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July 7, 2015

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Gaming can afford to pay more

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I heard on the news that even though voters shot down Question 2, our legislators still want to raise property taxes and/or tax personal services such as haircuts.

Why is it in this town that everything regarding raising taxes is on the table except raising the gaming tax? Why is it that the industry that rakes in the most money in this town is exempt from higher taxes? Why is it that the casino industry pays the lowest gaming tax in the world right here in Las Vegas?

As far as I’m concerned, if Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson can afford to give multiple millions of dollars to try to defeat Democrats in the last election, they can afford to pay much higher gaming taxes.

Think of how much all those millions would have helped our state. Why do our legislators want to continue to raise taxes on all the rest of us and not touch the gaming tax?

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  1. The first order of business should be for the People of Nevada to craft a very simple amendment to the State Constitution that removes the carve out for the mining industry. Put them on the same footing as everyone else, then look at what fair tax rates need to be.

    Instead of trying to make changes to the carve out, simply remove it completely. That should be the easiest way to produce wording that will stand up to any court challenge brought to invalidate the ballot measure.

    Unfortunately that process will take about four years now (since I highly doubt our legislature will take action on it.) So in the meantime, I have to admit that some action must be taken in other areas.

    On a tangent, I see no reason why we should not also be working towards having a state lottery here. Why send that money to California? It might not be enough to fix our education budget problems, but it would help.

  2. All should pay and/or pay more. It's not a gaming issue, it's not a mining issue, it is a peoples' government issue. If one sector of the economy is asked to pay more, then all sectors should. Period. End of story.


  3. I agree with both boftx and CarmineD. Nearly 150 years ago, the mining interests in Virginia City wrote tax protections for themselves in the State Constitution and those tax priveleges haunt us to this day. Gaming has enough clout to keep its taxes low in Nevada while it agressively competes to do business in other states at four times or more the tax rate it pays in Nevada.

    Lastly, we keep hearing "we can't afford more taxes". This isn't true for most of us. What is true is we just don't want to.

  4. "...but...but...but we can't tax the rich...because...because...they're the job creators...."

    Yeah. Right. Sure. Gimme a break. Tired of that worn out phrase that only serves a very small portion of people while the rest are told to sacrifice more and more and more and more and most and most and most.

    Increase the gaming tax til they howl.

    I'm sick and tired of all these lame excuses thrown out there not to do it.

    The funniest one I heard was Steve Wynn said he would move his base of operations to China.

    I say raise the taxes and let him move there, change his party affiliation to communist, a card carrying member of the Peoples Republic of China, and permit him to enjoy all the benefits of living in a classless society where everyone is equal. In other words, it's an idle threat uttered from his lips. He's not gonna do it. He knows he's got it good here in Las Vegas. He's not going to move.

    Like I say, raise the gaming tax.

    And if it's not raised, we get rid of all the political bums that run interference for the rich all the time. Start over again with new people in power who will actually show the political courage to do the right thing.

    Because you keep them in office, they could care less about fixing anything in Nevada. It will be steady the course and they will repeat the abovementioned mantra over and over again. Even when it's proven wrong. But they will add something like, "...we're doing the will of the people of Nevada..." or some other nonsense along that lines as another lame excuse why they won't do it.

  5. Government is way too large. It's too intrusive. Give it more tax money and it just does more to sustain its payroll. It's a huge jobs machine that keeps getting bigger and bigger.

    Cut government. Cut spending. You won't have to increase taxes.

  6. SgtRock,

    Mining doesn't come even close to paying a "fair share" of taxes, and anyone who knows me knows how much I hate that phrase.

  7. Freedom Radio hit the nail on the head. This whole raise the taxes is a shell game. Hold the government representatives accountable for their spending and waste. It is ironic back in the days before the rescission these government officials were spending money like a drunk sailor. Things are tight now so they want the easy way out and quick fix not a good long term solution. Raising property taxes is a slap in the face to voters. Having a lottery is a joke show me one state that has a lottery that has lowered its tax rate for voters. The State government is starting to sound like an airline company that just keeps raising its fees and baggage rates. How ironic this has now come out in public after an election and not before. The voters did have their say END OF STORY.