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May 6, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Lessen gun control to reduce crime

If we had much less gun control in our country, it is unlikely that the deranged gunman in Colorado would have been able to wreak as much havoc as he did. Someone would have been shooting back.

The Second Amendment states that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Making it difficult, restrictive and expensive to get a concealed carry permit is an infringement, as is harassing or treating with suspicion people who carry a weapon openly.

When it comes to firearms, I would like to see us revert back to the days of the Old West. People would be more polite to each other, and we wouldn’t be having these lone wolf massacres. Further, there is no doubt in my mind that we would have less crime.

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  1. An alarm on the fire exit door in the Century theater would have sufficed to clear out the theater.


  2. From what I understand this entire episode happened rapidly, in blinding darkness.We can speculate but it may have been very difficult to control and avoid the outcome.

  3. "From what I understand this entire episode happened rapidly"

    Mr. Jack:

    By all the accounts I heard and read, Holmes took a full 15 minutes to suit up, arm and return from his car back into the theater through the unalarmed fire exit door.


  4. The first thing the shooter did was throw tear gas. Anyone here ever try to aim a gun after being exposed to this gas? In the dark? With a movie strobing varying levels of light at you? What about that body armor? Are we now going to require people to only have weapons that can penetrate body armor? What a thoughtless letter from the "I can never have enough guns" crowd.

  5. At age 16, I was an usher in a Warner Bros. movie theater. The "emergency" exits were only able to be egressed not ingressed; leave thru one and you could not re-enter once it closed. The shooter must have proped the door open. Why it was not alarmed is a mystery. Ours were. Gotta disagree with Bradley. Every one, except the shooter, was defenseless. Not a good situation and surely points out that being "honest" and obeying the law is no defense against those who do not. Disarming the decent & honorable among us only makes it that much easier for those with evil and criminal intent to go about their business. The answer is for less restrictions on the ability for us to protect ourselves from monsters that would do us harm. We are fortunate to live in a state, NV, that recognizes that as a fact and puts as little obstacles in our way as possible while still working to prevent the crazies from arming themselves.

  6. The author must be joking, right?

    Imagine, a man cloaked in body armor, having a running gun battle with others who are firing wildly in the dark. This ain't laser tag folks, not even close, the body count would be incredible.

    I've seen police trainees on firing ranges shaking with nerves as they held their weapons about to fire. What makes the author think a civilian would do any better, especially at a target firing back?

    It's one thing to sit in a tree blind and blow the brains out of a deer 50 yards away. It's another world when you are involved in a fire fight.

    A little known fact, when Gabby Giffords was shot, an armed citizen almost pulled his weapon and shot the men who were detaining the Gifford's shooter.

  7. "The shooter must have proped the door open."

    Mr. Fink;

    From what I read and heard, that's exactly what Holmes did. The door stayed propped open and unlocked for 15 minutes while the movie was airing and Holmes was gearing up for murder and mayhem. If the door was alarmed, lights automatically go on, and movie goers evacuated, as should for a fire, we would likely not be having this exchange of emails.


  8. Mr. Wetcher, "revert back to the days of the old west." Don't think for one minute that the old west didn't have crazies back then shooting innocent people.Not a good idea,more guns on the street brings,more deaths,more robberies,more accidents,more dead law inforcement officers.At this point no one has a quick fix,but we sure need one.

  9. In a state like Colorado there were more than likely armed folks in the theaters. It is constant training that increases proficiency. I was with the Santa Monica Police Dept. for 22 years and was involved in several shootings. More often than not these things are over before you even know what the hell is going on.
    Even in war tens of thousands of rounds are fired for every assailant that is hit. Self defense is not as easy as people think it is, even for professionals.
    Vernos is dead on!!!!

    There have been 51 rampage killings across the US in the last few decades. Many in states like Texas with ridiculously liberal gun laws. To the best of my knowledge not one has ever been stopped by an armed intended victim.

  11. So MUCH ignorance, so little time...

    "epidemiologists at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine found that, on average, guns did not protect those who possessed them from being shot in an assault."

    "The study estimated that people with a gun were 4.5 times MORE LIKELY to be shot in an assault than those not possessing a gun."

    Of course, this has been shown to be the case OVER, & OVER, AND OVER...

    Why do people 'believe what they want to believe', regardless of the TRUTH?

    I'm NOT OPPOSED to your owning a gun...
    Just that you acknowledge the FACTS.

  12. I'm in favor of a citizens right to own a handgun or a rifle. I see no good reason why we should be allowed to buy military assault weapons and 100 round magazines. To me, if we are going to allow that, we should ask where do we draw the line? Are machine guns ok? What about a rocket propelled grenade?

    People are going to go crazy and people are going to get murdered and even if we banned all guns, some criminals and other crazies would get hold of guns. But if we don't allow the sale of bombs, machine guns and RPG's, why do we find it necessary to allow the sale of military assault weapons that are able to murder 100 people with a single 100 round magazine? Because it is our 'right' to have them? To me that is a weak argument... and I would fight to make sure Americans are allowed to buy and possess handguns and rifles.


  13. In the U.S.about 35%-45% of Americans have guns.Source,Last year there were 8,778 murders in the U.S.from guns.The British on the other hand have the strictist laws pertaining to gun ownership,hard to find the exact numebers of actual owners.Britan had 58 murders last year from guns,source Point being less gun ownership, results in less murder's.Is this the right approach can't say, but the numbers are very interesting.

  14. In the 1950s an MIT student built a primitive nuclear device in his basement. He was arrested. I say let the kid have his nuke for self defense!!!The feds have no sense of humor.
    In this state you CAN buy a machine gun if you pay the tax and get the federal stamp.

    Sam....murders are not the only issue. Over 100,000 gun related deaths and injuries when you include suicide. The cost to our medical system is staggering. Two of the kids shot in Colorado will have bills in the millions. Factor in the rest that were shot and you are talking one hell of a financial hit so a fool could see himself on TV with red hair. The whole thing is a publicity stunt for this kid.

  16. Gun proliferation is such a major issue we are beyond the point of no return. Some estimates point to 270 million guns in the country. If guns made a country safe we would be the safest on earth with almost as many guns as people. Not that way. Of the guns I took of crooks through the years many were stolen in burglaries. I think the gun shop in Henderson lost nearly 200 guns in one heist. Were ANY recovered???Some are probably in Chicago.

  17. Bravo bimmerdude! I agree totally, in particular with...

    "They carry primarily because it provides them with a personal feeling of security and control. Both of which are mostly in their own minds and not reality."

    I learned this many decades ago and got rid of my own SW 365 Combat Mag.

    Afterwards, I was free of fear and false security. Have never needed one since, and I feel no less secure without one. I control my situations the best I can with my brain and commonsense. I reject being a prisoner of paranoia.

  18. Correction: 357 Duh!

  19. Colorado has an open carry law, which means that guns can be openly carried while loaded. Colorado also has statewide recognition of concealed carry permits, which means that one can carry concealed in public as well, throughout the state.

    1. Someone who saw Holmes going into the theater armed could not just shoot him down because carrying open is lawful in Colorado. Until Holmes' actually opened fire, anyone shooting him would have been at risk of being arrested and tried.

    2. If somehow we could have read Holmes' mind, our ordinary weapons and ammunition would not have stopped the massacre because it would not have penetrated his ballistic helmet, body armor, or ballistic protectors on his groin and legs. About the time we realized that our rounds were just annoying him, we'd have to stop and reload, while he could just keep on sending rounds our way.

    3. What saved things from being much, much worse was that Holmes' primary weapon was an AR-15, which is the civilian version of our M-16. It jammed (no surprise) and Holmes' was not able to clear the jam. So he was left with slower-firing weapons of less capacity.

    4. The "Wild West" to which the letter writer wishes to "return" is Hollywood and Spaghetti Western fantasy.

  20. I recall a 40-something Texas women who lost both parents to a deranged shooter in a restaurant. She said that sadly she had tuned in her concealed weapons permit a week or two before the shooting.

  21. Am I the only person to notice, that those people who worked in or are associated with law enforcement, believe civilians armed in an incident such as Aurora is a very bad idea?

  22. First, despite Mr. Witcher's assertions, so-called "gun control" laws aren't very effective. There are numerous ways to get around them, from falsifying documents, to the black market, to un/underregulated online markets and gun shows.

    Second, Mr. Witcher asserts no factual correlation between the number of guns and the crime rate. He boldly asserts something that isn't bore out in the facts.

    Third: "Making it difficult, restrictive and expensive to get a concealed carry permit is an infringement, as is harassing or treating with suspicion people who carry a weapon openly."

    I'll take that argument seriously when GOP groups around the country stop restricting the right to vote by passing inane and expensive laws regarding voter ID.

    As usual, the double standards of the GOP are as plain as day.

  23. Roger, here are the statistics:

    Last year, there were about 9,000 murders in the US due to guns; in the U.K., there were 39.

    Total number of murders in the US, just over 15,000; in the UK, there were 648.

    Deaths estimated due to lack of health insurance per year in the US, between 30,000 and 45,000; in the UK zero.

    Britain has the same freedoms of speech, assembly, petition of government that is claimed here in the US. They also have more freedom of religion and are better educated. One vast improvement, the British Government doesn't falsify information to create wars around the world.

    So why do we guns? What is UN-American about Affordable Health Care?

    You claim is that lesser gun Control reduces crime. You must believe that murder is not a crime, only a right of passage where god sweeps his mistakes under the carpet, or sod, whichever is nearest.

  24. SunJon,

    Thank you for the eye opening statistics and comparisons.

    Powerful demonstration!

  25. peacelily,

    Please look up the murder rate per capita. The UK is still below us, but it does put it in a better perspective, I think. We are at about 4.5 murders per/100k, while the UK is about 1.5 or a little higher. Raw numbers can be misleading.

    If you look at other European countries, who also have very strict gun control, we are decidedly below them.

  26. Vernos: I'm a former federal agent and a former Nevada Peace Officer. I favor individual rights to carry arms but not assault rifles, grenades, and such.