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May 5, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Little difference between the candidates

President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney are both borrow-and-spenders.

Neither has a plan to balance the budget. Both support the Patriot Act, the war without end, the war on drugs, and subsidies for coal and tobacco.

Banks, oil, drug and medical insurance companies have done great under Obama, just like they will if Romney gets elected. Other than social issues, how much difference is there between these two?

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  1. There are differences between the candidates, as the debate showed, but in one very important way, Steve Brown is correct. In the economic area, math tells us that over time, a substantial reduction in government spending in the 2 largest areas (defense and entitlements) and increased taxes on all Americans are required to get our budgets in balance and start to reduce the debt. Neither man has a plan that calls for all that.

    Neither man has a serious economic plan.


  2. Simple answer letter writer. About $250 Million. One candidate knows how and one doesn't. Do you know the difference between the two candidates now?


  3. Future, about Romney wanting personal freedom to pursue happiness. Romney wants Big Brother to decide which consenting adults can get married to each other and what a pregnant woman can do with her own body. Romney and Obama support the Patriot Act, which vastly increased the power of the government to read your emails, monitor your phone calls, and check your bank records. They both support NDAA which gave the government the right to arrest and detain American citizens indefinately without a trial. They both support putting people in prison for smoking marijuana, and they both support the 2 BILLION dollar spy center the NSA is building in Utah.

  4. Future,

    President Obama's plans going forward seem to revolve around raising taxes on people making more than $ 250,000 and nobody else and increased government spending. I don't think that will result in much of a dent in deficit spending or starting to pay down the debt.

    Romney wants to cut taxes 20 % across the board, balance the cost of that by eliminating loopholes and deductions and by cutting programs he doesn't think are worthy. That plan sounds better to me than Obama's plan and for that reason, he will get my vote.

    But here's the problem. Deductions and loopholes are popular and Congress won't cut them... powerful lobbyists and their employers will see to that. Congress 'makes' new programs to stay popular. They don't 'cut' programs to become unpopular... and again, powerful lobbyists and their employers will see that programs are not cut.

    More tax cuts without the loss of deductions, loopholes and the elimination of programs IS the OLD R plan. It didn't work before and it won't work this time and we are now deeper in debt than ever before.

    A high priority for Obama, when he came into office should have been to explain to Americans how the money involved in Congressional elections corrupts the people we elect and how the lobbying they face once in office corrupts them even more. He needed to push very hard for public financing of Congressional elections and lobbying reform.

    If Romney is elected, he should do the same. If he doesn't, he'll be like most other R Presidents and deliver half a loaf.... tax cuts with no reduction in government spending. A couple more cycles like that will finish us off financially and economically due to the debt we now carry.


  5. President Obama and Mitt Romney are have a totally different approach on how to solve the problems we are current facing. The differences are clear and distinct.

  6. Future,

    The ideas Romney put forth are not all bad, but the roadblock remains. Presidents are not dictators. Congress is the body that would have to cap deductions. Do you really think all those that benefit by deductions are not going to realize what a deduction cap would do? They will realize and they will lobby Congress to make sure legislation such as that NEVER sees the light of day.

    None of the stuff that benefits interests with money and lobbyists is going to get changed until we reform how we elect people to Congress and make lobbying reform happen.

    I never understand why Americans can't see that the money needed to get elected and stay in office is provided in large part by people and entities that are hugely favored by certain policies and legislation. Combine that with the fact that providing new benefits to people is popular and you know why nothing is ever cut.


  7. Carmine,"simple answer letter writer. About $250 million.One candidate knows how and one dosen't.Do you know the difference between the two candidates now"?

    One candidate knows how to hide his money in the Cayman Islands,the Bahamas,and Switzerland the other candidate dosen't choose to.One candidate shows all his previous years taxes and one candidate only wants to show 2 years of taxes and nothing more. Now we know the difference between both candidates.

  8. Carmine: perhaps you meant Mitt, not George, Romney. George was a great businessman who turned American Motors (then with manufacturing plants in Milwaukee & Kenosha, WI) into a thriving company. He also became Governor of Michigan. Even though he failed in his presidential bid, he was a success at most things he attempted in his life. Mitt learned a lot of life lessons from his successful father and it shows in his temperment, style & grace under fire.

  9. No, Mr. Pizzo. 5 Banks in the USA control over 60 percent of the money in the USA. When you have $250 Million that is a big problem. One bank goes belly up, there is a good likelihood, the other 4 will too. They all do the same thing. Governor Romney and his finacial advisors are protecting his wealth and ensuring it will be around for awhile. Why? If this country, through the failed leadership of our elected leaders, blow it. As they/ve shown they have a natural penchant to do.


  10. "Carmine: perhaps you meant Mitt, not George, Romney."

    Like father, like son. Chip off the block.


  11. Carmine" No Mr.Pizzo"

    When you are running for president all cards are on the table.Gov.Romney is hiding something by not disclosing his taxes for more than 2 years(2010,2011) that's the difference between both Pres.Obama and Gov.Romney,one does and one dosen't.

  12. No, Mr. Pizzo. Some cards are kept close to vest, even for a president. What a presidential candidate does with his money is one of them. Your obcession with what Governor Romney does with his is the same old nonsense. It's Romney's money, not yours. If he wants to stuff it under his mattress and/or put it offshore that's his business not yours. Don't vote for him if it means that much to you.


  13. Just for the record Mr. Pizzo, a certified and notarized statement with a summary of Governor Romney's paid incomes taxes for the last 20 years showed he paid more than 14 percent each of these years in Federal income taxes. The analyses was certified by one of the big 4 accounting firms. When they do so, their reputation is on the line.

    Not like dirty harry who can say anything he wants, even lies, and get away with it. His reputation is not on the line. He sold his soul and integrity to the devil years ago.


  14. Furthermore: "Between 1990 and 2009 Romney paid an average effective federal income tax rate of 20 percent of their adjusted gross income."

    What's in your wallet, Mr. Pizzo?


  15. Carmine,we were talking about the difference between both candidates,you have wandered off.One cansidate will disclose and one candidate won't disclose.That's the difference.Stay with the subject matter. It's my first amendment right to say what I feel,freedom of speech remember.

  16. It depends on what you mean by disclosure. In my view, and many others, I don't need to see the individual tax returns for 20 years. A summary is fine. And Governor Romney, through his accountants, provided it.

    What's in your wallet Mr. Pizzo?


  17. Lest you forget, the ISSUE was, Mr. Pizzo, so poignantly expressed by dirty harry that Governor Romney paid NO INCOME TAXES for the last 10 years. Remember? That was what he was hiding according to dirty harry and those him you who believed it. That was a bold faced lie. The Governor paid no less than 14 percent and as much as 20 percent for years 1999-2009. That's good enough for me and others like me. Not good enough for you? Don't vote for Governor Romney. That's your choice.

    What's in your wallet Mr. Pizzo?


  18. BTW you have a right to freedom of speech. You don't have a right to everything you want under freedom of speech. Governor's PERSONAL money matters is one of those. NOYB.

    What's in your wallet Mr. Pizzo?


  19. Carmine,Stay on the subject matter not on what you think I should say or not say. We were talking about the difference between both candidates,Gov.Romney And Pres.Obama.

    Show me the money!!

  20. El_lobo I know you like to speak in talking points but it might interest you to know that Holland, one of the currently successful socialistic countries in Europe, has privatized almost ALL government services. Let me repeat that. ALMOST ALL!

    The guy sweeping the street (they still do that there) is working for a small to medium size company. The guy repairing the paving stones on the sidewalk is working for a small or medium size company. The guy repairing one of the many small bridges is working for a small or medium size company. I think you can see a pattern here.

    Actual government workforce is very small. All services are contracted out. The exception or course would be things like police and fire.

  21. Those who continue to harp on tax returns (or the lack thereof) sound no different than those who continue to harp on college transcripts (or the lack thereof.)

    If the various political spectrum graphing sites have any basis to them at all, the one thing thing they all seem to show is that there is very little difference between President Obama and Romney in broad terms. The most annoying factor about both is how deep they score on the authoritarian (statist, populist) axis.

    Much of what is perceived as Obama's socialist bent is actually his authoritarianism coming through, and that is at the heart of why so many on the hard-left are unhappy with him.

    Romney and Obama might differ on details, but overall, they share the same desire for government control.

  22. No they DO NOT have a national health care program. Their basic system is that everyone buys health insurance from the many insurance providers. The difference is that if you are on "the dole" you still must buy health insurance. It is deducted from your stipend.

  23. El_Lobo do you want more examples? I lived there for 7 years I know what I am talking about.

  24. "Show me the money!!"

    Mr. Pizzo:

    Touche. BUT, just because you are a candidate for president, or the president, does not preempt your personal rights to privacy. And money matters are personal. Presidential candidates are only required, by long established tradition, to release the current year's tax return. And while in the presidency, to do so too. Governor Romney released his 2011 and 2010 returns and a certified summary of 20 previous years. It's praiseworthy for President Obama for releasing more than one year's tax return. But certainly not a reason, in my view, to vote for him over Romney for president. Not with his track record for the last 4 years. To me, his job performance for the last 4 years is more important than all his meaningless tax returns. And doesn't compensate for it.

    You ask for Romney to show you the money. BUT you won't tell us what's in your wallet? Don't say you're not a presidential candidate. It's irrelevant to the matter. Noone should ask and or expect anyone to do what he/she won't/can't do either. [It's a corrolary to the Golden Rule]. And worst, judge the other person badly if he/she doesn't. There's a word for that behavior and it starts with an "h."


  25. Carmine,We were talking about the difference between Pres.Obama and Gov. Romney,not another subject that you brought on board.If you would like to answer the orignal question on this,that would be great.

  26. El_Lobo stating that we made a few bridges etc. is nothing like privatisation. The original comment was you demonizing the conservatives because they wanted to privatize EVERYTHING. A perfect example would be the "verblijsdocument" or the equivalent of a "green card". When I first moved there this was handled by the "foreign police". This was an extension of the regular police. About 2002 this was handled by a private company. What I am trying to say is that the only government employees are contract administrators.

    Now, back to my original intent: privatization is not the DEMON that you seem to project. But obviously you may not be able to understand this basic premise.

    I am by no means saying that we should be privatizing everything or anything. The original comment was about you spewing talking points without understanding what you are saying.

  27. "Carmine, We were talking about the difference between Pres.Obama and Gov. Romney,"

    Mr. Pizzo: The letter writer's topic is just the opposite: "Little difference between the candidates."


  28. Carmine,"Mr.Pizzo the letter writer's topic is just the opposite:Little difference between the candidates".

    On your Oct.6th.5:20am post your quote to the letter writer.

    "Simple" answer letter writer.About 250 million.One candidate know's how and one dosen't.Do you know the difference between the two candidates now"?

    It appears that you not only change the subject matter at times,but you also seem to flip flop.
    What's in your Mind?

  29. Mr. Pizzo:

    It's the moderator's job, not yours, to determine what is and isn't on topic. Let the moderator do it. Yours is to respond and comment. If you can. Or not, if you can't, rather than to do the moderator's work.

    If I were to answer your question honestly, albeit off-topic as it may be, you would be duly impressed I'm sure.


  30. Carmine,Nice try.

  31. Thank you Sam. I thought so too!


  32. Carmine, No need to thank me you did it yourself.Your actions have been exposed (subject changing and flip floping) are your main ingredients.

  33. Unlike you, I know and keep to my manners.

    I've noted when you can't rebut with intelligence, you say I'm off topic. Usually in response to me, then I rebut and you can't/won't. Or you play my pet parrot Sam and repeat what I said to you to me. So you retort, customarily, I'm off topic. Yes, but so were you, first, and hence so was I.


  34. Carmine,"unlike you ,I know and keep to my manners".

    That is exactly the response I was expecting from you.It's you that when you don't want to answer a question you change the subject matter.Also at times you flip flop.I'm not the only commenter who has said that about you.It has appeared a few times in others posts.

    Thanks for naming your mentor (pet parrot)Sam after me.

    I can take anything you say about me including name calling and your insults.In closing keep them coming I can handle it.

  35. Name calling and insults? Not from me Mr Pizzo. I prefer for your/others' posts to speak for themselves. You/they do a much better job in self-revelation than I can ever do.