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April 26, 2015

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Addiction to power weakens the nation

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Regarding J. Patrick Coolican’s column, “It’s time for Nevada to legalize marijuana”:

The only drugs in my system consist of a single dose of caffeine in the morning and minimal alcohol consumption two to three times a week. With that in mind, here goes.

The issue is drugs, and we must acknowledge the ugly fact that government as an institution is addicted to the most insidious drug of all: power. And just like those addicted to tangible drugs, the afflicted have no consideration for others and resort to lies, chicanery, manipulation, gross and irresponsible mismanagement of precious resources, and thuggery in order to keep their addiction sated. There is no law to stop these specific addicts because they are the law and delude themselves into believing they are doing good.

In 1937, with the de facto outlawing of marijuana, our government crossed the Rubicon with a cynical, unconstitutional action based upon lies and half-truths, and that morphed into the war on drugs and establishment of the Drug Enforcement Administration. We face a major threat to the American Experience in which our government is its own worst enemy, and because of this, the only entity on Earth capable of ending the descent into omnipotence is the people.

Even if the tally is less than that magical 51 percent for total legalization, the number would confirm just how many are for it. And it could still be enough for an unstoppable movement toward total legalization because the crisis deals with commerce and liberty, not political elections, and such a far-reaching event could launch an American Spring.

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  1. Legalize marijuana and tax it. Higher and higher. I'm not in favor of it, but I realize the best way to eliminate a nuisance like it is to tax it to the high heavens. Subsidize a product/service and we get more of it. Tax it and we get less.


  2. Apparently our failed experiment with Prohibition taught us nothing. Anytime you have a large segment of the population ignoring the law, you need to examine the wisdom of even having the law.

  3. Wow, we agree! However, we should go much further. Legalize all drugs. What business is it of ours what morons ingest as long as they don't commit illegal acts to get the substances or commit illegal acts because of them? I call them morons because, sooner or later, "recreational" drugs take over and the user becomes a captive to them, be it alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or heroin. I say, be smart and never use any of them to begin with! It's much easier then trying to quit.

  4. Here's a novel concept. Gather all the drug addicts together and give them a huge quantity of the drug of their choice, a room in a nice hotel, and a body bag. Then tell them to have at it. Problem solved.


  5. Nevada does not need to legalize Marijuana!

  6. Yes, we do! One of the greatest cash crops in history. Nevada needs money. Grass would bring in a fortune.
    I helped set up the West Side Regional Drug Court in Los Angeles. I worked on healthcare and substance abuse issues for many years. By some estimates as many folks smoke grass as smoke cigarettes and all the $$$$ goes to illegal enterprise.
    This is Vegas baby!!!!Let the folks have fun and let the state rake in the money.

  7. "There is no law to stop these specific addicts because they are the law and delude themselves into believing they are doing good."

    Bilello -- good letter! The term you're looking for here is "color of law." It means a government actor has the badge, the gun, all the trappings, but lacks the actual authority to do what he's doing to you. That includes enforcing blatantly unConstitutional laws.

    "Apparently our failed experiment with Prohibition taught us nothing."

    pisces -- excellent point, excellent post

    "Nevada does not need to legalize Marijuana!"

    longtime -- Nevada already did in 1998. Actually that's a misnomer -- Nevada decriminalized it. Big difference. Have a look @

    "Tobacco, hemp, flax and cotton, are staple commodities." -- from Thomas Jefferson "The Works," vol. 3 (Notes on Virginia I, Correspondence 1780-1782), "A Notice Of The Mines And Other Subterraneous Riches; Its Trees, Plants, Fruits, &C."

  8. We're going to see some real power struggles now that Washington State and Colorado have fully legalized pot. They have taken a full "in your face" stance against the feds on this.

    Now if only Nevada would do the same. Talk about honoring the code!

  9. Decriminalize pot. Our jails are full of harmless "criminals".

  10. Comment removed by moderator. Inappropriate