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July 7, 2015

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Reid to Republicans: ‘Compromise is not a dirty word’



Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada addresses the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., on Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012.

Obama wins re-election; Romney concedes

President Barack Obama is shown at his Election Night party Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, in Chicago. Obama defeated Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Launch slideshow »

The result of Tuesday’s election, which cost billions of dollars and bled into the wee hours of the West Coast morning, is that the balance of power in Washington will remain the status quo.

But Sen. Harry Reid defies anyone who calls it that.

“We had an overwhelming re-election of the president; we picked up seats in the Senate; we picked up seats in the House,” he told reporters Wednesday morning. “That’s not the status quo.”

But while things may have changed on the margins, the basic math of doing business in Washington has not. And that meant Reid’s clean-up thoughts on Election 2012 sounded a lot like his views on the morning after the 2010 races — and everything he’s been saying for the two years in between.

“Everyone should comprehend, especially my Senate friends, that legislation’s the art of compromise,” Reid said. “Compromise is not a dirty word. I’m willing to negotiate any time, any issue...but we need Republicans to help us.”

Reid spoke about his desire to move forward and turn over a new leaf in Congress, offering that he would “be as conciliatory as possible.”

He used his podium to pick on what he considers the Republican sins of the past two years.

“I repeat, to have the leader of the Republicans in the Senate say his No. 1 goal is to defeat Obama, and that’s how we legislated out there for two years,” Reid said.

He also half-dared Republicans to try objecting when the country next has to raise the debt ceiling, as it soon will. “If it has to be raised, we’ll raise it,” he said.

But he would make no similarly hard-and-fast promises about the timeline for other legislation, nor would he say what the country could expect to see as a first order of business in the new Congress — past the necessity of addressing the fiscal cliff.

Immigration reform? “It’s very, very high on my list,” Reid said, not committing to a timeline. “The only thing we need to get immigration reform done is a few Republican votes.”

On climate change — which President Barack Obama addressed in his victory speech last night — Reid was more noncommittal.

“Climate change is an extremely important issue to me, and I hope we can address it,” he said.

On the fiscal cliff, Reid also kicked the timeline to the Republicans.

“I’m not going to draw any lines in the sand. [House Speaker John Boehner’s] not going to draw any lines in the sand,” Reid said, stressing that getting the wealthiest Americans to contribute more revenue is the only way forward.

“The Republicans have to make a choice. We’re willing to work something out. We’re willing to work it out sooner rather than later. I wouldn’t think they benefit by waiting until sequestration kicks in,” he said.

But if there was one Republican Reid didn’t have harsh words for, it was his Nevada compatriot in the Senate, Dean Heller.

“Dean Heller and I have been friends for 25 years...I have affection for Dean Heller,” Reid said, glossing over a dustup with Heller over whether he was pulling his weight on an online poker bill.

“As far as big blow-ups, that’s so minor in my life,” Reid said. “I like him a lot. We’ll be able to work together.”

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  1. To Reid and Obama: "Compromise is not a dirty word". Give us this and will give you that. If you expect the conservatives to give you everything you want and you not give us anything we want, that's not compromise, it's bullying, and I guarantee that isn't going to fly. So what do you want to compromise on Mr Reid? Taxes? Immigration? Take your pick. Allow the Bush tax breaks to stand and you can pass your Dream Act. Deal? NO? Why not? I thought you said compromise was not a dirty word! What? You only want us to compromise our positions, you have no plans on compromising yours? Then go F yourself and try to bully your way to legislation because you won't get any of our help.

  2. Wasn't it Reid who said just last week that he could never work with Romney? As usual, the world's biggest hypocrite.

  3. A House Republican said that his priority was to make Obama a one term president.

    He failed. Will he acknowledge his failure? No, he will continue with this failed approach - a failed no compromise approach.

    Learn from your mistakes - and move Forward or relegate yourself to a regional influence.

    Nevada moves Forward and appears to be headed to a permanent blue status.

    If Republicans keep up the bigotry, extremism, and fear mongering - they will continue to slide the path of failure.

  4. A Senate Republican!* Mitch McConnell to be precise.


  5. notacon said: "The American people voted for the policies of Obama and the Democratic party over those of Romney and the Republicans". Really? Last time I checked just as many Americans voted for Romney as Obama (49 vs 49) Better said "HALF the American people".... And when half the people see things one way, that in NO WAY suggests that the winner has a mandate to do as he pleases! Furthermore, the Republicans still control the House and can block any DEM legislation, and they should, and they will, because the people of this country DID vote to send more REP's than DEM's to the house. Furthermore, the DEM's in the Senate lack the numbers to ram anything down the REP's throats, for that, they would need a 66% majority. If Obama had won 66% of the vote or the Senate had a 66% majority, then yes, your statement would be true. But given the facts, what you said is nothing but wishful thinking. No, this country is not united behind Obama, it is divided. The majority of people do not want Obamacare because they know it will lead to more expensive, less quality health care and the end of full time employment as we once knew it. Do you think companies are going to risk $2000 fines? NO! They will fire all full time workers and hire part time workers, this is commons sense. It's called survival, you do what you have to do, and this is what DEM's don't seem to understand. You can't steal from the rich because the rich are not suckers. They will be nowhere to be found when you go pay them a visit to rob them.

  6. The thing I don't understand about the Lation vote is this. Most Lationo's are conservative and religious people who value work and family. How can they vote for the party of homosexuals, abortions, and the destruction of jobs via taxes? Are they that stupid? Apparently. They vote DEM because they think the DEMS will allow them to stay and not kick out the illegals. Here's a heads up to any lations that read this: Black people hate you more than white people because you're taking their fast food and low paying jobs! White people don't want those jobs, we own the stores and are happy you're here to fill those positions, are you kidding me? The Republicans starting with Reagan are the ones behind the "open border" policy. The right fringe of the REP party (tea party) are the ones who want to kick you out but they have no say in national politics. Worse of all, the policies of the DEMS favor welfare people, not working people. Obamacare for instance will force businesses to fire full time workers for part time workers. Your tax rate when the Bush tax cuts end go from 10% to 15%. Your deduction for each of your 6 kids goes from $1000 down to $500. I don't know why the REP'S didn't hire me to tell you guys this before you voted DEM. You'll find out soon enough which political party is best for families, the middle class, and jobs and you'll vote REP in the future, after you experience what the DEM's are all about.

  7. Dear Senator:

    Your definition of "compromise" is to spend more. The GOP house for reasons both good and bad will not let you do that. Contemplate that, Dear Senator.

  8. Comment removed by moderator. Name Calling

  9. someone check the looney bin, we have an escapee. And it's not Harry Reid.

  10. When the elected officials finally bankrupt this country, nothing else will matter. By the time we get to the next election in two years, we'll be halfway there. By 2016, we'll be at the finish line and all the freeloading welfare clowns will be starving. You get what you ask for.

  11. What I would like to see is the Congress and the President show us a balanced budget. Let the them show what they want to spend money on but show where the money is coming from to pay for it. Even have the top rate go to 75% but show what income level is needed to pay for everything.

    What I am afraid of is todays stock market is only the beginning of where this economy is headed.

  12. @JerryWayne...I was just thinking that maybe MickeyA is not tempermentally suited to comment on compromise.

  13. There should be a 2 term limit for Senators, Harry Reid should sponsor that bill.

  14. This hypocrite should heed his own advice.

  15. Thats right, Reid and other dems attempt to reach out , compromise and instead of considering the opportunities, the repub. posters here respond with negative posts.
    you just lost the election, again.
    Maybe its time the republicans and democrats take a good long look in the mirror and decide to do whats best for the country, not whats best for the party. I am so sick and tired of hearing the opposition party undermining the office of the presidency and attempting to block everything - and on the other hand the party in power thinking this is a dictatorship and only producing partisan bills.
    this has gone on far too long.
    the dems need to stop trying to create a welfare government state and the republicans need to stop trying to shove their Jesus agenda down our throats.
    the majority of the country lives in the middle. its time to govern from there and let these fringe lunatics deal with the results!.

  16. We can have compromise if Obama want's to act like Clinton. The Republican Congress and it's "Pledge to America" rammed conservative cause after conservative cause down Clinton's throat and he took it like a champ! In turn, the economy was strong and their was no national debt! Thanks to Clinton caving in to the conservatives, they passed welfare legislature to end life long welfare! Back then believe it or not (to the illegals) you could remain on welfare for life then the kids you hatched could collect welfare for their life so on and so forth. Conservatives seen this as a disgrace and were called racists for throwing black people "out on the street". Clinton also passed NAFTA (globalization agenda, neocon idea), GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade which regulates trade and tariffs worldwide...another globalist agenda, neocon idea), farm deregulation (so that they can feed us genetically modified poisons to kill us off, neocon idea) , telecommunications deregulation and financial services deregulation (lead to housing meltdown, blamed on Bush but Clinton passed the bill, albeit urged by neocons). Overall, Clinton moved policy in a market-oriented direction with a twist of the arm from Newt the neocon Gingrich.

    Personally, I'm anti-neocon and anti-socialist. I'm right of the Tea Party, I'm a Constitutionalist kinda guy, hence, my words will often be censored online for telling truths that go against "the party line", nevertheless, truth is what it is, so read'm and weep!

  17. The real irony behind all of this is that Bush was by far more liberal than Clinton! Obama has been conservative in regards to the military and wars, but his tax and "global warming" agenda which are job killers are not going to fly with this House. Obama will have to resort to doing things on his own like a dictator, and he will, mark my words, he will.

  18. So Senator, get that sour look off your face and stop the media sound bites and work with people.

  19. Mickey: many are still on Welfare for life. Only TANF is limited to 2 years consecutive and 5 years for life under a single social security number. All the other programs are forever and ever--and more benefits when you have young kids, lots of them. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families--Formerly ADC--cash each month to help you buy what isn't provided directly--rent, food, utilities, child care, transportation provided directly.

  20. Mickey A - you're revisionist history is cute. I believe it comes straight from talk radio where the theory is that all good things come from the republicans, and all bad things come from dems so when a democratic president like Clinton overwhelmingly succeeds, even in the midst of a political witch hunt, they try to claim credit.
    Another good reason we need fairness in reporting act reinstated. one of the worse things Reagan ever did was to get rid of that legislation and let Goebbels take over the AM radio stations.

  21. Thats very gracious of you Truthserum. Hopefully the people who actually hold the power are more interested in the health of America than the health of whichever party they are aligned.
    of course, if they continue the kind of rhetoric you are promoting nothing will get accomplished - and the republicans will rightfully continue to lose elections.

  22. That'l show em Neiman!

  23. It isn't all up to Democrats to compromise. The House has to be concerned about not losing seats in 2014, just as the Senate does.

    The people are the one's who have the power of the vote, and it is they who continue to learn and grow in that responsibility.

    Republicans can keep up their obstructive actions and demands and may find themselves losing more power. It just isn't smart any more. However, smart or not, it is records that speak loudly.

    The nation as a whole benefits from bipartisan cooperation by both parties, but the benefit of the nation as a whole has to be the goal.

    We may be seeing a transition taking place from obstructionism to compromise, but it will not be helped by making arrogant blusting demands.

    Voters are wising up, and those who have been without power are becoming empowered, learning about issues and the stances of individual elected officials. They are also informing others of what is happening.

    Russ Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Fox News, etc. are only for right wingers, but they are not the majority.

    People are learning how to get factual information themselves, and sharing it with their friends and neighbors.

    The threat this represents for the extremists is apparent in their comments.

    The US voters are changing folks, for the better! They are getting more knowledgeable, stronger, and less willing to let Congress do as they please without consequences.

    The numbers count and demographics are changing the dynamics. Change is on the horizon!

    In may places in Scripture it is quoted..."Your young men will see visions. Your old men will dream dreams." Certainly there are scholars with their interpretations. I offer one based on human reality.

    Young people envision what can be, while old people dream of the past.

    It is a human condition to recognize, and for some to fear, the cycles of life, the mortality of human beings. The reactions to reality becomes very apparent in politics and social discourse.

  24. Compromise is something I've rarely ever seen Harry Reid do. So I'm guessing this is just more of the same...

  25. It's good to see so many of you realize what Harry the Red really stands for and is - a lying snake in the grass. For the 8 years George W. was at the helm, Harry the Red chose to throw road blocks in his way on just about everything he could - even going so far as to filibuster judicial nominees. We did a good thing in getting rid of Berkley. Now we must begin our work to defeat the piece of you-know-what if he has the stupidity to run for reelection. It's never too early to start, folks!

  26. @neiman1 - that's a great idea! I'm going to stop tipping workers who are union workers. Why do that when the union is getting them higher wages?! Ha ha, that's a Genius way to stick it to them!

  27. Can you spell "obstructionist"? The Republicans in the House of Representatives certainly can.

  28. I am for the Democrats not giving in so easy, as they did the last time the Bush Tax cuts were set to expire. I would prefer going back to the Clinton tax policy. But until the economy starts moving again I would compromise and just keep the tax cuts for the bottom 98%. These are the people that will spend the money needed to move the economy. Obama and the Democrats need to provide leadership, and a willingness to stay the course for what is right.