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July 6, 2015

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GOP leaders to Obama: Don’t go to Las Vegas

John Boehner

John Boehner

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

House leaders are calling on President Barack Obama to skip his stop in Las Vegas tomorrow, where he’s planning to announce a new executive order concerning student loan repayment, and return to Washington to help Congress work out a compromise on student loan interest rates instead.

“We urge you to consider canceling tomorrow’s Las Vegas rally and instead work with us so that we can extend these rates before they expire,” House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor wrote in a letter shared with press Wednesday afternoon.

Last week, Republican leaders in the House and Senate sent the president a letter outlining a possible way forward on lowering student loan interest rates. Since efforts to pass both Democrat and Republican-sponsored student loan offsets failed in the House and Senate, Republicans proposed using pieces of President Obama’s own fiscal 2013 budget — tweaked slightly — to offset the $6 billion estimated cost of freezing interest rates at 3.4 percent for the next year.

The president still hasn’t responded to their suggestions as he heads to Las Vegas on another “We Can’t Wait” trip, where he’s expected to chide Congress for being slow to act on student loans. He is also expected to announce a new initiative to more clearly and fully explain income-based repayment options to borrowers.

“We cannot understand why you, without having responded to our latest offer, would schedule a campaign-style event in Nevada tomorrow to discuss student loan rates,” Boehner and Cantor wrote.

A White House spokesman did not immediately issue a response to the letter upon request.

The President is scheduled to speak on student loans at UNLV tomorrow afternoon, where he will also discuss the specifics of a plan to better inform current and graduating students of existing repayment options that calculate monthly payments on the basis of a borrower’s income.

The current law on income-based repayment was adopted under the Higher Education act and caps monthly repayments at no more than 15 percent of a borrower’s income. Last fall, the president passed an executive order that lowered that cap to 10 percent of a borrower’s income. The lower ceiling is supposed to kick in for any borrowers who contracted their student loans directly through the Department of Education by the end of 2012. For everyone else, the 10 percent cap kicks in by 2014.

A majority of student borrowers — 25 million of the approximately 36 million student loan holders, according to White House officials — borrow directly through Department of Education programs.

“Given the gridlock in Congress, it doesn’t hurt for an incumbent to be running against Washington,” said one Nevada Democratic strategist. “That’s something you’re going to see from frankly anybody that is paying attention to the way that voters feel in this current political climate.”

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  1. Eric, John......I don't think Obama is gonna fall for your bait and switch crap any more. You guys have pulled the three card monte trick several times too often. Put up or shut up!

  2. Please.....Bohn B goes to the White House, comes away with a grand compromise, goes back to the House and, oh no! Mr. Bill, the TeaPees won't let me pass it. He's done this on several occasions. Of course it's possible that John B truly is an incompetent Speaker and party leader and Eric Cantor is busily stabbing him in the back.

  3. Boehner would be better at stand up comedy.

  4. This shows how Obama is not a very good person at financial things and why the country is in so much trouble. It makes no sense to drop the repayment from 15% to 10%, in fact it hurts the student in the long run. When they get out of collage there living expenses are sparse so it is a good time to pay the debt down as quick as possible. So I guess instead of paying for their collage education they should take the money and blow it on a trip to Las Vegas!

  5. First two months of presidency, GOP complains he isn't getting anything done. Next three years, GOP votes NO on everything he tries to get done.

    GOP brings 90+ women's health bills to the table in past year (4x higher than the previous highest year), then claims War on Women is fabrication.

    Obams walks into recession, saves us from depression, passes health care, saves the auto industry, protects students, signs Lilly/Ledbetter (equal pay for women), brings troops home from Iraq, kills Osama Bin Laden (and he wasn't the candidate at Ground Zero this year that was claiming the other candidate was "spiking the football") and all the GOP can do is claim he is from Kenya and a socialist.

    Seeing a pattern?

  6. Dear Mr. Speaker,

    Get real.

    You & your Tea-time buddy Cantor couldn't find your backsides with both hands.
    You're about as popular as cancer, and as effective as a chocolate teapot.

    I'm going to Vegas, and while I'm gone, see if you can't drum up support for my compromise plan on student loan repayments.


    President Barack Obama

  7. The GOP has no credibility and is just being manipulative in that authoritarian/follower way. If they truly wanted to extend low rates on student loans they can work with the Senate and present something workable without the presence of President Obama. Or are they so helpless it is just impossible for them to accomplish anything without the President's guidance?

  8. What is Boehner talking about??? Talk about putting the blame on Obama and using him as a scapegoat because the republicans can't do their jobs. Where were the Republicans a few weeks ago??

    And yes - to quote mschaffer - "The GOP has no credibility and is just being manipulative in that authoritarian/follower way. If they truly wanted to extend low rates on student loans they can work with the Senate and present something workable without the presence of President Obama. Or are they so helpless it is just impossible for them to accomplish anything without the President's guidance?""

    GOod post, Mark.

  9. When the GOP had a meeting The Night of the Inauguration to undermine President Obama on every policy - even the ones they proposed - it was Treason. So now they complain that The President has not done anything and they can rehire The Bush people and do better. Just remember what President Obama Inherited and who he attempted to work with.

  10. I laughed upon reading this.

    This is coming from Speaker Boehner, who is in charge of the Tea/Republican Party majority in the 112th Congress House of Representatives, already regarded as the lousiest and most useless Congress in American history.

    This is the same guy who keeps exhorting President Obama with the question of where are the jobs. As if Congress is blameless in this whole regard. They accept praise for stuff, but when something bad happens? It's the President's fault. They wash their hands of it. It's his baby. Period. Really dumb way of governing, if you ask me.

    The most hilarious hypocrisy of Speaker Boehner is that he asks that question of where are the jobs, leaves the podium, leaves the building, high fives all the others, then immediately goes on break or vacation.

    To put this in more perspective, 80 to 90 percent of the American people are fed up with this Tea/Republican Party crap in the House of Representatives. It is a certifiable fact their approval rating goes up only when one thing happens: They go on vacation. Even then not by much. It fluctuates between 9 and 17 percent approval rating.

    Speaker Boehner points fingers, yells, screams, cries, and blames...but he is in charge of a rabble that he simply can't get to agree on anything. I bet that if they had to work late one night and order pizzas to go, they couldn't even agree on what toppings to put on who's pizza!

    We need to get rid of this abomination called the Tea/Republican Party in November. We are spinning wheels with them in charge. With them, it's a certified fact that nothing at all will ever get done. Hasn't happened for one and half years now, what makes people think it will change next year if they are still around? I can answer that. It won't get better.

  11. Boehner is a flat out hypocrite. He will take the entire summer off leaving unresolved issues sitting on his desk. This House has done nothing to work with or compromise with the president and all American citizens will pay for their behavior, not just those to the left of the far right.

  12. Thank you Det_Munch.

  13. Comment removed by moderator. Personal Attack