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April 18, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Your vote is needed in this election

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You may say you “do not care about politics” or “it does not matter who is in office,” “whatever happens will not affect me” or “all politicians are crooks anyway.”

None of the above is a legitimate excuse for not voting. Think of the bigger picture, not just your individual situation or experiences.

Why are so many wealthy people contributing enormous amounts of money anonymously to political candidates? Why do they want to remain anonymous? Do they expect something in return? Apparently, they do not want you to know who they support and what they expect. Billions are being spent on advertising designed to be misleading and derogatory rather than stating the candidates’ positions on issues and plans for America.

Why has the Republican Party gone to such enormous lengths to make it extremely difficult for select groups of people to vote? Ostensibly, voter restrictions are designed to affect minorities, the poor, elderly, disabled, college students and first-time voters. One could speculate that they are likely Democratic Party voters.

Obviously, some people think this election and your vote is that important. The Republican Party will try to make it difficult for you to exercise your right, saying it’s a privilege, not a right. It’s both. Your vote is important; stand up and speak up. Be proud that you stood up for your beliefs. Do not think it’s only one vote and it does not matter. Every single vote counts. Every single vote matters.

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  1. Issues like the one Debbie brings up are not all or nothing issues.

    There are factions in the R party who would be just fine with suppressing the minority and poor vote. They see the demographic and social trends and they are looking for advantage to offset them.

    There are factions on the D side that oppose any ID requirements for voting because they too see the demographic and social trends and they want every minority and poor voter they can get, even if to get them, we have to have very lax ID standards.

    As it most always is, the proper place to be is in the middle. We recognize that it isn't unreasonable to ask a voter to produce an ID but we also recognize that some minority and poor voters don't have ID's. We do what is necessary to ensure everybody that wants and ID can get one, free, and then we ask voters for ID when they show up to vote.


  2. Yes, voting is important. But that's not what Starr is all about. She is about wanting only the "right" folks voting - the Dumbocrats. Aside to Michael: try getting a "free" buffet by using your "points" in any casino without showing a photo ID. And you say that "poor" & "minority" voters don't have photo IDs or it is an imposition for them to be asked to obtain them? What's more important to maintain the integrity of? "Free" buffets or voting? Give me a break!

  3. Romney-Ryan. Save the Bald Eagle not Big Bird.


  4. Should we be suspicious of the GOP? Should we accept the claim that the GOP will create jobs and improve the lot of poor and minority voters if they can just keep those people from voting. Should we accept their attempts to remove "None of these Candidates" from the Nevada ballot as not really suppressing our right to protest the choices we are given? Should we accept that the GOP can strictly follow the Constitution without understanding the spirit of that document.

    HELL NO!

  5. Enjoyed the letter, Ms. Starr. Totally agree.

    I'm voting on November 6th. And more than ever, this election I am bound and determined to crush this radical and extreme agenda that the Tea/Republican Party keeps wanting to pound into everyone's brain.


    It gets us nowhere.

    It's payback time, people.

    Get out there and vote.

    If you don't, you are just encouraging the Tea/Republicans to continue the onslaught on the American people with the least say in Government. THIS is our chance. At the voting booths.

    Make no mistake about it...Tea/Republicans CAN and WILL destroy the middle class and give the rich more and more and more and more and more and more and most and most and most. They're in it for themselves and everyone else is on their own. They could care less if you have to dig through the trash to survive.

    Don't kid yourself. They won't stop.

    Unless you put your foot down.

    I'm votin' not only smart, but I'm voting angry too on November 6th.

    Straight Democratic Party ticket.

    When I get through at the voting booth, Tea/Republican Party political heads will be rolling all over the place.

    Obama/Biden 2012! AND a Democratic Party majority in both the House and the Senate!

  6. Bradley,

    Welcome to the realization that many people are totally close minded (on both sides) and will not tolerate any criticism of 'their' candidate, valid or not. They will not debate; they will not defend; they will 'attack'. It's a part of the reason we sit stuck in neutral.

    Some of President Obama's promises he could not keep, and that wasn't his fault. But many he could have kept but did not; and with some others, he did not make an attempt.

    I think that several very poor decisions were made about security in Libya, Benghazi, the anniversary of 9/11 and whether to help those that were under attack. I am afraid those were political decisions, rather than decisions based upon what was right.

    I will likely be attacked for saying so, maybe even by you. Unfortunately, we both live in an America where far too many people will not see any flaws on 'their' side and will not see 'anything' positive on the other side.

    I commend you for stating your opinion, even though it was negative toward a candidate you favor. Welcome to my world.


  7. "Yes Debbie, I'm voting for Romney because he understands business, the economy and understands we need to get the unemployed working again and he will reduce our budget deficit. Obama's class warfare rhetoric and hate for business and successful Americans has flat out disgusted me." (ReFreeman)

    Just to be clear--your new position. The Romney position. your guy. As stated per your non-response to your previous positions:

    ""So from now on, it can be reasonably assumed when reading anything you (ReFreeman) post, be it in your words or from a source you reference, your just providing information that you like, and not necessarily true and clear information. Or not information you truly believe, or information you can explain.""

    This is the same guy who lied to the people of Ohio and said all US Jeep production was moving to China. Your guy, the Liar in Chief. Your guy!

    Just a friendly reminder. You appear to be the leader of this thread. Your post is first.

    President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points.

  8. @wtplv,

    "Welcome to the realization that many people are totally close minded (on both sides) and will not tolerate any criticism of 'their' candidate, valid or not. They will not debate; they will not defend; they will 'attack'. It's a part of the reason we sit stuck in neutral." (Michael Casler)

    Explain to the readers, what is the difference between to criticism and lying?

    Not one Mitt Romney supporter has stated factually what qualifies Mitt Romney to be president. Not one Mitt Romney supporter has given any details on Mitt Romney private sector action that produced jobs.

    The Mitt Romney supporters, if this includes you, only talked about the negatives regarding the Presidents. The President has made many decisions that are helping and benefiting the America People. But, you like others want "other people" to tell you about the positives of our President.

    If your doing balance research you would know. Knowing only one side of the issues, or favoring one side of the issues when clearly the evidence points out a clear conclusion, this is called selective reporting.

    The majority of the Mitt Romney supporters who post on the Sun refuse to state in detail, how the policies of the Obama administration has helped American, both foreign and domestic. But they know all the negatives. Knowing this does not qualify Mitt Romney for president, or is the correct deduction to choose one candidate over another.

    If you have done your homework and know both sides of the issues, know the talk, know the action and the results, you would know the balance scale favors the President, and deserves support from responsible and an informed voters.

    In order to be a responsible voter, you must be an informed voter.

    Are you a responsible voter Mr. Casler?

    What I do know about "your" writings, you want to learn and you are spirited. You just need to expand your area of truth.

    There no greater belief as when one finds the truth on their own, and not told by others.

  9. kepi,

    Thank you. We are all Americans. We must be reasonable adults do reasonable things.

    Choosing a President is serious, a huge responsibility. I sense many of the commentator who post on the Sun are young people who want answers.

    The truth told by anyone will be heard. Half truths should, or must spark exploration. One must know the truth to explore. The Bible calls this discernment!

  10. Even a "non-vote" as BChap called it is important if it is for "None of the above." That sends a clear message as opposed to merely not voting at all.

    I only wish that there was some real power behind "NOTA" in that if it won it would force a new election with new candidates for the race in question. That is not practical for President, but it is for all the others.

  11. Ms. Starr,

    You, like many of your ilk of both cults, are afflicted with something called cognitive bias. Wikipedia defines it as "A cognitive bias is a pattern of deviation in judgment that occurs in particular situations, which may sometimes lead to perceptual distortion, inaccurate judgment, illogical interpretation, or what is broadly called irrationality."

    We all need to self-evaluate constantly to better ourselves, and in turn, better our fellow man.

    Perhaps you should consider re-reading your letter for accuracy, logic, and reason, as it is quite irrational.


  12. One of the reasons I have decided on "NOTA" instead of Obama is the same as BChap's: How President Obama has dealt with NAFTA given his campaign statements in 2008.

    Some might recall there was a bit of a stink at the time, with Obama being accused of telling the Canadians that his campaign rhetoric was just that, and that his real position was quite different.

    Even though the initial report from CTV was later determined to be "mistaken" the reports of the Chicago memo seem to deserve some weight today.

    You can find a very good description and timeline of what transpired here:

    (Note that FactCheck declined to offer an opinion.)

  13. Comment removed by moderator. Same (or similar) comment posted on multiple stories.

  14. Comment removed by moderator. Same (or similar) comment posted on multiple stories.

  15. In thought this was a public service type announcement until I read further, it is a vote for Obama letter and certainly biased. Mail in and early voting makes voting so easy, anyone can do it! I do hope people get out and vote for the best person they feel possible to run the country.

  16. kepi,

    I said that was only one of the reasons. However, it is a symptom of a bigger pattern. He did essentially the same thing when he told the Russians he would have more flexibility after he was re-elected. If I go thru the broken or unkept promises on Politifact I'm sure I can find more instances that appear to be double-talk on the surface.

    President Obama does not appear to be much different than any other politician, in my view. The fact that he spent so much time, money and effort campaigning during the primary season, when he was unopposed, speaks volumes.

  17. Here's my perspective: I've worked hard and long as a volunteer to register voters locally for the last two years. Almost every volunteer I've worked with were registered Democrats, most had no trouble to register anyone, of whatever party affiliation. Very few expressed the desire to only register Democrats. I constantly said at training sessions that I did not serve overseas as a veteran to allow that, and in the strongest terms possible. I registered several Republicans, the last one on the last day possible last month, and a whole lot of Democrats, some independents and a few Greens.

    The only real opposition I've received was from Republicans. I will always remember this particularly evil woman, an irate customer at a local store, though she was wasn't the only Republican who tried to stop our efforts in the last year.

    Look, what are you afraid of? Participation of all eligible to vote is an American ideal, right?
    One of the principles and ideals we fight and die for is democracy, am I right? If you're actively working to suppress voters, what system are you supporting?

    Clark County does an excellent job of voter registration and elections, a fair, balanced and thorough job. We all should be supporting as near to 100% participation as possible.

  18. Voting is a matter of citizenship commitment and responsibility, no matter who one votes for, including the NOTA choices.

  19. Remember, Obama lied and people died!!!

  20. teamster said to BChap: "Your country needs you."

    You really have a pair, teamster. BChap, and hundreds of thousands like him (including many of us who post on this site) have answered the country's call not only in the ballot box but on the battlefield as well. It takes real brass for you to insinuate that he is shirking his duty because he might not vote as you think he should!

  21. kepi, thank you for your excellent contribution to this topic. Well thought out and written.

    Dwayne, thank you for your efforts at registering voters. With so many efforts to hinder, mislead and stop people from voting, I am proud that NV had done everything it could to ensure voter's rights and facilitate voting.

    My objections to many of the ID issues is the timing, and the way it has been handled. It became an effort within the year before elections, with much confusion, and misinformation, under the guise of voter fraud. Even the judicial system felt it was timed to interfere with the current general election.

    Voter fraud was proven to be extremely low or rare, so alot of wasted effort went on for a specified intention of insuring Mitt Romney would win.

    I have no problem with citizen ID's to replace the illegal use of Social Security numbers as a form of ID.

    We can combine some important identifications in one, i.e., personal address, birthdate, driver's licence # (if one drives), photo ID, a taxpayer ID internally linked to the social security# by the IRS, finger print, voter ID#, citizenship: native, naturalized or legal residency. Maybe more.

    This identification is particularly important for naturalized citizen's since they are not allowed to copy their original document, leaving them with nothing to carry for immediate validation of their legal status. The original certificate is too large and they only have one.

    This would eliminate the detention of people in specific ethnic or racial groups unnecessarily.

    Enhance verification of legal status of all people, no matter who they are. No need to be discriminatory.

    Everyone should have such an ID and carry it as proof of eligibility and legality.

    A government office, like the DMV could handle such a process given enough time. There should be a national data base that will contain all the identifying document copies for use between states when someone relocates, especially since society has become so much more mobile and transient.

    This could be implemented with advanced planning, and giving people an extended period to acquire all documentation needed, and to obtain the ID without there being a rush to meet voting requirements.

    This would be a responsible way of managing such requirements, not to have Republican's (or any party in State power) moving for new requirements before a general election. There are many reasons that people need time to get the necessary documents in their possession.

    The current efforts are what make all that is happening now smell like decaying fish.

    Voters need to be careful of poll watchers who give them false information about needing photo ID's, or other information that would confuse them and make them think they couldn't vote.

    If there are any doubts or questions, go inside and speak with the official polling volunteers that are working to get voter's to vote.

  22. Morton,

    Your "perspective" seems a bit skewed. Seems you could benefit from some critical self-evaluation, just as could Ms. Starr.

    As I advised her, please re-read your comment and analyze it for cognitive biases.

    Thank you for your service and please know we will need you on the right side when we come out of this mess.


  23. Comment removed by moderator. Same (or similar) comment posted on multiple stories.

  24. I got so sick of Berkely and Heller slinging mud at each other like two school children, I cast my vote for a third party candidate. Neither one of those knuckleheads deserves to serve in ANY office.

  25. Thank you for your service, Bradley!