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July 1, 2015

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At rally, Romney slams Obama’s Las Vegas comments from 3 years ago


Christopher DeVargas

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval at right, address supporters during a campaign rally at a local business, Tuesday May 29, 2012.

Romney visits Las Vegas

KSNV coverage of Mitt Romney's visit to Las Vegas, May 29, 2012.

Romney in Las Vegas

Hundreds of supporters turned out to hear presidential hopeful Mitt Romney speak at a local business, Tuesday May 29, 2012. Launch slideshow »

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney stressed his focus on fueling job creation in a hastily planned 15-minute speech at a Las Vegas furniture warehouse Tuesday in the hours before he swept enough delegates to technically be named the party’s nominee.

Romney’s speech, in which he heavily emphasized President Barack Obama’s 3-year-old foible discouraging people from visiting Las Vegas, completely ignored the fact that the Texas primary would push him over the 1,144-delegate threshold to win the GOP nomination.

In his sole public Nevada appearance of the day, Romney also ignored the reason for his Silver State swing — a big-ticket fundraiser with Las Vegas icon and reality TV star Donald Trump and a quieter sit-down with casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson.

Instead, Romney spent his brief time before the crowd of more than 600 supporters portraying Obama as a president who has misspent his first term making it more difficult for America’s economy to recover.

For his refrain, Romney used Obama’s 2009 comments discouraging corporations receiving government bailouts from blowing money on a “trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl.”

“He came into the White House and told people not to bother going to Las Vegas for business meetings,” Romney said. “That sure didn’t help. When I become the next president of the United States, I’ll come to Las Vegas. I love it here.

“Sometimes, I just don’t think he understands what it takes to help people.”

Romney accused Obama of failing to understand that discouraging travel to Las Vegas would cause a “cascade of job losses.”

Try as he might to focus the conversation on the economy during his public event, Romney’s evening activities ensured that a political sideshow starring Trump dominated headlines throughout the day.

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Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval at right, address supporters during a campaign rally at a local business, Tuesday May 29, 2012.

Trump headlined a $2,500 a plate fundraiser on the Strip that the Romney campaign hoped would bring in $2 million.

The fundraiser rounded out a week of Trump money-making events scheduled by the Romney campaign. In an effort to cultivate small-money donors, the campaign sold $3 raffle tickets for a dinner with Trump.

While Trump is an audacious counterpoint to the more staid presidential candidate, his insistence on questioning the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate has been a nagging distraction.

Romney has tried somewhat to distance himself from the issue, saying he believes Obama was born in the United States, but has stopped short of condemning Trump’s comments.

In his speech at Somers Furniture, Romney made an oblique reference to the controversy.

“In addition to the age of the president and the citizenship of the president and the birthplace of the president being set by the Constitution, I’d like it also to say that the president has to spend at least three years working in business before becoming president of the United States.”

Trump’s focus on the birth certificate question, however, doesn’t necessarily irritate the Republican base that Romney is hoping to keep enthused enough to counter Obama’s turnout machine.

“I don’t know if we’ll ever get an honest answer about that,” said Russ Martin, a Las Vegas Republican who attended Romney’s public rally Tuesday. “I don’t really see Donald Trump as a negative. He’s got a lot of money and if wants to contribute to the Romney campaign, that’s a good thing.”

Others in the crowd at the Las Vegas furniture store said Romney’s association with the audacious Trump isn’t the wisest of moves.

“I think that was bad advice,” said Stan McClure, of Las Vegas, a Republican retiree. “The (birth certificate issue) is a dead issue. It definitely hurts Romney’s campaign.”

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Reyna Bernal, an Obama supporter and local small business owner, voices her concerns against Romney campaign outside an event where the presidential hopeful is scheduled to speak, Tuesday May 29, 2012.

Jeanette Northcutt, of Las Vegas, said the birth certificate issue is more of a distraction than a credible campaign issue.

“Trump is a character and a personality and anything he says people will listen to,” she said. “But Obama is our president. All that other stuff people need to put behind them and believe in what Romney will do in a big way for our country.”

In a sparsely attended protest outside of the furniture warehouse, Democrats once again hammered on Romney for his time at Bain Capital, a private equity firm that bought and sold businesses. Some of those businesses filed bankruptcy and were forced to lay off employees.

“Look at what he did to workers,” said Danny Thompson, secretary-treasurer of the Nevada AFL-CIO. “He left people in the lurch.”

Romney’s campaign, however, strategically chose Somers Furniture as the location of his speech. Somers hosted a roundtable of small-business owners in 2008 for the Obama campaign.

The owner, Debbie Somers, didn’t speak at Romney’s rally, but he used her as an example for the need to keep taxes low.

Thompson said it didn’t bother him that some people, such as Somers, may have changed their support after his first term.

“This all boils down to the average guy and the average person,” Thompson said. “The fact that Romney would give tax cuts to millionaires, it doesn’t surprise me that someone like (Somers) would switch their support.”

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  1. Poor, poor Mittens...

    He's got NUTTIN'.

  2. Something to think about.

    Mr. Obama told major companies that us TAXPAYES bailed out to stop blowing money, yes, in Vegas and at the Super Bowl. Good advice. He also stated that you should not blow COLLAGE SAVINGS on trips to Vegas. Good common sense advise.

    Now many people took that in some twisted way to say he was hating on Vegas when in fact that was not the case at all. You can twist anything anyway you want if you are looking for a reason to hate on someone. Even Mr. Goodman went nuts for no reason it is shows that even smart people can twist things.

    Now you have Mr. Romney doing the same thing, twisting things for support. He does not care about our town anymore then most elected officials in Washington. He is looking for big money to buy him an office in Washington. He did not come here to see you or me, just our money.

  3. Somers Furniture - Will never spend my paycheck there.

  4. You'd have to pay me $2500 to allow Trump to have dinner with me.

  5. Romney shot himself in the foot today.

    Donald Trump one of the most pompous men in America, Thinks his money and backing is going to help Romney win the election over Obama.

    Romney on the other hand is sealing his fate for loss solely because he is associating with Trump.

    Trumps association is for special interest, His own.
    Romneys association is for special interest too, His own.

    Actions speak louder then words, and in my opinion Romneys actions are clear reasons why any level of intelligence won't be voting for him. His lack of people skills, and inability to relate to the needs of the American people.

    The highlight of his speech is attacking Obamas remark about spending money in Las Vegas ?. Vegaslees post above perfectly clarifies to those lacking common sense, and clear understanding, the meaning behind the remark. Romney gets another F for people skills. he also needs to fire his P.R team, for allowing his association with Trump.

    By the way I wont be spending my hard earned money at Somers either Judy, and summerof69, a pretty immature shot, clearly expected from a Romney supporter.

  6. "Foible?" The President of the United States of America telling people to not visit one specific city, our city, is now just a FOIBLE?

    Definition, FOIBLE: a minor flaw or shortcoming in character or behavior.

    Holy sheeeeesh! Its absolute insanity that a President would tell people not to visit an American city. Our city. You call it a foible. You must be a corrupt apologist.

  7. Mitt Romney and Bob Coburn---
    President Obama DID NOT disparage Las Vegas or tell people not to visit Las Vegas. Obama was cautioning against wasting money. What is so hard to understand?

    And Donald Trump---
    To continue espousing "birther" crap will only hurt those doing so and anyone associated with them.
    Thank you for that.

  8. One thing is crystal clear, the Republicans have gone completely mad! Mitt Romney will say anything; and know we see he will do anything to get into the White House.

    Look, Obama has not done everything right, but voting for Mitt Romney would be an act of insanity.

  9. I like Mitt but now his handlers have shown us they have a problem contextualizing the words of Obama. I think they should focus on their new ideas instead.

    Everyone knows, or should know that Mitt is willing to change his position on conservative issues, which only shows how smart he is. He can easily adapt to any situation. That's good thinking.

    Let Mitt be Mitt and he'll make a great president. If he fails and we all get "Blow'd up", the few survivors of the Mormon church will posthumously baptize us all and we'll be one big happy country in the after life. (Well except for the people of color)

  10. Romney is a birther. Plain and simple. He is out of the closet now.

    He basically said that to get 50.1 percent of the votes to become President he has no problem appealing to 100.1 percent of the racist bastards in America to get there.

    But what gets me is Sandoval and Krolicki standing there in agreement with Romney and Trump.

    These two Nevada politicians seem to trip over themselves to suck up to them, but they go out of their way to ignore President Obama when he comes to Las Vegas.

    Guilty by association. Both Krolicki and Sandoval are our own Nevada birthers now.

    They're gone.

    People need to wake up and vote these predators out of office.

    We don't need this nonsense.

    Time to fight back against the total crap this modern day Tea/Republican Party wants us immersed in.

    Trump, Romney, Krolicki and Sandoval.

    It's confirmed.

    All birthers.

  11. Guilty by association??

    Obama hangs with terrorists, race baiters, bombers and tax cheats. He travels to where the Unions keep their checkbook and Wall Street keeps their cash. But that association is all missed by the media whores like the Sun.

    For once I have to disagree with Vegaslee. As one who works in the tourist market, Obama's words hurt this city. Many pocketbook's felt the sting of those words for months.

    No matter if it was taken out of context or not, it was what the leader of a once proud and strong country, said about one of its own. It hit the Vegas tourist market hard.

  12. Romney: "...I'd like it also to say that the president has to spend at least three years working in business before becoming president of the United States."

    Then I'd like it to say the president has to spend at least three years living on the average annual income of Americans. Romney wasn't born with a silver spoon; he was born with a complete set of silver-ware. Romney is the 1% of the 1%, not many rich people have car elevators. Mitt is completely out of touch with the 99% of Americans.

    Romney: "Sometimes, I just don't think he understands what it takes to help people."

    I have yet to see a plan from Romney that will help anyone but the top 1%. But I have seen 'outlines' of shutting down government agencies, cutting benefits to the poor, privatizing Social Security and Medicare, and shifting more and more expenses onto states who are struggling with their own budgets. Mitt scares the crap out of me...Bush policies on steroids.

  13. Romney Will Create Jobs? 17 of his 20 Military Advisors Are NeoCons from the Bush Administration, just itching to send Americans to War with Iran.
    Add to that his "Bain Capital" Staples Office Supply Jobs and you have the beginning of a Robust Economy (Sarcasm).
    While if Republicans had not concentrated on defeating President Obama and opposed Every Infrastructure Job, Health Care Reform and on down the line to Fair Tax structures for Billionaires, just imagine how far we would be out of this Republican/Wall Street Bank Depression. Vote out Every Republican until they dis-avow the Corporate Controlled Tea Party.


    Every parent who cares about his kids always questions them as to Who their friends are.

    I recall my mother always saying to me to Pick my friends very carefully. She rightfully maintained that who you befriend says who you are. If your concerned about having a good reputation then pick your friends carefully

    Sound Familiar.

    I don't know much about the Mormon religion however I have to believe that they genuinely care about their kids and thats why they always have their girls escorted.
    By embracing Donald Trump
    I honestly believe that Mitt Romney has lost his sense of rationale. He only cares about winning and therefore he will do anything,say anything and change positions as quickly as expedient. He is showing his true character .The bully kid who attacked a fellow student with a pair of scissors is now attempting to do the same thing to all of us.

  15. Mr. Anthony,

    I reality you agreed with me. It was taken out of context by those that wanted to take it that way.

    Did it hurt? Yes it did but we are blaming the wrong person for the damage, it is people not paying attention that did the damage, not the one that spoke the words.

    In this country most are always looking for someone else to lay the blame on for anything.

    Sorry you had to take a hit but you did see the real problem, that is the important thing.

  16. Lmao, Obama banners on LVS in Spanish, this is America, ENLGLISH ONLY! I can't wait until this idiot is booted and the rest of the staff, they're worthless.