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July 7, 2015

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Go ahead and nominate Susan Rice

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U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice likely will be President Barack Obama’s nominee to replace Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. This is old news. Rice was rumored for months to be Clinton’s likely replacement. She was constantly shadowing Clinton, who made it widely known that she wanted to resign, possibly before the Democratic National Convention in September.

On Sept. 16, Rice, at the behest of the White House, went on a number of Sunday talk shows to say that a spontaneous demonstration over a YouTube video led to the attack on the consulate and CIA Annex in Benghazi, Libya, which ultimately resulted in the murders of four American heroes, including Ambassador Chris Stevens and three members of his staff. Common knowledge and information before, during and after Rice’s appearances on the Sunday talk shows prove Rice wrong.

In his first news conference after re-election, President Barack Obama called out Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham for criticizing Rice’s accounts. The president neglected to mention that Sen. Kelly Ayotte joined the chorus of criticism of Rice. Obama went a step further. He challenged the senators to go after him instead. They obliged.

Rice deserves to be nominated and have a hearing. She deserves to be judged and criticized for the position, just like any nominee would be. Obama needs to keep personal issues out of it. If not, then he shouldn’t nominate her.

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  1. The logical choice would be Leon Panetta for Secretary of State. The President is a smart man. The President knows who is best for the top cabinet positions. Especially a position that is 4th in line to the Presidency. The most experienced person for that position is Leon Panetta.

    Susan Rice is good, but she is not Secretary of State material.

    Look for the President to nominate someone other than Susan Rice. Not because to the comments made on the Sunday talk shows about the Benghazi attacks. Susan Rice can best serve the Nation in the capacity of Ambassador and not Secretary of State.

  2. Burrittobandit2,,

    Your eating your beans early, are you? It appears your full of hot air early this morning. I suggest you open the window and allow your room a breath of fresh air.

    Please, your free to offer a response to the article. I thought Carmine wrote a good article. He deserves reasonable responses. Not drive-by comments that have no logic or reason.

  3. The stature of the debate over Susan Rice once more illustrates how style trumps substance in America and our priorities are completely out of line, in politics, the media and with Americans themselves.

    The overriding issue with Benghazi and what transpired there should NOT be Susan Rice and her fitness for being Secretary of State. It SHOULD BE an effort to discover why we kept a consulate open there when most other nations closed theirs; why, in an area that reports said had become a hotbed of terrorists, we had only a small security force; why requests for addition security seem to have been denied; why the decision not to send assistance was made and why it took so long to get the FBI in to investigate.

    Most Administrations have at least one foreign policy debacle during their term(s) and I believe this might have been one for the Obama Administration. The truth needs to come out so that America can decide whether this was a 'one off' poor decision or whether our foreign policy approach in this area needs to be re-thought.

    Whether Susan Rice or someone else replaces Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State is important, but it pales compared to what I just said above.

    This is another example of how this country has strayed so far away from a prudent path that it is almost unbelievable to me.


  4. Beats me why you "Commie-Lites" would want Susan Rice in any capacity. After all, she & her husband are high among those 1%ers you despise. As a matter of fact, with between $22 and $43 million in assests, she and her hubby are in the .0001%. Seems to me you'd be agitating against her and for some homeless guy who doesn't have any shoes to wear. Hypocrites!

  5. "The logical choice would be Leon Panetta for Secretary of State." @ LTV

    He's 74, dyes his hair, flabby around the mid section. Sec of State will kill him before Obama leaves office.


  6. Carmine,

    "He's 74 dyes his hair,flabby around the mid section.Sec.of state will kill him before Obama leaves office".

    What makes you think Leon Panetta in his current job as C.I.A. director has it any less stressful than the job of secretary of state? Don't be so criticial of a true patriot and American.By the way what do you look like in your late 60's?

  7. Burrittobandit2 - "wait for it..and of course we will get Vernos usual rant of how FOX news turned it all around when he doesn't have cable to watch FOX news."

    Not Fox, just McCain, Graham and their faux rage. Susan Rice used the talking points given to her by the CIA. Should she have ignored their memo?

  8. Jeff,

    I don't believe any person that is nominated by the President for a cabinet position or a judge should be kept from a full hearing by allowing a few people to block the nomination.

    Unfortunately, this has been done in several previous administrations by both parties, so the indignation you hear each time is pretty disingenuous.

    Just give any nominee a full hearing and full up or down vote. Elections have consequences.


  9. Sam:

    Panetta is Sec of Def not CIA Director.

    Sec of State does much more travelling and smoozing with world leaders than Def. Panetta is not up for the toll it takes personally and physically. Takes a younger person with less family and home ties than Leon.

  10. "As a matter of fact, with between $22 and $43 million in assests, she and her hubby are in the .0001%." @ Jerry Fink

    One's personal wealth, or lack thereof, should never be a consideration for public service. If it were, it would disqualify alot of persons who would make good/excellent public servants.


  11. "My Lord, this Carmine guy has shouted BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI and tried to slime Susan Rice, even in this letter to the editor." @Jeff

    Wrong. If I have said it once here, I've said it a dozen times in response to several recent nationwide columnists for and against her nomination as Sec of State. Rice is among the best and brightest in the Democratic party. I also said she made a mistake by going on the Sunday morning talk shows and parroting the party line on Benghazi. She admits that now too.

    Rice is the face of the future of the Dem party [it's not Hilary Clinton]. Rice deserves the nomination and an up and down vote for the job. She deserves the opportunity to get the nomination on her own merits and make her case for the job. Period. End of story.


  12. "Just give any nominee a full hearing and full up or down vote." @ Michael

    Amen. Simple political concept well grounded in practice. President wins, he picks his cabinet appointees, the appointees get a public hearing in the Senate, and the Senate confirms or denies the nominees based on a public up and down vote.


  13. "well he should know better, having been a low level bureaucrat for most of his adult life" @ Jeff

    Like I said many times to you here before, my family business of over 40 years was my passion. My government position of 33 years was my job.


  14. Carmine,
    You are correct Leon Panetta is Sect.of defense,not C.I.A.director.Judging from my 6:33 am post today. I'm not much to be judging others.I hope I don't forget to tie my shoes before I go out today.

  15. chuck333 - "Carmine I'm not a brain surgeon but right or wrong when this attack happened, anyone thats up on world events knew that this was an act of terror and not because of some stupid a$$ movie."

    How do you distinguish Libya from the other 20 plus coutries who went off the deep end over that video? It all happened within the same time frame. It was a world wide event and singling out Libya is unfair.

  16. "Carmine I'm not a brain surgeon but right or wrong when this attack happened, anyone thats up on world events knew that this was an act of terror and not because of some stupid a$$ movie." @Chuck

    The White House, rather than push the party line that it was the anti-Muslim prophet video, should have said we don't know the real causes yet and when we do we'll release them. White House didn't. Instead it pushed the video non-sense to sure up it's mantra Al Qaida is dead.

    But here's the real issue being missed in this flap and it has nothing to do with Susan Rice. For over 8 hours the White House principals were watching the Battle of Benghazi unfold in real time. The President said he gave the order to do everything possible, and I paraphrase, to save the American heroes who died, Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 of his security detail. What was done? One unmanned unarmed drone sending video inn real time back to the White House of the battle? There are 3 possible explanations and answers. And Panetta and Obama, mostly President Obama, owe the American people the correct answer.

    Sadly Generals in sex scandals and royalty expecting babies are more appealing to the news reporters than the deaths of 4 American heroes. They gave their lives! For what?


  17. "It was a world wide event and singling out Libya is unfair." @Vernos Branco

    Not when 4 Americans were murdered and the US appears at least so far to have done nothing to save one or more of them.


  18. "Senators from either party don't like to be lied to." rusty57

    And a felony whether or not the witnesses are sworn in before!


  19. No, Rice doesn't deserve to be nominated. The issue is who could serve well in that position, perhaps even who could serve best, who of those available and/or willing to accept. Ms. Rice has nothing of value to offer. As said elsewhere, there has been no positive performance at the UN other than we keep getting the bill for each and every action. And now all the little marionettes what a Palestinian homeland despite our opposition. WHY DO WE BELONG TO THE UN when they go against our interests almost always?

  20. "No, Rice doesn't deserve to be nominated." @ Roslenda

    Ms. Rice may not deserve to be confirmed. Time will tell IF SHE IS NOMINATED. The latter is in the hands of President Obama, who by many accounts, did not deserve to be the party's nominee in 2008.