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May 5, 2015

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Officer shoots man armed with 2 guns in Henderson parking lot


Aida Ahmed

Henderson Police investigate an officer-involved shooting Friday, Sept. 16, 2011, after police say a man repeatedly refused to put down two handguns.

Updated Friday, Sept. 16, 2011 | 5:46 p.m.

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Josiyah Meno

Officer shoots man armed with 2 guns in Henderson parking lot

A Henderson police officer shot a man armed with two guns during a standoff in the parking lot of a Henderson office complex Friday morning.


A Henderson police officer shot a man in the head Friday morning who was armed with two handguns in a medical office building parking lot while apparently trying to confront his estranged wife.

Officers responded at 9:30 a.m. on the report of a man in a parking lot at Coronado Center Drive and Horizon Ridge Parkway carrying a gun in each hand. Police approached the man, identified as 28-year-old Josiyah Meno, and ordered him to put down the weapons, but he refused, police spokesman Keith Paul said.

Police spoke with Meno for about eight minutes in an attempt to get him to drop the guns. Paul said Meno then raised a hand while holding a gun, prompting police to fire and strike Meno in the head.

He was taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center's trauma unit, but information about his condition wasn't available.

Police said Meno apparently fired once about the time he was shot because a shell casing was found near him and witnesses heard a total of two shots.

"He was given every opportunity to surrender peacefully," Paul said, saying officers were placed in a "life-threatening situation forcing them to defend themselves."

Police closed off the parking lot of a building that houses the Coronado Surgery Center at the southeast corner of Coronado and Horizon Ridge. Paul said Meno apparently went to the medical building to confront his estranged wife, who recently had obtained a temporary protective order against him that hadn't yet been served.

Police said Meno's wife had called authorities earlier this month reporting he had battered her. She also called police two days ago saying he left threatening messages on her cell phone, Paul said.

Meno will be proxy booked into the Henderson Detention Center on a charge of attempted murder of a police officer.

He has prior convictions in Nevada for robbery, burglary with a deadly weapon and burglary. Police on Friday released a mugshot of Meno from a previous arrest.

No one else was hurt. The four officers involved are on paid leave pending an investigation, which is standard in cases of officer-involved shootings.

Coronado High School was briefly under lockdown during the incident.

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  1. I appreciate the details in this story. I have 2 children that are at Coronado. One of them texted me this morning because she was scared. I couldn't find out anything from the cops, the school or the news. Very frustrating when it's happening, but glad to hear that the lockdown at the school ended and nothing happened to the kids.

  2. yeah! More guns...that's the answer.

  3. It is going to be a case of intent to kill on the police officers as they are trained to aim for center mass... the head is not center mass. a technicality but it will bite them.

    Yes, the suspect could have surrendered peacefully but the first shot fired at the head??? is not trying to stop the suspect but to kill him.

  4. Mr. Schaffer never tires of pasting the same tired comment on every story featuring guns.

  5. sgtrock
    Would you know what Fallacy of composition is?
    Just curious

  6. James,
    As long as it remains true I will continue to post it. I suppose you would throw out statements by great humans from our common history because they are the "same tired comment". Now, given the thousands murdered, maimed, and committing suicide by guns, I am merely scratching the surface by pointing out the role of guns in the cases happening locally. James is for gun deaths by dismissing my comments which makes him somewhat sociopathic.

  7. People, the number of police involved shootings is not much different here than in most major metropolitan areas. I lived in the Seattle area and there was at least one officer involved shooting every day or 2. If you follow the online media for major metropolitan areas like Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia you will see we are not much different.

  8. Thank God no one was hurt. For the ignorant commenters on order to get a valid permit for a firearm you must pass a background check. If this guy had a rap sheet, then obviously he didn't have a permit for the firearm. Duh. Unfortunately, it's the criminals who are armed and the law-abiding citizens who are not. Lets change this and educate AND arm yourselves. I am. Proud CCW, law abiding mom & "nana".

  9. This guy sounds like a regular pillar of the community............
    He's a wife beater with an endless list of priors involving violence....Why wasn't this creep already locked up to begin with ?

  10. mtngirl65,
    How much training do police go through on a regular basis learning to handle both their weapons and identify what to do in situations that develop over the course of a few seconds versus joe blow citizen?

    For more on why your weapon is worse than useless see this:
    "First, one bit of throat-clearing: I'm a third-generation Westerner, and grew up around guns, hunters of all possible fauna, and Second Amendment enthusiasts who wore camouflage nine months out of the year. Generally, I don't have a problem with any of that.

    Back to Tucson. On the day of the shooting, a young man named Joseph Zamudio was leaving a drugstore when he saw the chaos at the Safeway parking lot. Zamudio was armed, carrying his 9-millimeter semiautomatic pistol. Heroically, he rushed to the scene, fingering his weapon, ready to fire.

    Now, in the view of the more-guns proponents, Zamudio might have been able to prevent any carnage, or maybe even gotten off a shot before someone was killed.

    "When everyone is carrying a firearm, nobody is going to be a victim," said Arizona state representative Jack Harper, after a gunman had claimed 19 victims.

    "I wish there had been one more gun in Tucson," said an Arizona Congressman, Rep. Trent Franks, implying like Harper that if only someone had been armed at the scene, Jared Lee Loughner would not have been able to unload his rapid-fire Glock on innocent people.

    In fact, several people were armed. So, what actually happened? As Zamudio said in numerous interviews, he never got a shot off at the gunman, but he nearly harmed the wrong person -- one of those trying to control Loughner."

  11. I think if you buy a handgun you have to get a CCW. no pass, no handgun. buy yourself a shotgun for home protection.

  12. Beware!! Mark Schaffer has harrassed and continued to reply to my comments after I've asked and told him to stop. Why must the ignorant try to control others? He told me to stop making comments on news, who died and made him GOD? Idiot...

  13. It would appear that mtngirl65 is making up stories about what I have privately posted to her. This puts her ability to understand context in serious doubt. Who is trying to control whom?

  14. I don't lie, I don't cheat and I don't steal. I do what is right and I sleep well at night...with my 20 gauge shotgun nearby and my 9mm close at hand too. So, Mark Schaffer - just STOP - like I've asked you and requested, and now I have to tell you - over & over again - STOP. You're abusive and I know it.

  15. I sleep well without any sense of paranoia or need to have guns by my side. You have taken this private discussion public and then complain when you are responded to. None of your weapons will help you against almost any situation that happens without warning and in fact you present a danger to your self and others with weapons not properly secured. For your sake I hope you never have to confront the reality of what it means to shoot someone.

  16. For those who want to see what the reality of being in a life threatening situation is like and how useless guns are:

    "When you're under extreme stress, your reaction time slows down." Think about what this means.

  17. This:
    Is what mtngirl65 is defending.

  18. You're still and idiot, controlling & abusive man, Mark Schaffer....beware, I am always armed and will never be afraid to use my weapon if the situation presents itself. Having passed my CCW and practicing regularly, I feel confident and assured that no matter the situation, I will live and the other party will die. I have lived thru a life-threatening situation and I reacted appropriately. Had I had my firearm with me at the time, my now ex-spouse would be dead. I will never be a victim of domestic violence or abuse, again. Never, never, never.

  19. mtngirl65,

    If you consider Mr. Schaffer answering and posting to your comments here harassment then I would seriously consider you are in need of being evaluated to have continue to carry a CCW permit.

    This is a public forum. If you don't want replies then I would suggest you don't post here.