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May 3, 2015

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Let’s hear the details of the plan

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So far, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney have failed to explain how their deficit reduction plan works.

Their plan significantly cuts government revenue with tax reductions, but the plan doesn’t specify which loopholes or exemptions would be eliminated in order to completely offset the lost revenue. The plan needs to show all of the simple debits and credits. For example, specify the savings for the government divisions and programs that would be cut.

They also need to tell us exactly where all the new jobs will come from, especially when they would cut more government workers. In this highly competitive economy, most American corporations make hiring, purchasing and even company location decisions based on global options, rather than on the needs of our country.

I do not buy the argument that a narrow-focused, cutthroat businessman would be more qualified to deal with complex, diverse foreign and national issues any more than an “amateur” referee is qualified to be a pro NFL referee. The economy is continuing to improve under President Barack Obama despite self-centered Republican obstructionism.

The previous Republican administration spent us into the red big time, so if today’s Republican candidates have their own comprehensive, restorative plan, they owe us more than “trust me.”

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  1. This argument is one of the most dishonest arguments out there. Paul Ryan was hit with this in the debate and gave a weak answer. Here is a better answer Ryan could have given:

    We will not unilaterally disarm. Other than an increase in taxes for the wealthy that cannot come close to providing the revenue we need, President Obama will not tell you how he intends to pay for what will be stimulus II and all the 'investments' he intends to make. Go to his website and look for that information. It isn't there. Ask the President and his VP for it. You won't get a 'detailed' answer. All these details have to be negotiated in the future with Congress so nobody provides them now. If either side did provide them, the other side would use them as ammunition to shoot you with. In addition, it locks you into a negotiating position that hurts what you want to accomplish. If the President gives details, we will. If he doesn't, we won't. Don't hold your breath.

    That's probably too complex for many Americans to understand and it would be truth telling in an area that sorely lacks it, but it also illustrates what a bogus argument this is.


  2. Future,

    Excellent analysis. The problem is that for too many Americans, it is too complex for them to grasp. They like terms like 'fair share', 'millionaire', 'billionaire' and slogans like 'spread the wealth around'. This is the problem, and as if, as I suspect, we've reached a tipping point where more Americans like simple phases than cold analysis, we are probably done as the nation we have been.

    I commend you for your efforts and hope you continue, but the trend is worrisome.


  3. Michael:

    You constantly post that both parties lie and will not give details of their plan.

    You also state that you are voting for Romney because your beliefs are closer to his than Obama's.

    Now, since I am not really sure what Romney's beliefs are, would you detail them for me? Perhaps I will understand it better? What is it that you believe about Our country and ALL Americans, Michael?

  4. The president of the US implements the framework and objectives for teh country's course of actions. Congress fills in the details WITH the president's leadership. Obama was a junior senator. He doesn't get it. Governor Romney, a business man and leader, does.


  5. The so-called plan is as mythical as the "job creators" it wants to protect. The "job creators" have had 11 tax years to do their thing and failed miserably. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

  6. "Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."

    True and it applies equally to the failed keynesian economics of the republicans under Bush and democrats under Obama.


  7. You ought to know, Weber. As for Pam, she ought to pay closer attention. R&R have a "5 point plan" to turn the economy around. Osama Obama, as we have seen the past 3 1/2 years, has none except to "transform" the USA into a European style economy; employ "crony" capitalism; run huge deficits; pick winners & losers in the market place (mainly losers); take over private enterprise; pander to unions; make us more energy dependent on foreign sources and "necessarily" raise the cost to all of us at the same time; protect illegals, perverts and parasites; and ignore his duties while playing the celebrity by hobnobbing with Hollywood liberals. With friends like Osama Obama, who needs enemies?

  8. All indications show that Romney and Ryan have policies that are focused at only making the rich more obscenely rich. Don't matter if it's domestic or foreign policy, the focus is only on the rich. That is exactly how he is tailoring his focus. It could be based on sound economic policies, it could be made up junk voodoo trickle down supply side economics, it could be whatever you want to call it, but the certain fact is this: Romney will ONLY take care of his rich buddies if everyone develops mass Romnesia and he's mistakenly elected. The added benefit is that it will benefit him too.

    This radical Tea/Republican Party ideology needs to be crushed right here and now. That's why I intend to vote every single one of them out.

    The right wingers can differ and say I'm jealous, I'm participating in class warfare, I'm vindictive, I'm mistaken, I'm prejudiced, they can even make up something that is so wildly crazy that no one can believe it in their right mind. But I don't care, call me what you want. But one thing is for sure: I am going to destroy the Tea/Republican Party with my votes on November 6, 2012. That is my one and only focus. Because what they have done to this country CANNOT and WILL NOT stand. It must be corrected. And they will pay for the obstruction and constant political games all the time.

    And it's all to get at the rich. To MAKE them participate in democracy. And not try to hijack it all the time. To try to make it do only what they want it to do for them. While the rest of us have to sacrifice more and more and more and more and most and most and most. Just so they can continue to rig the system, game it to do what they want.

    They even know it's coming too. Sheldon Adelson is throwing more and more money at candidates in the millions of dollars. And lately, Steve Wynn is howling mad anti-Obama this, anti-Obama that. Because both of these guys have to do that. They don't want to pay their fair share of taxes. They want the Bush Tax Cuts to continue forever. And Romney will ensure that if he's elected.

    First, we get rid of the Tea/Republicans. Then we go after the rich. No more of this gaming the system. It gets America nowhere. Except to make the rich more rich and the middle class pay for their excesses. And the poor just basically get pounded into dust, made into the victim all the time with their idiotic rhetoric.

    Obama/Biden 2012! AND a Democratic Party majority in both the House and the Senate!

    Romney/Ryan 1040s please! Quit yer bellyachin' and cough 'em up. Senator Reid's beliefs about Romney's Federal Income Tax Returns STILL, to this day, have not been proven wrong. Produce 'em and let's see what you are hidin'. Because it's guaranteed that whatever is in those tax returns is so devastating that it would not only jeopardize any political aspirations now, but FOREVER.

  9. Nancy, I cannot be sure of Romney's beliefs, any more than I can Obama's, for the reason we both seem to recognize as accurate. Both men and all politicians, tailor what they say in an effort to be elected.

    Romney proposes simplifying the income tax code and removing loopholes and deductions, especially for the wealthy. I believe we badly need to do this.

    Romney believes we need to make our capital gains taxes competitive in the global economy whic we now must survive in. I believe we need to do this.

    Romney recognizes that nobody has come up with a 'legitimate' plan to keep SS and Medicare just like they are today amid the coming avalanche of American retirees, so he wants to look for ways to make the programs sustainable over the long term.

    Romney recognizes that the ACA does a very poor job controlling health care costs and that we need to look at other alternatives that do a better job.

    Romney believes in the Capitalistic economic system and wants to see more money in the private sector and less in the government sector.

    Lest you think I am a total Romney drone... I think he will try to over turn abortion law and I don't agree with that. He will spend too much on the military, which I disagree with. He will cut taxes and not find a way to cut spending accordingly, which I think is dangerous and foolish. He will refuse to raise taxes on anyone, another dangerous and foolish stand which I disagree with.

    I've watched the President for 4 years. The ACA was a poor priority to choose in our economic situation and it is poor legislation in many ways. Trying to be friends with our enemies was commendable, but probably foolish and it has cost lives. The stimulus was spent in ways other than what the President said it would be and too much of it was wasted. The rich do need to pay higher taxes at some point, but you cannot exclude the rest of us given the size of government we have and our debt. Simpson Bowles should have been supported. Glass Steagall should have been revisited. So much more important legislation could have been forced through from 2008 to 2010, but the priorities were cherished and old goals of D's instead of what needed to be done for our economy today. And lastly and most importantly, Obama, like Romney, refuses to have the conversation we all need to have about just how much government are we really willing to pay taxes to fund.


  10. @Michael Casler,

    To calculate where we are going, you must first see where we have been, and who took us there.

    First, you must place what President Obama has done along side what other Presidents have done, this would be a proper start. You must factor in President Obama started out fifty feet behind the starting line in comparison to the last six presidents. If you cannot see this point you cannot have a honest discussion on who would be better for America. No matter the candidate you prefer.

    It very hard for anyone of reasonable thought to support someone who runs away from their past, their record of actions in voting, of saying something then, and now saying "that not what I meant." This is Mitt Romney, and now Paul Ryan has the same sickness. It's called lying, distorting the facts, and using misleading statements.

    The father of Christopher Stephens our America ambassador in Libya who was killed on September 11, 2012 sent out a message to the American Public saying ""The security matters are being adequately investigated,".... "We don't pretend to be experts in security. It has to be objectively examined. That's where it belongs. It does not belong in the campaign arena." (Jan Stevens)

    You know who this message is directed at? Anyone with a brain cell knows this answer. And you know what? People are saying, enough is enough of the dumb stuff. Enough of the outright lies, distortions and misleading statements.

    Remember, if one cannot agree on universal fundamentals such as 2 + 2 = 4, this country heading in the wrong direction.

    President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points.

  11. Princeton Professor says Romney/Ryan plan will work. Many details are available if you listen and read. Cut out deductions and credits for EVERYONE. The 28% of taxpayers who itemize won't have to--short forms for all. Here's the higher path on an individual basis. High income will pay 28%, 28%, 28% and 28%.

  12. 35% minus 20% (7) is 28%. Those who itemize is somewhere between 26 and 28%.

  13. Michael,"Romney proposes simplifying the tax code and removing loopholes and deductions especially for the wealthy" Did Gov.Romney have a change of heart now that he is running for President? Seems like he enjoyed all the loopholes and deductions that he took for himeself over the years.

    Don't do as I have done do as I now say.The horse is already out of the barn.We have seen what Gov.Romney has done wth his taxes and money, (off shore accounts),small tax payments on his income. Try again.

  14. Sam,

    I use every legal deduction and exemption available to me to reduce my taxes to the lowest level I can. Do you? I suspect most people do including Mitt Romney. I find nothing wrong with that. Do you?

    This whole idea that he's done something wrong when there is no proof of it is very unfair. Criticize him for not releasing more tax returns if you like, but don't accuse the man of cheating on taxes when there is no proof he has. And don't criticize the man for using legal means to do what most other Americans do, pay as little tax as legally possible.


  15. LongtimeVegan,

    Obama came in under tough circumstances, no doubt. Bush came in and immediately faced a recession that started in the last months of the Clinton Administration. Then came 9/11. I'm sorry but neither guy had an easy road to hoe.

    I am unwilling to eliminate Mitt Romney from consideration because he's changed positions. I'm sorry you won't admit it but so has Obama. They are politicians and this is what they do.

    It is pretty likely that the Obama administration pushed a false narrative about the Libya attack because it ran counter to the claim that the war on terror is essentially over. You're willing to give them a pass on that and that says a lot about bias.


  16. Longtimevegan

    "To calculate where we are going, you must first see where we have been, and who took us there."

    This is entirely wrong!! The more you know about the past the less you know about the present and future==axiomatic!What you liberals need is to get your heads out of the past and get focused on the road under your feet today. That's been Obama's problerm all along. He's on a difficult road and he keeps digging a deeper hole which he blames on the irrelevant past.The problem is that Obama is an ideologue, who is an incompetent policy guy--he has not got one clue what he is doing, and he is too arrogant to admit it. That's why we have to clean the White House out and replace them all!

  17. El_lobo,

    I wish I had money salted away in an offshore account, but I don't have enough to do that. I would if I could and it was legal (and it is).

    I've said in many, many posts what I think should be done... and I suspect you know that. If you wish, go read them again to refresh your memory.

    My point is always the same. These two parties are more alike than people know. Although we have to support one or the other or go independent, my advice is to not trust either party. Be skeptical and stay that way. Don't buy the stuff put out from either party about the other party. It may be true, but chances are good that it's true of both parties. It mostly likely is half true at best.

    Both parties know Congress is completely corrupted by money and lobbyists and yet don't ever lift a finger to change anything. That alone, should keep people from writing or believing much of what I read on this forum from 'true believers' on both sides.

    Your... and others just desserts are coming. Unfortunately, I am going to have to suffer them with you, although I knew better than to trust either party.


  18. Michael,
    I do not have a problem with any American citizen taking all allowable tax deductions under the law. What I do have a problem with is A American citizen putting his or her money in off shore islands, and foriegn banks to gain a lower tax.Especially one running for president.

    As you have stated in your previous comment(oct.15th.7:10 am) that Gov.Romney wants to go after the wealthy and remove loopholes and deductions. Does this include off shore islands and foriegn banks?

    One last thing Former Gov.George Romney (father Of Mitt Romney) in 1967 while trying out for the presidency said the he would present 12 years of income taxes.Because as he said at that time, one or two years of taxes might be a fluke. So we only got 2 years of income taxes from his son Gov. Mitt Romney.This also could be a fluke.Would you not agree?

  19. Details? Details? They don't have no stinking details.

  20. I would like to know which loopholes will be closed for all the people of all wage earner categories.

    Romney has only said "some" loopholes would be closed.

    Let's hear about his plan to start a Territorial Tax System. That has been stated to be a boon to corporate tax havens and off shore job creation. Strange nothing is said about that plan, or is it?

    As far as details being stated goes, even if all people don't understand them, there is a plethora of experts who do and who publish what the see.

    So, let's have the details and let each person decide if they understand or if the prefer to read knowledgeable people analysis of the details, or if they want to vote for Obama for other reasons.

    It is understood that Congress plays a major role in passing some elements of the plans.

    Not providing details is disrespecting the voting public and depriving them of the opportunity to become informed voters. It is campaign trick, no matter who does it.

    Despite that, I have to rely on character and philosophy. Romney's character and the Republican philosophy doesn't match my criteria. The Democrats are on the road to the same view, but still have a philosophy more akin to mine.

    I will vote all Democrats this round because of the allegiance of the Republicans to Grover Norquist, for one, but there are many more reasons.

  21. @Michael Casler,

    I disagree, President Obama started his presidency in a hole ten times greater than Bush. No comparison! The numbers are compelling. Not even close. Your entitled to your opinion, but the facts are in favor of President Obama.

    Apparently you don't agree with Jan Stevens. However, again, you are entitled to your opinion. You too, just like everyone else, does not have the facts of what happened in Libya. Your statement claiming the Obama administration has said the war on terror is essentially over is totally false.

    President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points.

  22. John Wayne, another way of saying it.

    "Details? We ain't got no details. We don't need no details! I don't have to show you any stinkin' details!"

    [For anyone to young to know about The Treasure of Sierra Madre, that was a play on "Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges! I don't have to show you any stinkin' badges!" A quote from Gold Hat in the movie.]

  23. @Houstonjac,

    All good leaders study history. All good leaders review past and present information for short and long term planning. A person in position of authority and responsibility would be remiss not know the Where, When, the How and Who.

    Do not be afraid to admit George Bush made some very, very bad decisions. The bad economy was not President Obama's doing.

    Oh, by the way. I'm an independent voter. Always have been. And by the way, I have voted for a republican candidate, and for a democrat candidate in past presidential elections. I don't know about you, but a candidate must earn my vote. I take voting for president a serious matter. I take voting to be huge responsibility, not just your right. And, you cannot be serious if your not informed, or fail to see the truth, or just outright refuse to acknowledge the truth.

    My friend, the facts are a beacon seen anywhere, and by anyone. Only if your willing to look.

    President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points.

  24. Romney-Ryan win on Nov 6 with 310 electoral votes. All the swing states. 53 percent of the popular vote.

    Obama-Biden go packing. Obama back to teaching law and Biden the teacher's aid.


  25. Future,

    "The Romney tax reform plan is based on eliminating about half of the current deductions taken each year to neutralize the tax rate reduction."
    Is that why he wants to eliminate the Inheritance tax which benefits the growth of wealthy dynasties?

    Is that why he wants to eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax which benefits the wealthy keeping more of their money, especially since next year the exemption is to drop to $1 million, with a 55% tax rate over that amount?

    Is that why he can't say what loopholes he will close for the wealthy?

    Is that why he wants to begin a Territorial Tax System, which benefits corporations outsourcing jobs and use of tax havens?

    What deductions do we get to put in our "Baskets" of whatever the final figure is? His example of $25,000 was picked out of the air, not diffinitive. We still don't know what deductions he will cut.

    We still don't know what loopholes he plans on cutting from the wealthy.

    Cuts in taxes exceed way more than 20% on unprotected income for the wealthy. And just like Romney, they can determine what they declare and when.

    The costs cannot be born by the middle class, yet that is the only possible way to get the revenue. A tax increase! It will take decades for the middle class to pay off the debt.

    It takes students decades to payoff their college tuition loans, and add to that the middle class tax increases, if they find a job and if they can make it into the middle class, with continued wage stagnation.

    Wow! What a future! Thanks folks! Thanks Mr Romney!

    Think of how the middle class has shrunk, so the tax indebtedness can easily increase for those left.

    This is an insane plan, but of course, so is wage stagnation, and nobody seems too upset about that.

    The thought that people are buying this plan makes me feel like I am watching the movie, The Stepford Wives.

  26. A "plan" is just that. Sure negotiations will occur, but that doesn't mean Romney cannot give us more details of his "plan", whether it materializes or not.

    This is how we evaluate whether we want to vote for him.

    The details don't have to be minute. But Romney can certainly give us more concrete information that shows how all this will work out for the voters of each tax bracket.

    When it comes to issues that deal with how people will survive, this is no simple thing to pass off to a "negotiations" excuse.

    What is he going to propose? He is going to walk into Congress and say I want a 20% across the board tax decrease, and here are my list of cuts. Negotiate and work it out! That is insane.

    At this point, Romney is unprepared to be President.

    The American voters are not his employees. We have a right to more information than he has given us.

    Our system is the reverse of business. The voters (employees) decide who the President (Boss) will be, not the other way around. The voters hire the President!

    Romney has no clue, but enough people will to make sure he is not hired.