gov. Sandoval. Where is your plan Governor? Every state has better employment than Nevada. Maybe your buddy Rick Perry could teach you how to create low wage jobs to bring down our unemployment.

  2. Mr. Sandoval never had a plan. Many asked him for one and he never made one public. He was voted into office by the blind leading the blind. He got elected and still no plan.

    People need to pay attention during these elections. When a man refuses to tell you how he is going to fix the problems you don't vote for him.

    Time for the construction workers to move on and find work in areas that are building. Nevada will not be building enough in the next five years to employee all these guys out of work. Common sense tells you that, use it and go find a job or learn a new trade.

  3. My dog just created another shovel ready job for me in my backyard. I think I will give the credit to the Obama Administration.

  4. As I was driving down Fremeont street I looked down an alley and saw 4 bank ATM machines and a couple of airport ticket kiosks killing a job. This may be a hate crime.

  5. Okay enough political rhetoric. A few days ago Herman Cain wrote an excellent op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal. He had one paragraph that summed it all up:

    "I know firsthand that government does not create jobs. It can only create the conditions in which businesses operate. These conditons can spur growth, or they can supress it. The conditions imposed by the current administration have suppressed growth."

    As a business owner I can attest to the accuracy of his statement.

  6. Thomas Delahunty: "As a business owner I can attest to the accuracy of his statement."

    So attest. Spell it out. Let me guess, low taxes and less regulation. Nevada is at the top of the list in these categories. Why do we have the highest unemployment? Why do all the big technology companies open shop in Silicon Valley, CA, the highest taxed and regulated state in the country (and they have a lower unemployment percentage then Nevada).

  7. Lynn, it's all regulations, headaches and fees. My taco shop has to deal with the nazis at the health dept. threatening to close me down because the front door was left open (never mind all the outdoor taco carts in town). The Nevada Dept. of Industrial Relations threatening to shut me down because their copy of my workers comp coverage was expired. Two ladies from that dept. showed up unannounced with badges around their necks literally harrassing my wife. The county Dept of Alcohol and Gaming won't let me sell beer unless I complete a 2" thick packet of applications and get approval from the fire dept, Metro and the health dept. which should take about a year, cost over $1,000 and it was strongly suggested that I hire a lawyer to fill out the packet to avoid errors and further delays. The fire dept. inspections, OSHA and EPA regulations.

    That's just my taco shop. My construction company has to deal with the contractors board, the building plan checkers, the building inspectors, OSHA made all my employees attend a 2 day course to get totally worthless OSHA cards. The EPA is killing the construction industry.

    If you don't own a business you would not have any idea how much stress comes from over regulation.

    I read a bumper sticker the other day that said:
    I didn't retire, I surrendered.

    That's exactly how I feel sometimes. I wonder if it's all worth it.

    Atlas is shrugging.

  8. "The last time the percent was promised under 8%"

    Link for me ONE video of President Obama stating this. Also, do a little research...when the stimulus was passed in February 2009, the national unemployment rate had already exceded 8%

  9. Speaker Boehner seemed to address the issue of jobs yesterday in a prepared speech. Actually, what he related was preplexing.

    He said the Senate is doing nothing. Huh? Don't make sense. To justify why the House of Representatives is not working on jobs or addressing the President's jobs plan, they point fingers at the Senate? How come Speaker Boehner and his gang of useless Teapublicans can't address this independently from the Senate and get the ball rolling? Especially when it's their job to do stuff like this? Incredibly stupid excuse number one.

    The second thing he said is that he sees some merit in infrastructure type spending, but only if it's linked to energy opportunities. Huh? So, according to the illustrious Speaker Boehner's ideas, the only way work on a highway will be accomplished is if one of the Big Oil companies discovers a new gusher underneath it. So, in order to tap a new oil well, the road gets built around it. Incredibly stupid reason number two.

    The fact of the matter is that President Obama has them on the ropes. He needs to keep going to the American people and end around them; all in order to show the blatant hypocrisy and party politics. I really don't blame the President for pursuing this action. Because the direct approach didn't work. NOW is the time for drastic measures by using the bully pulpit.

    This 112th Congress has been verified and will go down in history as the most useless, do nothing Congress the U.S. has experienced in approximately sixty years. They run around trying to find excuses for not doing what logically needs to be done. All because their political agenda is more important than a jobs agenda.

    They are destroying America.

    The entire collection of characters in power in the Republican Party have successfully put the boot down on the neck of the American workers and continually hold them down on the ground. With no chance of ever recovering. People want to work, but are refused opportunities because of an idiotic 112th Congress that seems to only get stupid things done, ignoring the important stuff.

    But that's okay.

    In the 2012 elections, the American workers will slip out from under them and kick them repeatedly in the teeth in retaliation. With their votes. They will indeed pay for their obstruction which results in a relentless and sustained attack on American workers.

    You ask me, it is wayyyyyyyyy past time for some kind of justice. Americans are saying no more. They had enough of an extreme right wing agenda the Republican Party pounds out non-stop; even ignoring voices of reason by drowning them out with their unbelievable one sided rhetoric and propaganda that makes no earthly sense at all.

    Our time is coming. And it's coming soon. I stand with President Obama. He's the only chance the American middle class has.

  10. Thomas,

    Read President Obama's executive order and proposals to reduce regulations

  11. What has "The Switch" in Henderson done for Nevada? It was supposed to bring technology and industry but nothing yet. Have Faith and Keep Waiting? Maybe our Faith is not as strong as it should be, so try harder and Keep Waiting. This is the philosophy that Sandoval wants to teach in school - Science is bad, have Faith instead.

  12. The_Next_opinion, no employee did anything to me, the feds stepped into the local OSHA and took it over. They immediately created a program that mandates every person in construction MUST attend a 2 day course that OSHA put's on and the employees MUST carry in their wallets the card that proves they attended. I didn't have to attend because I'm the owner, but my guys told me it was a complete joke. It was put on by an OSHA female employee who admitted she has never worked construction in her life and apparently most of what she was saying was inaccurate and simply a joke.

    The point is the Obama administration sees regulations as another source of revenue. OSHA, EPA, Fish & Wildlife, etc. have been instructed from the top to fine anything and everything possible. A fine is simply another form of taxation.

  13. Also, when the health dept. nazi visited my taco shop we got zero demerits. But what really irritated me is the inspector gave her card with her work cell number on it to the employees and told them if they ever see anything questionable to call her (anonymously if necessary) so she can come back out immediately. It only takes one disgruntled employee to cause a whole lot of headaches. Apparently these regulators think this is 1940 Germany where you can be a hero to the state and snitch on your neighbor or employer.

    The government needs to work with businesses not against them.

  14. Herman Cain may or may not be Presidential material, but he does know business. The reason Gov. Perry was sucessful in Texas is that he managed to keep the Texas government out of the way of business and it thrived. That's what you need to do in Nevada. If you keep voting for folks in Washington and your State House who think the answer to any problem is for the government to step in, you will continue to have miserable conditions and eventually end up like Detroit. The upcoming election is all about jobs. Vote for Congressmen, Senators, and a President who will get out of the way of business and let them get on with saving our economy. If you don't I hear the soup kitchens serve pretty good food....

  15. Rather than closing the taco shop, how about making it easier to stay in business?

    Exactly how many jobs have you created stephenrblv? In the last 3 years I have created 23 full time jobs. I know what I am talking about, and when people who have no experience in creating jobs or businesses (see Obama and all government employees for that matter) try and figure out what's going wrong with the economy, I get very irritated with those who have no idea what they are talking about....such as yourself.

  16. Missing the whole point here.

    When your house is on fire, or you in the middle of someone forcibly trying to break into your house, you aren't going to call a taco shop for help.

    Private businesses have their place. God love you if you are successful and make a living for yourself.

    But what really, really gets me is the constant attack on public employees and trying to paint them as the enemy and that unions are erroneously identified as the problem, when they actually are the solution.

    The simple fact of the matter is the entire Republican Party is trying to fearmonger against public employees. And they are only doing it to bust unions, making the middle class suffer needlessly, all so they can give more and more tax breaks to the wealthy.

    There will be payment for this despicable right wing extremist agenda.

    Bring on the 2012 elections. We're getting rid of all of them bums. Because this wealth care, not welfare, WEALTH CARE, needs to stop.

    In order for it to stop, and get at the filthy rich, we need to take out every Republican they hide behind, even Dogcatcher General, then that's what we gotta do.

    There will be hell to pay the next elections. Republicans point at the 2010 elections as a wave election, just wait til 2012. IT'S GONNA BE A FREAKIN' TSUNAMI!

  17. Thomas Delahunty,

    Not being totally truthful, now are you. Your Taco Tio received 10 demerits at your last health department inspection on 3/11/11. Certainly not zero, still a grade A, but one provable lie tells me about your character. Congratulations on opening 2 businesses during a recession, one being in construction no less. I truly wish you success.

    I gave you a link to how President Obama's executive order reduced regulations; or are you wearing your partisan blinders?

  18. Casinos are enjoying a pretty good streak of monthly increases in revenue, visitor volume and taxable sales but they are still laying off and cutting hours. Nevada ls one of the lowest taxed and most business friendly states in the country. So where are the jobs?

  19. Construction jobs are historically transient. End of story.

  20. Obama is helping us out with all the green jobs and stimulus enjoy while you can!

  21. The governors idea of training for jobs is to add people to the jobs that he controls. He just did it to the taxi industry adding 388 jobs to the taxi business (authorizing more medalians). So now the drivers in the industry already will make less. Could make for more forclosures but at least more will be employed.