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April 19, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

No incentive for GOP to raise taxes

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No Republican in Congress will ever vote to raise the top tax rate because greedy anti-tax millionaires are their biggest campaign contributors. Getting re-elected is more important to them than doing what’s best for the country. It’s their livelihood!

When Bill Clinton raised the top tax rate slightly, it caused a booming economy and a balanced budget. Then, as now, Republicans predicted a financial catastrophe. That didn’t happen, and it didn’t give him one vote.

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  1. Riley rewrites history by revising it to meet his narrow view. Riley coveniently omits the fact that the American people rose up enmasse and kicked the Dumbocratic Party to the curb by overwhemingly ousting them from office and replacing them with solid Republicrat majorities in both the Senate & House and that led to "Sick" Willie changing course and to "triangulate." Riley also seems to have forgotten about the "Contract With America" that pledged to stop the hemorrhaging of tax dollars and bring a modicum of fiscal sanity to the pig sty known as Washington D.C. and it did, at least for a short while. For guys like Riley and his fellow travelers, ommitting pertinent facts are a way of life. For the left, letting bothersome things such as the truth and honesty get in the way of their agenda is simply not an option.

  2. Truth be told letter writer the 10 wealthiest counties in the US voted for Obama. I think that is incentive enough for Republicans to accomodate the millionaires/billionaires and President Obama and raise taxes through the roof. Let the chips lie where they fall.


  3. Jeff,

    You may scoff, but Re Freeman asks legitimate questions. Romney's plan was fairly criticized because the math didn't work and he lost the election. 60 billion dollars per year from raising taxes isn't much of a stimulus and isn't enough to make a dent in the deficit or the debt.

    Many Americans have no problem with raising taxes on the wealthy and that was shown in polls and by the election results. It still doesn't answer the two legitimate questions Re Freeman asks:

    Is the extra revenue to be used to make a small dent in the deficit and debt or as a stimulus or both?

    Since the money isn't enough to make a big stimulus push or to reduce the deficit and debt, what are the additional steps President Obama will take?

    It is good politics to bash the rich and raising their taxes isn't going to kill them, but our financial situation is so bad that just going after one small segment of Americans is going to be wholly inadequate to change things for the better.

    Real change must include all Americans and it has to include increased taxes on all Americans and reduced government spending in areas that affect all income groups on a progressive scale.


  4. Sadly, the House Republicans are more involved with the politics of Washington, they are not thinking about the country. Deciding to break a pledge to Grover Norquist is more on their minds. That is the big decision. The USA economy is not on the list of priorities.

    The Republicans who lost on November 6, 2012 will not support speaker Bohener on a compromise to raise Taxes on the wealthy two-percent of Americans.

    The House Republicans list of priorities are:
    1.)Deciding whether or not to break the Grover Norquist Pledge.

    2.)How to Repeal the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare)

    3.)How to continue with voter restrictions in States controlled by Republican Governors.

    4.)How to continue with Abortion restrictions in States controlled by Republican Governors. Which includes restricting a Women Rights to choose.

    5.)Finding Republicans candidates to run in 2014 and 2016.

  5. ReFreeman wrote,

    "Our economy needs investors to invest and those with means to spend. History shows that there is little to no correlation between tax rate increases on the top wage earners and higher tax revenue coming into the treasury according to data from the Office of Management and Budget and the Tax Foundation."

    We all the know the math supports the findings. What is clear, taxing the rich has a wider reach coming from the Obama administration. The obvious would be to lower the tax rates on capital gains from corporation and small business' conducting transactions in the USA. This would help free up capital for investing and lending for business expansion and new start ups.

  6. "5.)Finding Republicans candidates to run in 2014 and 2016." @LTV

    The GOP has a plethora of young diverse candidates both male and female who are up and comers. Not to worry.

    If I were you, and your fellow dems, I would be more concerned about the Dems and who they have to offer: Hillary Clinton: 70 years old. Joe Biden: 74 years old. Harry Reid: Older than dirt. Nancy Pelosi: 70 years old. Get the point. The Dems are a party of the old and the dinosaurs.


  7. Carmine,

    The Republicans do not have candidates that can position to the middle. Let along, reach out to the new power base voting block of Hispanics, Asians and Blacks.

    The America People have sent a message to the republicans, saying---We don't like extreme positions!

    The best campaigner for a democrat is a Republican candidate.

  8. LTV:

    You digress. Seasoned Democrats are old and ready for the glue factory. I gave you a list of those who are generally mentioned as likely presidential hopefuls in 2016 when Obama is retired. Who do you have? Tell me. All are too old and too worn out.

    Republicans are rising from all ethnic backgrounds, men and women alike, in States and Congress. As they mature politically and are acclimated into the GOP, they will be an awesome force to reckon with. Those are the facts. Like them or not.

    I suspect by your diversion and dwelling in the past rather than the future, you don't like them.

  9. Carmine,

    The bottom line is, it does not matter who the democrat is, the Republican candidates are so extreme the America People will reject them just as we did on November 6, 2012. Not one Republican candidate can position to the middle.

    The Republican are so bad off, a democrat could run as a republican and win. And then proceed as a moderate.

    Again, the best campaigner for any Democrat is a Republican in the mode of the current House Republicans. That's all that is available. A democrat can be unknown or too old, they would still win.

  10. Jeff,

    I agree that we need to have tariffs on imports that match what other countries do to our exports, but still, without some control on what the government spends, we are just not going to get control of our finances. The problems we have are large enough that they cannot be resolved simply by taxing the 1 %'s more, raising tariff's and punishing outsourcing. Spending must be addressed.

    And this brings me to Congress. Americans must realize that forces and interests that favor outsourcing, favor low tariffs, favor low taxes are the forces that contribute the money necessary to power both the R and D parties and enable every member of Congress to have what they need to retain office. Until Americans embrace public financing of campaigns, Congressional term limits and lobbying reform, no matter what President Obama or any President says, this kind of change isn't going to make it through Congress.


  11. Jeff,

    Watch what happens as the government gets more revenue with higher taxes but the 'best' we see on the spending side is a 'reduction' in the 'rate of growth' of spending. I'm telling you.... these two parties will not really cut spending and if they don't, we can never get our financial house in order.


  12. Jeffery & LTV:

    You are both living and thriving in your own bubbles. An old maid and a city mayor with no national recognition are the best you both can come up with for 2016? And you have the nerve to impugn the GOP for a lack of presidential prestigious candidates? Funnier than the funny papers. Funnier than the funny papers.


  13. LTV:

    You can't and didn't answer my question after two attempts at diogression and diversion. Who do the Dems have in 2016? You know what they say: 3 strikes and you're out.


  14. Aaah, Carmine,

    Any Democrat means anyone person who is a Democrat. Your Republican Party and any Republican candidate cannot connect with the new power voting block of Hispanics, Asians, and Blacks. Your guys and gals will not, and cannot, move their positions to the middle.

    You want a name, my dog spot will beat any Republican candidate on the National stage in 2014 and 2016.

  15. The headline says it. If there is no incentive, nothing in it for GOP (however much I disagree) then there is no possibility of going there. Nonpartisan consensus building would START with POTUS and move to Congress to do what is NECESSARY, not what is "right" by anyone. Do what is necessary. POTUS, the ball's in your court.

  16. LTV and Jeffery:

    You digress and divert. I'm not the issue nor what I call the line up of potential Dem candidates for presidency in 2016 and beyond. Recall, I said dirty harry was older than dirt but you didn't make that an issue. It's about the line up you have/provided. Hillary is an old, worn out, tired hag. She's gained at least 30-40 pounds since her husband Bill, then the president, was philandering under her eyes. She looks terrible. Like it or not, she's through. Over the hill. [BTW, wasn't it one of you two who said Hillary would get some nips and tucks? Is that complimentary?] Hillary basically admitted as much [she was through] when she made it well known in 2011 that she wanted to resign/retire in June 2012 even before the Dem convention. She stayed until now to allow Susan Rice, her heir apparent, to take the reigns.

    Now that you both struck out, time to find some new blood for the Dem party. Perhaps you'll get some GOP candidates to come over to your side. Good luck with that.


  17. Carmine: Angela Merkel has that statuesque mature woman look too and she seems to be in her prime politically. Don't you read history? Plumpness is a sign of affluence.

  18. Carmine,

    The Republican Party agenda was soundly rejected by the majority of the American People on November 6, 2012.

    Please, an example of someone living in the Bubble, refusing to accept reality as the majority of the world understands reality. Please one moment,...

    Your guy Karl Rove looked like the character Mortimer Duke from the movie Trading Place, when Mortimer Duke had a emotional meltdown on the stock exchange floor when Duke & Duke stock went under. Karl Rove had his emotional meltdown on election night, telling Foxnews audience the Ohio results were not correct. As we all know, the results were correct when the results were reported. But Karl Rove, living in the Bubble, created by Bubble Master Foxnews, believed Mitt Romney would win. That was false. The professionals who fact-checked the numbers two months before the election knew Mitt Romney's chance of winning were slim. But, the Bubble Master had all the Bubble Citizens believing the lie.

    Carmine, you still believe the lie. Your living in the Bubble my friend. Refusing to accept reality. You seem to be wrong on many issues. I guess you like being wrong. Then again, being wrong is a reality when living in the Bubble.

  19. "Carmine: Angela Merkel has that statuesque mature woman look too and she seems to be in her prime politically. Don't you read history? Plumpness is a sign of affluence." @Roslenda

    There is an 7-8 year difference in age between the two ladies. Angela being younger. In politics, that's a 2 term presidency. Big difference.


  20. Amazing. Ask 2 diehard Dems for the likely presidential candidates in 2016, after they boast about their party's future, and the best they come up with is an old has been that never was: Hillary Clinton; and a newbie mayor from San Antonio with no national name recognition. Slim pickins. Your party is in trouble. Too old. Too worn out. If you can't comprehend that then exit your bubbles.


    BTW which one of you posted the need for Hillary to have some nips and tucks and a good spa vacation? LTV? Jeffery? Both?

    Funnier than funny papers.