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April 25, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Which Romney would we get?

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The past weeks have put a spotlight on what the Romney campaign has been about.

To borrow a thought from Forrest Gump: Mitt Romney is like a box of chocolates. You don’t know what you are going to get.

After the old Romney spent the past year supporting the Paul Ryan budget, which calls for a huge tax cut that the Tax Policy Center estimates will cost the country $4.8 trillion over 10 years, the new Romney says he never supported such a huge tax cut.

After swearing that he is pro-life, admittedly to the snickers of the people who knew him, now he swears that abortion legislation is not on his agenda.

After swearing that he will work to scrap the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), he now swears that he will support its best features.

After baiting his rich supporters with a rant on the moochers in society — the 47 percent of Americans who pay no federal income taxes — now he apologizes and says that he was completely wrong.

What else is he wrong about? He won’t say.

Should, heaven forbid, the country end up with Romney as president, which Romney will actually show up in the Oval Office — the old Romney or the new Romney?

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  1. We don't need a chameleon in the White House.

  2. The letter writer is in the Left wing spin zone.
    Romney has indicated that his tax plan is neutral. He has indicated he will add 12 million jobs to the economy, and that increased revenue will in significant part derive from increased revenues resulting from his pro growth policies.

    Romney is prolife, and has not indicated any new leglislation on the matter. More left wing spin.

    There are aspects to the ACA ( such as elimination of pre existing conditions) which are good for everyone. Romney would keep these desirable features, add some more, and dispose of the remaining costly and unpopular elements, such as the harsh cut in Medicare dollars( $716 billion).

    Obama has regularly made promises to the American people about his economic recovery plan which he has failed to meet,including debt reduction, the unemployment rate and jobs, and has failed on all of them. Enough of the empty promises of Obama. His latest false information is on the Benghazi attacks and the death of our Ambassador and three of his associates. Enough is enough. Vote for Mitt Romney.

  3. Politicians lie, make commitments they don't keep and change positions. That's what they all do and they all do it because that's what it takes to be elected.

    It's a given that since Romney and Obama are politicians, they are both doing 'all of the above'.

    To advocate eliminating either man from consideration due to the above is foolish.

    The President has the commitments he made in and since 2008 and his record to judge him on. Romney has his record as a governor, a businessman and with the Olympics to judge him on.

    Neither man can or will be able to accomplish what they claim they can. Whichever man is elected, once it becomes apparent that they cannot do what they said they'd do, we need to jump on them and especially Congress and say we are not going to accept this performance and continue to loudly demand better until we get it.


  4. Which Romney would we get? Impossible to say! Romney tells us that we dare not raise taxes on the top 2% because they are the "job creators" yet invests his own money overseas. He claims to be the only candidate that believes in "American Exceptionalism" but doesn't put his own money where his mouth is.

    I wonder if Romney even knows who he is.

  5. Enjoyed the article, Mr. Lumba.

    Romney is indeed like a well oiled weathervane. Just spinning around madly in a high wind.

    Trying to nail him down to speak truthfully about an issue is not going to happen. Romney is the epitome of why they call this period before an election "the silly season." You ask him a question, he gets that faraway look in his eye, that nervous forced chuckle, uncontrollable stuttering, and he exclaims that nonsensical phrase "if you will" about three times in a sentence, that usually means he has no clue what he's talking about, other than he knows he has to baffle, bluster and bamboozle his way through to try to get elected. His position on anything is not determined by his core convictions. It's decided by the composition of the audience he's speaking before.

    Obama/Biden 2012! AND a majority in the House and the Senate by the Democratic Party!

    Romney/Ryan 1040s please! Get it over with and cough 'em up. The American voters need to know what you are hiding in your Federal Income Tax returns. Guaranteed whatever it is, it's so devastating that it would destroy any and all chances at public office for now and far into the future.

  6. We'll get the Romney we see through our own personal political prisms; just as we have seen Osama Obama. He smiles his Cheshire Cat grin, lies, continues to lie and those on the left eat it up while those of us on the right see him for what he is. Osama Obama's whole strategy to win reelection is to divide the nation by using race and class warfare. He cannot run on his putrid record that has some 23 million out of work, trillion $ deficits, "Social Justice" as his main focus and his pandering to illegals, parasites and perverts. Nope! We need some R&R! Come November - vote Romney & Ryan if you want to save this country.

  7. If tax cuts were the magic cure all that Republicans believe we never would have had the Great Recession.

    90% of our deficits are from Bush legacies.

    2001 and 2003 Stimulus (tax cuts) - 3 Trillion over 10 years

    2 wars - 2 Trillion and counting

    Medicare Prescription benefit - 500 Billion over ten years.

    Allowing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy to expire would add 900 Billion over 10 years.

    The only reason Bush's economy appeared better than it was prior to the Great Recession was the housing bubble. Flippers were paying huge capital gains taxes on 'investments' held less than a month in many cases. At the same time Romney was hoarding cash in tax havens like the Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts.

    The only reason the economy slowed down in 2011 was the Republican obstruction: More than double any other congress' use of the filibuster. They even filibustered their own bi-partisan legislation.

    We only have 2 choices: Romney who is Bush on Steroids or Obama who has no spine. I'll take the spineless Obama over another Bush disaster.

  8. Here is an analysis of what is driving our debt by the non-partisan CBPP

    Here is a report showing were our national debt would be if Reagan and Bush had balanced their budgets instead of quadrupling the national debt.

    How the housing crisis came to be...Watch Bush outline what lead to the collapse here in his "Home of Your Own" speech:

  9. "We don't need a chameleon in the White House." EXACTLY!. This is the reason to vote Obama out, he has flipped on everything he said he would do, except his prized Obama care which is already hurting medicare advantage people from what my mother and a couple of her friends have said. A strong leader willing to listen and get things done is what we need, Obama is neither. If you think he is in touch with the "poor people" he is portraying he protects ask yourself how many go to his $38,000 a plate dinners...

  10. Bill:

    Calling Obama spineless shows misunderstanding of power. There are very strong power forces at play: There is the congress that is controlled by the Tea Party extremes and there is the powers-that-be that control everything else.

    If you look at the PAC contributors to the Republican Party, ALL of them are the very rich of our country. They control public opinion and discourse; they control almost all the courses of events, except probably mother nature, but that too; they try and influence.

    By sheer tenacity, Obama was able to pass some laws to benefit the country. He was a greenhorn. Hilary would have had a better chance at 'playing' with the powers controlling the course of events.

    Many will vote for Romney because of his promises and 'experience' with running a business. Voting for Romney is simply giving the helm to the same people who control everything in this country and caused the economic meltdown then handily placing the blame on Obama. The Republicans took it hook, line, and sinker.

    Our country does not need a businessman. Our country needs a leader. I am willing to give Obama that chance because this time, he already has a face of who the enemies are.

    To this date, I see several Romneys: A conservative, a moderate, and one who despises those who do not take responsibility for themselves. Which one should I believe? Not one. What I believe is he will do anything to be President and to keep that position for as long as the constitution allows. AND, the powers-that-be will make sure he 'toes the line.'

    I realize some people vote for Romney because they lost whatever they had due to Obama's 'bungling' of the economy. That opinion is ghastly myopic. It took Cheney 8 years to do that (Bush was simply there for show). Obama had two years - akin to a toddler learning how to walk - and the years after that, the Tea Party had already set him up jumping hurdles after hurdles, determined to make him fall.

    On November 6, my choice is clear. I would rather vote for someone who I am sure will leave a legacy for his children to be proud of than someone whom I know only wants to win - as they say by hook or by crook.

    Remember: Whatever you have seen, read, or heard is controlled by the powers-that-be. We do not need a businessman. We need a leader with character. Please think clearly before you vote.

  11. But we know exactly what we'd get with Obozo, don't we? Staggering debt and deficit, wild spending, more and more people dependent on government, taxes to pay for same, relentless attempts to control everything in our lives, and apology tours. That's IF the country can survive another 4 years of this total idiocy.

  12. <<....Politicians lie, make commitments they don't keep and change positions. That's what they all do and they all do it because that's what it takes to be elected>>

    <<Neither man can or will be able to accomplish what they claim they can. Whichever man is elected, once it becomes apparent that they cannot do what they said they'd do...>>

    Good post, Michael.

    Judging by some posting here, I cannot believe they take what Romney says as Gospel Truth. If you all think he is going to wave a magic wand and everything will be better, you are all dreaming. Or smoking some good sh*t.

    Like Michael said - they ALL ie, even Obama. They promise this, they promise that. And most of us who've been voting for a long time, KNOW this. You just have to decide the lesser of two evils to vote for. And realize that a lot they said on the campaign trail is probably never going to come to pass. Once they are in office, it's a whole different ballgame. I think Obama realized that quickly. And if Romney is elected, he will realize it, too, quickly. I hope he realizes being President is not like running a company - there are no long coffee breaks or long lunches at fancy restaurants.

  13. Cesar,It dosen't matter which one of the 2 Gov. Romney's you vote for.If he were to win the election a 3rd.Gov.Romney will appear,and attempt to lay out his platform.This is what he has been keeping from us on exactly what it is that he will do.I'm not sure that he even knows what it is, that he has in mind for the country.As comedian Jim Nabors used to say, surprise!surprise!

  14. Should, heaven forbid, Obama be relected, the standard of living in the country will get even worse!

  15. teamster:

    I see you forgot to take your medication today. Sad.

  16. A Romney president brings a vision for this country based on our Founding Fathers' principles. He has a framework for that vision and has said he is ready, willing and able to work with Congress, regardless of the party makeup, to put in place. In Rep Ryan, Romney has a VP who understands the inner operations and costs of the major issues and problems facing the country and Americans in the next 4 years and beyond. That's a win-win ticket deserving of a opportunity to try.


  17. Unlike the Jedi policy wonk Romney, who most likely uses two mirrors while combing his hair, Ryan is the consummate plutocrat spewing out cryptic numbers as if he were an Enigma machine. It's hard to decipher the policy positions of either one of these candidates since both are masters at obfuscating the obvious. Clearly Romney and Ryan are on the same page when it comes to distracting voters to further their own self interests. Ryan tries to baffle them with faux brilliance while Romney attempts to dazzle us with bullsh--, A.K.A. Malarkey.

  18. All Nevadans should open their eyes and ears. Look around and you are seeing Construction everywhere. Housing developments are being built
    No one can deny that the economy is coming back.
    Despite all the fear mongering by the righty's and shills on this website You have to know its getting better.
    WHILE the democrats are not perfect, The Republicans are really and totally corrupt. They offer nothing but lies more lies and then more lies.
    If you believe their nonsense vote for them. Most reasonable people will vote for President Obama as at least he has done somethings very credible and will not look to decimate Medicare or Social Security.

  19. "Utah could give Mitt Romney his largest margin on Election Day, but the state's biggest newspaper is rooting for his rival. The Tribune's editorial board says the Romney it has praised for his 2002 Olympic performance is not the same Romney running for president in 2012." (BBC)

    Read the endorsement and why.

  20. Marvin, good observations. Agree!

    My husband is back to full time work as a carpenter.