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April 26, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Obama’s visits waste time, money

Will somebody tell President Barack Obama that we don’t appreciate his visits to this area? The traffic bottleneck is horrendous every time he comes. And we are supposed to be careful about our environment? Well, all that idling of cars adds carbon monoxide to the environment.

And Nevadans don’t gain a thing from the solar farms he visited, in my opinion, because all that fantastic power goes to California. Also, not only is he spending valuable money on his visits, but he is using valuable energy while he preaches that our country wants to cut back on fuel imports.

Last, but not least, he says the trip was not political in nature. Well, it sure sounds like it is. Only a fool would believe otherwise.

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  1. "And Nevadans don't gain a thing from the solar farms he visited, in my opinion, because all that fantastic power goes to California."

    Excuse me, but California is a State too and Barack Obama is President of the United States. Would you feel better if he had gone to California and observed people using a three-prong plug?

  2. "Will somebody tell President Barack Obama that we don't appreciate his visits to this area?"

    Let me get this straight.

    You are basically saying the President cannot visit Nevada?

    Who elected you in charge?

    Dumb letter.

  3. I for one agree with the author. How many borrowed millions of chineese money did it cost us for this campain stop.

  4. Anything Obama does is a waste of time and money.

  5. Look at it this way, Obummer visits Nevada a lot more than his lackey water-boy who claims he is from just down the road, does. Does Harry really know where Searchlight is??

    I just find it funny that the community organizer flies in a plane that burns fossil fuels, yet he thinks someday it will burn solar power and wind energy...

  6. Mr. Candelaria - "Will somebody tell President Barack Obama that we don't appreciate his visits to this area"

    Would you be saying the same if Bush visited?

    It's stunning how out of synch with reality some will achieve due to thier bias or prejudice.

  7. Mr. Reid, there is a difference between calling a person stupid, and saying a person's action (or letter) is stupid. Saying either one might result in a comment being removed, but it is much more likely that the former will be deemed a personal attack than the latter. The latter case is often a close call, though.

  8. How ironic, SgtRock complaning about our children picking up the tab for solar power, but sides with deregulating the poisons industries will be allowed to dump in our water, soil and air. He sides with stripping the government of the Dept. of Education. He sides with having our younger people tranfer their futures to funds controlled by Wall St. privatizing Social Security. He sides with creating a voucher system in place of Medicare. He sides with drilling, boring and exploding more of the planet to extract fossil fuels.

    That is the future our children and grandchildren will be left if this generation gives into gluttony, greed and the need for instant gratification.

  9. Generally speaking, I think most Presidential trips such as this one are a waste (indeed, a misuse) of taxpayer money, regardless of who the President is. I doubt that giving a speech on-site is that much more effective than had a President used a setting at the White House.

    Beyond that, if a President really wants to sell his idea to Congress, then having meetings with many members of Congress in the White House might be more efficient.

    Back in the 30s FDR was well-known for his fireside chats. There is no reason for a President not to do the same today on a TV segment. I'm sure that either FOX or MSNBC would be happy to provide free air-time to a sitting President for such.

    The practice of disguising campaign speeches and fund-raising trips as public policy events needs to stop. Members of both the Democrats and Republicans are guilty of this.

  10. TEA, I believe it is "Madam Moderator."

    Obama needs to do something with his time and he says he's running for re-election. So as long as he does minimal harm, let him go where he wants to.

  11. Mr. Treager, as expressed, the comment was much more of a personal attack than an opinion. Comments like those are removed without regard to what political party the person referred to might be a member of or the person being a public or private figure.

    You can see examples in this comment section where comments made by people of widely differing viewpoints have been removed.

  12. dipstick,

    I'm sure there are people who say the same thing whenever they see one of your comments removed, such as the one at 1:58PM today. :)

    At least the moderator(s?) hits everyone equally, it seems.

  13. TEA - "3/27/12...Health care act will ruin America...your statement response 401pm"

    Would you please clarify the debate? I'm not sure exactly what point you are trying to make.


    Stocks Return More With Democrat in White House: BGOV Barometer

  15. "If SCOTUS does overturn Obamacare, right then, at that very moment that the cloud of uncertainty is lifted for business's."

    Business's what? Do you mean businesses?

    So Mr. Traeger's bought into the foolish cries of "uncertainty" from businesses.

    What is more certain: a law that's already on the books, or the train wreck of legislation that would get past a divided House and Senate?

    Mr. Traeger gets it backwards. Overturning Obamacare would increase uncertainty, not lower it. It would push the debate on health care right back into the legislative process. THAT would increase uncertainty.

    But then, who actually believes the "uncertainty" red herring, anyway?

  16. <<Obama told us a few years ago you can't go to Las Vegas and blow money on the taxpayer's dime>>

    <<Didn't President Obama tell all Americans that they can't go to Las Vegas on the taxpayers' dime>>

    @Rusty and Carmine:

    GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!! IF you both are going to drag this dead, dead, dead horse into the conversation AGAIN, at least get it right.

  17. "Obama will always have his 33%. Because that is his base and you can't cure "stupid."

    You know what 33% is code for don't ya? :) :)


  18. The Tea Party...

    It's like watching a mean version of Hee Haw.
    And just as entertaining.