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June 30, 2015

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Republican National Convention:

Romney makes his case: ‘Need jobs, lots of jobs’



Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney addresses delegates before speaking at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., on Thursday, Aug. 30, 2012.

Updated Thursday, Aug. 30, 2012 | 8:40 p.m.

Romney Speaks at Republican National Convention

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Republican vice presidential nominee, Rep. Paul Ryan pose for a group picture with their campaign staff at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., on Thursday, Aug. 30, 2012. Launch slideshow »

TAMPA, Fla. — Mitt Romney launched his fall campaign for the White House Thursday night with a rousing, remarkably personal speech to the Republican National convention and a prime-time TV audience, proclaiming that America needs "jobs, lots of jobs" and promising to create 12 million of them in perilous economic times.

"Now is the time to restore the promise of America," Romney said to a nation struggling with 8.3 percent unemployment and the slowest economic recovery in decades.

Often viewed as a distant politician, Romney made a press-the-flesh entrance into the hall, walking slowly down one of the convention aisles and shaking hands with dozens of delegates. The hall erupted in cheers when he reached the stage and waved to his cheering, chanting supporters before beginning to speak.

"I accept your nomination for president," he said, to more cheers. Then he pivoted into personal details of family life, recounting his youth as a Mormon, the son of parents devoted to one another, then a married man with five rambunctious sons.

He choked up at least twice, including when he recalled how he and wife Ann would awake to find "a pile of kids asleep in our room."

He was unstinting in his criticism of President Barack Obama, his Democratic quarry in a close and uncertain race for the White House, and drew cheers when he vowed to repeal Obama's signature health care law.

"This president can tell us it was someone else's fault. This president can tell us that the next four years he'll get it right. But this president cannot tell us that you are better off today than when he took office," Romney declared.

"I will begin my presidency with a jobs tour. President Obama began his presidency with an apology tour," he said, then accusing the incumbent of failing to support Israel while exercising patience with its arch-enemy, Iran.

Clint Eastwood, legendary Hollywood tough guy, put the case for ousting Obama plainly moments before Romney made his entrance. "When somebody does not do the job, you've got to let 'em go," he said to the cheers of thousands in the packed convention hall.

Beyond the heartfelt personal testimonials and political hoopla, the evening marked one of a very few opportunities any presidential challenger is granted to appeal to millions of voters in a single night.

The two-month campaign to come includes other big moments — principally a series of one-on-one debates with Democrat Obama — in a race for the White House that has been close for months. In excess of $500 million has been spent on campaign television commercials so far, almost all of it in the battleground states of Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada.

Romney holds a fundraising advantage over Obama, and his high command hopes to expand the electoral map soon if post-convention polls in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and perhaps elsewhere indicate it's worth the investment.

Associated Press writer Julie Mazziotta contributed to this report.

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  1. If the ONLY thing I had to judge the Republican Party was this speech I would be impressed by most of the positions taken.

    Unfortunately, I have too many years behind me and the memory of how the Republicans underwent a sea change in the 80s.

    I will say that there was one point that Romney mentioned that so far as I know he is alone in doing so: he specifically said that he wants to restructure our trade agreements to take away our disadvantages. I have been speaking out about this for a long time and it was surprising and refreshing to hear him bring it up as part of his plan.

    What I did not hear was that he is not running for President because he wants the income that will result from being elected President (specifically, the income that comes in after leaving office) because he is already wealthy. I understand why he wanted to downplay that aspect tonight, but I think it is also a positive. He is rich enough that few people could afford to make a credible bribe offer to him.

    Also, it will be very hard to say he is "waging war" on women after tonight without calling him a flat out liar. Not only did he say he supports women, but gave several rock solid examples of how he does.

    Overall it was a good speech and should serve notice to President Obama that he can not count on the same feelings being present today that propelled him into office in 2008.

  2. Great speech tonight and Romney has my vote.

  3. I've been listening to the reactions on CNN and MSNBC (we all know what FOX is saying) and not a single talking head has commented on the trade agreement point. They have hit *every* other aspect of Romney's speech, including what he said about jobs, but have completely ignored that one.


  4. boftx,

    " he specifically said that he wants to restructure our trade agreements to take away our disadvantages. I have been speaking out about this for a long time and it was surprising and refreshing to hear him bring it up as part of his plan."

    Since this is something you have been saying, would you please list some of those "disadvantages"?

    Do you see that we have gained any advantages through our trade deals? If so, please list those too, if you would be so kind.

  5. Tonight I saw a prominent Republican lose a debate with an empty chair.

  6. peacelily,

    The short answer is that thanks to our participation in the WTO and agreements such as NAFTA our markets have been flooded with cheap imports, which in turn have put enormous pressure on our own manufacturing base to move jobs offshore to take advantage of cheap labor and taxes in order to compete against foreign brands.

    Our trade deficit today is about equal to the rest of the world's *combined*. Basically, we are subsidizing the entire world with our imports.

    Look at the three trade agreements that President Obama just touted a few months ago as being so good for us. The benefits to our "partners" take effect immediately, but it takes up to FIVE YEARS before we get any benefits in the form of lower duties or broader markets with those "partners." (One of the countries involved is South Korea, who can hardly be called a disadvantaged nation when it comes to international trade.)

  7. Mitt Romney controlled every inch of this convention, and in his great wisdom allowed a senile Grandpa to wander onto the stage for 10 minutes and ramble incoherently in an argument with his imaginary friend.

    The incompetence and poor management skills of Team Romney, on display for all of America to see!

    What a disaster.

  8. teamster,

    If you know anything at all about the Mormon church as it was in the 60s you would realize that what Romney said tonight is a far cry from the church's attitude then, and might even be so today.

    Romney might have come back towards the fold moving to the pro-life camp, but he showed a genuine respect for women and belief in their ability that is uncommon to put it mildly among mainstream Mormons based on my experience.

    You might not like it, but Romney made up a little ground tonight with women. The best evidence for this was the CNN response meter that showed women had a strong positive reaction when Romney attacked Obama with the "are you as excited about Obama now as you were four years ago" approach.

    This is going to get interesting from now til the election.

  9. It was good to hear Romney talk about his family, especially his mother and father. This was good. What was not good was his comments about Israel, Iran, and the Soviet Union. America does not want another war! Big question about Romney's judgement in hiring many of former Pres. Bush foreign policy people.

    In directly Romney pointed out that if your not business person, or in business for yourself, somehow your are not a successful person, or not experiencing the America Dream.

    The part when Romney mentioned the poor---no one applauded. There was silence from the crowd. You could have heard a cricket in the convention hall.

    Saying only an "American can do it." A clear reference to Obama birth certificate, pandering to the Birther people like Donald Trump.

    Romney, like Ryan, gave no details on how he would help the economy. What is clear the House of Representatives are stopping many items that would help the economy.

    I doubt if Romney won over any independent voters. At least tonight, they didn't tell as many lies as Paul Ryan told on Wednesday.

  10. "I doubt if Romney won over any independent voters." - Longtimevegan

    I have to disagree. Romney's opening section about immigration and freedom and building a better life is going to resonate strongly with independents and even moderate Democrats. Romney hurled a strong rebuke at President Obama for his recent remarks with that.

  11. Jim, women aren't stupid. Romney and Ryan's rhetoric is one thing, their record is much different.

    Romney's support for state personhood amendments, barring abortion in the cases of rape and incest, and his personal vendetta with Planned Parenthood are well known with women. At the Huckabee faith forum in 2011, Romney said he agreed with the statement that life was formed at conception and that he would sign a personhood amendment if it hit his desk.

    Paul Ryan's voting record on abortion is identical to Todd Akin's record. Ryan even wrote a federal personhood bill. Paul Ryan, "favors outlawing some forms of contraception and is opposed to the requirement that health insurance pay for it. Ryan's stance also could criminalize in vitro fertilization for couples unable to conceive in the usual way." And he voted to defund Planned Parenthood four times.

    Paul Ryan said rape is a "form of conception."

    Acts matter more than rhetoric. Look at their records and you see something much more sinister than what you hear at the convention.

  12. boftx,

    Unfortunately, there is alot of global competition involving trade agreements.

    The Obama Administration is in negotiating meetings relating to the Trans Pacific Pact, which Romney supports.

    There is an advantage in that there are no legal protections for other countries from any damages, poisoning or pollution by our US companies or multinationals. While some see this as an advantage, I think it is a moral trap that will come back to us in some way eventually.

    Romney supports the TPP and hopes to continue the process through.

    China is making agreements with other countries, including in South America to grab resources. This will not help us.

    Also, they are making deals in these agreements to use the local currency conversion in order to undermine the US dollar as the world's currency reserve. This is a very big danger to us.

    South America is becoming much stronger on it's own and as a result of help for those who want to keep us out of the deal.

    Germany just made a trade deal with China securing a market for their renewable energy crops of corn, while our export corn is dying in the drought stricken fields. And, they are receiving government subsidized crop insurance proceeds that in some cases is larger than the crop they would have sold on the market. Something wrong there, considering the most of these "farms" are corporate agriculture.

    Trade agreements are much more crucial than the were when NAFTA came about, and we are not the only king on the throne, now. We can no longer sit in the dictator's chair.

    This is not Obama's fault or Bush's fault, it is the result of more competition for fewer resources in a changing global economy and political realities.

    I think Americans are too used to having the upper hand, calling the shots. However, since the global economic crisis began, in large part as a result of Wall St. and the entanglement of world financial institutions and markets, other countries are more on the offensive out of necessity.

    And lest someone thinks that Obama isn't taking a leadership roll, it should be recognized that the fault for the global economic crisis is put very much on the shoulders of the US investment banks and financial markets.

    There is much, much more competition as a result.

    If Romney becomes President, it is going to be very interesting to see how he is received. The reason, because he represents what was a part of the cause of the global economic crisis.

    Perhaps, the emphasis on military might is the only way to force the world to bow to the US once again. Don't count on it. We are not in a favorable status in the world in that regard either. The world she is a changing.

    We were the architects of trade agreements that bit us in the behind with many really bad effects.

    Do you really think that trade agreements are going to be made to our benefit, to the same extent, from now on?

  13. Kevin,

    Like I said in my first comment, if Romney's speech as the ONLY thing I had to go by ...

    That said, he made a powerful statement when he talked about his Mom running for the Senate and then proceeded to list some powerful and influential women of today. His remark that his wife could have achieved just as much, or more, seemed to be an honest one.

    No, well-known religious right positions notwithstanding, Romney threw a curve ball at people who are familiar with traditional Mormon attitudes towards women.

  14. peacelily,

    No, I don't. But I think you would agree that we rarely here anyone imply, let alone say, that we are getting the short end of the deal in almost all cases.

    But I do think that if we were to reduce our imports to any significant degree it would have a profound effect on the rest of the world, no matter what agreements they have in place with each other.

  15. boftx,

    I had another thought.

    Romney could load up other countries with huge debt, sending them toward collapse. Then, he could do a leveraged buyout of the countries, privatizing through investment equity investments.

    One step further towards a 'One World' corporation.

  16. LOL, right! (Shades of Bill Cosby saying to let it rain for 40 days and 40 nights and then wait for the sewers to back up.)

  17. NLV Indep13

    "it's just that once a child is concieved, many of us believe that child's right to life supercedes the woman's right to liberty or privacy."

    Key phrase: "many of us believe"

    Where does "privacy" come into this? Are you saying that anyone who has an abortion should wear a scarlet letter, or be otherwise publicly revealed?

    Good heavens, where does this stop?

    OK, nobody is asking you to go against your beliefs. That is your choice.

    However, you may not impose those beliefs on the other many/majority of us who don't believe as you do.

    "Liberty can be regained once the child is born, but the child's life can never be given back."

    The life of the mother who died as a result of the fetus, cannot be given back, nor liberty regained. Or are you speaking of imprisoning a woman to force her to give birth?

    Do as you believe for yourself, and allow others to do as their conscience or circumstances leads them, under safe medical/surgical supervision.

    Stop trying to force morality on others. Live it for yourself! Love others, share your benefits with those who have little, have mercy and forgiveness. Just maybe, you will change another person's life for the better.

  18. @boftx,

    Yes, Romney's opening remarks were good. When Romney talks about his family Romney is good. Romney is not good when he attacks. Romney's attacks are inaccurate, he comments are vague references, as did Paul Ryan in his acceptance speech Wednesday night.

    Independent voters are much harder to persuade. One good line is not enough to get our vote. Romney's history of inaccurate comments and changing positions cannot be erased with one line. No, no, my friend, this is an election for the Presidency of the United State. Independent votes need more than one good line to change our minds.

    As an independent voter I cannot speak for all independent voters, but I am confident the majority of undecided voters are independent voters. I made my decision to vote for President Obama based on the overall platform of the Republican Party and the presentation over the last 2-years from top Republican officials. I was especially disappointed with the Republican Convention presentation of the majority of speakers and comments by the current Republican governors and the overall message sent out to millions who normally would not be interested in politics. This Republican convention was centered on being inaccurate and misleading to the convention attendees and the millions who watched and listened around the Unite States.

    As far of independent voters goes, many have decided how they would vote before this convention. Now, the undecided independent voters (the majority) will not vote for Romney after viewing this Republican convention. The only way this changes if the Democrats screw up next week. Without any screw-ups from the Democrats, the undecided voters will lean voting Democrat in November.

  19. I think this will be a very close election. In fact, I would not be surprised if Romney were to win the popular vote by the slimmest of margins and Obama gets the electoral college. (And I would love to see that happen just to see how many Democrats would say the electoral college needs to go away after that.)

  20. boftx,

    "But I do think that if we were to reduce our imports to any significant degree it would have a profound effect on the rest of the world, no matter what agreements they have in place with each other."

    Hmmm! Well, we might just find we would speed up the loss of the dollar as the world's reserve currency, and other drastic actions.

    That would be a major disaster.

    The current situation, that we have brought on ourselves, has no easy out now. We haven't been independent for a long time, and we live in globalization like no time in the past.

    Each action we take is going to have a reaction, positive or negative, depending on what type of action we take and who benefits.

    First, perhaps, we need to think in terms of redeveloping a national business, industrial, and manufacturing base that is much greater than we have now. Plus, we need the infrastructure to support it.

    If we take the route to increasingly selling off our natural resources, and using up what we have now, rather than keeping a very healthy reserve for our future needs, we are going to be in a far worse bargaining position before we can rebuild our independence. Another disaster in the making.

    At all times we have to be aware of those companies and multinationals which are rapidly flushing us down the toilet.

    This is where we need some strong laws, or Constitutional amendments for our own national interest/security.

    I am less worried what others are doing to us than what we are doing to ourselves. It is about a basic economic system of capitalism gone wild.

    I'm not saying capitalism is totally bad, but it has gone beyond it's true benefit to our nation. It is time to find a way to make it work for us as a nation, not destroy us.

    It should also not place us in a danger from others outside our nation by turning the world against us because of the way we have dealt with them.

    We are talking a fine balance in everything now. There are some critical changes that have been taking place for some time, and they seem to be speeding up now.

    We need cool heads, diplomacy par excellence, and wisdom in political relationships, globalization, economies and trade matters.

    A new world is unfolding, boftx, and we need to start becoming aware of that, and find ways to move into it in a just way. A positive role for us may be more as a partner, rather than a bully.

  21. @spdmrcht...

    "Well after Nobama gets wipped he won't be living in the USA! He'll be back in Kenya. That's the good news!"

    ...and this is EXACTLY why you clowns will win nothing. NOTHING.

  22. I had a small party at my house today to watch the speech and a BBQ. Most were Obama fans almost four years ago. After the speech they said the are ready to vote for Romney. A couple of them were fans of Ron Paul, they said the were going for Romney too. Only 2 out of the crowd said they would stick with Obama. Right now it's 8-2 Romney, and were all 99%ers.

  23. boftx,

    I would still like to see the Electoral College go into history and a popular vote be the deciding factor.

    That said, I would also support a permanent ID security chipped card issued at birth or naturalization, with easily obtained replacement if lost, via a national registry. This could be linked with a national driver's license and passport registry for current photos and fingerprints.

    It is also essential to guarantee voter rights. Suppression of same should be punishable with jail terms, as well as for the use of fraudulent ID's once the new one is issued.

    I know the arguments against. Anyone who thinks they aren't already known by the government is living in a fantasy, is delusional or paranoid. They might be the very people I would like to be protected from.

    I don't believe we will get through this election result without lawsuits.

  24. I'm still a fan of the electoral college. California, Texas and New York (in that order) would have far too much influence without it.

    What I want to see is much easier ballot access for third parties. I've mentioned it before, take a look at what California did with the primaries. Their new rules will now allow an election in November with candidates from only ONE party on the ballot.

    I'm sorry, that is not democracy in my opinion.

    More to the point, Romney gave a good speech overall and I think we can expect to see a tight race leading into November. I just hope I have my NOTA back by then.

  25. I would like to make a comment about Clint Eastwood's appearance and presentation. I understand it was extemporaneous. They wanted him to follow a script, but he refused.

    The manner in which he spoke, and the fact he didn't follow a script reminds me of someone in early stage Alzheimer's Disease. I hope that isn't the case for him. It is a terrible way to go out.

    At lease he tried to unite the Libertarian faction with the Republicans, after all the Ron Paul delegate's disappointments.

    I thought he was quite funny, a star, in a Dirty Harry kind of way.

    I remember what he said more than what Romney said. I have to get a transcript of Romney's speech, but not tonight.

  26. I think Penn was right, he's Clint! He's earned the right to do whatever he wants and who's gonna say no to him?

    Really, anyone who can make all those spaghetti westerns (OK, "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" had a great theme song) and still come back and be a star can't be all bad.

  27. boftx, in a direct election for President, it is one person, one vote. State population has no effect.

    I do agree that other parties should have an easier time at making it on the ballot, within reason. A free for all would be impossible to deal with. That includes Congressional and Presidential races.

    I didn't know about CA, but it sounds like another attack on democracy.

    NOTA is important, so I agree with you. It is a third party, in a way.

  28. "...restructure our trade agreements to take away our disadvantages." Oh yeah? Just like that, it's so easy. Romney speaks and the World obeys?

    Will this be done using the standard GOP Unilateral negotiations used in the run up to the Iraq War?

    Trade wars go both ways. Romney is in a dream world powered by imaginary links to great powers in the sky that are downloading his thoughts and commanding him to fight evil where ever it lurks.

    The preliminary negotiations took place on the Cracker Bay but without the other countries present. It will be interesting to see what happens and who turns out when the Cracker sails into Tokyo Bay and drops anchor.

  29. 12 million jobs !But he doesn't say how they will be created...
    When he loses,will he let President Obama in on the plan ? For the good of America !

  30. <<12 million new jobs by the end of his first term?>>

    And you all believe that????

    Promises, promises - from another politician.

    WHERE are these jobs going to come from? Is he going to steal some of Obama's job plans (that congress ignored and never passed) and then tweak them a tiny bit so he could stand in front of the country and say "I didn't steal these ideas from the Obama administration, they are my own ideas".

    Or is he going to put on TWO pairs of special underwear and hope for the best?

    Or is he just going to pull out 12 million jobs out of his butt??

    Think people - WHERE are these jobs going to come from????? Don't you think if there are so many jobs that will be available in such a short ime - that some of these jobs would have surfaced by now? Unless, of course, they are all jobs in the defense industry since we will be heading for another war with these guys in the WH.

    12 million jobs. Funniest thing I've heard since some of the lines Charlie Sheen said on Two And A Half Men.

  31. <<And, they are receiving government subsidized crop insurance proceeds that in some cases is larger than the crop they would have sold on the market Something wrong there, considering the most of these "farms" are corporate agriculture>>


    I live in the middle of farm country where the farm report everyday is part of the news, not an after thought. Many farmers out here are farmily-owned and run for generations and are receiving aid from the government because of the terrible weather conditions ruining their crop BUT those farmers provide for our OWN food supply, and are not exported. Since the crop goes to ranchers/dairy farmers for their cattle, yes, some of those ranchers/dairy farmers sell their stock and product to companies but they are OUR companies. Think about that next time you or anyone elses buys a steak or a carton of milk. The cattle was fed on midwestern grown feed. There is one (that I know of) farm not too far away from where I live that the corn is for renewable energy and that is one of the "corporate agriculture" farms and has a sign saying so. I don't think the federal aid goes to those folks.

  32. I had a small party at my house today to watch the speech and a BBQ. Most were Obama fans almost four years ago. After the speech they said the are ready to vote for Romney. A couple of them were fans of Ron Paul, they said the were going for Romney too. Only 2 out of the crowd said they would stick with Obama. Right now it's 8-2 Romney, and were all 99%ers.
    Gimme a break. A BBQ to watch the speech? And one speech at a Republican Convention changes "most" of them. One speech of sound bites? Sounds like your friends are beyond gullible to have one single speech change their minds. Maybe after the debates someone might make a change..not after a partisan speech. I'd question the intelligence of that decision.

    Touche, Tom!!!

    How much liquor was served at this BBQ I wonder? People say strange things after a few cocktails and greasy, sugary food. The HUGE amounts of sugar in the BBQ sauce sends your pancreas into overdrive and your insulin levels high; your head gets foggy and you can't think straight. Add in alcohol - and no one should take what people say as the "real deal".

  33. <<I had a small party at my house today to watch the speech and a BBQ>>

    LOLOLOL Sorry, but I have to laugh at this. YOU LIVE IN VEGAS, "Anthonyjoevegas"!!! You people really need a life if you think having a party to watch a speach at a political convention is the most wonderful social soiree of the year!!! HOw can you admit to this? Golly, you and your friends are awfully boring. Either that or they just wanted a free meal and went along with the "program" and didn't want to insult the host by having differing political opinions.

  34. Thank you everybody for your responses. I can not believe all the responses.

    Det_Munch says "LOLOLOL Sorry, but I have to laugh at this. YOU LIVE IN VEGAS, "Anthonyjoevegas"!!! You people really need a life if you think having a party to watch a speach at a political convention is the most wonderful social soiree of the year!!!"

    What's wrong with having a BBQ and friends/family over? Is that abnormal to you? Guss what, the steak and chicken we ate, probally came from the mid-west that helps support your ecconomy. Think about that for a minuet. I quit drinking over 6 months ago and ther was no alchol at the party. You know what they say about people who assume!!! There's more to Las Vegas than gambling and hookers. Families actually live here. Also det_munch, didn't you live here in Las Vegas and lost your job and couldn't survive?

    TomD Says "Gimme a break. A BBQ to watch the speech? And one speech at a Republican Convention changes "most" of them. One speech of sound bites? Sounds like your friends are beyond gullible to have one single speech change their minds. Maybe after the debates someone might make a change..not after a partisan speech. I'd question the intelligence of that decision"

    They did vote for Obama almost four years ago, so I guess you can call my friends gullible. Except you can not fool everyone all the time, even the gullible ones can not be fooled all the time.

    Last Throes says "Please put down the bong, anthony. We've got serious issues here"

    I would flag your post, except I believe in free speech. Thanks for the laugh about the bong hit, been there, done that. How much would you like to wager I pass a drug test? Bring all the cash you have, except food stamps and whatever freebies you recieve from the government. I will gladly take it all from you.

    Thanks again everyone for the comedy of responses. It made my day. No hard feelings from any of your comments. Now I'm going to heat up the grill :-)

  35. chuck333

    When I can, I travel to the Big City a lot. I work during the week so I don't have much time to do much else. And I do live in a "metro area" where there is plenty to do, I choose not to do some of it mostly because things are expensive here, too.

    Then there is the issue of ever-rising gas prices.... No need to explain that! Made the mistake of waiting until yesterday to fill up!! What was I thinking??? I know better....

    PS There is something to be said about those crickets! And the other wildlife that live among us!! And we are getting RAIN today and tomorrow -- lots of it. Finally. Never thought I'd get excited about rain!! Yeah - I do miss Vegas at times!!! lolol

  36. <<Also det_munch, didn't you live here in Las Vegas and lost your job and couldn't survive?>>

    Yes, I did lose my job but made the choice to move back home, near family and friends, instead of keep trying to find work in Vegas at the height of the "recession". If things weren't so bad at the time, I probably would have stayed but one can't live on unemployment benefits forever. Glad I moved back, too. Time goes by too fast and being close to everyone again is comforting. I'm only 3 hrs away/175 miles from my friends instead of 1800 miles and my family is real close.

    I apologize about the BBQ comments. People bbq here ALL the time, and yes even in winter!! I miss that since my apt complex does not allow outdoor grilling because some numnut put the grill right next to the siding and started a fire in one of the buildings!! We have a lot of green space but I guess the fool didn't want to walk 5ft to the grassy area. So now it's totally forbidden.

  37. TomD,

    The BBQ was not because of the convention speech, the speech happended to be on the day of the BBQ. Give up already.


    It's all good :-)

  38. @anthonyjoevegas,

    I couldn't help but to ready the comments about your BBQ. It appears it's gone far enough. I think what they are trying to say is, is hard to understand how one speech changed the minds of Obama voters to Romney.

    The assumption---the majority of voters in a national elections have a reasonable understand of the issues that concern them. If your on one side, the logic is, something major must happen to change one's position. One good speech by a person who has been inconsistent throughout their political life is not enough to change a person position who is knowledgeable on the issues.

    It's not the BBQ, it is the quick change without a good reason if in fact one is following both parties and following the issues.

    Oh, you cannot flag a person comments, or I should say, you can flag a person comments, but the comments cannot be removed just because there is disagreement on a subject. Name calling, abusive language and the such are reasons for removal.

    Stay involved. Good posting ;)

  39. ..@anthonyjoevegas,

    To put it softly, just think how the President feels when his words are taken out of content. The scale is 1000 times heavier.

  40. <<I'm a desert person now since I've been here since 75, but at times I do miss those crickets. LOL>>


    I'll send you some crickets if you'd like!! Saw one trying to "sneak" in thru my door this morning! Swatted it away with my foot! BIg one, too!! Did NOT want it inside because (1) hearing it and not seeing it would make me crazed and (2) my cat would go absolutely NUTS trying to find the thing! She has enough stimulation with all the other creatures roaming around outside!