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July 6, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Republicans off their rocker again

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In December 2009, the Las Vegas Sun published a letter of mine entitled “GOP has gone off the deep end.” The letter was basically about how the party became polarized and unwilling to compromise regardless of the nation’s problems. Now, the re-election of President Barack Obama has truly brought the crazies out of the woodwork. Elected politicians threaten to secede from the United States and some are calling for the impeachment of the president. These actions are based on hate and nothing else.

They lost the election because rational people went to the polls and rejected the GOP stance on the economy and social issues. The people have spoken, and I believe many of them were Republicans who voted for Obama because they didn’t trust Mitt Romney due to his flip-flopping on almost every issue.

Many in the GOP seem to have lost their minds entirely. They deny the results of this election, insisting that magically it was fixed. Even as sane Republican leaders are speaking out, many of their party continue on the path of self-destruction. I have little doubt the GOP brand is poisonous and it will affect the party for years to come.

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  1. Mr. Chapline my letter was not about debt and deficits, it's about the extremism of the right which is turning off Americans by the thousands. Bobby Jindal said it was stupid, and Haley Barbour basically said the GOP needed reaming. Of course we need to cut spending, but taxes do need to be set back to the Clinton years. The wealthy raped and pillaged the economy for 35 years, it's time they gave some of those earnings back. I can't understand a man who doesn't work, Mitt Romney, earning more money than a man who will ever see that income a life time, but pays a higher tax busting his arse daily.

    RefNV, you can repost my comments all day. It might sink in that I'm anti communist and detest American jobs going to China. Obviously you still can't figure that out.

    The GOP was warned about their behavior in 1992 by Republican Senator Warren Rudman:

    "If someone had told me in the 1960s that one day I would serve in a Republican Party that opposed abortion rights--which the Supreme Court had endorsed--advocated prayer in the schools, and talked about government-inspired 'family values,' I would have thought he was crazy.

    "To me, the essence of conservatism is just the opposite: Government should not intrude in anything as personal as the decision to have a child, it should not be championing prayer or religion, and family values should come from families and religious institutions, not from politically inspired, Washington-based moralists.

    "Yet I could see the Republican Party gradually being taken over by 'movement' conservatives and self-commissioned Christian soldiers whose social agenda I found repugnant."

    Rudman says the Christian right is "neither Christian nor right." It lacks the "love and compassion and forgiveness" preached by the New Testament, he says, and instead exudes intolerance. "I don't even like the Christian Coalition's name," he says, because it implies that all Christians share evangelist Robertson's far-right agenda.

    Americans are "an incredibly diverse people" of many "races, religions and lifestyles," Rudman says. "The only way so diverse a nation can survive is by all of us practicing a high degree of tolerance.

    "But tolerance is not the way of the Christian right. Its leaders want to impose their one-size-fits-all morality on everyone. It won't work. When any group tries to impose its values on everyone else, the result will inevitably be resentment, hatred and violence."

    Rudman says the GOP "is making a terrible mistake" by allying itself with this movement which contains "enough antiabortion zealots, would-be censors, homophobes, bigots and latter-day Elmer Gantrys to discredit any party that is unwise enough to embrace such a group."

  2. I have some of the same issues with Vernos' viewpoint as Bradley points out in his letter. The R party is to the right of where I think the country is on several social issues and that will be a continuing problem until they address it.

    However, Vernos tends to take the most far right views of a minority of the R party and insists that is the whole party. That could be done with the far left of the D party as well but in both instances, it would be a gross generalization and be inaccurate.

    Both parties have been and are completely irresponsible on the economy, the deficits and the debt. Both parties continue to support private financing of campaigns, and oppose term limits in Congress, public financing and lobbying reform and that just insures that we have a legislative branch corrupted by money and directed by the wishes of wealthy individuals, unions, businesses and other powerful groups with lobbyists.

    Because so many people spend their time and energy bashing one party or the other, I can only guess there is some fun in it for them. Our problems are so serious that I think it would be wiser for people to recognize and address the problems that exists in both our 2 major parties instead.

    Vernos is entitled to his views but I know he is smart enough to see what I see and we need more people to call out both parties for their failures, so hopefully we can get a viable 3rd party started.


  3. I went back and read the letter that Vernos alluded to in this one, including all the comments:

    One thing that stands out is that those who were partisan then are even more so today. But those who tried to temper their views then, continue to do so today, possibly even more so. In other words, we have become more divided than ever. The tone that Vernos takes today is markedly stronger than that earlier letter.

    This letter today by Vernos is simply more evidence of the partisan sickness that has gripped our country for far too long. This cancer has its roots in Watergate, and has festered and grown ever more malignant since then.

    Another thing I noticed on the earlier letter was a comment that I had made at the time: "The Party that both Ben Franklin and Teddy Roosevelt could agree with is the Party I would want to join."

    As of yesterday, the Whig Party of Nevada is now officially recognized as a minor party in the State of Nevada:

    To those who think that not only are the Republicans are off their rocker, but the Democrats too, I ask you to give that serious consideration.

  4. Apparently the letter writer doesn't know the full depth and details of the November 6, 2012 election. GOPeoples' House stayed republican, just as it was in 2010 and has been the last 16 of 20 years. GOP had a net gain of 8 State Houses nationwide with 30 States having Republican governors. And 24 of these states have a majority of GOP legislatures. So, the GOP lost the White House by the narrowest of margins for a second term president. Like they say, you can't win them all.


  5. "The responses by Carmine, ...PROVE your point." @Jeffery

    No, facts prove points. Points without facts prove pointless.


  6. "Vernos, the list of my Christian beliefs that conflict with my views as an American citizen goes on and on." - BChap

    To both Bradley and Vernos, I say that as soon as one grants that one can interpret "Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar's ..." as a primitive statement of the principle of separation of Church and State then is no conflict at all between Christian faith and being an American.

    We could easily get into a theological discussion of this, that while we might find it entertaining and possibly informative, others would be bored to tears with. I will offer this thought: Bradley and I have very different views on religion, yet from what I can tell we both arrive at the same position with regard to separation of Church and State.

  7. If those whose political persuasion is left of the GOPs will just be patient and let them talk, they'll eventually talk most out of voting for them. The GOP lost two Senate seats by demonstrating ignorance of women's reproductive processes and claiming knowledge of God's will.

    A political party that preaches against government regulation of business but advocates government regulation of women has no coherent message on the proper role of government.

    Hypocrisy will reveal itself. Just let 'em talk.

  8. "All the blind adherence to a political ideology has done has stopped us from moving forward to solve the problems that need solving." - Tanker 1975

    A columnist writing about the Modern Whigs said that for us, the final position arrived at might not matter as much as why or how that position was reached.

    That is a true statement. We simply don't give a damn about where an idea originates, we care only that it is rational and solves/prevents the problem.

  9. "All the blind adherence to a political ideology has done has stopped us from moving forward to solve the problems that need solving." - Tanker 1975......

    That's why everyone should pledge their allegiance to the the flag and the need for term limits.

  10. Enjoyed the letter, Vernos. I can't add much to it, but, as you can see from the comments, you really really spun up the righty commentators to even further unattainable fever pitch heights of ultra-conservative rhetoric.

    The thing that is funny about this issue is that, even though we just went through an election, and the people have spoken by their votes what they want....there is this incredible backlash.

    The American people rejected the ideology from the far right.

    They want nothing to do with it.

    They want a Government that works. A Government where they might not get the best results that they want, but...THEY WANT IT TO WORK.

    The people spoke. But now, there's a movement afoot by the ultra-right to pound on things, bang on stuff, try to drown all that out. Bang that cowbell, righties. Louder. It's not what the people want, but when you have no message that's worth a crap, that's what you do best. Beat on something.

    I recently saw an article where the entire Tea/Republican Party believes the reason why they faced losses in this last election was because of poor choices of candidates.

    I say the problem is wayyyyyyyyy deeper than that. It's the message. The message is foul, disgusting and undigestable.

    But in the righty world, you shoot the messenger, but you damn better well leave the message alone.

    It is because of this is the main reason why the Tea/Republican Party will sink into further irrelevance.

    But you can't tell them that. They won't listen.

    The American people spoke this last election.

    They not only spoke by using their right to vote, but they basically put their foot down.

    The way it's going, they are going to speak again.

    And I'd be willing to bet the Tea/Republican Party is not going to like what they are gonna say.


    Go for Part II.

    But don't listen to me, righties. I gotta feevah. The cowbell makes the song. Really hit that thing! I NEED MORE COWBELL, BABY!

  11. Freeman

    "This is yet another meaningless letter from a regular LVS partisan political poster.."

    such as yourself? :-)

  12. Vernos,

    Everybody knows that you think the R party is filled with 'loons' who are supported by other 'loons' who support the R party.

    What is your opinion of the D party and supporters of the D party? To my knowledge, you have not really given an opinion on that, at least not nearly to the same extent you comment on the R's.


  13. Bradley,

    If Vernos would write that he sees much wrong with the policies of the D's and then be specific about what he sees as wrong, I'd have no problem with his criticisms of the R's. There is no doubt that there is much to criticize regarding the policies of the R's.


  14. Mr. Vernos Branco, of Las Vegas, Nevada,

    It's called the Bubble! Not so much being crazy, the Republicans that you are referring to, live in a Bubble.

    Please, if I may, offer insight of a person living in the Bubble. Read carefully, this will help you to understand why Republicans refuse to believe in long standing conventions, and they run against things they once championed and initiated.

    Where the extreme Republicans reside, in The Bubble:
    (1)The Bubble is place where a different reality exist.
    (2)In the Bubble, messages and information are stretch and distorted from grains of truth from all of sources.
    (3)A "Bubble Master" controls the messages and information inside the Bubble. A Bubble Master is the likes of Foxnews, Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, Koch Brothers, the Bradley Foundation, or sites like the Drudge Report.
    (4)The mission of the Bubble Master is to distort the smallest point of truth and mislead the people inside the Bubble.
    (5)Once inside the Bubble you are officially a "Bubble Citizen."
    (6)A Bubble Citizen who defends and repeats the distorted message or information from the Bubble Master, takes a rank known as, an "All In Bubble Citizen," aka AIBC.
    (7)To qualify for the rank of AIBC one has to pay the Bubble Master for the distorted messages and information. Such as buying books or web subscriptions from the Bubble Master. This ensures the Bubble Citizen will commit to the distorted messages and information, and feel a sense of ownership to the Bubble Master. Like listening to Bill O'Reilly and Mike Huckabee, or Sean Hannity and buying whatever they are offering.
    (8)No information is allowed to inside the Bubble without the Bubble Master's approval. In order for your message to be considered, one must approach the Bubble Master with an offering. This usually results in one lowering their standards, or a compromise on your values. In other words, you must act and think like the Bubble Master in order for your message to be reviewed by the Bubble Master. Still, your message will be distorted to conform to the Bubble Master standard. The key words are "distorted message."
    (9)And lastly, once one is in the Bubble and becomes a Bubble Citizen or up in rank as a AIBC, nothing can be heard by them from someone outside the Bubble. The Bubble Master controls the message.

    In other words, if your in a debate with a Bubble Citizen, the Bubble Citizen will only hear their points in the discussion and the distorted message from the Bubble Master. An outsider does not have chance. It's like talking to a stone wall. Some say, at least the stone wall is real.

    The Bubble Citizen operates from an alternate reality, as does the Bubble Master.

    Mr. Branco, with all humor aside, there is much truth in the above description.

  15. "Elected politicians threaten to secede from the United States and some are calling for the impeachment of the president. These actions are based on hate and nothing else. . . . .They lost the election because rational people went to the polls and rejected the GOP stance on the economy and social issues."

    Branco -- hardly. Secession petitions are made to the White House website with little more effort than it takes to post here. The president lacks authority to approve any state's secession. And the petitions have a far more substantial basis than what you allege. Texas for instance has secession written into its Constitution. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on any of that.

    Republicans lost the election because it was decided ahead of time by our republic's true rulers. Romney looked good as a religious moderate compared to the crowd of jesus freaks vying for that nomination. The rest was just a show.

    "I have no clue why the Las Vegas Sun continues to publish these lame letters to the editor where one political party is bashing the other."

    BChap -- it's the price we all pay for free speech, duh!

    "Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they're sure trying to do so, it's going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can't and won't compromise. I know, I've tried to deal with them." -- Barry Goldwater in John Dean's "Conservatives Without Conscience" November 1994

  16. Comment removed by moderator. Personal Attack

  17. From what I've seen here today, is the upcoming extinction of the Party Of Lincoln. For the most part Vernos is correct. For the most part the repub's are wrong. The American people have spoken and rebuked the Republican philosphy. Many of the 30 Governor's written about here are from very rural, mostly white states. Other Gov's(Such as Michigan's Snyder) are in deep trouble in their states. Just keep writing in these extreme's and the repug's will not win again.
    Oh yes, by it's very nature politics is the art of compromise. And niether side is compromising much these days.

  18. Jeff,

    I think many Americans feel trapped into supporting either D's or R's. The R party has become too Conservative for many and the D party too Progressive.

    That is a problem for me as well but over the time our debt and deficits from grown so large and so consistent, I have decided that isn't the most important issue any longer.

    I have concluded that both parties are fully engaged in our corrupted legislative system that operates, makes decisions and passes legislation on the basis of money and support from powerful and wealthy individuals, unions, businesses and other groups. THAT is the most important issue and neither the R or D party ever even talks about this or show any inclination to change it.

    That puts me in a place where I need to look for a party, a movement, something, where there is a recognition of this serious corruption of the branch of government that makes all our laws and sets all tax and fiscal policy and a commitment to do what necessary to fix it.

    Unless this issue is addressed, the middle class is done and our country will never again be what is once was. Abortion, immigration, Progressive views, Conservative views, foreign policy, defense spending, entitlement spending, etc are all important issues, but none of them will matter if we continue to leave a system in place where these powerful interests manipulate our elected representatives with money so they can advantage themselves and disadvantage the rest of us.

    The D party will not address this. The R party will not address this and if left unaddressed, it will destroy the country.


  19. Jeff,

    I find it hard to believe that if an R President got legislation passed with very little D support and then the Supreme Court ruled it Constitutional, but you fundamentally disagreed with the legislation, that you'd take the position that its the law of the land and just stop fighting it.

    This argument is always made by both R's and D's when they are on the winning side and the opposite side continues to fight.

    I'd have a lot more respect for each side, if when they were on the losing side, they actually would just lay down their arms and stop fighting. But you and I both know, that just doesn't happen... ever...with these two parties.


  20. The GOP has lost it's way,they had really nothing to present in the past election but nonsense.The voter's have spoken and it's time for the Republican party to wake up and listen to what's being said.Gridlock seems to be the key to moving forward for the Republicans.And it very well could cost them dearly in the midterm elections,if they don't change their thinking and ways.

  21. Bradley,

    I for one am glad to see your thinking evolving. You and I would disagree on most things politically I think, but at least you are willing and able to criticize both sides where you think the criticism is deserved. That alone puts you one BIG step ahead of all the totally partisan letters writers (on both sides) that write into the SUN. Keep up the good work...


  22. Vidi,

    There were plenty of regulators and regulations to prevent the financial crisis we went through. The regulators failed. In addition, because Congress is awash in money, powerful interests in real estate, banking, the mortgage industry, and Wall Street were able to get legislation passed that allowed the financial and real estate sectors to run wild.

    This was not the result of one party. Instead, it was the result of not moving to 'public' financing of campaigns, not going to Congressional term limits and not having serious lobbying reform. Neither party advocated any of that and worse yet, even after the crisis, neither party advocates any of that.

    By blaming one party or the other for what was primarily caused by a corrupted Congressional system simply works to keep the status quo in place and prevents the real solutions from being enacted.


  23. Rusty57,

    There is plenty of blame to spread around for the financial crisis. Several Presidents, including former President Clinton and former President Bush share blame and so do the Congresses under both Presidents. Neither parties supporters are willing to agree that their side was partly responsible and that is the problem. Until that changes, most of us are going to continue to suffer.


  24. "You don't need a weather man to tell which way the wind blows." Bob Dylan

    Vernos Branco is probably right. I have many friends that are Republicans and and they seem rational until it's election time. That's when the weird emails and cartoons start being posted on Facebook.

    Election time is when I find out how much they support people like Sarah Palin and Richard Mourdock and Paul broun and every other looneytoon that believes in voodoo economics and that the earth is only six thousand years old.

    I love these people but I have to avoid them during elections. They become zombies controlled by Fox News and Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. And I can't shut them up at dinner parties. The worst thing is that no matter what insanely stupid comment a Republican makes, they will defend it. "A child from rape is a gift from God": WHAT? "Evolution and the big bang are lies straight from the pit of hell": SERIOUSLY? "People voted for Obama because of gifts": REPUBLICANS ARE OFF THEIR ROCKERS!

    I submit that anyone who cannot see that the Republican party is becoming more and more disconnected from the demographics of the current America is immune to evidence.

  25. LastThroes @ 8:46 a.m.: "Remember when the delusional Dick Morris predicted a Romney landslide on the Faux News channel?"

    >>Karl Rove believed it right up to the end. He was so shocked. Why? There is information circulating now that Rove rigged the Ohio vote counting system like he did in 2004, but this time the fix was thwarted. Stay tuned.

  26. antigov @ 9:23 a.m.: "Since the states wanting to secede are mostly in hurricane country or tornado alley, let them go. This will save billions in tax dollars and the education system will get an immediate fix."

    Right, they will relinquish all the gifts they get from the Blue States due to that "redistribution" they hate so much. Good luck with that move, Secessionists.

  27. On my thank you list for tomorrow:
    Thank you Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Fox and Friends, Richard Mourdock, Todd Akin, Joe Walsh and the GOP for losing the election.

  28. Vidi,

    Thanks for not addressing anything I said except to call it rationalization. The D's in Congress, of course had nothing to do with anything that went wrong. Just keep wearing those blinders.... exactly what both the R and D party want us all to do.

    I took mine off. You should try it. You'd be amazed at what you could see.


  29. Vernos, Vernos, Vernos...

    Whatever could you mean?

    The 'Obummer's a Socialist Muslim Marxist from Kenya' crowd that crows, 'The Mad Hatter gets fired on Nov. 6! Adults back in charge!' So thankfully, we'll be saved from 'Obamacare & his Death Panels' and/or 'spared from being rounded up and put in FEMA re-education camps by the Muslim Leader of the New World Order' (for months and MONTHS like a childish, CHURLISH mantra) are surely & FIRMLY grounded in reality...right?
    I mean, Sean freakin' HANNITY told every last one of 'em, 'YOU are a GREAT AMERICAN!' and Karl ROVE practically guaranteed a Romney LANDSLIDE in support of such erudite right-wing rhetoric...
    and what about Terrible Ted Nugent, for crying out loud??? Or MEAT LOAF??? Or Hank Jr.??? (Or FUTURE???)
    Well, it's a wonder indeed that such an assemblage could be mistaken...

  30. By RHG58 Nov. 21, 2012 @ 7:39 a.m.
    "As was pointed out Vernos here was/is a supporter of OWS and you can't get anymore whacked politically then this group of nuts."

    >>FYI, RHG58: The OWS (Occupy Wall Street) movement has been spending their personal funds buying credit card and medical debts from collection agencies and foreclosure companies and paying them off on behalf of the debtors who are destitute, and their homes have been saved from foreclosure. In addition, OWS founded Occupy Sandy to aid the hurricane victims, in case you care to contribute. Many of the members of OWS have been on the East Coast helping rescue and aid the victims, and helping with the massive cleanup effort. That's a short list of the many good things OWS has been doing for communities. In addition, the Prime Minister of Great Britain praised the OWS movement and said they were correct about the banking industry and Wall Street.
    Just goes to show that you can get more whacked politically than OWS. Such as yourself, for instance.

  31. Jeff, I join with you. I don't shop on Thanksgiving Day. Store employees deserve a holiday, they will work their butts off on Black Friday and the pre-Christmas shopping season. I hope those who are forced to work on holidays are paid double-time. I don't shop on Black Friday either. It's too crazy.

  32. The president should be impeached. The record of the actions of the White House and his appointees is one that should both frighten and embarrass every American who believes in freedom and supports the US Constitution.

    Agreeing to all the outrageous demands made by socialists attempting to crash the country is not compromise, it's treason. Any objective critique of the stated goals, ideology and means to achieve them by reasonable men and women would conclude the same.

    Remember, this is the president who openly admitted that when the bad times came he would side with his Muslim brothers, used cocaine, never considered military service, spent twenty years in a church that preaches militant racist social justice, agreed that the ends justify the means, lost his law license, was involved with felons including one who helped him buy a home in a shady deal and later went to jail; and inhaled allot. .. just to mention a few.

    The Obama Administration is the new Tammany Hall, the bakers union and the vestigial appendages of the Communist Party all rolled into one.

    Norman Mattoon Thomas (11/20/84 - 12/19/68) was a leading American socialist, pacifist, and six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America. The following has been attributed to him: 'The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of liberalism, the will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.' He went on to say: 'I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform.'

    Only the naive, the ignorant, the easily fooled or those seeking to install socialism could see the road we are on as good for America. Nixon was an amateur by comparison.

  33. Whether devout Christian, Hindu, Jew or Muslim, an agnostic or atheist, or a devout political ideologist, actions and words invalidate or validate the credibility of each one's claim or comment.

    Both politics and religion, or lack of one, would be better served by changing the tone and adding caring, respect and tolerance to the dialogue.

    What do personal attacks serve, except to reflect negatively on the attacker?

    What does denigrating people or entities accomplish, except to reflect negatively on the one denigrating?

    Most everyone in the Opinion forums has good intentions, wishes the best for our country, and is sincere in their caring for what happens.

    Thanks to those who make an effort to listen, share their concerns, ideas, and possible solutions, whether I agree with your position or not. Nor do you have to agree with me. It is the manner in which we all relate to each other that is important.

  34. dukeofdeath wrote,

    "I love these people but I have to avoid them during elections. They become zombies controlled by Fox News and Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. And I can't shut them up at dinner parties."(John Wayne)

    Mr. Wayne, your trying to communicate with people in the Bubble. Anyone in the Bubble is considered a Bubble Citizen, controlled by a Bubble Master like Foxnews, or Glen Beck, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh and other extreme personalities who are out front speaking for the extreme right of the Republican Party. Senator John McCain and Lindsey Graham have become Bubble Citizens as well with there attack on US Ambassdor Susan Rice.

    As stated in the message reply to the feature article by Mr. Vernos Branco posted on Nov. 21, 2012 at 7:28 a.m, a full explanation of the Bubble syndrome is outlined for a clear understanding of people your dealing with who refuse to accept reality. You know, like Republican refusing to accept President won re-election. Or people refusing to accept 2+2=4. The Bubble does not allow any information in, only information going out. It is very important to know, that the Bubble Master controls the message inside the Bubble. A gain of truth is distorted beyond recognition piped into the Bubble, indoctrination everyone the Bubble making them into Bubble Citizen. A Bubble Citizen cannot hear your words, they can only hear themselves.

    If your in a debate with a Bubble Citizen, the Bubble Citizen will not hear you. They are in a different reality. You be wasting good words trying to debate a Bubble Citizen. As we are seeing many responses to Mr. Vernos Branco. The Bubble is a different reality. The only cure for a Bubble Citizen to remove the person from the Bubble.

  35. "Jeff, I join with you. I don't shop on Thanksgiving Day. Store employees deserve a holiday, they will work their butts off on Black Friday and the pre-Christmas shopping season. I hope those who are forced to work on holidays are paid double-time. I don't shop on Black Friday either. It's too crazy." @Suzy Savarise

    First and foremost, workers have a right to picket and demonstrate whenever and wherever they want, within limits. And the response should always be to give them more leeway to do so, and not less.

    Having said that let's look at the reality of winning the hearts and minds of others in doing so.

    Many years ago my wife and I, and infant daughter, invited my in-laws [my father-in-law was a recently retired Command Sargent Major, an NCO for those not familiar with the militar] to an Easter dinner at the Officers Club in Ft. Belvoir, Virginia. Naturally, it was a Sunday. The place was packed. Beautifully decorated with ice sculptures for Easter and more food and assortment thereof, than I ever saw in any one place in my entire lifetime up to then and since.

    The Officers Club staff was in full force, gracious, polite, accomodative and definitely customer satisfaction oriented, long before the concept became the business buzz. After our hours long dining experience, I made it a point to go to the head MC and her staff to commend them. She was very happy to hear my thanks and appreciation. In the course of our discussion, I said, as a practicing Catholic myself, that it was too bad she must spend her entire Sunday working to serve others. The MC looked at me and said I'm in the food service business. It comes without saying that when you make this your vocation, you have to expect to work on Sundays and holidays to make a living.

    She was absolutely correct and no doubt her attitude was in larger part the reason for the huge success of the Easter Day dining event at Ft. Belvoir, VA.


  36. To: Longtimevegan: I truly endorse your well articulated article. I love the "bubble world" because it clearly explains why the MESSAGE that Republicans lost the 2012 Presidential election, yet they seem to believe that this huge fact has little or no meaning to them. If one would only allow themselves the privilege of listening to the 20 most outstanding things( Rachel Maddow) that we as Americans will not be facing in the next four years, you would thus appreciate that in a Democracy such as OURS- that to lose is to LISTEN. MItt Romney/Paul Ryan ideas was thoroughly rejected by the AMERICAN Electorate. My advise to you is to change the TV channel once and while and hear what others that don't always think like you are saying.

  37. re: Carmine @ 8:36 a.m. 11/23/12

    It must not occur to you that other people have experiences, including eating in restaurants that might be open on a holiday. Your Easter Sunday dinner parable and the remark that you are Catholic has nothing to do with retail stores. I know from experience that working on Sundays and Holidays is expected in some occupations. You addressed my brief comment because it expressed sympathy for retail store workers who have to work on Thanksgiving, and I said I hope they get paid double-time. My comment had nothing to do with picketing but, since you brought it up, here's an Easter parable for you: My Dad was a police officer most of his life, and of course he worked on holidays. He took college courses and worked his way up the ranks and eventually was appointed Chief of Police. When I was a teenager, during one Easter week the patrolmen were out a few days with "blue flu". Dad as the chief, and the shift dispatchers manned the station themselves. We hardly saw Dad that week, he was at the station day and night. On Easter Sunday, our family did a surprise "Easter parade" parody as we brought Easter dinner into the station for Dad and the dispatcher. It was fun, and Dad said he didn't mind manning the station. Although he was no longer a police union member, he believed the patrolmen had good reasons for striking. Funny how rightwingers like to impose and legislate their religious beliefs, morality and traditions on others when it suits them, extolling "family values". It was rightwingers, Pat and his daughter Beigh Buchanan, who started that absurd "war on Christmas" hysteria, for instance. In this case, the "market" and the almighty dollar supercede Thanksgiving, a national traditional family day and, for some, a holy day. Next the retail stores will be open on Christmas Day so they can grab those cash gifts and gift-cards. It has been said by economists and labor experts that American workers are the most productive in the world, working more hours with less vacation and holidays than European workers. It's truly disgraceful, the ideas expressed by rightwingers, that workers are simply commodities, numbers on balance sheets, easily exploited and discarded to increase profits. They blame the workers when a company goes bankrupt, while the executives get mammoth salaries and bonuses and the vulture takeover artists make millions. Today's Republicans are so extreme they don't know what conservative or moderate is. One of your leaders, Eric Cantor, attempted to turn Labor Day into a celebration of employers and entrepreneurs. Another reason your party lost the election and is now "off their rockers". And another very good reason why there's a growing labor movement and you haven't seen the last of the unions.

  38. Roger Warrick,

    I like a little humor when writing about the Bubble syndrome.

    As you read, much of the humor is reality, based on what America People are seeing from people like Newt Gingrich, John Sinunu, Allen West, Michele Bachamn. Peter King, and on, and on.

    The reason why we have so many Bubble Citizens in the House of Representative is because many Democrats and Independents were not involved during the 2010 mid-term elections. Plus the Tea Party and Foxnews, with help from the Koch Brother and shadow donors like the Bradley Foundation, indoctrinated a half-sleep and unconcerned TV watching public.

    The Bubble Citizen will not seek information outside the Bubble. If the message does not come from within the Bubble---through the Bubble Master, the message will not be heard by the Bubble Citizen. That's why you can never have a debate with a Bubble Citizen. They can't hear you, unless your message is coming through the Bubble. Remember, the Bubble Master controls the message. So, your message would be distorted and redone, "if" the Bubble Master chose to use your message. Further more, in order to get your message to the Bubble Master, you would have to compromise your values and your position, to the standards of the Bubble Master in order for you to talk with the Bubble Master. Now you see, it's not worth communicating with a person in Bubble if one has to become a Bubble Citizen.

    So changing the channel will not help. :) Just a little humor reflecting reality.

  39. "And another very good reason why there's a growing labor movement and you haven't seen the last of the unions." @Suzy Savarise

    Private sector unions are dead and dying. 50 years ago 37 percent of US workers were union members. Now, it's 7 percent. The only unions that are surviving are public and that's because they have a monopoly on pay and benefits because they have [had] an endless supply of taxpayer money. Even public unions are being crushed all over the nation. BTW, I was a Chief Steward for AFSCME.