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June 30, 2015

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Letter to the readers:

It’s almost over, but what’s next?

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Dear reader,

The election is almost over, the polls close Tuesday and those fliers that clog the mailbox and fill the TV will soon be gone. Assuming the election isn’t drawn out with recounts and lawsuits, the nation should know who has won in the hours after the polls close Tuesday night.

Then what?

That’s the question we’re asking you. No matter who the winners are, can we get along? How does the nation move forward? What do the next two or four years look like? (And not just in Washington but in Carson City.)

We’d like to know what you think, and please don’t wait for the election, we’d like to start the discussion as soon as possible. Send an email to with the subject line “What’s next?” You can also comment below, send a letter via the regular mail or fax. The address is: Letters c/o Las Vegas Sun, 2360 Corporate Circle, Third Floor, Henderson, NV 89074; the fax: (702) 383-7264. We’ll look forward to your responses.



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  1. Sorry that my expectations are low. I think there will be continued accusations, anger, blaming, complaining about whoever is in the Whitehouse, and Congress.

    It is almost a national sport now.

  2. If we are to return to a decent rate of growth, rising wages and more employment, we have to have 'compromise' in our legislatures, both national and at the state level. This compromising will have to be led by the President and State governors and be supported by a majority of the American people.

    Tough decisions, such as eventual higher taxes on everyone and a real commitment to a reduction in spending must be a part of any plan.

    I understand that Obama and Romney must push the 'fairy tale' that no sacrifice will be necessary during a campaign, but I 'hope' both realize that it is a fairy tale and once elected, they drop it and tell us the truth, ugly though it is.


  3. Our country will be just fine regardless of who wins the presidency. The USA moves by its own momentum thanks in large part to our Founders and Framers who designed our system of government to do so. And thanks to Americans who have an unwaivering love and respect our great country.


  4. The following article from the Huffington Post cogently expressed what our nation would be like with a Romney presidency.

    At the surface it embraces the Ayn Rand philosophy. However, individualism cannot happen in a society where opportunities are available only to a few and are denied to many through inequity, inequality, and obstruction in the access of resources. Our system is far from perfect, but it has served us well for centuries.

    No man is an island. An evolved society is looked at through a lens of how it treats the underprivileged, the marginalized, and the downtrodden. There is nothing wrong with this philosophy. It makes us human.

    Both philosophies can co-exist when they are balanced, centered. It collides when power and greed supersedes all that is human in us.

  5. You have to wonder if, after all the energy expended on the election campaign, there's any gas left in the tank for actually solving problems.

    Either way most of us will continue chopping wood and carrying water.

  6. For one, I will start answering my phones again. For another, I will survive no matter who wins. I will also continue to record most TV I watch so I can continue to "fast-forward" through the commercials just as before. This includes news & entertainment shows. The only exceptions being sports such as football & baseball. With "picture-in-picture," I can easily switch channels and games to avoid as many commercials as I possibly can. (I do make excetions for clever commercials such as Geico's "Beep-Beep" commercial, though.)

  7. @wtplv,

    "I understand that Obama and Romney must push the 'fairy tale' that no sacrifice will be necessary during a campaign, but I 'hope' both realize that it is a fairy tale and once elected, they drop it and tell us the truth, ugly though it is." (Michael Casler)

    Aah, where have Obama implied no sacrifice will be necessary?

    The President has made it clear throughout his Presidency there must be shared sacrifice. The President has not changed during this campaign. The Republican candidate for running for president has changed his position every day.

    So, your understanding is incorrect, and way off base. Plus your implying something and sending something of a distortion and misleading premise.

  8. Longtimevegan if I remember Obama's ad about shared sacrifice is that the wealthy will pay more.

    Mr. Chapline: I have to agree with most of your post but it is also the surrogats (or self appionted surrogates) that make me shake my head. Bill Maher's latest comment to Romney supporters says the "Black people know who you are and they will find you". How despicable is a statement like this? In my opinion, all this does is cause division and resentment of one group against another.
    You have heard me rail against NAFTA here before. Our President is a believer in the One World view and I do not agree. I believe that we must take care of our own first and formost.

  9. Mr. Thompson, says,

    "Longtimevegan if I remember Obama's ad about shared sacrifice is that the wealthy will pay more."

    Mr. Thompson, do you not agree the majority of Americans are already paying an unbalanced amount per household income compared to the wealthy?

  10. Well Jeff how would you react if Dennis Miller said the same thing about white people hunting down black people. Bill Maher is not a comedian in my mind. My point was that there are too many dividing our country. As peacelily stated: "It is a national sport".

  11. I expect the outright hatred between the two major parties to continue to increase no matter who wins. Too many people have accepted the belief that there can be only two major parties, and that third parties are a waste of time.

    Bradley's comment is in fact a strong argument that there is a great need for another party to rise up that can bring in people from both the Democrats and Republicans who are not being properly represented by those platforms.

    The Democrats now lay claim to so many different groups that internal conflicts of interest are inevitable. The Keystone Pipeline and NAFTA are classic examples of this. The more recent South Korea trade agreement even went so far as to pit various union factions against each other.

    The Republicans are no better, they now routinely pit those who have a broad outlook about the human condition against those who can be called the "religious right" without regard for the logical implications for individual liberty.

    No, I see the situation only getting worse until the moderates from both parties join up with those who are truly independents to build up a third major party. I have my preference for what that party should be, of course. :)

  12. What's next,
    I believe who ever wins this election should try and work for the benifit of the people. Not the benifit of the party.This will be difficult.

    It has been proven that the Republican party has driven a wedge between both parties in trying to get anything done. This has caused myself and others to switch over and vote Democrat. For me this is the first time in 44 years that I have voted for a Democrat for president.People are waking up.

  13. After reading more of the responses, I think it is not inappropriate for me to mention again my own preferences.

    One thing that stands out is the not insignificant number of people who say they are dissatisfied in some way with their party of choice. I think that if people are honest with themselves they will admit that they agree with their chosen party only a little more than 50%.

    Many of you know that I support the Modern Whig Party. I have been active in the past, but personal circumstances dictated that I was idle for a while. That is changing and I will once again take a more active role.

    I have no doubt that those who are members of the Moral Majority or those with strong socialist leanings will find much that appeals. But those of you who believe our government should provide a strong defense, physical and social infrastructure (including public education), and a firm commitment to the American economy should find much to consider.

    I urge you think about what would happen in Congress if besides Democrats and Republicans there was a significant number of Whigs who could pick and choose on each issue which was the better way to go based on logic and pragmatism instead of relying blindly on party ideology.

  14. We need a new congress, not a new president!

  15. Future says,

    "There is no demand for any SHARED sacrifice for anyone making under $250k" (Future)

    Question to Future:
    ... do you not agree the majority of Americans are already paying an unbalanced amount per household income compared to the wealthy?

  16. Future say,

    "Finally Long agrees on the need to replace Senate leader Harry Reid" (Future)

    Again, we need a new congress. Not a new president.

    Let's go to school Future.

    Thinking outside the box. Some call it being creative, creative thinking. Thinking is always creative, thinking is never within box, or limited, or narrow.

    Ponder this if you will. The standards that defines the use of words to express our thinking.
    1)...having but lately or but now come into knowledge...
    2)...of a kind now existing or appearing for the first time....
    3)...having but lately come to a place, position, status.

    The larger picture must always be considered my friend.

  17. boftx,

    You know I support multiple parties in our politics. I mean more than two. So, that isn't an issue for me. I don't care who they are, there will be people who think the same.

    My biggest problem is that they tend to run candidates for President, without any or sufficient Congressional support.

    Other parties must start running full tickets in all states. This is needed to break up the monopoly in our Congress, and I don't mean Democrats and Republicans alone. They are the public players or puppets working for they puppet masters.

    Congress as it is structured by the two parties has entrenched themselves and their special interests.

    Personally, I would like to see several parties and coalitions formed for governance. This could break up some of the entrenchments and get the ball rolling again with sound legislation.

    Lobbying will not cease and desist under the two party system. Yet, it is a deadly virus in our system.

    I really hope that after this election, some really serious work will be done by multiple parties to find, educate, and prepare their way for full participation in the 2016 general election. However, if there are other offices to run for before that date, they need to enter the race. That includes State Legislatures and Governor races.

    It will take time, and commitment by many, but if people are willing to give service for up to two terms, rather than a lifetime, there are ways to increase the commitment, experience, and growth of the parties.

    There policy stands also have a significant impact.

    Until a third party is present to gain sufficient support from fellows in Congress, I have to wait. There have been too many failures in Presidential runs alone.

    To all third parties, you have much work ahead!

  18. REVENGE!!!

    That really reveals a lot about Obama. He's not the nice guy some people think he is! He's mean and nasty.

  19. A third would not work in today political climate. It sounds good, it make for a good discussion, but in the reality of today's politics, it's a no go.

    In order to run any campaign in today's political climate you need funding. Donors, small and large. Until the Citizen United decision is corrected, a third party would not have a chance to get off the ground.

    One cannot say the Tea Party is trying, or attempting to be a third party. It's more of a highjacking of the Republican Party with the nob turned extremely to the right with a rabbit fever.

    You can't even threaten the existing two parties with a third party. The two collectively, or individually, would sabotage or use the third party against the one another or have the third party dismantled altogether.

    The Tea Party is a good example of being used by big money donors like the Koch Brothers and the Bradley Foundation. The Bradley Foundation, has done more harm to our democracy, more so than the Koch Brothers.

    We need to fix a few things first before a third party can get started.

  20. The way to fix things is to put a couple of dozen members of a third party in Congress! You are not going to fix either the Democrats or Republicans by continuing to vote for them.

    A third party can attract its own big money donors *IF* people started the groundswell to begin with.

    So quit complaining and actually do something about it.

  21. Boftx,

    Again, sounds good, but this is not the reality. Complaining and stating a fact are not the same.

    If having a third party or voting in an independent is as easy as you put it, we would have many independents or a third party candidate in State and National elections.

    Sorry my friend, a third party is far off in the future. You must fix several things first, mainly the Citizen United decision.

  22. We certainly don't have the parties of the past who were willing to work with each other.

    I said before that the Tea Party was sucked into the Republican party rather than working hard to become a real party.

    Once they got power, it was like creating a monster, with two years of holding up action, obstructing and thinking of themselves rather than the people.

    I agree that Citizen's United must be overturned, and solid regulations must be a replacement for Glass-Steagall.

    In my dreams is serious reform of lobbying and campaign financing that makes it easier for multiple parties to compete.

    We don't need all the ads of garbage. We need to focus on learning from the candidates websites. Storefront offices can disseminate information in areas that don't have Internet access. If that is too difficult, call the campaign to request material be mailed.

    There are always possibilities of more Town Halls in areas that seem out of touch.

    The point is that campaigning doesn't require obscene amounts of money, IF we get the system fixed. That should be our focus.

    Then the multiple parties have a chance, providing what they stand for really garners support.

    They should also stand on their own and not be sucked into one of the established parties as the Tea Party was.

    Yes, they need to have an effective presence in Congress to have an impact on change.

  23. Much of the opinions I express includes my understanding that I am not privileged to all the information that our elected officials are. There are many issues that involve a variety of concerns, including diplomacy, defense, economic and trade, etc.

    If I had the insight of those who have the responsibility for the jobs they hold, I might have different views.

    In some things, it doesn't matter which party is involved in the very difficult jobs they have.

    That said, I expect them to work together on behalf of the nation, not lobbyists and those they represent as more important than every other citizen.

    They should also be required to renounce any outside pledges, promises, or vows to a special interests, whether an individual or a group, or business, as part of their swearing in as representatives to the entire nation.

  24. Longtimevegan says that President Obama has talked about shared sacrifice, and that is true. But those are only words.

    The 'specifics' are tax the wealthy more and cut defense spending. That's short on the 'shared' part and wholly 'inadequate' to address our fiscal problems. Romney also lacks specifics.

    Longtimevegan and most other Americans need to stop believing the balony. Support who you like but be open enough to recognize and acknowledge that neither man has a plan that contains the higher taxes, the spending cuts and things to increase economic growth that will be required.


  25. "James Hoffa campaigned WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA THIS

    His father James R. Hoffa hated the democrats. He was put in jail by the Kennedys and pardoned by Richard Nixon.


  26. El_Lobo, says,

    "This isn't 1854 and the chances of a new third party coming on the scene and actually making a difference is "slim & none."

    "slim," I'm told left town last week on a bus headed for parts unknown....."

    El_Lobo, your the best!

  27. Here is what I want to happen after the election:

    I would wager that the moderates and independents here can agree with almost every point of that philosophy/platform.

    Again, just think what Congress would be like if people came together to elect even 25 or 30 Whigs in 2014. How many of you couldn't get behind a candidate with those values?

    People on the fringes, no matter what fringe of the political map, won't find much there, but I suspect a large number of average Americans can find plenty of meat to bite into.

    As I said, this is what I want to see happen next.

  28. Jeff,

    We part ways from the Democrats, Republican, and even the Libertarian parties in some key areas: mainly, we will take a good idea from wherever it originates, whether that be with us or from one of them.

    Granted, many of our ideas (such as individual liberty) originated a few hundred years ago, but they are still just as valid today as then. :)

    You're right, some of the Whig positions are progressive. This is not surprising. The Whig philosophy is essentially Classical Liberalism, which has little in common with what liberalism means today.

    And for those who want to place Whigs in the Libertarian Party camp, don't. The LP leans toward anarchy, the Whigs recognize that government should be big enough to fulfill its responsibilities, but NO BIGGER!

    That is why there are progressive elements present such as staying out of bedrooms and relationships.

  29. Jeff,

    Look at the stances under "Where we stand" and you will see more divergence, especially on fiscal matters. Granted, we a a LONG ways away from Republicans on social matters, but you will find an interesting discussion on Affirmative Action that I daresay more than a few Democrats would also question.

    The stands on the Second Amendment and separation of Church and State are decidedly along classical lines. I would daresay that hardline Democrats AND Republicans would be surprised by some of the ideas in the Church and State discussion, and how the ramifications of that stance follow through to same-sex and reproductive rights discussions.

    No, the Modern Whigs are a continuation/rebirth of the ideas that helped shape our country from the beginning. (And you can believe we are upset with the TEA Party for making it almost impossible to talk about "Founding Fathers" without being lumped in with them.)

  30. Besides failing on the economy Obama lied and people died!

    "Ambassador Chris Stevens is Dead and Al Qaeda is Alive!"

  31. Jim,

    I fail to see why you try to convince Jeff. He seems quite convinced that the D's have every right answer there is, and they are the only party that it makes any sense to support.

    I am always suspicious of people, right or left, who cannot find anything not to like about the party they support and nothing to agree with about the other party.

    The party you support is different than the R's on social issues and different than the D's on fiscal issues. If a fair minded person goes to the site and reads what's on it with an open mind, they can see that.

    Others can decide how open a mind Jeff really has. Again, I don't fault Jeff for his support or vote, as everyone has to support someone and a party, but it's nice to also keep an open mind.


  32. Michael,

    I probably won't sway Jeff to any extent, but there are others reading who might have the same questions that he does, but are willing to think about the answers and views I present.

    So it is a worthwhile exercise from that perspective.

  33. People engage in such 'limited' thinking:

    One side is sure Bush 'knew' there were no wmds in Iraq and lied and said there were even though there is no way to know if Bush believed what he told Americans or not.

    Currently, one side is sure Obama 'knew' the attack in Benghazi was a terrorist attack and lied and said it was something else, even though there is no way to know if Obama believed what he told Americans or not.

    If either guy 'knew' what he was saying was untrue, we should all be condemning him. However, if we condemn one, we cannot ignore the other and not be hypocrites.


  34. Jim,

    I see your point. You are not going to move Jeff, though. He thinks he's got it all figured out, and the truth is that none of us do.


  35. Whew, I think Mutt and Jeff need to meet for coffee somewhere and quit using this comment page for thier own gratification. I'm just glad I don't have anymore fliers and stupid commercials to contend with .