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May 6, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

There’s nothing to celebrate

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Over the past week, we have seen numerous political cartoons celebrating the results of the recent election. During the next four years, the people of this country are going to become poorer, unhappier, unhealthier, less intelligent, more racist, more divided, more demoralized and, most important, less free. What in the world is there to celebrate?

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  1. The freedom to choose!

    The pilgrims came here precisely for freedom and many have died to preserve it.

    Democracy is to be deserved. We deserve the consequences of our choices. The alternatives have been proven disastrous and they don't suit us.

    Whatever happens, let us celebrate that we have a hand in deciding our fate - however it turns out. It is all up to us.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Unfortunately, James is correct. Our standard of living continues in decline. Our money continues to be devalued.

    President Obama's budgets and the Congresses alternatives are every bit as inadequate as those of President Bush and the Congresses of his time in office. Until that changes, we continue headed in the wrong direction.


  3. Celebrate that the USA is becoming more like Europe: Insolvent, social unrest, governments in upheaval, riots in the streets, and people pitted one against another. Just think, in 2000 things in Europe were so good, that they came up with their own currency: the Euro. What a difference a decade makes.


  4. For the sake of intelligent discourse it would be useful if correspondents based their comments on at least some facts. The letter writer is a cassandra ....nothing ever goes right, nothing will ever go right, might as well eat worms. Carmine is, of course, reliably incorrect regarding Europe. Using Greece as an example of European affairs is like using Mississippi as an example of US affairs. While Europe is, like the US, challenged by the recession, the Euro, originally introduced at parity with the dollar, continues to trade above the dollar....about $1.27 this morning.

  5. Much, but not all, of Greece's serious economic problems can be laid at the feet of the German imposed austerity measures. These are a destructive negative feedback loop to the demand needed in an economy so jobs are both preserved and created.

  6. James, we have a chance if we dump Obama over the Benghazi cover up and his INCOMPETENCE as Commander In Chief. Incompetence
    1. Spending trillions to get Osama
    2. Beghazi (coverup or failure to lead, your choice)
    3. Afghanistan surges and endless fixation with killing our troops and committing economic suicide.
    4. Thinking / suggesting Susan Rice is competent at any thing after spoon-feeding her misinformation to mislead American public.
    5. Failure to deal with Iran's ongoing development of nuclear warheads.

  7. The letter claims, "There's nothing to celebrate". There's plenty to celebrate.The election is over a clear choice was made for the re-election of Pres.Obama for a second term by a majority of voters in our country.

    Our system is working and will keep on working as long as we continue to have a voting system that allows us a free choice to make in any given election. The results of Nov. 6,2012 speak for themselves. America is alive and well.

  8. The right wing have become their own worst enemies...nattering nabobs of negativism!

  9. Comment removed by moderator. Personal Attack

  10. "Carmine is, of course, reliably incorrect regarding Europe." @Pat Hayes

    Really? You mean the media, news and TV accounts are all wrong. The unemployment is not over 25 percent in the EU countries and the rioting and protests in the streets for the last 2 years are all staged. Gee, I didn't know that. What a realistic fictional account of Armageddon. And here all this time I thought it was real.


  11. The unemployment rate is not over 25% in the EU countries. Spain and Greece are the only two EU countries with 25% unemployment, the reasons are not limited to government debt.

    The EU (27 countries) had 10.6% unemployment as of Sept 2012.

    The protests are about the austerity measures promoted by the troika (EU, ECB, IMF), with major influence by Germany, and adopted by some of the countries. The austerity policy did not include measures to stimulate growth, as recommended by the US. The result of not implementing a growth policy has cause a big problem and now talk has moved into how to stimulate to growth as well.

    Germany has reaped financial gain through it's maneuvers. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, is particularly despised by many, and has become a symbol of the troika.

    The EU is more complex than the US, and not as easily to move in directions that help them recover from the economic crisis, which we created through risky financial schemes and transactions that went international.

  12. Peacelily:

    Don't forget the young people:

    "The youth unemployment rate in the EU-27 was more than double the overall unemployment rate in 2011. At 21.4 %, more than one out of every five young persons in the labour force was not employed, but looking and available for a job. In the euro area, the youth unemployment rate was marginally lower at 20.8 %. The unemployment rate among young persons was higher than the rate among those aged between 25 and 74 in all of the Member States. In Spain (46.4 %), Greece (44.4 %), Slovakia (33.2 %), Lithuania (32.9 %), and Portugal (30.1 %) youth unemployment rates were particularly high. The Netherlands (7.6 %), Austria (8.3 %), and Germany (8.6 %) were the only Member States with a youth unemployment rate below 10 %. "

    Not much to look forward to and celebrate.


  13. Mark 8:18: Say what? Because the Germans don't want to pay for ALL of Greek's deficits they are to blame for the deficits?

  14. Carmine,

    Yes, youth unemployment is terrible in the EU, and went a bit higher in 2012.

    There is alot of worker immigration from one country to another in efforts to find work. While each EU country is a sovereign nation, they have a more free movement between them than prior to the EU.

    I think there will be some problems if the competition for jobs becomes an issue in a country with alot of migrants from other countries. I am interested in seeing how they handle that.

    The EU has come up with some projects for continuing and more extensive education of youth, including higher education, technical and skills development.

    They have also found that there is increased community volunteerism in unemployed youth, some of which adds experience to their education and career goals.

    I can't imagine the future for them because it depends on too many things. Angela Merkel dreams of a USE, but I think there too much opposition to that at the moment. It will be interesting to see if she is re-elected Chancellor.

    Some problems are related to having many temp jobs and part time jobs, rather than full time jobs. Adults may have 2-3 jobs to meet family expenses, as pay & benefits have decreased, pension contribution raised or pensions cut, paid holidays cut, and taxes raised. Add to that increased costs for everything, including essentials.

    The austerity measures have created terrible suffering for huge numbers of people, some countries worse than others.


    Here is a link to Dec 2011 figures for Full Time employment by country.

  15. "Carmine,

    Yes, youth unemployment is terrible in the EU, and went a bit higher in 2012." Peacelily

    That is a huge understatement. 17-25 year olds are the future of the EU. If they are experiencing double digit unemployment rates that are 100 percent greater than the rest of the population [and have for several years and growing], that's a huge deterrent for them to economic and emotional independence. All the volunteerism in the world doesn't change that.


  16. BTW, it has nothing to do with Germany and Merkel. They are doing fine. It's the rest of the Eu that bringing Germany down.

    It's not as complex as you believe and say. It's very simple. You can't spend more than you take in/make year after year by borrowing more and more and paying more and more on the unpaid debt. That's exactly what the EU countries have done. The USA is doing the same thanks to economists like Paul Krugman and followers of John Maynard Keynes. They're wrong.