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April 18, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Is it wrong to enjoy the right’s trouble?

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I am normally not a vindictive person, but I have enjoyed the sufferings of Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove and Larry Kudlow over the re-election of President Barack Obama.

I am also unemotional about the apparent crack-up of Donald Trump. When the guys in white coats take him away, he’ll keep saying, “But he’s not a citizen, he’s not a citizen, he’s not a citizen.”

Poor guy.

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  1. "Is it wrong to enjoy the right's trouble?"

    It seems to me that in the past decade we've had about all the fun we can stand from the right. We're owed at least a brief time to enjoy the right's discomfort.

  2. The righties on this site are the best comedy act in Vegas. I just cannot stop laughing!!!!!

  3. Children, quit the fighting and the recriminations.

    This election did not decide who is the best party. It simply evidenced the triumph of democracy; the separation of church and state; that three million people believed one party would represent them better than the other; that they believe the winning party can take us forward better than the other.

    All this based on the relentless barrage of information aided by technology, not necessarily all accurate.

    Whether or not the country moves forward or dive the ravine still remains to be seen. It all depends
    on our individual exercise of fiscal responsibility.

    Fighting is a waste of this valuable space. I doubt a member of congress even looks at any of the posts.

    Let us instead write about individual responsibility and what each of us can do to survive these trying times.

    Attacking each other only breeds ill-will and does not solve anything.

  4. Enjoyed the letter, Mr. Haushahn. Totally agree. I also relish every single iota of suffering the Tea/Republican Party faces with their dying brand of predations.

    I will also enjoy continuing to do everything in my power to make sure the Tea/Republican Party sinks to further depths of incompetence.

    For years and years I have been listening to this crap that their policies are the best thing to happen since sliced cheese. And year after year, the plight of the regular average hard working man ends up looking more hopeless due to their hairbrained, greedy, self-serving policies of victimizing the poor to feed the insatiable appetites of the rich. Job creators. Yeah. Right. Sure. If that's indeed the truth, then Paris Hilton is a noted and heralded scientist in the field of quantum physics.

    I vow to continue to assist as much as I can to destroy this brand of ultra-conservatism called the Republican Party, along with their infernal Tea Party infection that seems to be dragging them down into the depths of further unpopularity. It seems like people won't have to work hard at doing that. Because they seem to be performing self-destruction by letting the right wing news media dictate their policies.

    The fight continues. Because the far right hasn't figured out what doing the will of the American people means.

    We got another few elections to go. Then, for once and all, we kick the carcass in the already dug grave. Then bury. RIP, Tea/Republicans. Your fat cat policies rejected by the majority of the American people.

  5. George: Congratulations on your letter. While one poster thought it was not "thought-provoking", this self-described non-partisan independent apparently found it provoking. Five posts so far and counting.

  6. Now I've seen it all! Weber describes himself as a "non-partisan independent." Shows you how one can view himself so differently from what he really is and also shows the mindset of the left - making up facts to meet the small & functionally illiterate minds that fuel their abominable agenda. I make no bones about it - I am a Conservative vehemently opposed to the agenda of the left and want them defeated at every turn. Leftists lie about "non-partisanship" because they want to pull the wool over the sheeps eyes and, as recently seen, have done so. Inch-by-inch, they are stealing our liberty's and our freedoms and the dumb sheep among us are too blinded by "free stuff" to notice or even care. Soon, Osama Obama will try to emulate Morsi of Egypt and declare himself "executive powers" that cannot be overturned by anyone. Another war is about to engulf Egypt. We must not allow that to occur here. Osama Obama is neither King nor Emperor even though the meglomanic thinks he is and we must continue our struggle to be rid of him and his fellow travelers! To the Republicrats: do not support his anti-American agenda in any way, shape or form. Do whatever is necessary to defeat him at every turn. He is the greatest danger top American liberty since the Royal House of Britain which our valiant forefathers overthrew. Honor their committment with some backbone of your own!

  7. What's wrong with the supposed party of tolerance and transparency, aka democrats, is that they love to hate their opponents and relish in the GOP defeats, whether real or imagined. The new posture of the democratic party runs contrary to the party's ideals and values, all the while imputing these faults to republicans alone and not them.


  8. Nancy,
    "Quit the fighting and the recriminations."

    I would have to agree with Mr.Haushahan in part.He is correct that some of our own commenters have made predications that were not even close to what Gov.Romney achieved in this election.These same commenters also stated that they can't wait to spit in our eye,after a Romney win.

    Sometimes it's better to wait before you say something that might come back to haunt you.

    I also agree with you that the election is over and that we need to move on and tackle the problems that face our country.

  9. Author, enjoy yourself now. In less than four years the Senate will swing Republican and the next president will clearly be Republican. He and a heavily Republican Congress will spend the next eight years undoing the mess from the prior eight years.

  10. George Haushahn is obviously suffering from that common sense liberal virus that's been spreading across the internet. My understanding is that it attacks a person's prefrontal cortex and makes them slightly more skeptical, which in turn makes it impossible to watch or listen to Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Pat Robertson and Donald Trump, etc.

  11. Joan Respondi,

    "Author,enjoy yourself. In less than four years the senate will swing Republican and the next president will clearly be a Republican. He and a heavily Republican Congress will spend the next eight years undoing the mess from the prior eight years."

    Joan, how could anyone predict what lies ahead for our country in the next 4 years? Have we given any thought that the next 4 years may very well be the best years ahead for our country since 2000?

    I believe Pres.Obama has been trying very hard to undo the damage that was created by former Pres.G.W.Bush and V.P.Cheney fom 2000-2008. These are years that most Republicans turn a deaf ear to,and will not address it whenever it is brought up.If you want to point a finger the Bush years are the ones to point to.

  12. Holy COW!...

    You'd think the letter writer had disparaged Poor Bradley's Mama, or kicked his dog, or spit in his Wheaties!

    The word 'HUMORLESS' comes immediately to mind.
    Lighten up, Francis!

  13. Bychuck333,
    "I still read Dem.posts that blame Bush."

    That' because he's the one (Bush) who caused this nightmare.

  14. The letter-writer was speaking of Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, Larry Kudlow and Donald Trump, not all Republicans. Although I believe those guys are not suffering. Limbaugh, et al make their millions win or lose, but they do better when they lose because their stock-in-trade is to incite hatred against Democrats. I would add Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin to the letter-writer's list for their nasty, childish, churlish remarks, mocking the President and First Lady. Then there was the racist remarks by Sununu and Gingrich.

    That Ross Douhat article doesn't surprise me. I regularly read the NYT and his columns are always critical of Democrats. He's a rightwing conservative who doesn't believe in the separation of church and state ("the churches threatened by the Obama White House's contraceptive mandate" - really?) He favored Romney and Ryan, and now he's a sore loser.

    Considering the 8 years of the Bush & Cheney tyranny, considering the threats, bullying and name-calling we got before and after the election, the "Muslim-socialist-communist" tirades, blatant disrespect shown the President by Republicans, endless witch-hunts and wild-goose chases, the wailing for tax breaks, threats of firings by some employers, and impeachment threats, Democrats are not nearly as mean. We still have McCain and Graham in our faces everyday with their absurd accusations against Susan Rice, the House Republicans are still trying to repeal or change Obamacare, and they are holding the economy hostage to their demands for tax cuts, with no regard to the harm drastic cuts in Medicaid, etc. will cause. Gloating is not as mean as the threats and extortion by the Republicans. When Democrats are nice, Republicans see it as weakness.

  15. Two and a half years ago, on Jun 25, 2010, the Sun ran editorial titled "A Lack of Civility" ( ).

    It received a total of 148 comments, and I posted a rough tally of who was civil and who wasn't covering the first third or so.

    Here is what I thought at the time. I wish I could format this better, but restrictions on including HTML in posts prevents me from doing so:


    Here is a compilation of the posts so far on this thread. I have rated each based on my impression as either Civil or Uncivil and given counts for each per post author.

    I appoligize if I have classified someone as either Liberal (L) or Conservative (C) mistakenly.

    Who Leans Civil Uncivil
    SgtRock C 1 0
    dhvincent1 C 0 2
    Future C 1 0
    justvickie n/a 1 0
    LastThroes L 2 6
    fosimmons L 0 1
    RHG C 0 1
    Birdiedreamin L 0 2
    JeffFromVegas L 0 2
    rusty57 C 0 2
    P_R_Gibbons C 2 0
    gogowhitesox C 5 8
    edgewise L 13 6
    xtra C 3 0
    notacon L 1 1
    AngryVoter L 0 1
    Sunlizard n/a 1 0
    dsteele13 n/a 1 0
    airweave L 1 0
    ksand99 L 4 5
    gunowners4obama L 1 0
    NLV-Indep13 n/a 1 0
    larry5 C 1 0

    Here is a summary of the above based on number of unique posters:

    Total Conservative: 9 Overall Civil: 5 Uncivil: 4
    Total Liberals: 10 Overall Civil: 3 Uncivil: 6 Even: 1
    Total Party Unknown: 4 Overall Civil: 4

  16. Jeff,

    Please keep in mind that was two and a half years ago. Even today, I think some of the people who post here might disagree with you if you claimed to be a conservative had leanings in that direction. :)

    Someday I'll track another story like that one. I honestly don't expect to see much different than then. In fact, I think people in general are more polarized than ever, and it is getting worse.

    It should be noted that at least two of the people I listed (one conservative, one liberal) have been banned from the site since then.

  17. Jeff,

    I wear blue jeans, Hawaiian shirts and cowboy boots. My hair is almost down to the middle of my back. I like Bach, ZZ Top, Hank Williams, Sr., and bagpipes.

    Call item number 7 conservationist, not conservative, and I fall in that category, too.

    And if I ever do wear a suit you can bet I have a Looney Toons or Disney tie to go with it. (And I'll still be wearing my boots. My daughter was upset because I wore boots when I walked her down the aisle. And that was in Plano, Texas!)

    I guess the takeaway from this is that labels such as conservative or liberal can be misleading unless everyone agrees on the definition of terms being used. That is why I usually refer to myself a Classical Liberal, that term hasn't been hijacked yet.

    (And I still think you might be a closet Whig since you wish to claim the conservative label yet I know you are socially progressive. :) )

  18. boftx @ Nov. 25 10:29 p.m.
    "And if I ever do wear a suit you can bet I have a Looney Toons or Disney tie to go with it. . . . That is why I usually refer to myself a Classical Liberal, that term hasn't been hijacked yet."

    >>Looney Toons and Disney ties seem rather conservative. Tie-dyed ties more "Classical Liberal", and still fashionable, too. (: