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May 6, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Boehner, GOP serve rich masters

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President Barack Obama is claiming that 97 percent of small businesses make under $250,000 and therefore would not be affected by the tax increase he wants for those making over that amount.

His numbers are confirmed by the Tax Policy Center and the Congressional Research Service. Yet, Republican House Speaker John Boehner rejects the tax increase on those making over $250,000, claiming it would hurt small businesses.

If only 3 percent of small businesses make over $250,000, his argument has no merit. Yet, this is the kind of nonsensical argument Republicans are making to protect their wealthy supporters from a tax hike.

Meanwhile, the people who make under $250,000 have to watch as Republican stubbornness takes us over the “fiscal cliff,” leading to higher taxes for all in 2013. Any claim by the GOP that it is looking out for your interests is baloney.

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  1. According to the GOP there are no "rich" or "wealthy" people in this country. There are only "job creators" who need every dollar to continue their benefic work. The fact is we have tried this noble experiment in tax welfare for ten tax years and we know it has failed miserably at job creation. In fact, "job creators" participated in laying off 8 million of us in 2008-9 while still collecting their tax welfare.

    What we do know from experience is that tax breaks for the wealthiest do create debt. Some suggest that we should not increase their taxes because it's ONLY $82 billion and it does not completely solve the debt problem. I'm sure they would leap at the chance to cut spending by that much though. I would point out that adding $82 billion to the debt by continuing their tax welfare will not solve the debt problem either.

    I'll be listening to see if our conservative friends are really as concerned about the debt as they are about their own tax bills.

  2. The republicans will concede the higher tax rates on the richest 2 percent AS A START. In order to save the Bush2 payroll tax cuts for the 98 percent which includes the working and middle classes. But, as the President and Dems like to argue when the GOP ask for spending cuts, a balanced debt/deficit solution must include both tax revenue increases AND spending cuts. If you don't have the latter, surely we end up where Greece, Spain, Italy, and Portugal are. Deeper in the hole and less time to climb out. Let's see what the President and Dems put on the table for cuts/reform to Medicare and Social Security and dare I say, Obamacare too.


  3. Obama's policies are a nightmare. His policies are not about merely taxing a given segment of society,but instead to bury America in poverty and debt.Look what he's doing everyone. Wake up! He has no intention of working out a deal before the nation kicks in much higher taxes an everyone. His pledge to the middle class is a lie. Unfortunately there are too many Americans willing to follow this destructive pide piper over the cliff and into a bottomless pit of fiscal and social hell.

  4. There is nothing wrong with being are angry that the Republican party fights a tax increase on the wealthy.

    What about also being angry that the Democrats and President Obama want a tax increase that doesn't produce enough revenue to offset the spending increases that are in the same package? What about being angry that the Democrats won't offer anything in the entitlement areas that slow their growth?

    When will Mr. Mundy and other Americans be angry that our deficits and debt are not addressed?

    Will it be when our money is debased even more? Will it be when inflation runs out of control? Will it be when entitlements have to be paid out of the general treasury because the money certain Congressional members insist is in the 'lockbox' really was IOU's instead of real money?

    Mr. Mundy is right to be angry about the tax issues but the truth is that the taxes in question are not nearly enough, do not touch nearly enough Americans and that what we spend in defense and entitlements is still going to bankrupt us all if not addressed.

    Both parties are playing a shell game with one of shells (taxes) painted bright red to keep our attention on that while the other two shells spend us into bankruptcy.

    Mr. Mundy and others better find a way to tear their eyes off the red shell and see the others as well before it is too late.


  5. This is for HoustonJack and people who believe as he does and to Mr. Mundy and people who believe as he does.

    The moment it was announced that President Obama won re-election, we entered the 'zone', where after 4 years we will finally see what President Obama truly is. The media did not vet Obama like other candidates have been vetted in the past and a majority of the populace just wanted someone who wasn't Bush.

    Now we are going to get higher tax rates on some, but most Americans know that without much higher tax rates on all Americans and/or large cuts in spending in the areas of defense and entitlements, our deficit and debt problems cannot be solved.

    If President Obama does address the deficits and debt with higher taxes AND spending cuts to defense and entitlements, Houston Jack will be proven wrong about President Obama wanting to fundamentally remake America and Mr. Mundy will be proven right about the President being a great leader.

    If President Obama does not seriously address entitlement and defense spending and raise taxes on many more Americans, HoustonJack will be proven correct and we will be transformed into a country most of us won't really like very well and Mr. Mundy will be proven very wrong in his assessment.

    We are this 'zone' now and after inauguration in January 2013 it should be pretty obvious by the latter part of 2013, which President Obama is the real one.... a pragmatic man who will make the tough and unpopular decisions that need to be made.... or a man that really does believe that our whole system just isn't very good and needs to be largely remade.

    I'll be watching with interest .... and trepidation.


  6. Do you so-called conservatives believe it's ok to hand over billions of dollars in subsidies to corporations making huge profits? The welfare system was hijacked by corporations and congressional members jumped on that bandwagon to snatch monies for their family run businesses.

    The next time the 2% decide to hose the economy will you fiscal conservatives be ready to jack up taxes on the working class to paydown their bad business deals?

  7. Vernos,

    That horse is already out of the barn. We are going to tax the wealthy more. The real question is: what else is President Obama willing to do?

    Taxing the rich a lot more than an extra 3.6 % plus taxing the non rich more and or cutting spending in defense, entitlements and in other places must a part of any real solution. What part of that is President Obama willing to embrace?

    We need those answers....


  8. Hi vernos, Good luck getting the very small group of conservatives posting at the Sun to come to grips with reality.

  9. Enjoyed the letter, but it should be pointed out that not only does Speaker Boehner serve his rich masters and their corporate welfare needs, but he also throws red meat out to low information voters, hoping they believe his malarky.

    But all indications from polls show they aren't. The Tea/Republican Party basically lives in a dream world. And it's being revealed more and more every day that it gets us nowhere.

    "Hey! You people get offa my front lawn! And take Mr. Ben Gozzy and Mr. Job Crater with you!"

  10. @Michael. I hope that I am wrong and that Obamacomes to terms with this fiscal crisis. I just happen to believe that he has darker designs on this nation and that he will attempt to bury it under debt and poverty. His unwavering fixation on this tax rate hike with very little effect on the debt only leaves me with a pit in my stomach that he has more sinister designs in mind. If he does I have pretty much lost hope that the voting masses in America laden with his new demographic base will do anything to revolt. Let's hope for the best but prepare for the worst. It will all unfold in a matter of days.

  11. @ Michael:

    Are you kidding me?? "The media did not vet Obama like other candidates have been vetted in the past and a majority of the populace just wanted someone who wasn't Bush."

    President Obama was 'vetted' and investigated, and lied about more than any other candidate and President in the history of this country. No we did not just want a 'not Bush'.

    President Obama has told the Right what his deal is on this issue, it is up to the Right to put cuts on the table so everything can be negotiated. I want to see what the Right Wing extremists, that have control of the House, are willing to cut from the Middle and lower lass Americans. They should be willing to cut massive amounts of corporate welfare and close loopholes for the rich. How about moving the cap on Social Security wages up to the first $250,000 rather than the first $112,000?

    Just as the letter writer notes, the GOP is there only to serve their rich masters and it's time the rest of the middle class woke up.

  12. "Bill Kristol has a great column" (in which) he says, quote, 'Every great cause begins as a movement' -- this is an Eric Hoffer quote that he applies to the GOP -- 'Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.' And that's exactly what happened. You had the great conservative revolution of 1980, and you had Heritage and a lot of other organizations grow up out of that, and all the other intellectual thrust, politically, was on the Republican side from 1980, say, to 1990. The Democratic Party was tired; liberalism was exhausted."

    "But that (conservatism) turned into a business. We saw a couple of Republican consultants get paid tens of millions of dollars; and then it becomes a racket, and that's where you have a lot of people running around saying harsh things that sell books, and push ratings, and lose elections" And that's where we are: conservatism is a racket for a lot of people to get very, very rich." -- Joe Scarborough

  13. "To LVS posters like Jim Weber, a tax increase has no affect on consumption, jobs, wages, hours worked or our economy. Perhaps everyone should take a refresher course on Tax Policy and its effects on macroeconomics."

    Congressional Budget Office says a tax increase on the wealthiest 2% would have minimal impact on the economy.

    Perhaps wannabe economic gurus should take a course on the effect of reduced government spending on macroeconomics as well.

  14. Here's a sure bet: most, if not all, of the knuckleheads calling for a tax increase on those making $250,000 or more, don't! More likely, they don't gross $250,000 in earnings in 5 years, never have and some never will because they're Social Security beneficiaries. They are the greedy & grubby ones they claim others to be. They'll sacrifice nothing of their own and keep sucking at the feds teat. They are enablers of the parasites, perverts and criminals so rife in our society today.

  15. Judy,

    With all due respect, those in the media on the right side could find nothing to like about Obama in the 2008 election campaign. The rest of the media, who lean left, could find nothing that wasn't positive toward Obama to report about leading up to the 2008 election. So, no, I am sorry, but he wasn't vetted very well.

    You are right of course that Republicans could and should put specific spending cuts on the table. But to be fair, so could Obama and the D's. Senator Shummer talks about the Democrats not wanting to 'negotiate with themselves', but Democrats and Obama know that 'any' spending reductions are going to be painful and unpopular, so they want to stay away from them and let the Republicans take the heat for them.

    This is what I hate about our two parties. What about the best interests of the country, Judy? Should either party get a 'pass' because they refuse to be the ones that propose any of the unpopular spending cuts we have to make? I don't think either side should be absolved of guilt. Do you?

    I think the Republicans should propose cuts, but I also remember that President Obama is the guy who called for a 'balanced approach'. A 'balanced approach' is not to propose 1.6 trillion dollars in new spending and 800 billion in spending reductions when we have a 16 trillion dollar debt and deficits that run over 1 trillion dollars a year, while calling on Republicans to come up with enough spending cuts to balance 1.6 trillion in additional spending.

    Both sides need to be in the part of this game that is the ugly part, which is reductions in spending. Both sides don't want to engage on this unpopular but required area.

    We 'should' be exceedingly angry at both sides.


  16. Vernos,

    You still see only 1/2 the equation. The Conservative movement and Republicans did reach a point where many of them in government didn't care about anything but making money... deficits and the debt be damned.

    But I ask you; now that Progressives and Democrats are on the ascendancy, where is a 'real' effort to get us back into balance? A 3.6 % tax increase on those making over $ 250,000 when we spend 1 trillion more than we bring in each year and are 16 trillion dollars in debt? A budget that contains 1.6 trillion in additional spending and 800 billion in spending reductions?

    Where is the seriousness, Vernos? Criticize the Conservatives and Republicans. They deserve it. What about what is happening now? Where is a serious budget, Vernos? It's nowhere to be found.... not from Republicans and Conservatives and not from President Obama and Progressives.


  17. @Bob Jack,

    Like you I am afraid both parties will fail us again. We badly need a 'real' budget that contains enough increased taxes and reduced spending that we don't continue to add trillions to the debt. So far I see no such thing, from either side. Worse, both sides shy away from addressing the spending side of the equation because it will be difficult and unpopular. Don't we elect and pay these people to not only tackle popular but also difficult and unpopular issues?


  18. Mr Freeman says"Perhaps everyone should take a refresher course on Tax Policy and its effects on macroeconomics"
    a couple of points on that issue:

    The United States has the lowest tax rates in the industrialized world. Yet if you look at the 100 largest companies in the world in terms of revenue only about 20 are US companies. The rest of the world does just fine with higher rates.

    In addition the highest economic growth rates in US history were in the 1950s when taxes were demonstrably higher than they are today. They were years when economic growth was approaching double digits and top tax rates were close to 90%.

    I love it when people say that Obama's policies are catastrophic. Trillions of wealth has been created since he took office. Sheldon Adelson's wealth has gone up more than any other American yet he is reported to have donated $100 million to Romney. I love it when billionaires give their money to multimillionaires and then complain about the economy.

    America is a aging nation with millions of people retiring. Costs are extremely high and people need assistance for everything from food to medical care. Raising taxes to pay for some of these things is hardly catastrophic. In my view people should pay for what they demand from government. If they don't want pay for it stop standing in line for Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, food stamps, and subsidized housing.

  19. Taxes don't affect growth much as long as they are not too onerous. What affects growth is competition, demographics and the demand for goods and services in the developed world. The developed world has most of the money. When people spend in the developed world that filters down to the developing world because that's where many of the goods are made.

    The world lost trillions of dollars worth of wealth during the financial crisis. This has affected consumption and the reduced consumption in the developed world has slowed growth in the developing world. It's a vicious cycle that comes every time there is a severe financial crisis. It takes many years to recover from these things.

    It took until 1954 for asset prices to fully recover from the downturn that started in 1929.


    (1)In the course of the 2008 election, Barack Obama's background was gone over not just by mainstream outlets like the New York Times, but by Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, the McCain campaign, and the RNC -- all groups who had a vested interest in digging up campaign-killing dirt on Obama.

    (2)The right also pushed the idea that Obama's affiliation with Rev. Jeremiah Wright was ignored by the press. This ignores the mainstream media's incessant replay of Wright's remarks, particularly on ABC News and Foxnews. It also ignores the fact that the noise of the coverage got so loud that Obama made a speech about it.

    (3)Barack Obama's past was probed by partisan media outlets -- conservative blogs, opinion journals like The Weekly Standard and National Review, in addition to Fox News. None of those outlets had any reason to hold back on an anti-Obama anecdote, story, or more that would cast him in the most negative light possible.

    (4)In addition to Obama's own autobiography, there have been almost as many books written about the life of Obama as any other modern U.S. president.

    Not to mention the research staffs for multiple conservative radio talk show hosts. Like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and others.

  21. Bob Jack... Yeah, Obama wants to bury us in debt and poverty. That's why corporations have posted some of their best earnings in history. The stock markets is up thousands of points. The real estate market in places like Nevada is on fire. Our 2% growth rate is the gold standard in the developed world right now. Wages are starting to go back up.

    DuPont came out with one of its worst earnings reports in many years a while back. Citing slowing growth rates outside the United States. Companies doing business outside the United States are getting killed. Companies doing business in the United States are doing well. GM report $16 billion in cash on hand. The big casinos reported good earnings citing strong Las Vegas growth.

    Even 8% unemployment is pretty darn good given the 11.6% unemployment they are looking at in Europe.

    The United States doesn't exist in a microcosm. You have to look at how the United States is doing relative to the rest of the world. Considering the demographics and $20 trillion worth of wealth lost during the crisis it's been nothing short of a miracle. Keep in mind the net worth of this country dropped from $70 trillion to close to $50 trillion in a very short timeframe. That's a hell of a shock.

  22. Richard J. Mundy,

    The majority of Americans are still waiting for the House Republicans to vote on the Senate approved bill, that extends the Bush Tax cuts for 98% of Americans.

    What is emerging as information comes in from Washington, there will not be an agreement in 2012.

    On December 31, 2012 at 11:59 agreement!

    What is developing, is an agreement for early January 2013 to vote on the Senate Bill extending the Bush Tax Cuts for 98% of American. Before the first Paychecks are cut!

  23. @Longtimevegan,

    Thank you for the response at 9:58am. These nut jobs can't wrap their skulls around the fact the people have dug deep into Obama's life and came up empty handed. He must have been the greatest evil genuis toddling around in pampers at age 3 to fool everyone, OR, people looking for whatever are just dumb as bricks and will say anything. The latest being, Obama is secretly gay and married Michele as a political convenience. I laugh when they accuse the "liberal media" of hiding information they apparently learned from the media. Say Whaaaa?

  24. Vernos,

    Most of this crazy talk comes from internet sites like the Onion and the Blaze. There is huge section of the Republican party that gets their daily dose of Bubble information from these crazy sites.

    The Bubble Master, Foxnews, controls the crazy messages. The Bubble is a prison for the people living in an alternate universe.

    Have the read the Bubble Chronicles by LTV?

  25. He ain't frightened of the liberal base. It's the 147 million getting assistance that makes him nervous. What massive cuts has the right proposed specifically. Romney attacked the 47% and it cost him his gig.

  26. Vernos,

    Here the Bubble Chronicles posted on 11/21/12 7:28am.

    This will help you to understand why Republicans refuse to believe in long standing conventions and against things they once championed and initiated.

    The extreme Republicans reside in The Bubble:
    (1)The Bubble is place where a different reality exist. (alternate reality)

    (2)In the Bubble, messages and information are stretch and distorted from grains of truth from all sources of information.

    (3)A "Bubble Master" controls the messages and information inside the Bubble. A Bubble Master is the likes of Foxnews, Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, Koch Brothers, the Bradley Foundation, or sites like the Drudge Report, the Blaze and the Onion.

    (4)The mission of the Bubble Master is to distort the smallest points of truth and mislead the people inside the Bubble.

    (5)Once inside the Bubble you are officially a "Bubble Citizen."

    (6)Next level from a Bubble Citizen is an All In Bubble Citizen (aka, AIBC). An AIBC is one who defends and repeats the distorted Bubble message from the Bubble Master.

    (7)To qualify for the rank of AIBC one has to pay the Bubble Master for the distorted messages and information. Such as buying books or web subscriptions from the Bubble Master. This ensures the Bubble Citizen will commit to the distorted messages and information and feel a sense of ownership to the Bubble Master. Like listening to Bill O'Reilly or Mike Huckabee, or Sean Hannity and Dick Morris, and buying whatever they are offering.

    (8)No information is allowed inside the Bubble without the Bubble Master's approval. In order for your message to be considered, one must approach the Bubble Master with an offering. This usually results in one lowering their standards, or a compromise on your values. In other words, you must act and think like the Bubble Master in order for your message to be reviewed by the Bubble Master. Still, your message will be distorted to conform to the Bubble Master standard. The key words are "distorted message."

    (9)And lastly, once one is in the Bubble and becomes a Bubble Citizen or up in rank as a AIBC, nothing can be heard by them from someone outside the Bubble. The Bubble Master controls the message.

    In other words, if your in a debate with a Bubble Citizen, the Bubble Citizen will only hear their point of view in a discussion. The distorted message from the Bubble Master controls the debate with a Bubble Citizen. An outsider does not have chance. It's like talking to a stone wall. Some say, at least the stone wall is real.

    The Bubble Citizen operates from an alternate reality, a reality controlled by the Bubble Master.

  27. No balanced approach. No cuts. The entitled millions won't allow it. Medicaid and Medicare are the elephants in the room. Millions signing up yearly at a cost of trillions. Maybe a few billion in defense but millions work on defense projects. Even under Truman 3 million Americans worked on defense projects. I don't know how many today but they have very good special interest representation in Washington. Maybe they cut a plane, carrier,and sub. I doubt that is even possible.

  28. Absolutely loved seeing Obama and his union masters lose today in Michigan. Now unions can't take dues from union members who don't support the union's political views. I guess AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka will be visiting the white house next week giving instructions to Obama on how to move forward. Perhaps Trumka can run for president in 2016 in order to keep unions from becoming irrelevant in every state of the union.

  29. BoliBlingBling - "Absolutely loved seeing Obama and his union masters lose today in Michigan"

    Do you understand that the destruction of unions correlates to a failing middle class? Back in the 1950's when union membership was over 35% a man could earn enough to buy a vehicle and house without going into huge debt. It also enabled women to stay at home with the children. Now only 7 1/2% of private sector jobs are union and the middle class is living on food stamps because of policies initiated during the Reagan years. Most likely these facts mean nothing to you, but if you have grandchildren they will live a pretty miserable life trying to earn a living.

    LongTimeVegan - "In other words, if your in a debate with a Bubble Citizen, the Bubble Citizen will only hear their point of view in a discussion."

    Amen to that comment, been there a number of times and I actually believe some people are incapable of assimulating facts and/or data. An example of a classic argument is "cutting taxes will create jobs". It's been tried several times and is absolute BS!

  30. At the end of 2011, the government owed Social Security $2.7 trillion that was borrowed from surpluses in the Trust Fund and used for other government purposes.

    The OASDI Trust Funds are not on the budgets.

    "EXCLUSION OF SOCIAL SECURITY FROM ALL BUDGETS Pub. L. 101-508, title XIII, Sec. 13301(a), Nov. 5, 1990, 104Stat. 1388-623, provided that: Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the receipts and disbursements of the Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund and the Federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund shall not be counted as new budget authority, outlays, receipts, or deficit or surplus for purposes of -

    (1) the budget of the United States Government as submitted by the President,
    (2) the congressional budget, or
    (3) the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985."

    Consider six issues that have contributed to our economic problems.

    1) Stagnant wage growth for decades
    2) The extended Bush payroll tax cuts on OASDI and Medicare deductions, which Obama want to extend again.
    3) Bush tax rate cuts and decreased tax revenue.
    4) Outsourcing jobs.
    5) Extreme military and anti-terrorism spending.
    6) Corporate tax deferral on subsidiaries in foreign countries.

    Of course, it is well known that I support having a single payer universal healthcare system, and believe this is the best way to control healthcare costs and still ensure quality care.

    There would be no need for the ACA, Medicare, or Medicaid healthcare programs, which could all be included in a single payer universal healthcare system.

    The tax issues must be dealt with or we will never get out of the hole.

    I doubt the President or Congress are going to address any of the real issues to the degree they need addressing, so I have little hope there will be a real change for the better, at least not for a very long time. As a result, I think the fiscal cliff is the best option.

  31. I think the republicans in general and the tea bagger's in particular need to get set for 4 years of no more Mr. Nice Guy.

    I voted for Obama twice and would vote for him twice again if I could.

    Watching the Party of No use racism as a tool in an effort to unseat a man who is trying to clean up the mess left behind by 8 years of Bush, and listening to all of their hypocritical lies and evasions for the last 4 years has left a sour taste in my mouth.

    As a kid (now 70) I grew up in a time when anything went during an election, but after the election everyone sat down to the same table, rolled up their sleeves and worked together for the good of the country.

    I wonder if we will ever see that again.