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July 5, 2015

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Mitt Romney to Harry Reid: ‘Put up or shut up’


Christopher DeVargas

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney speaks to supporters at an event held at Sierra Truck Body & Equipment, a North Las Vegas business, Friday, Aug 3, 2012.

Updated Friday, Aug. 3, 2012 | 1:28 p.m.

Mitt Romney visits North Las Vegas

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney speaks to supporters at an event held at Sierra Truck Body & Equipment, a North Las Vegas business, Friday, Aug 3, 2012. Launch slideshow »

Mitt Romney has one message for Harry Reid: “Put up or shut up.”

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee was in North Las Vegas Friday morning for a campaign rally. Afterward, he was asked about the Nevada senator’s second-hand allegations that Romney did not pay taxes for 10 years.

“Harry Reid really has to put up or shut up,” Romney said.

The former Massachusetts governor has released his 2010 tax returns and estimates for 2011. Still, he has been dogged by questions about his personal finances, and critics are calling for more disclosure.

Reid, the Senate majority leader, has said Romney is refusing to release additional tax returns because he didn’t pay taxes for a decade. Reid has also referenced the decision by Romney’s father, George Romney, to release a dozen years of tax returns during his 1968 presidential race.

Reid says he was told by an “extremely credible source” that Mitt Romney did not pay taxes for 10 years, and that Romney has parked “his money in secret, overseas accounts in places like Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.”

In a prepared statement Friday, Reid said the “most secretive presidential candidate since Richard Nixon” visited Nevada on Friday.

The rally was a last-minute addition to Romney’s schedule and was held at Sierra Truck Body & Equipment on Arcata Way. Romney addressed a crowd of hundreds of supporters for about 20 minutes and later fielded questions from news reporters.

During his speech, Romney spent much of his time talking about job-creation and the economy, while also blaming President Barack Obama for the country’s financial woes. Romeny pledged to make North America “energy independent,” improve U.S. schools, increase trade with Latin America, reduce the national debt and support small business.

He also cited the Las Vegas Valley’s struggling economy and referenced the North Las Vegas City Council’s decision in June to declare a financial emergency.

The Las Vegas area had a 12.1 percent unemployment rate in June, compared to 11.6 percent statewide and 8.4 percent nationally, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Dale and Joyce Burnett, a married couple from Las Vegas, attended the rally Friday and said they support Romney because they want the economy to improve.

Joyce Burnett, a pre-school teacher, said Romney, a former private equity executive, understands “the basics” of the free market.

“We’re hoping he’ll make things better,” said Dale Burnett, who works in a call center.

Some protesters gathered across the street from the campaign event. Some of the protesters wore pink shirts and held signs in support of Planned Parenthood.

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the political wing of the health care provider, endorsed Obama in late May. At the same time, the group launched a $1.4 million ad campaign to support Obama and portray Romney as having “out-of-touch and harmful” views on women’s health. Romney has said he would “get rid” of Planned Parenthood if elected president.

One of the protestors Friday was Howard Wilson, a 58-year-old property manager from North Las Vegas. Wearing a pro-Obama T-shirt, he criticized Romney for not releasing more tax returns.

“Obama had to show his birth certificate a thousand times; they’re still saying he wasn’t born in the United States,” Wilson said. “All we’re asking Mitt Romney is to show his taxes.”

Romney, who soundly defeated his Republican rivals in the Nevada caucuses in February, has visited North Las Vegas several times during his presidential campaign. He also has a high-profile source of support in the region: Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire CEO of gambling giant Las Vegas Sands Corp., has pledged to spend $100 million to defeat Obama.

After the event Friday, Romney was expected to travel to Northern Nevada to attend fundraisers hosted by Reno businesswoman Patty Wade and casino mogul Ben Farahi.

Contribution levels for those events range from $2,500 for a general reception at Wade’s home to a $25,000-per-plate luncheon at Farahi’s mansion in southwest Reno. For $50,000, donors get “preferred status” at the Republican National Convention.

Romney, meanwhile, is still having trouble connecting with many voters, according to polls. Some 52 percent have an “unfavorable” view of him, with 37 percent reporting a “favorable” view, according to a Pew Research Center poll released Thursday.

By comparison, Obama is viewed favorably by 50 percent of voters and unfavorably by 45 percent.

All told, Obama “continues to hold a sizable lead over Romney” in the race for the presidency, the research center said. Some 51 percent of voters say they support the president or lean toward him, while 41 percent support or lean toward Romney.

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  1. et tu brute

  2. If Romney is telling the truth, he should go after Reid with every legal means at his disposal. I would sue him even if the chances were slim due to the wide open libel laws concerning public figures.

    Reid is a long time liar of legendary proportions. In his statement he said that Romney is HIDING money offshore as reported on the tax return he released. This is a perfect example of his attempt at sleight of hand. If it was reported it is: A) Not hidden, and; B) subject to taxation and not as Reid has intimated avoiding taxes by using accounts in other countries.

    If I had that kind of money and my money managers approved a plan that would legally maximize my return or offer other advantages I would certainly take advantage of it and would be foolish not to.

    Harry Reid has been found in the past to have some very shady real estate dealings and some very questionable money matters himself.

    As a matter of fact, Reid has refused to release his tax returns beyond what the law demands and yet harangues Romney for the same legal stance.

    Nevadans should be ashamed of Reid for his dishonest conduct and character assassination. I think this latest conduct is an impeachable offense, and the Senate should look into that. Reid has proven by his actions and words many times to be a purely partisan political hack, obfuscater and disloyal to his oath of office. He hasn't submitted or approved a budget since the president was elected according to the CBO.

    Surely Nevadans can do better than this flim flam man and his entourage of equally dishonest clowns.

  3. I'm more ashamed of the people that comment on the Sun than I could ever be of Harry Reid.

  4. Flip Flop, Mr. Etch-a-Sketch, NO CORE RepubliCON Ruinme needs to man-up like his Father. This CROOK is a coward and hiding behind his money god. It was not that long ago that you would be arrested for Tax Evasion with Cayman Island bank accounts.

    Hey working folks, Millionaires and Billionaires pay less in taxes than you and I will ever pay. Silver Spoon Mitt Witt is out of touch with the American Majority.

  5. Finally a man who has presidential qualities.

    We have had to endure such a weak idiot - always prancing around and sending his wife on luxury trips.

    Obama plays golf and never stood up to Harry and told him simply:

    You've had 4 years idiot - DO A BUDGET.
    We owe that to the American public.

    In short, kick Obama has no guts - no ability to make Reid do a lick of work.

    Reid lied - And Romney kicks his butt.
    Good - Romney will be a great president
    someone who will get Las Vegas back to work and make Las Vegas Prosperous.

    Amen - just a few more months of that wimp Obama - better get in those golf games....and start to relate Obama to the American public. YOu can't - you have a wife who wears $6000 blouses. Shame on obama.

  6. Those who follow Reid
    do not care about America.

  7. What has Obama done to grow the job market

    1) More Taxes - Yeah - they could have hired 10 more people for the firm, but they have to pay for abortions and Mrs. Obama's luxury trips and obscene stations like NPR (we have 100s of cable station time for NPR to pay its own way).

    2) Too Many Regulations -

    3) Sky high and continuing to increase health care - if you have a health care plan, it needs to be affordable dumbo Obama./

    4) Obama knew his health care plan was not affordable so he gave exemptions to the unions

    5) Obama will put marriage penalties on our kids if they both work and were able to find a middle level job. Shame on Obama -

    6) Obama gave us sky high gas prices - and he will not even work with Canada who is our neighbor and friendly on the pipeline but would rather bet on Iran to give us oil.

    7) Obama spits at Israel while allowing Iran to have the nuke.

  8. case in point

  9. I don't know, I was under the impression taxes for 2011 had to be paid by April 15, 2012 - I must be mistaken its August and Ronnie released estimates for 2011? IDK

  10. "'Harry Reid really has to put up or shut up,' Romney said."

    And Senator Reid has emphatically spoken that Romney needs to shut up and put up his taxes. And quit his sniveling, whining and mock outrage.

    The simple truth of this matter is that Senator Reid is politically socking Romney in the eye by relating what someone has told him.

    BAM! Right eye.

    Then, Romney chooses to enter into the fray and yells and screams that Reid is wrong.

    But there is no apparent move to show transparency by releasing more taxes.

    So Senator Reid responds by doubling down. Show your taxes Mr. Romney. Show the American people you are paying your fair share of taxes.

    But he doesn't.

    BAM! Socked in the left eye.

    No matter how you want to spin this, Romney is being politically beaten the crap out of. Not by President Obama, but by Senator Reid.

    And how does Romney react? What does he do to stop the bleeding? He still stubbornly refuses to release his taxes and prove Senator Reid wrong.

    So, he's now going for a political broken leg and/or arm now. Not Senator Reid's. HIS OWN.

    Talk about fighting a losing fight. Romney is essentially playing Senator Reid's game. And losing.

    Goooooo, Senator Reid! My vote wasn't wasted on you. Pop him again..... He ain't got nothin'... Except to double down on double speak.... Go for the knockout, Senator Reid!

  11. Yes Floyd, you are mistaken.

  12. Colin, the right answer is for Romney to agree to release just as many tax returns as Reid has.

    Oh wait, Harry Reid, Mr. "the only way to know he didn't break the law is for him to release his returns" isn't willing to prove that he himself didn't break those same laws.

    The transparency advocate in the Senate has been about as transparent as the "Transparency President" has.

  13. wendor: Understand your argument. But Senator Reid already has a job. And one that he does admirably, representing the middle class of America.

    He's not running for President.

    However, Romney is running for President.

    The American people COMPEL him to release his tax returns. To see if they want to vote for him or not. It's an important part of trying to figure out if he's worthy of people's popular votes.

    I say that Romney can't deliver. Because he DOES NOT WANT anyone to see his taxes. Which would certify to the American people he is a flawed candidate, a blowhard, a bald faced liar and not someone who should ever sit in the White House and represent America.

    The ball is in Romney's court. Not Senator Reid's.

    Pop him again, Senator Reid!

  14. "The only way to win the game is...not to play"

    A true statement describing what holding back income tax returns is about..not playing the game. Wealthy people feel privileged: the rules for everyone else must be edited for them. Romney is just another example of how money defines how the laws of guilt and innocence are administered.

  15. Sorry Colin, nut Reid is also an elected official and chose to not release any of his own returns when he was running for office. Every election he has expected his constituents to decide on his trustworthiness without benefit of financial disclosure.

    It is unethical for him to demand more than he is willing to do himself.

  16. "Finally a man who has presidential qualities."

    You mean Romney? Bush was a supreme pathological liar, he broke new ground in devious dealings. The IRAQ War was a mockery of honesty, ethics and morals.

    "Mission Accomplished" plus 6 more years of war equal NO VICTORY - the Iraqis told America to GET OUT of their country. We got the Debt, the Dead and the bills and they got a country will destroyed utilities, roads and water supplies.

    Bush wrote the new rules for Liars and Romney was taking notes. Romney is a poor imitator, but still one of the best prevaricators of the 21st Century and the GOP still cheers him.

  17. Who really cares about Romney's taxes. He has supplied what the law requires.
    Reid is only trying to avert attention to the horrible record he and BHO have caused in the past three and a half years...
    With any luck we won't have to put up with all that crap and waste after the November election.

    1/20/13 The end of an error!

  18. A new verity standard had been set by United States Senator Harry Reid.

    If a Senator says something legally defamatory from the U.S. Senate speaker's podium about another public figure, his speech is protected because he was performing his official function at the time of his statement.

    If the public official made his defamatory statement while in a public hearing as part of his official duties which include making speeches from the floor or podium, the person defamed is obligated to sue the government entity that gave the official the platform from which to speak in order to obtain justice.

    If Harry Reid had the courage to make his defamatory "I was told by an extremely credible source..." statement off the record and outside the Senate Chambers, he could be sued for his action. Because of where he made his statement, Harry will not have to name his "extremely credible source," or prove his statement's validity.

    He could have said, "I was told by an extremely credible source..." that Mitt Romney is a child molester, murderer, or drug addict as long as he said it from the speaker's podium, and gotten away with that also. Harry's protective shield would have provided him the best lawyers tax dollars can buy for his defense, and the U.S. Senate has a liability cap that's so low as to discourage attorneys from filing lawsuits against Senators for what they say on the record, because the monetary award in the event of a court victory would be meager.

    I'm saddened to say that Harry Reid, an attorney, knew what he was doing all along. And his actions will most likely be repeated.

    But the following CANADA FREE PRESS story proves the old adage, "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

  19. A quick question for Republicans...(sorry Democrats we know your answer). If it is true that Romney hasn't paid taxes as required by US law over the past decade (I don't know the answer since I haven't seen the return) is he fit to run for President?

  20. Sorry, but the burden of proof is on Reid (at least it would be if he could be sued for statements made on the Senate floor.)

    This was a particularly underhanded and obnoxious political ploy that comes close to those of the early 1800s. (Is it possible Harry actually remembers what those times were like?)

    I don't really have a dog in this fight since my mind is made up to vote for "None of the above." But I find this kind of behavior by Reid to be unacceptable for a person in his position of trust and respect.

  21. I do not care about back taxes and even if he paid no taxes in some years, it is all legal and the tax code allows it. I went several years without paying taxes yet had a very high gross income when I was growing my company and the taxes I did not pay created many jobs because it was for deductions for equipment I bought. Not everyone works for a corporation gets a w-2 and files a simple 1040 so they probably do not understand this concept. If the law requires 2 years and he has shown 2 years then there is nothing more to talk about considering how many Congressman have very dark closets on this same subject. Bottom line he has paid more dollars in taxes then most people the last 2 years according to his tax returns and given huge amounts of money to church and charity.

  22. Wow! I've heard a rumor that Harry Reid is a pedophile. It's unsubstantiated, but, what the hey, where there is smoke there must be a fire, right? Will Harry disavow the rumor? If not, will he resign? Looking at his sad and weepy face (one that only a mother could love), I tend to go with the rumor! BTW, I believe his mother is ashamed of Harry, also.

  23. What do YOU think is in Romney's taxes that he feels it is better for him not to release them?

    All is fair in love and politics? It doesn't matter if what Harry said or did is wrong or right, he did it and there is nothing anyone can do about that.

    I think the bigger point is why Romney thinks it will be worse for him to release his taxes than go through this insane demand for him to release them.

    I think that we all agree that if he did nothing wrong then it would be small point that he paid no taxes or he has money in offshore accounts. After all even if you are poor you still know that the rich have better ways to legally reduce their tax rates. Who doesn't know that Buffet pays less taxes then his secretary. Does anyone really care if Romeny paid less taxes then they did? I don't.

    So my question is to everyone, what is in those taxes that is more damaging to him than not releasing them and getting all of this negative media attention? Because the way I see it, if he can keep the message on the economy, he will surely win the election. Yet, he continues to let his failure to release his taxes be the focal point.

    Just think if Romney releases his taxes and he has nothing to hide, he will make Harry Reid look more of a fool than he already does, and he can then define campaign with his message. Because if there is nothing to hide and he doubles down and continues to refuse to release them, he is not only a bigger fool than Harry Reid, but he is so stubborn that he is not thinking clearly.

    So I am very serious when I ask all of you have commented so far, to reply to my question: What do you think is in those taxes that he feels it is better for him not to release them?

  24. What tax returns will Romney's VP disclose? How many years? We shall know soon and that's when the fun will begin.

    Romney showed John McCain his tax returns and McCain chose Palin. He probably told McCain he wasn't going to disclose them so McCain picked Palin.

    It is legal to pay NO TAXES if there are enough deductions. Romney could PROVE Reid to a liar by disclosing his tax returns and perhaps force Reid to quit - but the fact is that Romney KNOWS Reid is right. Romney can't touch Reid so he bluffs instead.

    Romney has been a bluffer all his life and this is no exception. He believes the rules should be put aside for him because he "gives to his church". So do new and used car salesmen (it's hard to tell the difference anymore.)

  25. I really don't understand why Romney doesn't just release his tax returns.

    If he has nothing to hide and everything was legal, he has nothing to worry about. The public will see the truth and Harry Reid will be under the carpet.

    Romney has made the same demands of other opponents in the past, yet didn't release his own. That is hypocrisy.

    I will never believe a politician on his "word", and it is an insult for one to even ask that.

    Show us the tax returns in question and he might win back some respect and support.

    The argument that Democrats will look for something to distort doesn't hold water. One can easily disprove distortions with the facts.

    What is in those tax returns that scares Romney so much?

    If he has honestly paid what he legally owed, the only thing I can see happening is that the public might clamor for the closure of loopholes for the wealthy.

    Perhaps that is the BIG issue. What are those loopholes that allow wealthy individuals to avoid paying taxes?

    What is Romney hiding and/or protecting that he doesn't want the public to know?

    He could also disprove the claims he committed a felony in his run for Governor, by failing to live in the state as required. Show us the original returns and give us a plausible reason why he amended the the address. How difficult is it to know where one lives?

    He is beginning to look like he could be a very dangerous and deceitful leader for our nation's democracy.

    Many people supported and elected Hitler, only to find out they were the target of oppression and worse. It all occurred as a result of a financial crisis. People were desperate for a change, in fear of losing or having lost money. Look at what they got.

    Are we experiencing the same tide that protects elitism at the expense of everyone else? If so, it is against American democracy and values. It is a sign of moral decline.

    We must think in terms of the common good, and not accept an elitism that holds all power. The result will be disastrous because it will progress as far as it can go.

    Who will defend US in a revolution to regain our freedom and rights?

  26. The story of Romney's run for the President will be released in a new book entitled "You Only File Twice". He will be the first candidate to ever vett his choice for VP by limiting the number of tax returns he is allowed to disclose so as not to upstage the Boss.