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April 27, 2015

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Democrats’ voter edge in Nevada is dwindling


Nevada Democrats’ once seemingly insurmountable voter registration edge is dwindling, with the latest numbers showing the margin at its narrowest since 2008.

Active Democratic voters in the state still outnumber Republicans by 50,000 voters, according to figures released today by Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller.

But following the 2008 election, which saw President Barack Obama elected in a landslide, the Democratic advantage stood at 100,000.

Put another way, Democrats, at their high-water mark in 2008, had 44 percent of Nevada voters to 35.5 percent for Republicans. Now, Democrats’ advantage of 41.5 percent to 37.8 percent.

The latest numbers come after the Clark County Registrar of Voters updated voter registration lists last month. More than 60,000 voters that moved and did not update their voter registration were placed on inactive status. They can still vote in an election at their old precinct, but it is also possible they have left the state.

Larry Lomax, the Clark County Registrar of Voters, said in an interview last week that the U.S. Postal Service has increased its charges for returning mail sent to an inactive address. He said that the voters were not “purged” from the rolls.

Democrats noted that this was the biggest voter registration advantage either party has had heading into a presidential election year and that they intend to build on it. “We’ve just begun voter registration and mobilization efforts,” said Zach Hudson, spokesman for the state party, in an interview.

To be sure, Democrats have a tremendous organizational advantage. But after a decade of Republicans and Democrats being virtually even in voter registration, Democrats built their advantage during the Democratic presidential caucus, which drew interest because of its early status and several presidential campaigns putting efforts into registering supporters here.

This cycle, Republicans have moved back their caucus, to Feb. 4, to accommodate Florida. Many political pundits believe the race will already be decided by then.

Republicans have had no voter registration effort to speak of and their state party chairwoman, Amy Tarkanian, announced her resignation last week effective Feb. 5. Her husband, Danny Tarkanian, is considering running for the newly created 4th Congressional District.

David Gallagher, executive director for the Nevada State Republican Party, said the party has spent $70,000 on a voter registration program targeting Republicans who have recently moved to Nevada or relocated within the state. He said they’re also blanketing precincts where Gov. Brian Sandoval performed well in his 2010 run.

Gallagher said volunteers with county parties have set up tables at car shows, gun shows, the San Gennaro festival and business mixers. “Things will more-than pick up,” he said.

The last day to register to vote to participate in Nevada’s caucuses is Jan. 20.

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  1. We have had people move out and people move in, so all this does is ring the wake up bell for Democrat (Oh, God! Here comes the title) Community Organizers to step on the Go Peddle. Right now we just need to sit back and wait for the three ring Republican circus to end and identify the Clown King.

  2. I guess it's time to drag out the old pictures of Harry Truman holding up a Newspaper, the Front page headline of which reads "Dewey Defeats Truman".

    That was the culmination of the 1948 Presidential Election. This is considered by most historians as the greatest election upset in American history.

    Virtually every prediction (with or without public opinion polls) indicated that incumbent President Harry S. Truman would be defeated by Republican Thomas E. Dewey.

    Truman won, overcoming a three-way split in his own party. Truman's surprise victory was the fifth consecutive win for the Democratic Party in a presidential election. As a result of the 1948 congressional election, the Democrats would regain control of both houses of Congress.

    Voter registration at his point in time, as an indicator of electoral strength is totally LAME. By June 2012 the World will have found more important issues to fight over.

    January 2012 will be remembered as the month when last year's swimming suits were bid farewell at the curb and by June, the promises of candidates for public office will be debated as if they weren't wearing any.

  3. It appears that folks are waking up to the 3-card-Monte charade Dumbocrats have played for many, many years. Multi-millionaires play the "politics of envy" game and pull the wool over the dummies who are envious of others success and want to pull them down to their level. The whole idea behind the American "experiment" was and should remain the ability of anyone to pursue his/her dreams and to be able to that with as little interference from bureaucratic drones as is possible. Dumbocrats see it differently. They want to control what we think, eat and how we live down to the minutest detail even if it means dictating what kind of light bulb we use in our homes, how much water our toilets use when flushing or what kind of vehicle we drive. I say, Fink them!

  4. @ lvfacts101 (Jerry Fink)

    Given the fact that conservative Republicans have pushed health care cutbacks from restricting Mammograms to stopping HPV vaccinations, to opposing same-sex marriage as well as homosexuality itself, it seems quite apparent that Republicans have done quite allot to control other peoples' lives as you put it.

    Realizing that this is not an "Us vs. Them" situation and that the dysfunctional problems of both government and society are indeed a bi-partisan issue is the first key to repairing things.

  5. An interesting graph of the breakdown of the registered voters out here in Nevada. As it appears now before the next election.

    Although Democratic Party voters may have dwindled a little bit, there doesn't seem to be a drastic uptick of Tea/Republican Party voters.

    The "NP" on the bottom of the graph has pretty much stayed the same. THOSE are the ones that will be the deciding factor in an election.

    One thing for sure is that with the clown parade of contenders fielded to run against President Obama, I am very sure Reid's machine will switch into high gear.

    The No Preferences will make the big difference in the Presidential election.

    I predict they will steer away from the extreme radical agenda of the Tea/Republican Party who field a candidate not based on political savvy, but because he would run the country pretty much like a ruthless, heartless corporate boss (Romney).

  6. The demographics of the whole southwest are bad in the long term for, the more extreme Democrat or Republican parties/policies. The main strong points in the incoming HUGE generation of Latino voters are their home grown common sense, their common sense work ethic, their various Evangelical or Catholic religious beliefs, their wish to return the southwest to home rule, and their tendency to shy away from and being bossed by the vile bosses (Patrons) of their home country. The are sick of the patron stealing from them and now the new patrons of the two main parties are trying to do it again. Watch out you complacent fat cats.

  7. It is really surprising that more Nevada independents don't find a home with the Modern Whigs. The MWP will adopt a good idea no matter who it originates with. The main requirement is that any position adopted has to stand upon the basic principles and be built on logic, not ideology.

    Overall, they stand for fiscal responsibility with a social conscience.

    Disclaimer: I am national party officer of the Modern Whig Party.

  8. Even with the loss of 50,000 inactive voters the Dems still hold an active registration advantage of nearly 51,000 voters. Also, the voters who were moved to inactive status are still registered to vote. Historically, many inactive voters will come out to vote in a presidential election so it would not be a surprise to see those numbers move in 2012.

    Also, in Clark County, there are almost 50,000 more Democrats than there were four years ago compared to the Republican increase of just under 3,500.

    2012 belongs to the Democrats and just like 2008, it will be the Independents wielding more influence than the Republicans.

  9. Tea Party Conservatism.
    A life Begins at Conception making most Birth Control Illegal. A woman Must carry a Fetus to term - even in case of Rape, Her Life, Child Rape and if she has a miscarriage she will be investigated. Tea Party Republicanism has no problem with the Patriot Act, Starting a War with Iran and staying in Afghanistan or even going back into Iraq. Tea Party Republicanism favors eliminating Federal Government support of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and even Food Stamps. This Republican Party is totally For, Of and funded by the 1%. Anyone has 4 or 5 million dollars to spend on Newt has the ability to pay Much More in taxes - at least their fair percentage. The Tea Party House has made No Move to Tax Corporations that Hoard Billions in Cash, yet pay Zero Taxes and make their money by laying off Full Time Employees and hiring them back as Temps with no benefits.

  10. I am NOT a member of the Tea Party. The Tea Party was properly about two things. Fiscal sanity and a proper national defense and there I agreed with them. When and if they strayed into other things like abortion and the War on Christmas et al they lost me. A tiny minority of extremists is interested in abortion and the other marginal social things that obsess the extreme right/left. The Tea Party is about the first two things stated or it is about nothing at all.

  11. This is in reply to an expired post: The Latino desire to return the southwest to "home rule" is not at odds with their other attributes. They aspire to return the southwest to home rule. As pragmatists they also see the benefits of the American local system over the regime in Mexico.

    I think the innate commonsense of the majority Mexican/American people will assert itself here over the next few decades. They will increasingly control politics here as they acquire a true identity as a majority using the existing process. A Hispanic party here is not far fetched in a few years. United, as a voting block of and for Hispanics, they would relegate the RINOs and DINOs to secondary status.