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July 6, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

GOP has long road to recovery

Toward the end of the Bush administration, I wrote that Republicans would not occupy the White House for a generation due to the failures of that administration. It would be hard for American voters to forgive Republicans for the misguided foreign policies that caused wars that lasted 10 years, the lapses in education achievement, the increased poverty in America, a shrinking middle-class and the deep recession caused by poor economic decisions during Bush’s tenure.

Based on the quality of those seeking the Republican Party’s nomination for president, it’s obvious the smart Republican candidates stayed home. The extreme positions that each candidate has had to support to pander to the various factions of the party, and the tearing down of each other’s character, will make it impossible for any of them to defeat President Barack Obama in November. Who knows how long it will take to unite the Tea Partyers with the religious extremists, the hawkish neocons with social conservatives and the libertarians with anybody?

The statistical makeup of Congress will provide the only political drama of the fall. Republicans should prepare themselves for four more years of Obama and eight years of Hillary Clinton. If they are still a viable political party in 2024, who knows if an electable candidate can emerge from the mess they have turned the party into?

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  1. The letter writer dreams his own fantasies. President Obama has doubled down on the short comings during the Bush years, and his ideologies and political rants are the curse of America.

    The only way that Obama will win in November is because America has reached the tipping point for dependence on liberal handouts which the recipients will convert into votes for the Annointed One. With half of America's wage earners paying zero income taxes, the nation is in trouble. None of those individuals pays their fair share and Obama says nothing about this despicable situation. Obama is a poor leader. His policies are counterproductive. His energy policy is a good example of ineptness and counter productiveness. Obama is his worst enemy. For America's sake Obama must be defeated in November.

  2. Good Morning Future! I see that gas went up to $5.00 per gallon from the $4.25 per gallon you posted yesterday. Please explain how a pill taken the morning after sex would cause an "abortion"? The woman taking said pill WOULD HAVE NO IDEA IF SHE WAS PREGNANT OR NOT. Let's call the pill what it is: morning after contraceptive. Iran was working on a bomb well before Obama took office. I guess unemployment checks are evil too, unless you happen to be receiving one. I never drew one cent of unemployment funds in my life, but I don't begrudge the money going to folks who need it. I have never used the programs/benefits you cite, but some folks actually need them. Why so bitter?

  3. The letter writer's comments and those that support and oppose his comments are the largest indicator of what is wrong in America.

    Former President Bush had already seen the dot com bomb, 9/11 and the war in Afghanistan, when decisions were made to invade Iraq. Given all that a more prudent President would have either raised taxes, cut spending in other areas or both, so the debt and deficit didn't explode.

    President Obama then came into office. He saw a crumbling economy, large deficits and a large debt. Liberal D's, who after a long time in the wilderness had control of Congress wanted to pass alot of expensive legislation that they hadn't been able to pass in the past. President Obama should have done some of what our former President did not do. He should have put health care reform on the back burner, and concentrated on a total income tax reform package, eliminating the loopholes and deductions and ensuring that every American with an income pays income taxes on a progressive scale. The costs of the bailouts of the banks, GM and Chrysler should have been at least partially offset with spending cuts in other areas, including defense and higher taxes on everyone. Reforms to Medicare and SS should have been offered that left current recipients and those close to entering with the same benefits but changed the programs for future recipients... not a complete overhaul but a recognition that some changes are necessary. The stimulus should have been better administered and been more directed toward jobs in the private sector and less toward saving raises and benefits in the public sector.

    Those that argue the Bush was a poor President in many ways are right. Those that argue that Obama has been a poor President in many ways are right. And THAT, in a nutshell is the problem. 12 years of poor leadership economically and nothing good on the horizon, from either R's or D's.

    If whoever occupies the White House from 2012 to 2016 does not honestly and forcefully attack the debt and deficits and lead Congress to make some real tough and painful decisions, Americans are going to look up one day and ask .... how did we stupidly argue over which party was worse while our entire economy and way of life just crumbled away?


  4. Why is so hard for so many people to see and admit two simple facts that are so destructive to each one of us?

    For 8 years, former President Bush and Congress bought stuff, and paid for it by printing money out of thin air and borrowing from China.

    For an additional almost 4 years now, President Obama and Congress have bought stuff, and paid for it by printing money out of thin air and borrowing from China.

    It's not rocket science folks, and it is destructive to our economy and our nation. Are we ever going to say... STOP!


  5. Dennis,

    See my comment after yours and then 'try' to answer that question. We couldn't solve the problem with printing and borrowing money under Bush. Unless Obama is a magician and he's not, that strategy won't work for him either.


  6. Mr. Ventura you may be absolutely correct about the Republicans winning any future Presidental elections.The damage done by former President George W. Bush And Vice President Dick Cheney will take time to fix.This former administration started 2 wars,a spiraling out of control recession with the loss of millions of jobs.And left a mess with no easy fix for President Obama. If Sen.John MCcain would have won the election, we would be facing the same problems. A mess is a mess no matter who's in office.

  7. Simmons: can't you learn how to spell? Argentia? What is that? Some Socialistic paradise? As for the worst president ever, it was the peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter, hands down. His clone, Comrade Osama Obama, is not far behind. dipstick: I'm still waiting for you to put your tax returns on-line so we can all see if you are paying your "fair share." I won't hold my breath because I have the sneaking suspicion you are of the parasitic class, not of the productive class, and you are green with envy over those who are more intelligent, resourceful, self-confident and self-reliant then you.

  8. Enjoyed the letter, Mr. Ventura, and I agree with your estimation.

    As some other commenters have pointed out, for some stupid reason, the most rabid Tea/Republican Partiers out there all point out Obama this, Obama that stuff. But the real situation that is politically going on right now is that the modern day Republican Party is ideologically painting themselves into a corner. With absolutely no way out.

    Their road to recovery, as it stands right now, is not only long, but it's winding, festooned with tank traps, nails/tacks, rockslides/avalanche zones and everything else you can think of just a few inches shorter than the possibility of a zombie apocalypse.

    These obstacles are not caused by the other side of the fence.

    It's their own fault.

    Nobody to blame but yourselves for the ultra right wing extreme and radical over reach agenda that preaches more on rigid thought purity uncompromising mixed with outright blind unadulterated hate. First it's alternative lifestylers, then it's Hispanics (don't matter if they're here legally or not, they just group them all together to fearmonger other voters), and now to the latest target: Women and their reproductive abilities as well as restricting their health accessibility. Just HATE all of them in order to bang a drum that gets people howling with the very same hate. Fearmonger, warmonger, hatemonger, whatever...just monger them to death to get them to fall in line with their stupid beliefs.

    It's not going to end.

    The Tea/Republican Party has lost their soul.

    They have lost their heart.

    It's now infected their brain too.

    They lost their minds.

    Even when their own conservative pundits point this out astutely to them, they disregard it.

    They have put the people in running the wards out of a job and keep them locked up. The asylum psycho inmates are out and in charge now.

  9. Freeman, It took former President George w. Bush 8 years to turn a surplus in the billions into a deficit in the trillions. With 2 wars raging and no end in site,as his term ended.How does anyone expect Any President(Obama) to turn things around in just 3 years and a few months.

  10. Dennis,

    It is a problem that Conservatives resist raising taxes. It is a problem that Progressives resist cutting spending. Both must be done. One of the two will not do it.

    Former President Bush did not lead in this area. President Obama does not lead in this area. Until someone actually leads in this area, we are going nowhere.

    It would be great if President Obama would lead in this area, but instead he's done what Bush did... try to keep Americans happy with more spending, more debt and more deficits... and it's working... which is the saddest part of all.


  11. Dennis,

    I'm not going to scream like a stuck pig if the wealthy have their taxes raised or the military cuts are made. However, when I look at deficit spending of over 1 trillion dollars per year and a debt of over 15 trillion dollars, I KNOW that much more than that needs to be done, on taxes and spending. And we have to start somewhere but we cannot be satisified with a 'start'. Our situation is too dire for that.


  12. Given the childish nature of conservative discourse and the American public in general I am less sanguine about whether President Obama will be re-elected. H.L. Mencken had something to say about this:
    "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public." The word "intelligence" might originally have been "taste" but the meaning remains.

  13. Reasonable people with reasonable solutions like those promoted by wtplv above need to be encouraged. If you disagree and have a better solution, then propose it. What is Obama's proposal to add jobs or improve the economy ? All I hear is to tax the "rich", tax banks and tax oil companies. Given all these taxes combined doesn't add up to a few days of interest on our debt, even if Obama got everything he wanted it would have little effect on our deficit and a major negative effect on our economy.

    Obama's proposal is to increase our debt to $22 trillion dollars in 10 years. Any idea what the interest on this debt will do ?

    Obama has cut Medicare by $500 billion and has not proposed any plan to fix the collapse forecasted by the non-partisan actuary. Obama has not proposed any plan to fix the Social Security collapse also forecasted.

    So, it appears we have a president with no plans to fix our problems but is doing all he can to paint demons to the electorate.

  14. Please note while Warren Buffet has proposed an increase in taxes for the "rich", he himself is not paying the taxes he currently owes. In addition, when he dies, he made sure not one dime of his billions will go to taxes, but rather to the Bill/Melinda Gates Foundation. So, if Buffet REALLY believes he and others should pay more in taxes, why is he doing everything possible not to ?

  15. Puhleez, folks. Exactly what does it matter if the Rs win or fall apart and never win? What does it matter if the Ds, win or lose? If either wins, the nation loses.

    Y'all are treating this like a high school sports event. The division into rabid partisan cheering sections pulling against each other rather than working with each other means that we, as a whole, have lost.

  16. It's fairly obvious that the Obama haters haven't got a clue about the economy or gas pricing. We were on the edge of another great depression which took several years to recover from. The recession Reagan dealt with wasn't nearly as bad and that one also took several years to to rebound. As far as gas prices anyone with half a brain knows the Wall St. speculators are driving the cost up because of the unstable sitiuation in the middle east especially Iran.

    Mr. Ventura is correct in his assessment of the GOP/Tea Party. Their ideology concerning voters rights, women's health issues, fictitious Sharia laws, and a host of other social issues has conservatives like Charles Krauthammer, George Will, Peggy Noonan and others scratching their heads asking, "Have these people gone collectively insane?" When the GOP/Tea Party and several GOP governors took control in November of 2010 almost everyone expected them to act on jobs. What the people got was an over reaching of extremists which I believe most Americans won't forget this coming November. The party insanity has them standing in a circular firing squad which I noted back in December of 2009:

  17. ladygaga - "Vernos AGAIN shows that he was a complete fake when he said he "worked on Wall Street" with this idiotic comment:"

    I know that Wall St. thieves sucked $16 trillion out of the American economy, Reagan didn't have that. I know insider trading ran amok when Reagan was in office. I know unemployment wasn't as bad. I know 1,500 savings and loans collapsed from greed. I know Reagan and Bush the Elder attempted to cut taxes and raised them contrare to right wing BS. I know when Bush the Lesser cut taxes it added to the catastrophy we are now dealing with.

    The GOP/Tea Party is committing political suicide and you blind faithful followers are heading into the abyss with them.

    jldour - "The change we need is to get four people out of power. They set the tone and the agenda. Reid, Bohner, Pelosi and McConnel."

    Add "back stabbing I want Boehner's job" Eric Cantor to that list.

  18. The Republican/ tea party is disconnected from the reality of certain defeat next fall. Olympia Snows retirement from Maine is another dagger in the corpse of the conservative movement. Along with Bob Kerrey now running for Ben Nelson's seat in Nebraska and Shelley Berkeley taking Heller out next fall ensures the Senate staying in the Democrats column. And thanks to the radical extremism in the Republican presidential field Obama is going to cruise to another term. Well as for the house not looking to good either for the Republican/ tea party, Expect a lot of frustration and anger from the right wing commentators.

    When the right wing Titanic starts going under next fall it would be a smart move to avoid the usual right wing trouble makers as they will be trying to bring the rest of us down with them.

  19. Bush is the only President in history that took this country into debt to give the wealthiest people a tax cut. Bush borrowed money from the Chinese Communists to pay for those tax reductions and got the biggest recession in 70 years.

    Bush loves the Commies if they can help him serve the wealthy. The Chinese financial system also works better for the Country because the thieves are put in jail and not rewarded with corporate management bonuses...and Bush always follows God's will first!

    The Iraq War was the SECOND most expensive war in history, about 1/2 the cost of World War II in 2011 dollars ($4 trillion) - and all for one third world country. It destroyed the economy and retirement security. In return, Bush got a new Bible quote each day with the War Report, Pentagon officers leafing through the Bible to give Bush Sunday School Lesson, paid for by the taxpayers and the military.

    The Iraq and Afghanistan war debts are still piling up interest. The millionaires and billionaires proliferated under Bush. The underprivileged got the war debt, war interest and dead children.

    The GOP needs a burial, not a recovery.

  20. George W Bush will be a gift that will keep on giving for Democrats. As for the generation of Americans who lived through the worst economic performance since Hoover no one will forget the disaster of the Jr Bush court appointed presidency.

    As for what old jimbo keeps carping about who the liar is please refer to his comment history from January 8, 2012 you will see who was caught lying repeatedly.

  21. Hopelessly one-sided Mr. Schillmoeller wants you to believe that only 3 Democrats raised more than $39,000 from Fannie and Freddie and cites a link which debunks his own argument in the process.

    The link Mr. Schillmoeller cites is from OpenSecrets, which says that it's calculations:

    "...include contributions to lawmakers' leadership PACs and candidate committees from the floundering companies' PACs and employees. Current members of Congress have received a total of $4.8 million from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, with Democrats collecting 57 percent of that."

    A few facts:

    1. At least two Republicans received more than $39,000, even if you're strictly looking at individual contributions. Mr. Schillmoeller is either ignorant or misleading when he omits Dick Shelby and Tom Davis, who earned a combined $118,500 from individual contributions.

    2. Democrats collected barely more than half of the total contributions, 57%.

    3. If you add in the money sent to PACs, it suddenly makes Mr. Schillmoeller's argument look extremely silly and poorly reasoned:

    Bob Bennett, Republican: $107,999.00
    Spencer Bachus, Republican: $103,300.00
    Roy Blunt, Republican: $96,950.00
    Christopher Bond, Republican: $95,400.00
    Dick Shelby, Republican: $80,000.00
    Tom Davis, Republican: $75,499.00
    John Boehner, Republican: $67,750.00
    Tom Reynolds, Republican: $62,200.00
    Deborah Price, Republican: $55,500.00
    Johnny Isakson, Republican: $49,200.00
    Eric Cantor, Republican: $48,500.00
    Mike Crapo, Republican: $47,250.00
    Mitch McConnell, Republican: $41,000.00

    Who are #7, 11 and 13 on that list? They're the current GOP leadership in the House and Senate. And all of those figures above Mr. Schillmoeller's $39,000 threshold.

    4. The figures Mr. Schillmoeller cites are from Individual contributions. This includes contributions from people employed by Fannie/Freddie. Their PERSONAL contributions are calculated as contributions "from" Fannie/Freddie. If Joe the Janitor donates $20 to Obama's campaign, Mr. Schillmoeller thinks that came from Fannie/Freddie, not Joe the Janitor, while election law defines that as a personal contribution.

    5. If contributions from Fannie and Freddie are evidence of corruption, then Mr. Schillmoeller needs to call on the leadership of his party to resign immediately.

  22. Having Pelosi on the ticket would have the same effect as when the RNC put Palin with McCain. It would guarantee people would vote for the Republican or not vote at all. It would be a grave disservice to Hillary, who deserves the White House.

  23. Last night Bill Maher concluded his "New Rules" segment with comments that not only do Republicans live in a bubble where they can not receive data from the outside, but so do the Democrats. He is now saying that Democrats are just as blind as Republicans because they refuse to see how Obama might lose.

    His comments were ironic given who was on his panel. Two of them were simply gushing over how bad the Republican candidates are and saying it would be impossible for Obama to lose.

    It's not that Maher is any kind of political prophet, but when he is concerned enough to make a $1M contribution to Obama's super-PAC you have to take note.

  24. In the end I think it will be high gas prices that get Obama voted out of office as this is something people feel the pain every week when they buy gas. Trillion of debt is future number they don't have to deal with, $5 gas you got their attention and wallets! We know Obama's energy man Chu wants our gas prices to be at prices near "the levels in Europe" Wow they talk about Bush being a go it alone guy, Obama has that spot now.

  25. Big difference in apologies, RefNV. Looking at it face value, I'd say you're right. But you aren't.

    Mr. Schultz immediately apologized on air, to Ms. Ingraham by phone and took himself off air for one full week.

    Mr. Limbaugh's apology was just hot air.

    His apology did not come immediately. He said what he said. Then the next day, he doubled down with other inappropriate remarks. Then FOR A THIRD STRAIGHT DAY, he kept up the volatile vitriole.

    Now, here it's the fourth day, he comes forth and apologizes. But the apology is lame. He states he made an ill attempt at humor. Not sure if anyone sees this, but with stuff like "feminazi" and "slut" and "we want to see video tapes" and other crap utterly demeaning to women, that sure don't sound like humor to me. That's just evil spiteful stuff that shows his true regard for women. No wonder he's currently in his fourth marriage (with no children).

    Mr. Limbaugh makes a living pee'ing people off. He did that.

    And, every indication shows that he understands he went too far. Because he has a conscience? Because he wants to uphold standards and ethics pertaining to radio announcers? NO! He only came forward because he got hit hard in the wallet. Sponsors pulled out of his show and smacked him with removing money. And more sponsors will leave soon.

    THAT'S why he's apologizing. Not because he feels remorse. He's frantically performing damage control right now.

    Mr. Limbaugh makes a living doing this junk. AND HE MAKES MILLIONS. Why should he stop?

    The only thing that would make him stop is if women collectively get so mad that, when they have chance encounters with him on the street, they all go over and repeatedly kick him hard in the groin.

    But then again, that might not work neither. He probably will like it.

    Face it, right wingnuts. He's in charge of the Tea/Republican Party. He's a nasty ornery old bastard and you have welcomed him as your leader.

    And, mark my words, I already know the majority of women in America have taken notice of this too. Don't matter what side of the political aisle, they are mad. And they will show their anger in voting booths in November 2012.

  26. The Republican party is at a crossroad and like the Whig party of the 1850s they need to to make a decision as to the future of there party. Either continue to be guided by conservative radicals down the dead end road and the dung heap of history or do they return to there roots in classical liberalism and forward into the future.

  27. Mike,

    The Whig Party is coming back, take a look at the Modern Whig Party of America. We expect to bring in the remaining moderates of both major parties of today as well as many independents.

  28. Big difference, RefNV.

    One was quick and voluntary (Mr. Schultz).

    The other one was forced out (Mr. Limbaugh).

    Another thing is what happened with Mr. Schultz is in the past. He put it behind him and moved on.

    This thing with Mr. Limbaugh is the here and now, and he clearly didn't want to let it go. Until he was forced to.

    Kind of hard to walk back comments regarding a relentless, unwarranted and savage attack on Miss Fluke for a total of THREE DAYS IN A ROW. What he said was vile, despicable and downright nasty.

    And it's very transparent how all indications show he was actually reluctant in his apology. Even his apology seemed to give a lame excuse for what he said.

    Pure and simple, it was money that drove him to come out with it. Sponsors backed out of his show. And they are continuing to walk away from it. And he knows this is digging deep into his pockets. He's totally in damage control right now.

    But that's okay, you spin it however you want, RefNV. That's pretty much what the right wing does. They don't have any message or solution for anything, but they sure can come up with the rhetoric and always seem more interested in arguing than coming up with any idea worth a damn on anything.

    People clearly do not like this ultra conservative agenda being pounded out there all the time. It's radical. It's extreme. It's kooky. It's over-the-top. All indications show people are sick and tired of it.

    But I for one encourage it to continue without stop.

    Because the louder it gets, the further and further down into irrelevance they sink. RIP, Tea/Republicans. You are doing this to yourself. Don't be surprised if you end up unpopular at least for a few generations or so.

  29. Jimbo

    By now you should have figured out that your opinion is absolutely worthless to me. I posted your comment history from Jan 8, 2012 for other commentators to make up there own mind as to your lack of integrity.

    And once again the Republican party is being driven down a dead end road by the likes of Jim Reid, sal Russo, ( Jim Reid's boss) and rush limbo and at the end of that road is the dung heap of history.

  30. Boftx

    I am aware and recognize that the modern Whig party of America has become a real and legitimate choice for modern day moderates. Maybe in the near future we will see a Whig party option on the ballot? A option that I personally would consider vote worthy.

  31. I really think too many Americans are arguing over something that should be secondary until we solve our financial problems.

    Right now, we need to re-write our tax code, tax everyone more, address entitlement reform and defense spending, adopt an 'all in' energy strategy, exit the wars, really start addressing the duplication, waste and fraud found in government, and find a way to publically finance campaigns so we can limit lobbying influence.

    Once we do all that, we can fight over whether Progressivism or Conservatism is the best path to follow.


  32. Mike,

    Currently we are running a handful of local and Congressional candidates for this November in a few states (although none in Nevada yet.) We don't anticipate having a national campaign until 2016, with our goal being 2020 for a full fledged run at the White House.

    We are concentrating on starting at the bottom first. For us, patience is a virtue. :)

    The real problem is overcoming the mindset that there can be only two major parties. I think this is a result of the Civil War and indicates that the polarization created then has never gone away. I think an argument can be made that just as the Cold War extended WWII, our current political environment is an extension of the Civil War.

  33. Michael,

    I agree with what you say, but it is meaningless unless we address our why we have lost our manufacturing base. And to do that, we must address our trade imbalance and the WTO.

  34. Phil...

    Nail on the head.
    You are 100% correct.

    Same ol' drivel from the same ol' horse's patooties in response.
    Didn't bother to read 99% of it, because I know exactly what it'll say.

    The latest Rush Limbaugh faux pas crystallizes the level of insanity and inanity of the right. They've devolved into a Hate Group full of loonies.
    It's becoming painfully obvious that a large percentage of humankind has not evolved fast enough to keep up in the 21st century. Technological advancements have allowed them to propagate, but their brains are not up to the task. In fact, the technology has allowed them to be manipulated so very much easier than in the past; fish in a barrel, so to speak.
    It's actually a bit frightening, if one takes a moment to ponder it.

  35. Like I said before, RefNV, nice spin on it you're doing there.

    Still, there is a big difference there between those inappropriate comments by two different pundits.

    And the difference is so glaring you can drive a bulldozer through it, with room to spare.

    Mr. Schultz said one thing. He was called on the carpet for it. And he IMMEDIATELY realized he made a mistake and stepped forward, apologized, not only on air to his viewers, but also to the person he said it about (by phone).

    You may be right about MSNBC suspending him. I'll give you that. But, from every indication shown, Mr. Schultz agreed with this suspension.

    Mr. Limbaugh, however, is an entirely different boat.

    He attacked that woman for a total of THREE DAYS STRAIGHT. And it was constant, savage, brutal, misogynistic in nature, and without stop, relentless. It was totally uncaring and uncalled for. AND HE KNEW IT.

    Has he been suspended from on air? NO. Because he makes them money. LOTS of money. They dare not take him off and lose revenue.

    Did he voluntarily give an apology? NO. Every indication shows he was forced to due to sponsors pulling away from his show. And they are continuing to do so.

    Did his apology sound genuine? NO. In his apology he said it was an ill attempt at humor. I definitely wasn't raised and brought up in a cave, and that type of attack, calling women "feminazi's" and "sluts" and "prostitutes" is just not something you do in normal conversations, not to mention on the radio air waves where millions will witness it. Not only Democrats, but Republicans as well are calling him out for it.

    Big difference in trying to compare these two instances. They were both wrong on both pundits' parts, but to compare them as one and the same is done only to pursue some right wing nut agenda.

    Nice spin there, RefNV. Yet again. No matter how you spin it, there is one thing that is very, very clear: The right wing hate just drips from Mr. Rush Limbaugh. Will this episode tone him down? NO. I guarantee it will embolden him to further rhetorical lows not based on facts, but on knee jerk pure unadulterated right wing hate.

    But there is a light at the end of the tunnel for all the rational people out here.

    Mr. Limbaugh, the titular head of the Tea/Republican Party, has energized the women in America.

    They WILL be at the voting booths in November 2012.

    The Tea/Republican Party will be lucky to even get someone elected into power as Dogcatcher General of America.

  36. I personally could care less what Rush. L called someone, slut, bimbo, who cares, right of free speech, right? I mean just read Fosimmons posts for cry' out loud! The hatred spew name calling he dribbles gets printed every day, where is the outcry from the Liberals on that?