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July 5, 2015

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Election gave people power

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Our recent political history has been severely divided between a sudden far-right movement by Republicans and the hang-by-our-nails-for-survival of the working middle class, represented by Democrats. The Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court posted a “for sale” sign on our government, and corporate giants were ready to spend any amount to buy complete control. This would make possible the complete takeover of the national economy by those fortunate few.

But the middle class rose up to stop their effort by electing Barack Obama again.

This is larger than one election. This was our chance to wrest control of our government and our economy from those who would dictate personal morals, health choices for women, preferences for our life partners, income and chances for success. Obama and his supporters have won this election. We have the power of the presidency to back our agenda.

We will work with them if they present reasonable compromise, but we will not give them everything they want. They lost when they presented their ideas to the voters. We won.

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  1. We don't have a party that represents the middle class, contrary to the belief of many. Congress makes all our laws and sets taxes and spending.

    Those we elect to Congress want serving in Congress to be their 'career'. In order for that to happen they must be re-elected over and over again and that takes money. They get that money from their parties, who in turn get it from powerful interests with lobbyists. These powerful interests have agendas that benefit them, not the middle class. Congress members of both parties enact those agendas so they can remain in office.

    If you want to break the cycle, stop re-electing members over and over again, push for term limits, public financing of campaigns and vote for a 3rd party.

    People like Dan think the above doesn't happen under President Obama. People on the other side think it would not have happened under a President Romney. Both are amazingly wrong.


  2. Typical of the narrative coming from President Obama and his minnows. Republicans...Bad. Democrats...Good. There was an old movie with this theme called "Frankenstein." I didn't realize good old Frank was alive and well right here and now in the USA in 2012.


  3. How will we survive as a country when we have folks like Wesley wearing "rose colored glasses" and making up facts as they go along? What have the Dumbocrats done for Americans over the last 5 decades? Increased poverty while wasting trillions on the "War on Poverty." Ruined our educational system with their "dumbing" down of the curriculum and replacing essentials such as history, reading, math, etc. with junk classes such as "Heather has Two Mommies," "Gay" studies, "Black" History studies, "Hispanic" history studies, etc. All of those non-essential "studies" won't get a student, if he/she actually graduates, a job from anyone who needs skilled, educated and intelligent employees. And, if any of the students are really all that interested, any of those "studies" can be easily found on the Internet. I never cared as to whether any potential hiree knew gay history, black history, Hispanic history or junk science when they applied for a job. I wanted know if, when applying as a cashier, they could add, subtract, multiply and divide accurately. I wanted to know if they could read, spell and converse in English so as to serve my patrons in the manner I desired. I wanted know if they were punctual and had the work ethic; not if they were "entitled" to a job and were "special!" If they didn't pan out? Well, the door swung both ways: in & out. It's the educational system's job to make certain their charges are as well equipped as possible to go out into the world with as many of the skills as is necessary to thrive in a very competitive business environment. Sadly, our public school system has proven to be not up to the task and is a miserable failure.

  4. Bradley,

    I have no way of really knowing, but my guess is that our two main parties have done such a good job of demonizing each other that they have convinced most Americans that one side is good and the other is evil.

    It took me quite a while and some good education to understand how our system 'really' works today. Until that time, I was a 'drone', like far too many Americans are.

    As I have said many times, how people vote isn't the real issue. Everyone has to vote for someone. What I find tragic is that so many Americans are 'closed' to anything that might shed a poor light on their party.

    In many important ways, the two main parties are not really different. Both participate in the lobbying game and trade legislation for money and support from powerful interests.

    R supporters don't want to admit that R reps are bought off by lobbyists, but they are. D supporters totally believe that R reps are bought off but are convinced that D reps are not.

    One look at the results of the last 25 years should kill both notions but it doesn't. Why? Who really knows for sure.


  5. "The Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court posted a "for sale" sign on our government, and corporate giants were ready to spend any amount to buy complete control." (Dan Wesley, Lake Havasu City, Ariz.)

    Mr. Wesley's comments are a spot on description of how big money from unknown sources, from within the country and abroad, tried to buy the United States government to be controlled by a handful of groups and individuals.

    The term puppet and puppet master would have been an appropriate label for a Mitt Romney administration.

    Americans can thank a group people who tried to make a difference, the majority of Americans did not like. Yes, a home grown group that actually saved American from itself (Supreme Court), and reaffirmed democracy still works in American. Take a huge bow Tea Party and the Tea Party 2010 Republicans elected to House of Representatives.

    Take a bow! Please, I insist! No please, thank you for your service to America.

    The loop hole to buy our American Government, AKA Citizen United, had an unexpected guardian, or monkey wrench to gum up the works. The monkey wrench in the loop hole was the Tea Party. Oil and Water. Big Money from unknown sources, meets very extreme group and individuals having control of the House of Representative.

    Birth control, and control of individual rights were at the top of the House Republicans agenda. Tax Cuts for the rich and wealthy were never the priority of the Tea Party or the 2010 elected Republican House members. Big money, Tea Party. Oil and Water.

    You see, the extreme already had control of the country through the House Republican members. All big money had to do was to buy the Tea Party and the Extreme Republican House members. Instead, big money tried to buy America through Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney represents big money.

    Abortion and Individual freedoms saved America from being sold to the highest bidder. Democracy was at work, when we most needed it work at the worst time.

    Thank you Tea Party. Thank you very, very, much. No, please, take a bow. No, I insist! deserve credit...please,... .....take.....

  6. Jerry and his ilk won't be happy until the only studies we have are "white men" studies, the darkies and duskies know their place and women are back in the kitchen or pumping out babies. About the only retro belief system that he doesn't subscribe to is parental responsibility. Apparently in JerryWorld the education system, the public education system, is not only responsible for turning out the perfect automaton but has failed dismally. If you had any clue Jerry, you would know that there are many more smart, active, ambitious kids coming out of public schools than there are failures. But those kids reflect society. Just as there are loser adults, so too are there loser kids. Question is, where did those kids get the idea it was acceptable to be a loser?

  7. Making incendiary comments about education is irresponsible. To focus on a single factor is not only dangerous, but also futile because it masks overall causality.

    Societal influences, familial circumstances, genetics, and cultural pull, all contribute to the molding of a young mind. Schools not only help them to be literate, they also help these children negotiate what to them is a contradiction of what they see outside and what they learn inside the classroom walls.

    Despite these dichotomies, there are still many children who emerge destined for success because of their strength borne out of solid foundations since birth.

    The Bell Curve is and has been constant for centuries. Despite efforts by the powers that be with expectations that everyone should perform within standards, there are still those who fall at either side of that curve.

    Let us not set up our children for failure. Learning functional skills to survive in our society is still learning. Some children learn at their own rate and we cannot punish them because of that.

    Instead, let us focus on what makes a child successful then look at ALL the factors and begin to examine where we are failing them.

  8. Wesley,

    Since you had a "stage" with your letter, why did you fail to tell your fellow citizens exactly what is your agenda and what is it you think you won?

    Or, at a minimum, please tell us how your life is better now that Obama was re-elected.

    On second thought, don't bother, as I already know the answers.


  9. Michael,

    Excellent points!

  10. I can still vote according to the policies I agree with.

    I can also vote by observation of the behaviors that obstruct and subvert.

    The vitriol by partisans is nothing I want to be associated with. I try to not be sucked into the muck, rather look for rational comments with facts and reasonable thought.

    Responsible criticisms can also include reasonable solutions.

    My priority, my value is people, and their life experience that results from the many realities that inspire, motivate, enhance or block their opportunities or welfare!

    At the moment, I can only dream of a unity that seems light years away. It seems we will never solve the problems we face without unity. That should be our priority, but it seems an impossible dream.

  11. 1992 Republican Senator Warren Rudman:

    Americans are "an incredibly diverse people" of many "races, religions and lifestyles," Rudman says. "The only way so diverse a nation can survive is by all of us practicing a high degree of tolerance.

    "But tolerance is not the way of the Christian right. Its leaders want to impose their one-size-fits-all morality on everyone.

    It won't work. When any group tries to impose its values on everyone else, the result will inevitably be resentment, hatred and violence."

    Rudman says the GOP "is making a terrible mistake" by allying itself with this movement which contains "enough antiabortion zealots, would-be censors, homophobes, bigots and latter-day Elmer Gantrys to discredit any party that is unwise enough to embrace such a group."