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April 18, 2015

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Secession signers near 1 million nationwide

In the three weeks since President Barack Obama’s re-election victory, his most ardent foes — nearly 1 million people from all 50 states — have signed online petitions to take their opposition to the extreme: seceding from the United States.

They’re doing it on the White House’s “We the People” website, taking advantage of a pledge to review any petition that gains at least 25,000 signatures.

Texas was far ahead of the pack with 117,648 digital signatures on its petition by midday Tuesday. Nevada’s petition had 10,561 signers.

“Given that the state of Texas maintains a balanced budget and is the 15th largest economy in the world, it is practically feasible for Texas to withdraw from the union,” the petition states.

“To do so would protect its citizens’ standard of living and re-secure their rights and liberties in accordance with the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers, which are no longer being reflected by the federal government,” it says.

Randy Dye, a North Carolina Tea Party member and retired trauma nurse from Pittsboro, started his state’s petition, which had drawn more than 30,000 signatures, good for sixth-most among all states.

While helping victims of Hurricane Sandy in the New York City borough of Queens, Dye explained why he would like North Carolina to leave the union.

“States need to turn into countries where we keep our own money,” Dye said in an interview.

“It would be a lot easier to control government at the state level than at the federal level,” Dye said. “I believe that President Obama is probably a good man and a good daddy to his kids, but he’s a socialist. I think we’re heading toward a socialist nation, and I want nothing to do with that.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, 11 would-be seceding states — Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida and Ohio — had reached the 25,000-signature threshold that the “We the People” website promises will gain an official Obama administration review. Nine of the 11 states voted against Obama in the Nov. 6 election, with only Florida and Ohio as pro-Obama outliers.

“Every petition that crosses the threshold is reviewed and receives a response,” White House spokesman Matt Lehrich said. “As a rule, we don’t comment on the substance of those responses until they’re issued to the petitioners.”

Some constitutional law scholars say that while it wouldn’t be impossible for a state to secede, to do so legally would entail highly implausible steps such as gaining ratification of a constitutional amendment or passage of a law redrawing the nation’s boundaries.

“It all boils down to whether the larger country is willing to accept a peaceful withdrawal,” said Sanford Levinson, a law professor at the University of Texas-Austin.

“I think it is a fantasy, but given the history of the United States, secession is not necessarily a laughing matter,” Levinson said. “The Constitution doesn’t specify an answer one way or another. My view is that it’s a close call.”

Akhil Reed Amar, a Yale University law professor, disagrees.

While the Constitution doesn’t directly address secession, Amar said, the founding document makes it clear in a half-dozen clauses that such a move is banned and would be tantamount to treason.

Amar said the most important provision, known as the Supremacy Clause in Article 6, makes clear the authority of the Constitution, along with federal laws and treaties, over “anything in the constitution or laws of any state.”

“What the Constitution says repeatedly is once you’re in (as a state), you’re in,” Amar said. “If people want to secede, they are allowed to leave, they just can’t take the land and the water with them. There is a lawful way to secede — it’s called emigration. They can move to Canada.”

The White House website does have a few kinks. There’s no way of verifying the residence or even the identity of any petition signers, and indeed among those who have signed onto the Texas secession drive, there appear to be as many who say they live outside the Lone Star State as in it.

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  1. Teabaggers seems to have such a dire view of the country, at odds with reality, that maybe they'd be happier to copy the lemming: gather up and jump off of something. Then we can get on with solving problems instead of pounding fists and shrieking.

  2. Oh, please, Bradley. I've read your posts for sometime now and, as they say in jolly old England, "You seem to be an intelligent chap." This isn't about secession, at all. It's about folks showing their distaste for Osama Obama, his fellow travelers and where they are trying to take this country - down the toilet! It's also about freedom; freedom of speech and freedom of dissension. Surely you are for freedom. I know that by what you have posted in the past, so lighten up, have an egg nog (alcohol free, of course) and enjoy the holiday season and the spirit it brings, buddy.

  3. The census says the population of Texas is 25,674,681 as of 2011.

    What portion of this total Texas population does 117,648 represent and why is this: "The White House website does have a few kinks. There's no way of verifying the residence or even the identity of any petition signers, and indeed among those who have signed onto the Texas secession drive, there appear to be as many who say they live outside the Lone Star State as in it." the last paragraph of this article?

    How many people have signed more than one of these petitions for different states? People, please leave being a fruitcake to the dessert for the holiday.

  4. With the exception of Texas and Florida most of the states listed suck more off the Federal money than they contribute.

    They are costing the rest of us Billions each year for their way of life. Maybe they should start carrying their own weight before deciding they want to take their state and leave.

    As shown, most of those signing are not even from the states they are singing on. Funny how many people signed for Texas to leave this great country. That should tell the people of Texas that many are ready for you to get out. :)

  5. Sadly, a small percentage from the losing party remains in the Bubble with the intent acting extreme to get attention. Sadly, many in the Republican Party chose to remain in a state of ignorance.

    Normally, when uninformed people are supporting unreasonable acts, there is a puppet master, a Bubble Master at the helm, leading the uniformed people to take unreasonable actions.

    It's safe to say many of the petition signers are receiving or relying on some kind of Federal or State government assistance. Be it, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Unemployment assistance, or Food Stamps.

    The Puppet Master that is responsible for organizing this petition drive is using the petition signers to make a self-serving point. Many of the petition signers don't mind being using to express their bias and prejudices against President Obama. Either way, if that's how they feel, please return the free stuff your currently getting from the government you so dislike.

    Oh, and leave the key and close the door when you leave. Thank you!

  6. I have a suggestion. When Texas secedes, they need to remove the slogan from the Dallas Cowboys football team...."America's team." Because clearly that won't be the case anymore. Just tryin' to help here....

  7. Read somewhere that some are trying to get up a new continental congress, a new declaration of independence and a new constitution--to take back the nation for AMERICANS.

  8. Notacon,

    Below is a perspective in 1850. As you can see there is little change as to how the country votes and attitudes of today.

    In 1850 (15) FREE STATES-
    Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

    In 1850 (15) SLAVE STATES-
    Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama.

  9. Our Country: Love it or leave it.

  10. Truthserum,

    So, do you want a Republican President, or is it a person of different color or ethnic background you prefer?

    You would want to come back and be part of the US Government if you can change the person in the White House? Is that how you would proceed? Why would the US government want you back if you want to leave know?

    Your racist is oozing out uncontrollably. You need to pray my friend.

  11. Vegan: An American non socialist/communist would be nice.

  12. Comment removed by moderator. - -

  13. 1 million people who don't know where they are; 1 million people who have no plan of where they are going.

    Why should they secede? They are in the middle of 150 million who share the same status. Have you been to Walmart lately?