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July 6, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Big Bird’s goose seems to be cooked

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During last week’s presidential debate, Mitt Romney fired Big Bird. He said that Big Bird was dependent on government funds and thus part of the 47 percent — therefore he would be part of his budget cuts.

Now Big Bird will be unemployed. He will have to get unemployment, but Romney also wants to cut that from his budget.

Big Bird could apply for food stamps, but that also will be cut.

Without a job, he can’t pay his mortgage, so Big Bird could lose his house. Without a job, he won’t be able to pay for health insurance, which he will also lose.

Because Romney fired Big Bird, he would be homeless, hungry and have no health insurance.

Poor Big Bird.

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  1. I like PBS but it isn't 'vital' to America. Come on now... Likewise, it isn't 'vital' that we provide aid to Egypt, or that have NASA or that we fund the 'arts'. These are all nice things to do though and most actually do benefit us in some way.

    Our problem is that we cannot afford all of them so we must decide which are 'priorities'. Once our economy is doing better, we can 'add' back some of the things we had to cut.


  2. Mr. Rogers died. PBS and American children survived. Why should Big Bird live forever at the government's [read taxpayers] expense. here's the plot for the final show: Kill the yellow buzzard, cook it, and feed it to the hungry. Good lesson for the kiddies. Nothing lasts forever.


  3. Hey Cynthia--you can always make your donations out to PBS and keep Big Bird in the chips!!

  4. The Las Vegas Review Journal endorsed Mitt Romney for President. There were sound reasons for the R-J's decision. Here they are Cynthia.

  5. How come you did not mention the big subsidies and tax relief to the wealthy? They are the real moochers who drain the government coffers.

    When you really think about it, children programming takes not even close to one percent. Most of PBS budgets are for programs enjoyed ALSO by the wealthy - concerts, operas, and news analysis not too many of the poor really care about.

    But, Romney will fire Big Bird because it is enjoyed by children and the poor?

  6. Big bird is a national treasure and should be saved for future generations of children to watch and learn from.

    If Big bird were to go away as Gov.Romney wants to do if he is elected President. So does Bert and Earnie,Oscar the grouch,Cookie monster, and the whole bunch of characters that come with the PBS program.

    Our feathered friends will not go away because all kids (big and small) and all in between won't let it happen.Some things are off the table and Big Bird is one.

  7. "Our feathered friends will not go away because all kids (big and small) and all in between won't let it happen.Some things are off the table and Big Bird is one."


  8. Cynthia - I enjoyed your letter. It appears the humor was lost on most commenters this morning.

    I agree that Big Bird and friends are worthy of about 5 hours of Pentagon spending.

  9. If you commentors who are so avidly anti-1 percenters would do your home work, you'd find "Big Bird" is valued at around $400 million. That puts the chicken in the higher stratosphere when it comes to being "rich." Me? I'd sic Peter Griffin on the foul fowl. We need to get rid of the idea that we have to subsidize businesses with taxpayer funds. And, "Big Bird" is BIG BUSINESS!

  10. What bothers me about all this cutting stuff is the the great divide that has appeared among the people of the US.

    No compromise in Congress, and no compromise in Romney, if elected, and no compromise in the people.

    Since Romney has divided the nation by 53% haves/47% have not's, I see no hope for a "united" populous given his policies. So, no matter who wins, nearly half of the people will feel they are living under a dictator. This is a great tragedy!

    No matter what Romney says after the reality check following another of his gaffs (47% moochers), he will never be the President of the 100%. He showed us what he really thought when he didn't know he was being recorded.

    PBS, including Big Bird, is an educational station that benefits children and adults of all economic classes. It is free and that serves all, benefits all, and especially children who gain an educational advantage through programs like Sesame Street.

    PBS provides quality TV that is available for even people who still have old sets and minimum packages from cable or satellite, because they cannot afford more.

    Access used to be free, with good reception and many channels.

    If I could afford only one station, I would choose PBS. It is a service to the public that cannot be lost to anyone who cannot afford to pay for it. Knowledge benefits the nation. Everything on PBS is beneficial.

    After almost completely privatizing the airways, which once belonged to the public, are we going to see a flurry of privatizations take place under Romney, the vulture capitalist?

    I'm afraid Romney sees the US as a "corporation" in trouble and he is going to fix it as he has many other corporations, even selling off its assets.

    Everything he has said is "another brick in the wall".

  11. PBS is less than .01% of the federal budget. That leaves 99.99% untouched.

  12. Governor Romney followed up Big Bird's goose with an example from President Obama's Administration. Recall on the subject of Federal government subsidies, Governor Romney said the $2.8 Billion to the oil companies, mostly small drilling companies, is on the table for cutting. Then, Romney added that the $90 Billion President Obama and the democrats authorized for green energy companies are also on the table for cuts. Many of these companies have CEO's and management which were big democratic donors. Alot also went belly up and/or are quickly are going insolvent.

    Government has no business in business.


  13. To me this is a question of priorities.

    PBS gets federal funding in the hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

    The war on drugs is funded in the tens of billions of dollars a year.

    The military is funded in the hundreds of billions (won't be long before it's a trillion)

    Romey- Say you are going to start balancing the budget by ending the war on drugs and cutting the pentagon budget 10%, and you'll have my vote. When you say you are going to start by ending subsidies to PBS, I know you aren't serious.

  14. Romney needs money because he plans to increase defense spending, about 30% from where it is now. His latest speeches say that America should take sides the middle eastern wars and politics that are going on now with a military that "no one will challenge".

    The current military size is designed to fight two major wars simultaneously in two theaters of war. What's wrong with the one we have now? It's the one Bush built, but not big enough?

    He also plans to build missile systems on the Russian borders and 'stand up to China'. Cutting the National Debt and increasing military spending cannot be accomplished unless SOCIAL PROGRAMS and MEDICAL CARE get cut big time.

    Cutting Big Bird won't even register on the economic spending scale but it's a 'lefty' program so first on his list. Romneys cuts are defined by politics and end with new wars, that will be lead by first class Draft Dodger. There will be blood.

  15. hmm, how about Big Bird going out and getting another job???

  16. Aren't all four and five year olds part of the 47% ? Where will Mitt send them ?

  17. I really ment my comment. Cynthia Kablaoui lays out a scenario that Big Bird looses his job to budget cuts, she assumes he will now collect UE, food stamp, housing and other safety nets available. I assume he would drive to SD and get a job in the booming oil fields or at least get a job local at Mc D's or Wmart maybe not at the wage he got before but a job that pays him until he finds something better. Maybe Big Bird can not accept a job below his previous pay level and the benefits he can get not working make up a better package then actually working the lower wage scale. No incentive to work he sits around collecting his checks until they run out hoping to score a short term job at the new solar plant they plan to build... Sound familiar? This has been the Obama plan to workers.

  18. "Yep, Carmine believes every single word spoken by "Mr. flip-flopper!""

    Apparently I have lots of company. Polls show that Romney won the debate against Obama by the largest margin in recorded history: 80 to 20 percent. Just like I said weeks ago to you and Mr. Teamster.


  19. PBS only gets 15% of its budget from government. TV shows, like Sesame Street wouldn't be affected one iota from the Federal Government cutting the funding for PBS.

    What would be hurt, however, are smaller PBS stations that can't survive on their own. There are plenty of markets where PBS would have to withdraw if the government pulled funding. While that may make no difference to us in Vegas, many communities in Nevada would lose their local PBS stations.

    This crusade against PBS is an idealogical one-- ending PBS funding wouldn't make a dent in our deficit. Neither candidate is willing to talk about what would actually work: entitlement reform, increases in revenue, and economic growth. Obama won't touch entitlement reform, Romney, tax revenue.

  20. Jon Zetzman hits the ideological divide right on the head.

    One one hand we have D's opposing cutting PBS funding because it's an insignificant portion of the budget, while R's push for it because you have to start somewhere.

    Ont the other hand you have R's opposing the "Buffet Rule" because the amount it would raise would be a similarly insignificant portion of the budget, while D's push for it because you have to start somewhere.

    I'm finding it hilarious how similar the arguments mirror each other.

    The reality is that balancing the budget will require spending cuts (both big and little) and tax increases (both big and little)

  21. Big Bird is cool. I have several (ahem) parrots. BUT, as said elsewhere, if he and Mr. Jim are so good and popular, you'd think they could get by on public support, participation, the free market. That aside, Public Television and programming for children is RIDICULOUS. Kids even complain about the sing song nonsense and lack of content. We can predict how often we'll see "minorities" by skin color and lack of adequate representation of white races--there are many white races, ethnicities and cultures that are IGNORED, here and elsewhere.

  22. "Government has no business in business." per Carmine.

    Ok, let's dump the Small Business Administration.

    Let's start defunding the military-industrial complex, the false economy of the U.S., by cutting defense spending.

    Let's stop the subsidies to the energy, agribusiness, transportation sectors.

    No more bailouts to banks or business.

    Let's close the tax havens and all tax avoidance schemes for business.

    Let's put businesses on a tax basis that is equal to what citizens pay, including the same deductions and no more.

    And as a reverse, let's get business out of government and stop the Lobbyists for any involvement.

    Put capital gains and dividends on the same tax rate as income tax.

    And while I am at it, for the Christian right, where in the bible does it say that God gave "personhood" to corporations and unions? Are they the new image of God?

    Let's get back to representing the People, the citizen's as a priority, and having a tax system that reflects the interests of the people, exclusive of business.

    Of course, Romney is not going to make sure that business is kept out of government, but he will make sure that government does stay out of business in any way but to give them more write offs, tax havens access, and deregulation.

    With all the flip flops, lies, and remakes, I honestly have no idea how religious people, or anyone else, can support him.

    If the Republican Party had nominated someone else with character, honesty, and a plan that has substance, I would have more respect for the Republican supporters. As it is, all of those things are a profoundly serious deficit in the candidate nominated.

    There are legitimate and serious issues addressed by the commentators, however, and some of them should be running for President, instead of the nominee. However, the current nominee is lacking character and credibility to such a high level, for that I can only attribute support to blind partisanship.

    For months I have watched Romney usurp Obama's policies and reword them as best he can. Add to that saying whatever the people want to hear that will get him votes, no matter how he contradicts himself. It is clear Romney is an opportunist. How can his supporters be so blind and deaf?

    I am not saying that they should support Obama, there are other candidates, even if they are not well known and get little coverage. Is it that they are of even less character and credibility than Romney? There is rarely even a mention of what they propose.

    We have a choice between two neoclassical adherents. I am voting against Romney on the basis of his extremely poor moral character.

  23. Roselenda, I can tell you don't watch much of PBS by your ignorant comment:

    "We can predict how often we'll see "minorities" by skin color and lack of adequate representation of white races--there are many white races, ethnicities and cultures that are IGNORED..."

  24. One example of many for Roslenda...

    Comments on this documentary that seem to have had a different experience than Roslenda.

  25. In many documentaries, cultural shows, and others, the human diversity is evident on PBS and NPR.

  26. The reality of the PBS issue is purely political.

    Conservatives have been trying to reduce or end funding on one basis. They don't like that some documentaries tell the truth about some issues that conservative Republicans condemn.

    Republican want to censor PBS and NPR for presenting anything that they don't like. The only way they can censor Public TV and radio is to defund it.

    The real issue is ideological, not Big Bird. We must all think and live life as they want or they will act to stop subsidizing it.

    However, they will continue subsidizing business that kills people.

  27. Peacelily:

    Please know that I admire your intelligence, experience, and courage to speak your mind. You are articulate and thorough.

    I am a conservative and was a registered republican. However, I can no longer support them because of their utter disregard of Christian values. They have made money their god under the guise of religion and a phony concern for the economy and the middle class. Those who despise Obama felt so because of the money they lost - their money - their loss. They forget that almost everyone is suffering not because of Obama, but because of the stupidity of the Bush administration, the overall world economy, and unadulterated greed.

    I find it utterly disgusting that they want government out of their business but embrace government when it serves their purpose! Their sufferings are nothing compared to those who cannot even afford to buy food or medicines. Christians, indeed!

    Please continue writing. You have my full support.

  28. President Obama got Bin Laden...
    The GaffeMan goes after Big Bird.

    President Obama went after Wall St....
    Mittens goes after Sesame St.

    It's ridiculous political parody, this Big Bird-bashing baloney!

    From Politicususa;

    "As Jason Easley pointed out, PBS is a great investment that doubles our money:

    The Corporation for Public Broadcasting receives $445 million from the federal government. Eighty nine percent of that money goes to public television stations that employ 21,000 people and add $1 billion a year to the economy.
    The government spends $445 million on PBS, and more than doubles our money in economic growth at the local level every year. PBS isn't waste. It's smart spending.
    If Mitt Romney was any good at business, even he could see that more than doubling your money every year is a good deal."

  29. "Conservatives have been trying to reduce or end funding on one basis. They don't like that some documentaries tell the truth about some issues that conservative Republicans condemn."

    Really? Tell that to Neil Cavuto who started his financial news career on the Nightly Business Report on PBS decades ago before moving to FOX.

    Governor Romney gave the standard. Is it worth borrowing from China to keep it? Tough times call for tough choices. I don't care how big or small the cost, it's all on the table for condsideration.


  30. "To me this is a question of priorities.

    PBS gets federal funding in the hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

    The war on drugs is funded in the tens of billions of dollars a year."

    How about the war on prescription drugs. All regulated and monitored. 15,000 people kill themselves each year from prescription drugs. Two companies in particular or derivatives of the drugs they produce and sell are the cause. Largest single cause of accidental deaths each year in the USA. What's being done about it?


  31. "President Obama got Bin Laden..."

    He gave the okay. USA intel and Navy 6 Seal Team in concert did the deed. It was all over the news and 60 minutes too.


  32. "We have a choice between two neoclassical adherents. I am voting against Romney on the basis of his extremely poor moral character."

    Really? Do you some personal and professional examples to cite. Former President Bill Clinton says Romney is highly qualified for the office. Do you think Clinton would lie?


  33. ""Government has no business in business." per Carmine."

    Have you ever owned and operated a small business? I did for over 40 years.


  34. I had a sign that hung in my business saying:

    "We collect and pay federal state and local taxes and do a little business on the side."


  35. "Care to validate your statement by using a previous post?"

    You said, lest you have amnesia and forget, that debates don't matter. I said they do and Romney would win 2 of 3 including the first. Said it weeks ago. Yor forgot so soon?

    It was a game changer. The next win will be a an election decider [for Romney]. Just as I said.


  36. If K-12 teachers are unwilling to finance Big Bird, let PBS go off the air. If the best and most watched programs cannot find funding in our economy WITHOUT government funding, we don't need PBS.

  37. A multi-trillion dollar war in Iraq for absolutely NO reason - so now Big Bird gets cut?

    The Wall Street thieves destroy the US economy and retirement savings for millions of people so now Big Bird is cut to eliminate 'Waste'. This person was a Bishop in his church...and he is supported by 95% of his church...

    Romney says he 'doesn't want to spend money that we have to borrow from China', but that's how the US military has been funding - through China! China funded the IRAQ WAR! (Another Geo-political enemy of America). So why not cancel the military too?

    Big Bird is about politics, not fiscal responsibility. Romney needs money for the military. His quote yesterday was "there is a longing for American leadership in the Middle East -- and it is not unique to that region."

    Romney intends to involve America militarily in middle east wars. Another quote from yesterday:

    "The size of our Navy is at levels not seen since 1916. I will restore our Navy to the size needed to fulfill our missions by building 15 ships per year, including three submarines."

    -- Mitt Romney, speech at Virginia Military Institute, Oct. 8, 2012

    Romney says he is going to cut spending, but where will the money come from for the 15 ships and three nuclear submarines? from Big Bird? Romney is a pathological liar, deceiver, charlatan, quack, trickster, sophist, actor, and wolf in bishop's clothing, to name a few.

  38. El Lobo:

    You're dancing around the issue. It's debates and the difference that you and I had on their importance. You said they are meaningless. I said they are game changers. Amnesia sets in when you're wrong.


  39. I can excerpt, cut and paste, and post my comments here about presidential debates and their importance. BUT... since you are not a trusted commenter, your posts to the contrary have gone away after 3 days. Kind of like your memory does.


  40. Here's one: I posted here on Oct 6. Would you like more?

    "Columnist is dead wrong. Debates matter. Always have and probably, whether she likes it or not, always will. They appeal to all of us, men and women, rich and poor, democrat and republican, and independent. It's a contest. A match up. A race. Americans, in fact all civilizations starting with the Greeks and Romans, crave the one on one event. Mano et mano. It's in our genes."


  41. Here's another I posted on Oct 1. Like I said, your replies like your memory are lost after 3 days. Let me know if you need more.

    "Columnist is exactly right. Governor Romney and Paul Ryan are rising and Obama-Biden falling. The timing for the debates is perfect for Romney and Ryan. I predict Romney wins at least 2 of the 3 and Ryan beats Biden. My advice to Romney and Ryan is to take the gloves off, no Mr. Nice Guys, no holes barred, no 3 knock down rule, and no being saved by the bell."