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July 2, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Romney rolling out bad decisions early

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Mitt Romney’s bold choice for vice president, Rep. Paul Ryan, could not have been more perfect. Ryan is the poster child for the dysfunctional House of Representatives — approval rating of 10 percent, lowest ever. The Republican-controlled House passed no bills to finance spending in the public sector to hire teachers, firefighters and police or to rebuild our infrastructure — collapsing bridges, deteriorating roads, etc. This inaction impeded economic growth in an attempt to make President Barack Obama look bad. However, the House voted more than 30 times to ban a woman’s right to choose.

Ryan co-sponsored bills that essentially abolished a woman’s right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy for any reason — rape, incest or maternal health. And if these draconian anti-woman bills don’t succeed, Ryan co-sponsored a bill requiring women who want an abortion to have a medically unnecessary ultrasound.

The Ryan budget plan would turn the long-standing and highly successful Medicare program into a voucher system, privatize Social Security and defund Medicaid. The Ryan plan would also give the wealthiest Americans, like Romney, a large tax cut, while raising taxes on the middle class.

So across the board, Ryan’s philosophy, supported by Romney, harms seniors, women, the middle class and the poor.

Romney’s first major decision as a presidential candidate was a sterling example of how he would lead the country.

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  1. Answer: They can't say anything that would convince a free woman to vote Republican.

    For those who share the Republican position, you can't say anything to change their minds.

    Therein is the dilemma. Legislating to allow the freedom of a woman to choose what is right for her, based on her personal beliefs and conscience, free of forcing them to adhere to what one segment believes, or to the contrary.

    From a religious standpoint, force against choice through legislation is more like a Taliban freedom.

    It is a gross failure in the Christian conservative faith community to understand the message and mission of Jesus. You don't legislate morals by showing a lack of love. It makes the message impotent.

    The male members, especially, have their stones in hand.

  2. The GOP scheme seems to be less government regulation of business and more government regulation of women.

  3. Some people seem to have soaked in the Republican brainwashing like a sponge.

    I suggest that People need to learn the history and facts in more than a soundbite fashion, as presented. They will understand much better the reality of the issues and obstructions to moving forward.

  4. The GOP dream team: Romney the business expert and Ryan the budget expert. Just what the USA needs to get back on the right fiscal track after years and years of keynesian-krugman failed economics epitomized by failed leaders Bush and Obama.


  5. I don't support the R views on abortion and gay marriage. I don't support Grover Norquist. I don't support the call for increased military spending. I don't agree that taxes should be cut across the board. I don't agree that reaching for a balanced budget in 2030 is a good plan.

    I don't support a much smaller military. I don't believe we can successfully negotiate with terrorists or sponsors of terrorism. I don't believe in only taxing the wealthy and businesses more to try to escape the debt. I don't believe in immigration reform without mandated use of e-verify. I don't believe in restricting fossil fuel development in favor of funding retail development of green energy that cannot compete financially. I don't believe SS, and Medicare can be saved if left as they are.

    These are just a 'few' examples of why I almost puke at my choices in 2012. We need a third party; a third way. The R's would have us believe that with no increase in taxes; in fact decreases will solve all our problems. The D's would have us believe that raising taxes on the wealthy and businesses and taking no action on entitlements will solve all our problems. Does anybody REALLY believe such drival? I don't know but I do know that millions of us will vote for the drival of one of these great parties or the other.

    What an absolutely awful choice...

    And Jim, I do know what you are going to say...


  6. Thoroughly enjoyed the letter. What you said was spot on, Mr. Berliner.

    I can't add anything more to it other than to say that this election is a first for me. In that I usually never ever let people know how I'm voting. Until after I vote.

    This year, it's different.

    I'm proud to say I'm voting Obama/Biden, Berkley and Titus (now in the new CD1). All up and down the ticket it not only behooves me to vote straight Democratic Party ticket, but I am mandated and compelled.

    Never in my life have I seen a political party (Tea/Republican) that I totally detest anything and everything they do. Simply because they give off every indication they want to crush the middle class of this country. And not only do they want to pound the poor into dust, but they blame them for all the evils we face in America too. Enough.

    The Tea/Republican Party has morphed into a rabble of protesters who complain and whine about stuff, but actually have no idea what to do to fix anything other than to hand everything over to the rich. I can't let them in. I'm slamming the door in all of their faces and barricading it with my vote. I can't let their extremism in. Their plans for America are pretty much the same as inviting Wall Street to just help themselves and do what they want with no one to stop them.

  7. My goodness, on top of all the other over the top, inaccurate information, personal attacks and the like, now we get to add a conspiracy theory that Mitt Romney is controlled by the Mormon church and will turn America into a Mormon country!

    This is just as stupid as the claim that Obama was a Muslim and would make the nation into an Islamic nation if elected.

    I hope people toss this stuff in the trashcan, where it belongs, so we can discuss the issues.


  8. In reply to Bradley, character assassination tells us zero about the candidates or their philosophies. Just pick the guy you agree with and vote for that person.


  9. Michael -

    What I'm going to say just might surprise you. If you are keen to elect a third (not R or D)choice President, you should join me in advocating for election of the President by popular vote rather than through the Electoral College. Let me explain why. In a three-way race for President, one candidate must win 270 electoral votes. If no candidate wins that many votes, the House of Representatives, consisting of Rs and Ds, elects the President with each state having one vote. Chances are, even if your favorite wins the popular vote, he or she is unlikely to be elcted President by the House of Representatives.

    Unless we amend the Constitution, an alternative to R and D has a steep hill to climb.

  10. Bradley,

    As long as you stick to facts, I won't have a problem. Romney is Mormon. He is a right to life supporter. He doesn't believe Planned Parenthood should be supplied with taxpayer dollars. That all should be factored in by anyone that is going to vote in this election.

    Nobody can know how much of Mormon beliefs Romney would try to invoke... maybe all... maybe some... maybe none....or how successful he would be. To make that an issue is fine. To state it as fact... that's wrong.

    Look at 2008. Many people looked at Obama's associations and his possible beliefs and stated as fact what he would do as President. To question was fine. To say they knew what he would do? Crazy and wrong then. Crazy and wrong now.

    Stick to the issues.


  11. Jim,

    I could support that change but there are issues with it that have been brought up before. As I have said previously, no matter who wins in Nov, our speeding train toward financial disaster will continue down the tracks. In my opinion, with Obama as President, we attach a Saturn 5 rocket to the train and ignite it. With Romney, we only add an Atlas rocket and ignite it. Either way we arrive at financial ruin.. and relatively soon.

    Since I'd prefer to get there as slow as possible, given our choices, I'll take Romney.

    The R's want to stimulate with lower taxes, which adds to the debt. The D's want to stimulate with 'stimulus' (aka government spending), which adds to the debt. While I think both methods can stimulate the economy to some extent, I think if we do not re-write the income tax code, take away what's used to avoid taxes and make everyone pay income taxes, we are sunk....either way.

    I don't think we will take the caster oil, until financial circumstances force us, unless we get a third party going that has the guts to tell the truth.


  12. With Paul Ryan's views on women's rights,he could run against Iran's current President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and win.Iran also does not view that a woman has any rights,or that they are entitled to have them.

  13. I'd like to respond to Mike's comment on the differing impact of the two candidates on the deficit.

    First, one has to remember that the budget is a 10 year program and when a President takes office, his starting point is the programs he inherits. With Obama, other than the stimulus bill, which added $787B in new programs and a few other smaller programs, all with no offsets, the deficits over the last 4 years are predominantly the effects of the programs in place on 1/20/2008. (Actually with the medicare cuts inherent in "Obamacare", the CBO suggests that future deficits will be lower than forecast at the close of the Bush years.) Bush on the other hand inherited a budget program which was in surplus and added, without revenue offsets, trillions in new programs like the wars, the tax cuts and Medicare Drug benefit that continue under Obama (and will Romney if he is elected).

    The question now is which of the two will be more likely to adjust the budget so that the deficit at least starts to goes away. I don't think anyone's crystal ball is sufficiently clear to make such a prediction. The only detailed proposal to date by the GOP is the Ryan budget. Certainly it won't make meaningful dents compared to Obama's plan to allow the Bush tax cuts to laps on earnings above $250k. And if Romney could repeal Obamacare, that would cost Medicare $715B unless some other program replaced those savings.

    As an avid fan of politics as spectator sport (way better than NFL and year round to boot), I wonder how they will all deal with the fiscal cliff, will the lame duck session address it, will the new congress be stuck with the politics of addressing it, or will we drive off it and see GDP drop by .5% as forecast by CBO?

  14. "If" it were at all possible for Ryan to be in a woman's shoes when situations arise for a woman to make her own decisions and clearly those in case of rape....I wonder what his thinking would be...for sure it would NOT BE along the lines he's thinking now. How fast he would change his tune. I agree with several women who said it should be left up to a woman to make decisions about women.

  15. Bradley,

    You've said several times that you don't care about what I think about you, or what you say. You don't need to keep repeating it. You've made that and the fact that you disagree with me very clear. You're quite personal in your remarks and I am not, but unless the moderator intervenes and I'd never ask him to, you can be as caustic as you like.

    You are a 'true believer' in the D party and Progressives, which is unfortunate. I feel that way about any American who is a 'true believer' in the D or R party. I understand supporting one or the other, but when people find it difficult to impossible not to totally vilify the other party and those in it and those that support it and find equal difficulty in finding fault with their own party, it means they are closed. I'm sure you'll disagree, but that's how you appear to me.


  16. You'll never hear Bradley or any Obama supporter mention it or believe what Romney said, but he did address the offshore issue. As with most people running for office, Romney's assets are invested by a blind trust, which Romney does not control. He said if the trust invested in off shore accounts or any other type of investment, it would be because the trustee thought it a wise financial investment. As Romney pointed out, many Americans invest in all sorts of vehicles. He went on to say that full taxes would have been paid on any money in offshore accounts.

    Now of course Romney could be lying and Bradley is sure he is. However, there could not possibly be anything in Obama's University transcripts that could be embarrassing.

    I take it as most probable that there is nothing embarrassing in those transcripts so I don't want to see them, plus we so need to keep our attention on the economy that threatens us all. I also take Romney at his word for exactly the same reasons.


  17. Jeff,

    When you talk about looking into drone attacks I hope you are talking about the ones authorized by Obama against at least one US citizen without benefit of a trial first. That action is right up there with water-boarding in my book.

  18. Blah, Blah, Blah. Here's to you Carmine; you are, once again, WRONG. Mittens is no more an "expert" in business than YOU ARE. RyAYN is no more an "expert" in economics than YOU ARE. You have your knee jerk teabag rhetoric, and you spew it over and over, ad nausea. Vote for this pair of anti American rich bitches if you want too. How about generating some factual posits as to what they would actually DO if elected? YOU CAN'T! Keep posting your BS, and I'll keep refuting it.

  19. Mr. Lind:

    Being worth $210 MILLION is a sign of a business expert by most if not all. Of course, you would deny that but offer no tangible proof with facts for your reasoning. Just your opinions.


  20. Paul Ryan is a budget expert and considered by many as the foremost authority in the US on the federal budget. He is a 14 year member of the House of Representatives, and as such, is galactically more qualified as a legislator to be president than Obama was in 2008.


  21. Re Carmine. "Being worth $210 million is a sign of a business expert by most if not all." Really? Your lack of knowledge of business acumen is once again on display for all to see. There are people worth far more than Mittens who have NO BUSINESS EXPERIENCE. Angelina Jolie is worth FAR MORE THAN MITTENS WILL EVER BE WORTH. What is her job description?...Movie actress. Mittens worth, to me, MEANS NOTHING other than he made a whole bunch of money. It could have been made selling dope. Quit equating "BUSINESS EXPERTISE", with dollars earned. If that is your basis for business experience, then you are a fool....but I've already put that equation together.

  22. Re Dark_Gable70. The "Democrats", other than those in his own state, had NOTHING TO DO with his continued reelection to the Senate. KKK affiliation?..Let's not forget the "paragon of virtue", Strom Thurmond...One of the most racist and vitriolic people to ever serve in the Senate. They had to drag his corpse out of there, just like Byrd. Both were anachronistic A..hats, who outlived their usefulness.

  23. Michael,

    Blind trusts:

    "The blind trust is an age-old ruse, if you will," Romney said. "Which is to say, you can always tell a blind trust what it can and cannot do." Mitt Romney, 1994

    For more easy to understand information:

  24. Over an hour, and I haven't seen a reply from the fabulous Carmine about Mitten's business acumen. Why?, because Mittens is just another BS multimillionaire, and an image of the true GOP base: a rich old white guy trying to "relate" to people who actually work for a living. It will never happen. He is, as he said, what he is. Screw Mittens/RyAYN. A GOP ticket of flip flopping A**hats; "trust me" and I'll make your miserable lives better. A more stinking crock, I've never seen.

  25. Bymtplv Michael Casler,With all due respect,Mitt Romney's money may be in a blind trust and he may not know of all his daily investment moves. But he knows his money is in off shore investments and tax shelters.He can at anytime direct a change in where his money is invested, just as he is able to take some out at anytime as he wishes.Beleive me if his investments started losing large amounts of money he would order the needed changes.People with that kind of money watch it very close,with updates.

  26. Both Mittens and RyAYN should give every logical voter a crystal clear choice. A return to the Bush era limitless credit card, or a sober solution to what this country really needs to get rolling again. There cannot be progress without revenue. Norquist's simplistic "policy" cannot move the country forward. As I write this, Hurricane Issac is headed toward the gulf coast states, with the possibility of blasting New Orleans AGAIN. Does anyone with a modicum of common sense think that the scrawny looking A**hat of a Governor of Louisiana will not be BEGGING ON HIS HANDS AND KNEES for Federal disaster relief, if the Hurricane hits the city of New Orleans? Hardly. These same "independent" GOP clowns profess that their citizens, on their own, will somehow group together and fix their devastated areas without any outside help. Bu*ls**t. The government of Louisiana will be the first with their hand out for Federal aid. I am using Louisiana as an example only. I have been around long enough to know that there ain't no such thing as ANY STATES CITIZENS fixing up the aftermath of a natural disaster, without Federal Government aid. Period. Droughts, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and on and on. ALL REQUIRE FEDERAL AID. Anyone who doesn't comprehend that, should turn down any economic assistance, and ask his equally devastated neighbors, to "pitch in" and rebuild the neighborhood. What a crock. The GOP hasn't a clue what real citizens of this country go through after a disaster. How many disasters have Mittens and RyAYN had to go through? Answer: none. They float in the atmosphere of riches, with no regard or empathy for the rest of us.

  27. "He can at anytime direct a change in where his money is invested, just as he is able to take some out at anytime as he wishes."

    Mr. Pizzo:

    The problem with your logic is that Romney uses/pays for the blind trust so he doesn't have to spend the time and effort to do so himself.


  28. Mr. Lind:

    Let's stick to President Obama and Gov Romney for business comparisons. Romney's are worth $250 Million. My estimate above was too low. Obama's are worth $12 Million. Now, of the two, who is the best business man? Don't answer, it's a rhetorical question.

    If Angelina Jolie were running for office, I opine Brad's mother would not vote for her but for her opponent.


  29. Popeye is an American classic and icon. Quoting him is likewise.

    Now eat your spinach Mr. Teamster. Just like your mother always told you, because Popeye said so.


  30. The problem with people like you Mr. Lind is that you believe the Obama-Dem hype that a successful business man should be disqualified from the presidency. I don't. I think $250 Million in net worth and personal wealth is a badge of honor and merits a presidential run. More so than a community activist and half term junior Senator from Illinois who after 4 years still can't lead.


  31. Carmine,"the problem with your logic is that Romney uses/pays for the blind trust so he dosen't have to spend the time and effort to do so himself"

    If I might add the problem with your logic, is that you imply that because Gov.Romney has a blind trust, he is not in any way responsible to where his money is invested. Let me repeat myself if Gov.Romney's inveatments were losing large amounts of money he would order a change. I beg to differ with your logic.

  32. Mr. Pizzo:

    Romney pays a blind trust manager[s] so he doesn't have to spend his time and effort managing his money. He's designated a blind trust to do so and pays them to do it. That's my point. If he intercedes and directs the blind trust, he is paying them to do a job he is doing for them. Then he may as well not pay them to do it and do it himself.

    It's like hiring a contractor to do your landscaping all year around and then doing it all yourself. What's the point? Wasting time and money.


  33. carmine,"Romney pays blind trust managers" I don't beleive I said any different,what I did say is he gets briefs on what his investments are doing. You on the other hand try to imply that he knows nothing of where is money is invested.Like all blind trusts updates are provided to all who participate in them,Gov.Romney included.

  34. "You on the other hand try to imply that he knows nothing of where is money is invested."

    I didn't imply YOU INFERRED. Mr. Pizzo, Romney doesn't care where it is invested as long as it is legal for I.R.S. He pays others to worry about it, so he doesn't have to. That's my point.


  35. Mr. Teamster:

    When people say its not about the money, it's about the money. Take your wallet out and look at it. Put it down. And look at it again. Everything you've done in your life is about what's in that wallet [and elsewhere where you can keep it because it won't fit in the wallet]. If you don't believe me, throw it away and start over. Let me know when you do.


  36. Carmine,"I didn't IMPLY you inferred",He knows where his money is invested, with briefs,and that's my point.

  37. He knows where his money is invested, with briefs,and that's my point.

    So he knows. Your point is no point.


  38. Carmine,"so he knows,your point is no point'.I beleive I made my point days ago,but you have not.

  39. I missed it. Could not have been very important.


  40. Carmine, you don't miss anything,your wise cracks are a reflection of who you really are.

  41. Wise cracks to you are merely telling the truth for me.


  42. Mr. Pizzo:

    My wife and I have annuities with a reputable organization. I have no idea whatsoever, none, I repeat none, what the origanization invests in. None. Notta. Did I say NONE. We get one statement at the end of the year that tells us the beginning balance, ending balance, increase during the year and rate of return on the monies invested. We've had these annuities for years. I never ask what is being invested and where. Why? For one reason, it changes on a regular basis. Another reason, we trust the organization, which we pay, to invest wisely for us.

    I fully understand and support Romney's stance on his personal investments.


  43. Its too bad the writer is so ignorant to the facts. That if we knew about Obama, what we know about Romney, this paper would be out f business because nobody with half a brain cell would dare to admit they voted for Obama.

    But with the media bias against Romney and the blackout on Obama facts, you are making a critical choice that will impact the lives of your grandchildren, with only knowing one side... A shame and a waste of a precious vote.