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May 7, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Libraries, schools failed to make the case

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I am president of a large condo association with almost 600 units. We are raising assessments 2 percent after three years of no increases.

State and local governments, school districts and library districts, like condo associations, need to manage on what they get from the people and not look to the people as a trough from which they can eat their fill.

The library and school districts did not make good cases for needing the money (if they did, the people would have approved the measures). I think most people feel that their administrative salaries and costs are outrageous, and they haven’t shown enough effort to operate efficiently.

The districts already are generously supported by the taxpayers and have to get their houses in order before asking the people for more money.

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  1. It is pathetic that these issues went down, but Mr. Davis is correct in saying that given the past history of what amounts to blatant fiscal mis-management by the respective governing bodies it is difficult to expect the taxpayers to grant more funds to be pissed away.

  2. It's not how much you make/take in, it's how much and how you spend it. Simple money lesson that applies from the indivual and family to the local, county, state, and federal governments. The times of taxing more and more with wasteful and useless spending are over. Taxpayers are on to it.


  3. The biggest compliant from taxpayers to the school in regards to money is, the district is not managing resources well, Much waste coming out of the administration, Dwight Jones is in the process of change a wasteful culture. Some people tag the school district personnel hiring policy as, "who's next in line."

    The waste is coming from people who are not qualified to be in positions of supervisors, managers, and directors. Decisions coming from unqualified individuals in positions of authority results is money being wasted. Money that should be spent in the class room for the students and to hire qualified teachers. But if your next in line, regardless of your qualifications, you get the job.

    The fairness of rewarding years of service is good, if during the years the school district required the individual to progress in to each position by high measueable standard, keeping pace with changes and a growth and diverse population. That has not happened in Las Vegas. If your next, your hired. No matter your qualification.

    That is why many Nevadans rejected the tax increase to support Las Vegas schools. We need qualified individuals in position of authority knowing what the priority are. The priority is the students and not protectionism and nepotism, and favoritism as this is the culture change Mr. Jones is face with.

  4. Who trusts government to be as careful with the money they extort from us as we are with our own? Only the parasitic class that contributes little to nothing and has their lips firmly implanted on taxpayers wallets. Who among you owns any property and that includes motor vehicles and does not realize that, sooner or later, the property will become old and need either repair or replacement? And, who among you does not plan for the eventuality by putting some money aside? Again, only the parasitic class that hopes the nanny state will bail them out by extorting what the productive class produces. Well, if the dummies in charge of the school system are really as stupid as they have shown, why would we be foolish enough to give them more of our resources to waste? I believe that's what it came to when voters decided to tell school administrators to take a long walk off of a short pier.

  5. Agreed, author. Well said. Simple. True.

  6. Jutta Chambers, Henderson's previous Chief of Police was asked to retire early due to the large number of Civil lawsuits lost as a result of her mismanagment of Police resources.

    At the time of retirement, she was making $185,300 a year and was never unemployed over the past ~30 years. During that time, she never had to spend her retirement savings to gap periods of unemployment like the taxpayers and contributed nearly nothing to her own pension.

    This being the case, she qualified for an early buyout of $206,700. This was a one time cash payment paid to "take the bite" and financial hardships out of having to retire early. Her retirement pension after the $206,700 buyout will be $130,000/yr.

    Poor girl - Miss Management requires a lot of compensation. Maybe the $206k lump sum will help her buy a collectable set of Twinkies, cupcakes and assorted Hostess products so she can sell them at a profit ten years from now to afford a San Diego vacation. Twinkies have a long shelf lifetime and qualify as collectables, like the Hostess management, and wholly incompetent as well.

    Compensating her misery is certainly more important than maintaining the Schools and Libraries of Henderson. Pay the city management first, and with whatever is left over, turn the kids on to collectables as retirement assets. Maybe they can learn from Jutta. With a tattoo, they might even qualify as Valets on Las Vegas Blvd.

  7. Incidentally, Jutta does not have to go back to the tax payers to maintain her retirement - proof positive that the City Management and "Public Servants" consider themselves much more important then the public. It's only the schools and libraries that loose.

  8. Henderson's park building was like old geezer's headed to the gold rush.

    Libraries are more important than parks, but many property owners are tapped out, and don't know what is coming next.

    Just as in business, governments don't want surpluses because it effects the next budget haul. It is get as much as you can, as fast as you can. There are no rainy days, just spend, spend, spend, in order to get more. Bonds add more debt.

    Schools are important, but refurbishing will have to wait.

    Things are changing and governments need to adjust along with everyone else.

  9. We should volunteer to pay more taxes for arriving illegals to "phone home" via Library internet access? We should volunteer to pay more for K-12 for illegal students? Get this stuff back to SCOTUS for clear direction that we do NOT need to pay for illegal activities.

  10. Public schools, libraries and all government entities need to ADJUST COMPENSATION down to reasonable levels. They receive an excessive amount of tax revenue but keep spending inordinately without concern for priorities and without concern for negative cost of living. In the last couple of years, household income has fallen, more than 10%, for those employed. Where is the similar adjustment to all the public servant pay scales?