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May 4, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Election was predestined

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In a few days, we’ll know which candidate made the best case for their vision of America’s future. The election results may be close. Early voting returns show a valid case for one candidate over the other and vice versa. They look back in history to predict the future. But history isn’t static. It changes.

This year we have two historic events that likely will affect the election. First was the murders of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11. Hurricane Sandy pummeled the East Coast and parts of the Midwest. Both will be used as excuses for losing. In fact, they may or may not be.

Early in the political season, many said debates don’t make a difference. After they happened, many said debates did make a difference.

Libya and Hurricane Sandy have pros and cons for both candidates. The storm pre-empted campaign events, and some important economic data scheduled for release may not be available due to the storm closures in Washington, D.C. Some have said that data could make or break the election. Not true.

The outcome of the election was predestined in August 2011 when the White House knew Gov. Romney would be the party nominee and decided to run a campaign to attack him personally. It backfired. The results on Nov. 6 will confirm this.

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  1. What would you do when your prediction is proved wrong?

  2. Obama will win the election because:

    One - the economy is better regardless of what is said by the opposition

    Two - pasty faced old men telling women what they can do with their bodies will be remembered

    Three - the GOP was pulled too far right by paranoid and unstable members

    Four - most Americans are tired of war and fear Republicans will force an invasion of Iran

  3. There's no doubt that playing the role of Mitt The Moderate tightened the Presidential race but it won't be enough. The voters in Massachusetts have heard that song and seen that dance before. They have seen Mitt The Moderate in action close up and personal and their verdict: Obama 59% - Romney 40%.

  4. And a cow shall jump over the moon!

    Sorry, Carmine...
    Ain't gonna happen.
    Vernos enumerates several good reasons.
    Another huge reason;
    Mittens IS a big-time 'B.S.'er, I mean a BLATANT LIAR, and American voters won't trust him.
    What does he stand for?
    MO' M.O.N.E.Y.!

    Tuesday is preordained, indeed, Carmine...
    though it will be a HUGE RELIEF to put it behind us.

  5. Enjoyed the letter, Mr. DiFazio. And yes, we will see on November 6th what happens.

    The thing I find funny is the desperation on the Tea/Republican side of the aisle recently.

    It started when they realized a sub-standard choice for candidate happened. Romney STILL, to this day, provides no transparency regarding his personal finances. His entire campaign strategy was mapped out during the Tea/Republican Primaries. He just attacks. But no one knows anything about exactly how he thinks nor his positions on things. Because they change with the wind. Nor any specifics about his plans, just vague generalities. And to fortify this, he gets a Vice President that thinks exactly like him. Romney intends to destroy Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Planned Parenthood, FEMA, you name it, the list goes on and on. And the savings go into his pocket. As well as his rich buddies. A vote for Romney is a vote to make Adelson and Wynn even more obscenely filthy rich.

    Here it is two weeks into early voting in Nevada, and the Romney/Ryan folks are all beating their chests, humping each others' legs, screaming winner, winner, chicken dinner.

    It's going to be a horrible realization for them when they wake up on November 7th.

    With only one more day left in early voting, the Statewide number of votes cast has Democrats eclipsing Tea/Republicans by 40,000 votes. Just in Clark County, the numbers show a 60,000 or so gap.

    The Latinos right now are voting for President Obama two to one.

    A leading pollster, one who predicted accurately the Senate race in 2010, predicts anywhere from 6-8 points for President Obama being reelected.

    Another pollster predicts that Romney lost Nevada. The funny thing is that pollster works in the Romney campaign!

    Of course the Tea/Republicans can make up the gap to put Romney in the lead, but even coupled with ALL independent votes in their favor (which is not gonna happen), it is an incredible uphill climb for them. They are going to have an incredible surge on election day to make up the difference.

    Obama/Biden 2012! AND a down ballot effect that causes a Democratic Party majority in both the House and the Senate!

  6. Comment removed by moderator. Same (or similar) comment posted on multiple stories.

  7. I hope all of you that just 'know' how this election is going to turn out are just saying what you are saying to talk, and you don't really believe you 'know' the election outcome.

    Saying something will or will not happen doesn't have an effect as to whether it will or won't. Perhaps you all need to remind yourselves of that.

    Most polls indicate the race is close and I suspect it is. People that have not voted can change their minds in the space of a few days, so even polls can be quite inaccurate at predicting the final outcome.

    Romney has tried to portray Obama's entire record as a 'failure', which obviously isn't true. Obama has tried to portray Romney as a person to be afraid of; a person who is a tax cheat, a 'Gordon Gekko' who cares only about wealth and the wealthy, which also obviously isn't true.

    It hasn't been talked about as it should have been, but the biggest difference between the two men is how each would pump money into a moribund economy to try to encourage growth.

    President Obama will do it with a large government stimulus with borrowed and printed money that the government will then dole out as it sees fit to try to promote growth.

    A President Romney will do it by lowering taxes on all segments of taxpayers.... again by borrowing and printing money so that people have money money to spend to promote economic growth.

    Neither man gives much indication on how he will pay for what he wants to do. Obama will raise taxes slightly on the wealthy but is vague on where he might try to cut spending. Romney will not raise taxes but is vague on where he might try to cut spending and is vague on what tax deductions he would reduce.

    Whichever guy gets in, if he does what he is willing to talk about (even if it works) but doesn't do what they are both vague about, we will keep moving toward an eventual financial collapse.

    I will not be confident in our future unless someone stops being vague about the areas these guys are reluctant to talk about.


  8. Comment removed by moderator. Same (or similar) comment posted on multiple stories.

  9. I won't say that the election was "predestined" but I do think Carmine has brought forth an argument for why early voting should be limited to a one week period.

    The numbers show that the debates did have an impact on people's perceptions. And it is undeniable that Hurricane Sandy will have an influence, as well.

    Those who voted at the very first opportunity, as much as 5 weeks in advance in some places, are stuck with that vote now.

    I grant that a single day for voting is no longer reasonable given our 24/7/365 society today. But I feel a week should be sufficient to allow for planning for it, especially if extended hours are available.

  10. Jeff,

    Please do not indicate that I or most of the voters who will not be supporting President Obama are doing so because he is black. It's insulting, not true, and it makes it sound like you listen to very radical views on the far left. This election would NOT be a blowout if President Obama were white. It would be close, like it is now.

    Let's choose to disagree over philosophy and policy and let's leave racism out of it.


  11. "Libya and Hurricane Sandy have pros and cons for both candidates."

    It appears that the candidate the writer supports will lose the election, and this has caused him to make a statement that can only be characterized as vile.

    To say that an attack on a US embassy, and the murder of four Americans, is a pro for any American is disgusting, pure and simple.

    To say that a weather event that cost dozens of American lives, and will cost in excess of $50 billion, is a pro for any American is repulsive.

    Every self-respecting American, regardless of political affiliation, should be embarrassed that a fellow American would make such a despicable assertion.

  12. @Future,

    I'll tell you what VB think and knows. The demise of the middle class started under the Reagan administration and "trickle down" economics was the catalyst that caused the economic disparity we now have. The middle class has been taking a beating at the hands of the "plutocrats" who control banking and certain members of Congress through bribery, known as lobbyists. There are few representing the "special interests" of working people. If Mitt Romney was an upfront individual he would tell us his plans and shows his tax returns, but he operates in secrecy and lies. He is partisan from top to bottom, which is how he governed in Massachusetts, and anyone believing he'll reach across the aisle is a fool. As Grover Norquist noted, Romney would be nothing more than a robot weilding a pen to sign off on bills.

    That's exactly what I think regardless of your own denial of facts or the truth.


  13. Jeff,

    There are always going to be people who won't vote for Romney because of his religion, or because they believe he is Gordon Gekko. There are also always going to be people who won't vote for a black man. Fortunately, the numbers of people who use sole criteria like these to base their vote upon are fewer and fewer as time goes on.


  14. "Carmine.......

    PRESIDENT OBAMA will be re-elected.

    End of story." Teamster

    No, Teamster. The story is just beginning. And it's a whole new cast of characters and story line. The best advice I can offer you and others, who are still swooning from 2008 over President Obama, is to start making preparations for 2016.



  15. "The Justice Department Friday announced that it is dispatching more than 780 federal observers and monitors to 23 states to watch for potential problems which would violate voting rights protected by federal law."

    Many observers feel the only way Mitt Romney can win this election is by illegal acts by his supporters, which includes funding by the SuperPac controlled by Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers.

    A friendly reminder,
    President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points.

  16. DiFazio your exactly whats wrong with the country. As a independent there is no doubt who ran the campaign of lies and misinformation. Even some of my Republican friends agree with me on that. The honest ones LOL

  17. "I will not be confident in our future unless someone stops being vague about the areas these guys are reluctant to talk about." (From a person who does not believe in the American Way)

    We hear it from Republicans and the Mitt Romney campaign. Quitters! Give-up! America is in decline!

    Leader don't quit. Leaders don't talk about quitting! Leaders tell the truth and are always looking ahead. Moving forward!

    The people who support President Obama believe in America, they are not quitters. President Obama is not a quitters.

  18. DiFazio might be a paid Romney hack, sure looks that way Either that or maybe retired on SSI If that's the case could be funny if Romney gets elected and cuts his retirement and medical ,

  19. "DiFazio might be a paid Romney hack, sure looks that way Either that or maybe retired on SSI If that's the case could be funny if Romney gets elected and cuts his retirement and medical.."

    That's funny. And wrong. I collect a modest Federal retirement from a government job. 33 years in Washington DC. I am eligible for SS having paid into it, BUT I don't collect it. It's my contribution to the US Treasury and the national debt/deficit.

    I have and still vote for candidates of both parties in general elections at the Federal, State and local levels for as long as I've been voting.


  20. "What would you do when your prediction is proved wrong?"

    Both camps believe their candidate will win. It's not spin. Both have convincing arguments that they make to support their opinions. I don't discount them on either side.

    Pray, and I say this with my deepest sincerity, that whoever is victorious on Nov 6-7, it is a clear and decisive win. With all that our country has been through for the last 4 plus years, we don't need an election that goes into overtime.


  21. When the election is over and Pres.Obama wins re-election.The republicans will say Gov.Romney lost because of the (October surprise) hurricane Sandy.

  22. Mr. Pizzo:

    I can't agree with you completely, but I will say President Obama with super storm Sandy got very lucky politically. It diverted news time and attention away from Benghazi Libya. But make no mistakes about it, he still, whether he wins or loses, will have to have a day of reckoning with it [Benghazi]. And his luck may run out.


  23. Carmine,

    Your smart. I know the election is over, but I have large question for you!

    How did you conclude that President Obama would not win re-election, and you wrote that Mitt Romney would win by a huge margin and win the popular vote? How did you calculate your prediction?

    I just want to know. You have an insight on things, but how is your thinking approaching this election?

  24. "Carmine,

    Your smart"

    We're all smart here.

    Please re-read my letter. I never said who would win and who would lose on Nov 6, 2012.

    I said that the President and the White House chose a strategy to personally "attack" Mitt Romney IN AUGUST 2011. Recall Romney wasn't even the GOP party nominee, nor was there a GOP nominee then. But the WH, to its credit, knew Governor Romney would be. Sadly, the WH also knew that the ONLY STRATEGY to beat Governor Romney was personal character attack, attack, attack and assassination. It worked. Worked very well.

    There is a huge personal, professional, and political cost when you take that approach. JUST FOR THE SAKE OF WINNING AN ELECTION. Especially with Speaker John Boehner and the Republicans [AND THE TEA PARTY] who could [and did] keep control of the House. Did you see how happy Boehner was? He was happier than Obama.

    The President talked about voting for revenge. We are poised to see, sad to say, a revenge attack launched against the first African-American president like never before seen in American history and politics. President Obama is going down for the permanent political dirt count. He has nobody to blame except himself.