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April 17, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

It’s time to follow the president’s lead

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In my opinion, President Barack Obama was re-elected primarily for three reasons:

First, the voters have made it clear our country will not be run, bought and controlled by the very rich and the greedy corporations.

Second, the president has done a great job in his first term under very difficult conditions, and the majority of us clearly agree with his programs.

Third, we are not a white man’s country any longer. This is not a good or bad thing but simply a realistic view of our country today.

It is a fact, and each of us must learn to deal with that in whatever way we choose.

Republicans have never understood that and, frankly, still do not seem to.

One can only hope that Congress will adhere to the will of the people and follow the president’s lead.

Any compromise must be toward the side of the president’s wishes and programs. That clearly is the desire of the majority of Americans.

If the Republicans still fail to understand that, every one of them should be thrown out of office come 2014.

The people have spoken loud and clear. We can only pray the Republicans will take heed.

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  1. Last time I checked, whites, blacks and browns have voted for both democrat and republican representation. Both democrat and republican presidents have selected whites, blacks and browns to their respective cabinets. Their is white, black and brown democrat and republican representation in congress.

  2. In my opinion, the election results for the last four years reflect that American voters do not trust one political party with 100% control of the House, Senate, and Presidency.

    Remember too, that control of the Senate requires 60 votes. Some of our propogandist friends are fond of telling us that the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress in 2009-10, but most of the time that wasn't true. The Democrats had 60 votes in the Senate on paper. But one of those votes was Ted Kennedy who was ill and only participated in a handfull of votes, leaving the Dems one vote short. When Kennedy died, his replacement Paul Kirk served from late September 2009 until January 2010 when a special election sent Republican Scott Brown to the Senate.

  3. Before the American people follow any 'lead' there are some things they should know:

    1) When you raise the taxes of the wealthy, or remove deductions and loopholes for the wealthy, if you do not also completely re-write and really simplify the income tax code, the wealthy will just have their accountants and tax professionals use the byzantine tax code to find other ways to avoid taxes. If major income tax reform isn't proposed and done, you 'should' conclude that the tax raising exercise is just a 'dog and pony' show for your benefit and the Congress and the President are not serious about this issue.

    2) The President, and the R's and D's in Congress are loath to admit that we cannot afford to have the government do all the things it now does. If we want anything done that really matters about the debt and deficit spending, we are going to have to force that realization and then be willing to support cuts in government spending that are going to be unpopular.

    President Obama won the election and he should lead in both these areas, difficult and unpopular as they may be. Had Romney won, I would expect the same, and so should every American.


  4. lvfacts101 has it wrong again. As long as he and other thinking like him continue believing that nonsense about handouts the GOP will reign in limbo. It was policy and social issues that lost the election. Drumming up all the hate one can muster against Obama could not win the election of Romney.

    Republicans need to take their party back from the loons who are driving them off the cliff. The two men who made absolute sense during the Republican primaries, Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul, were neglected. Romney ran so far to the right of Gingrich, Perry and Santorum that he could never recover to the center.

  5. We cannot afford to follow Obama anywhere. ACA alone would bankrupt what's left of our economy. We cannot afford to medicate half the planet and all of the United States for free--for every illness, infirmity, need, want, hypochondriac symptom they can imagine.

  6. Obama won because he ran a smear campaign. If the letter writer thinks that Americans who voted for Romney are going to tow the line and get in lock step with Obama, he's dead wrong as are those who believe the GOP will compromise with Obama and give in. Never happens. It's fight to the dying end now.


  7. CarmineD - "Obama won because he ran a smear campaign."

    And what would you call Romney's campaign? You know, those guys who said facts don't matter.

  8. Two comments: First, I would be surprised to hear than anyone listens to CarmineZ as he is so far to the right to be nonsensical. And second, regarding lvfacts101, he evidently has not noted that the ten states with the highest % of college educated ALL voted for Obama and the ten states with the lowest % of college educated ALL voted Romney (with the exception of Nevada). The educated are not seeking any handouts, but they are seeking a more fair and equitable society.

  9., let the GOP continue to provide a welcoming home for the loons, the birthers, the wacknuts, the conspiracy clowns, the disaffected, the pitiful remnants and, of course, the bigots. Ten, fifteen years and they will fade into the sunset along with their dying demographic.

  10. I like Mitt Romney but I could not vote for him because of the people who were behind him. Donald Trump, Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, Ted Nugent and Meatloaf were all the kiss of death for the Mitt. C'mon... Seriously? If you were running for the office of President of the United States of America, the last people you'd want to be associated with are those previously mentioned. They reek of ignorance and the stench is so severe that it can be detected through television airwaves as well as news print.

    Obama presented his ideas clearly and concisely compared to Romney. I don't know anyone who understood what the Romney/Ryan plan was. But the ladies found them both to be physically attractive. Too bad it wasn't a beauty contest.

  11. "CarmineD - "Obama won because he ran a smear campaign."

    Yes, that's why he won. It worked. But not by much. Called Romney a felon, a wife killer, and a host of other evil names.

    It's politics. Dirty game and Romney didn't reciprocate in kind. Kept the high road.


  12. "that the ten states with the highest % of college educated ALL voted for Obama and the ten states with the lowest % of college educated ALL voted Romney (with the exception of Nevada)."

    The smartest persons I met in my life [and I'm rather long in the tooth] had no formal education. They were self-taught. Our institutions of higher learning produce robots not thinkers.