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April 26, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Elected officials: Don’t disappoint

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Message to all elected officials: The election is now over and the votes are counted. The electorate has extended you jobs — temporary jobs. We offer you some advice about keeping your jobs: Shake hands across the aisle and be open to compromise. In other words, get to work. This is not the time to posture or campaign for the next election. We are watching you. In two, four or six years, you are up for re-evaluation. Take that seriously! You work for us, your constituency, not some lobbyist. We have extended you a modicum of trust; please relish that trust. The electorate is tired of your petty disagreements. We pay your salary, expenses, health care costs and pensions. You are not cheap to keep.

Don’t let us find out that your ambitions are self-serving. You are an elected official, a public servant. Don’t disappoint us, your employer, your constituency.

This is not a threat but a warning. Take us seriously.

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  1. If only what the letter writer said were true, life would be so good. But, alas it is not. It is nearly impossible for an incumbent president to lose. No matter how bad, he's got a lock on the job for 2 terms NOW. Well, Mr. President hold on tight, it's going to be a rough ride. And you asked for it.


  2. We the people must not follow our usual practice of awakening every 2-4 years, voting, and being inattentive in between. We have to be our own lobbyists, stay after elected officials to do the right thing, and call them on their crap. We have to help govern or we're just going to get more of the same.

  3. We can talk all we want about loyalty, doing the right thing, not listening to lobbyists, etc and it will do no good. 'Risk' is the key for us. We've got to become willing to let go of the security for someone new, someone we don't know, a name of a party that is new to us.

    The people in office are not going to change as along as they know we will support them no matter what.

    That must change. If we can't get term limits, we need to impose them at the voting booth, by not allowing these elected positions to be a 'career'. These people were intended to go 'serve' the people for a short time and then return to the same lives we all lead, not go and 'serve' themselves and lobbyists and never return to the lives we all lead.


  4. Enjoyed the letter, Mr. Ginsberg. And very, very true.

    I'd just like to point out that politicians from both parties are actually listening to what you are saying right here and now at this point in time.

    Two years from now?


    They won't learn from their mistakes and wrong steps.

    Especially the extreme right wingers.

    They have shown they don't listen and when you question them, they shout, "We're doing the will of the American people." When they say that, it's a telltale obvious clue they...aren't.

    History will repeat itself.

    I make a prediction. The GOoPers in power will scream united we stand, divided we fall. But their actions will continue where what actually happens is divided we stand, united we stall.

  5. Of course, the article is referring the Republican Party and the people who represent the Republican Party. People like,

    The voices;
    Donald Trump, John Sinunu, Renince Priebus, Michele Bachman, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Foxnew.

    The obstructionist;
    Mitch McConnell, John Bohener, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan,Grover Norquist, Karl Rove.

    These guys and girls with not stop. They must be overwhelmed by another election. In another two years, the majority of them will be out of public office. They will be voted out or removed, or rejected by a wave of reasonable Republicans coming back to right the Republican ship.

  6. A lesson in reality from Rachel Maddow;

    "Ohio really did go to President Obama last night, he really did win. He really was born in Hawaii, and he really is, legitimately, president of the United States again. And The Bureau of Labor Statistics did not make up a fake unemployment rate last month. And the Congressional Research Service really can find no evidence that cutting taxes on rich people grows the economy. And the polls were not skewed to oversample Democrats. And Nate Silver was not making up fake projections about the election to make conservatives feel bad. Nate Silver was doing math.
    And climate change is real. And rape really does cause pregnancy sometimes. And evolution is a thing! And Benghazi was an attack on us, it was not a scandal by us. And nobody is taking away anyone's guns. And taxes have not gone up. And the deficit is dropping, actually. And Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction. And the moon landing was real. And FEMA is not building concentration camps. And UN election observers are not taking over Texas. And moderate reforms of the regulations on the insurance industry and the financial services industry in this country are not the same thing as communism."

    Maddow said that the Republicans "got shellacked" Tuesday night in a way that conservatives did not see coming because of what Maddow called their "vacuum-sealed, door-locked spin cycle of telling each other what makes them feel good."

    "Unless they are going to secede," Maddow added, "they are going to need to pop the factual bubble they have been so happy living inside if they do not want to get shellacked again.......

  7. Excellent letter Mr. Ginsberg.

    PhilVentura - "Maddow said that the Republicans "got shellacked" Tuesday night in a way that conservatives did not see coming because of what Maddow called their "vacuum-sealed, door-locked spin cycle of telling each other what makes them feel good."

    You need to repeat that as often as possible for people like Future. I've been saying for the last three years this GOP loaded with Tea Party members is akin to the sixties and the John Birch Society. The Republican Party will be forever damaged until they realize there is a real world beyond that bubble they live in. Watching only Fox and listening/reading only World Net Daily or Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh and others, keeps them completely ill informed. This country may not lean moderate right as some think. It could very well be center leftish.

  8. VernosB,

    How many TEA Party seats were lost in the House? How many Republican seats were lost in the House?

    I seem to recall seeing that only 2 seats were lost there. That is hardly a "shellacking" as some have put it.

    The real shellacking was in the Senate races that should have been a lock for the Republicans to pick up, but three religious idiots put their dogma ahead of everything else. In the end that cost the Republicans one seat when there was a very real probability that they would have taken control by one seat.

    This election did nothing but keep everything exactly like it was for all intents and purposes. ALL of the elected officials, including Senators who were not up this cycle, need to remember we are watching closely.

  9. boftx,

    We'll see how the deficit and budget talks go. I suspect Boehner might have a problem from his right with the Tea Party.

    My earlier comment was in reference to the far right ideology which I believe helped the President win the election and the 20 women who are now in the Senate. If you remember what happened under the far right pull from the Birchers in the past the Republican Party suffered. I suspect and believe we are seeing the surface of that conflict and there will be GOP infighting.

    There is a bubble certain people live in ignoring the realities outside of what people like Rove, Hannity, Limbaugh and others speak about; those low information voters who believe Obama is a Kenyan Muslim intent on destroying America.

  10. Mr.Ginsberg,
    I agree with your letter and the GOP has taken a beating in this years presidental election.If they haven't learned anything from the results.They will certainly be scratching their heads when they lose in the next senate and congressional elections in a few years.

  11. Mr Ginsberg
    Your letter is most appropriate. I sincerely believe that if we stay on top of what our elected officials are doing in Washington they will have to respond. I feel its very important for everyone to communicate in writing with their representatives.
    Your article is most appropriate in that elected officials have to know that they are being followed and that they cannot shirk their duty or more importantly just vote in lock step with their caucus.

  12. "Carmine says, "It is nearly impossible for an incumbent president to lose."
    Sorry Carmine. I know your not a fan of facts but almost 25% of the 44 presidents of the U.S. lost reelection"

    As usual you are wrong in quoting me. Go back and read my post. I'm talking about incumbent presidents NOW not years ago. NOW a president even as bad as Obama has a lock for 2 terms.


  13. Thank you El Lobo: I always enjoy it when others quote and post my words of wisdom. Even you.


  14. Vernos,

    "I've been saying for the last three years this GOP loaded with Tea Party members is akin to the sixties and the John Birch Society"

    As an ex-Bircher, I totally agree with you.

    Also remember that their are those who use them for their own gain.